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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-10-16
Teacher: Light, Monjoronson, Student
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

LIght: [Mark] Good morning friends, Light here to join in the
conversation because I am so graced with the opportunity to do so. In
seizing upon some of the terminology and phrases used here this
morning in discussion I would like to offer a few more alternatives to
this notion that is being batted about, of what it is to direct this
light from on high, to you and through you and recall that you all
know when you shine the light from a source and direct it out that it
is a continual stream. It is not shot out from you like a gun would do
where there is one point that leaves your location and is directed
out, but rather it is a continual application of intention to hold
steady this beam and to direct it and focus it through your
application and intention. So in this way it is more of a holding and
maintaining the posture of direction and the intention of focusing
this beam and this may be more helpful in your mental analogies of
what it is to be one of these directors of light.

When you make a mental attempt to be one who directs the light it is
good to recall in your awareness that there is a certain job, a
certain aspect of the one who would direct this light. There must be
intention, there must be focus, there must be application for this
transfer of light to occur to you and through you as you note, and
this is all by means of your willful intention. In this way you can
begin to see the vital role that you play in the process by being in
position to receive and simultaneously being willing to direct. This
is a great point to be made because if all these factors do not line
up and come into play at the proper moment, then there is some
obstruction and light is diminished or deflected or altogether not
received. So as you consider the role of not only being light anchors,
the receivers of light, the ones who would hold to this light and
anchor this light, but there is also the second mile if you will, the
ones who will choose to direct this light through them out at others
and that means you must have an awareness of your role and function in
this process and your ability to point and aim and focus this light
out to your intended target.

As was mentioned, this process need not take large amounts of time as
you reference it, but all these factors must be in alignment and your
intention is certainly most integral to this process. This great light
from on high is most certainly a potent force to be reckoned with and
as you surmise, is the source of much that you would refer to as
healing or the correcting of imperfect pattern and is also a life
force in and of itself, sustaining those who are en-circuited by it.
Indeed, at one point in your ascension career you may become fully
aware that you are sustained entirely by this divine light as you have
become so aligned with it that it is able to nourish and sustain your
very being and you no longer have need of any other form of sustenance.

But for now, in these beginning stages, you are dabbling with the use
of this life force both for you personally and as well your aligning
yourselves with it to become instruments of its focus, directors of
its beam, wielders of its force and as such, there is a dawning sense
of realization that this is so as you begin to become practiced in
this exercise and familiar with its effects.

It is always my great pleasure to introduce more around this concept
of light because it is so vast an area to explore and comprehend and
become part of. And so I will never tire of finding new ways of
description so that you are empowered in your exercises to discover
and become a part of this life force energy and practice at wielding
your ability to direct this force. I encourage you all to not simply
foster within yourselves the desire to be of service in regards to
others which is a natural course of having found such a manifestation
of grace in your lives, but also do not overlook that this life force
is there for you, each one, everyone.

Do not fail in your efforts to become adept at wielding this force for
the good of others, to remember to wield this force for your own good
as well for this is what firmly plants you in alliance with this
force. Your ability to receive is a large part of your ability to
project. And so consider yourselves as being filled first in this
mental exercise of projection, being filled to capacity and even to
overflowing so that that which you direct and that which you shine out
is because you have been filled yourselves and you have been energized
and charged by this life force, making you that much more effective
and beneficial as you go about your intention to be of service. This
light is indeed there for you and your desire to direct it towards
others is the next step if you will, the desire to be of service
because you know the value and significance and the grace that you
experience in this process and you wish to show others and benefit
others as you have been benefitted.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer some more word symbols into the
thought stream and mingle with the overall consciousness in a very
real sense, adding more light to the equation by my willful intention
to add the reflection that I am graced with and beam it to all of you
and into this collective consciousness we share. I bid you all good
day and invite any others who wish to access this forum at this time,
thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings friends, I am Monjoronson and all this
discussion of light has me wanting to come and join this circle of
light anchors and identify with that which has been presented. By this
I mean, I and my mission before me can be likened to this very
phenomenon of being one who intends to anchor the light and to reflect
the light out and to shine out for all those who would be willing to
see this great light from on high; in fact, all those with a mission
of spiritual nature may be able to relate to this analogy of being one
who is desiring to be in alignment to shine out and spread this
spiritual light.

