[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2011-10-23

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-10-23
Teacher: Metatron, LIght, Charles
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Metatron: [Cathy-shared personal message] You have an inquiring mind
and it will lead to false conclusion. We have already verified that
Metatron is helping increase the energy on the planet. This is in full
compliance with the request and plans of Michael and Monjoronson. As
the light increases, the mortals of the planet will feel the effects.
It may not be as traumatic for those of you who have had a gradual
exposure to increased spiritual levels and energy signatures. To the
uninitiated mind, the effects will perhaps overwhelm the coping
capability. We are taking every precaution to protect and guide all on
the planet. The predictions of disaster and death are greatly
sensationalized. Be in assurance that all will be protected whether
their bodies survive or not. All will be the will of the First Source
and Center, all will enhance the Supreme and the development of
Urantia. Be in faith and assurance as you pursue your activity. Take
only normal steps to insure your survival in the physical sense. Your
group has indeed been located in areas of less danger and have [a]
high chance of survival in a traumatic earth shift or volcanic
[occurrence]. Hold fast to a vision of light and continue to build the
portal for use by all.

Light: [Cathy] I am with you in the effort to increase the utility of
our portal. It is most beautiful to perceive the entire project as a
flow of light that is increasing in volume and utility. I am in
connection with you as we raise the level through input of intention.
This facility is already in use and is most effective in connecting
your level with ours. We on our side are also adding to the quantity
and flow of light. As you increase the capacity available, together we
can accomplish much to aid in Michael's plan. I love you all, my
family in spirit.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Charles. It is
good to be here in this circle to enjoy the conversation, the concepts
that you deal with and how you all see and understand change. Everyone
is always in a different space than everyone else. Everyones movement
towards the center to become one is not the same. The motion may be in
the same direction but all are unique and in various positions of
experience, in various positions in terms of dealing with the work at

It is good to encounter the differences and build upon the differences
rather than view the differences as defense advantages. In a spiritual
sense, the building of bridges between opposing camps allows a pathway
to be used by others within these camps who may chance to meet in the
middle to some common understanding. Understand that the differences
are surface differences, that underneath the surface most all are the
same, right below the particulars. To get back to a deeper
understanding of responsibility and choice, truly one must begin to
discover within the consciousness of the mind the presence of a
greater reality, a greater understanding. So, life is like class in
the morning and work in the afternoon. You must continually challenge
yourself to a greater sense of who you are and who you are becoming,
how to achieve that, how to stay in balance and health, and how to
help others who are seeking to grow and become who they are and have a
sense of understanding.

The use of light will begin to reveal many things that at first you
did not see and did not understand. Light by its very nature will
begin to illuminate; you will be able to find more creative
expressions of light. I like the idea of the light bridge, building
bridges of light for people to meet. A lot of times the chasms created
by polarization is too deep to traverse. It is easier to walk on a
beautiful bridge of light to greet another and discover something
about themselves that they did not previously understand. Because the
light is always in the middle, both sides polarized are always in the
darkness. Their coming together creates light, the meeting in the
middle. The tasks are at hand, the understanding is intact. My peace I
leave with you. Have a wonderful week, thank you.

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