It is really nothing more than that, no matter what form this may
take, all acts of spiritual service may be likened to this process of
being in position to receive this light from on high, to anchor it and
become part of this projection of light from on high and then simply
to manifest the internal desire to shine this light out and focus it
on all those in need or all those who may just be benefitted by this
process. We use this term light to best illustrate some force that the
human mind can relate to as this phenomenon of light on your world is
recognizable in its characteristics, that it is generated from a
source, it is received by individuals, it is a life giving force much
as your sun to your world, and as such it benefits all those who come
in contact with it. These benefits may not even be recognized but are
certainly evident in the lives of all those who receive the light
without which you could say, there would be no sustenance and
therefore no life.

Similarly, this spiritual energy which we are relating to this light,
are indeed the energies of life force which are indeed and in fact
received by all those regardless of their awareness that this is so.
To those who are aware, even on your material plane, they are able to
take these light energies and create life from them whether they use
this force to grow food for sustenance, whether they harness this
force for electricity, whether they shine this force and concentrate
it to cook with it, they are all in awareness and in position to take
these life force energies and focus and harness them. So it is with
the spiritual energies as well; those who are in awareness may take
these forces and harness them, channel them, store them, ground them,
and use them for not only for their edification but the edification of
others as they become skilled at directing these forces.

This drawing of the parallel between the light that you are familiar
with in your daily lives and the spiritual light from on high is
perhaps as close as we may get to drawing a parallel that the humans
on this planet can relate to. And so, we will utilize this to its
maximum potential. But to those who are born of spirit, they are aware
that no matter whether the sun is shining at that moment or not, there
is always a spiritual light, there is always this great force raining
down upon us that we may harness and direct and use. This is a great
step in the awareness of mortal man, this connection to spiritual
light which is not dependent upon the cycles of the earth or sun but
rather constant throughout the experience of the individual and may be
received at any time, may be held fast and grounded and may even be
directed and projected out as a matter of willful desire.

To those who are in awareness, this is simply the reality they exist
under and becomes normal and routine and as we will witness together,
more and more individuals will come into this awareness and this
realization of this truth and there will be more and more who decide
to become in alignment with this force and be as one with it. So in a
very real sense, my mission is no different than yours, yours no
different than mine. We both desire to be in alignment and to be an
instrument for such a force as we recognize in our experience.
Likewise, I have the desire to be of service just like you have the
desire to be of service; I desire to shine this light out to all that
will receive it and likewise, you do as well. While you consider your
mission to be smaller than mine, I tell you, we are the same in the
eyes of the Father, we are identical in our desire to be of service.
Our scale might be considered different by mortal perception but our
intentions are measured as the same by the First Source and Center who
is pleased with that which we would do on any scale.

So in this way we are quite similar, simply desiring to be this
instrument of peace and love and goodness. The steps we take to do
this are quite similar in activating these universe principles, is
merely we are in different positions and occupy different points of
reference. Nevertheless, we work for the same cause and our desire to
be of service are equally as divine. This we share; it is a pleasure
to share this with others and to be on the same team and even to be in
awareness that this is so. I respect your having chosen to be part of
the team, to be among those whose desire it is to become the best
instruments of peace, the best focalizers of love, and to be about
this with sincere intention. In this way we are similar as well. So be
it; it is so. Help us to be in further and further realization of this
truth and to be in deeper and deeper conviction of our position as
instruments in our ability to direct these willful intentions of our
desire to be of service.

Thank you all. I look forward to all we have to do in this regard,
even all that we are to be. Let it be so, I bid you farewell.

Student: [Cathy] In the process of building the light column and
enhancing the ability of the portal to function, your group has been
required to lift each members vibrational level. This has been a
gradual process, barely noticeable, but a great increase nevertheless.
In the up-liftment of the planet this will occur in relation to each
individual and will affect the consciousness of the entire planet.
This enhancement will be a step needed to prepare for the reception of
the Magisterial Mission. Continue to work with light energy and allow
yourself to be filled with the new possibility of use of this light
force. All efforts are being made to bring this light to every level
of your being.

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