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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-10-09
Teacher: Charles, Light, Monjoronson, Metatron
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: [Mark] I'd like to invite us all to join in the thought stream
as we do so well together once again and to reassemble our energies
around the portal, within the portal, as the portal. I'd like us to
indulge in that treat together for a moment, thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning, this is Charles. It is good
to be here this morning in this circle of friendship. Listening to
your discussion this morning I am happy to hear the story of someone
who has in the eyes of his fellows, achieved some spiritual stance. I
am surprised that more of you don't realize what it means to act in
service to your fellow humankind on a planet such as this, on a
Bestowal Planet of the Master. If you could but hear the talk of
mansion world classrooms where the expressed concern of regret that
the human did not do more when the opportunity was there on a place
such as this, a place where the whole universe is watching to see what
happens, to see the great plan and test of spirit outwork itself.

Certainly there is a lot more service activity these days and the
momentum seems to be growing, more and more people are understanding,
getting a sense from within that yes, you certainly all are on the
same ship, a global perspective, a whole or total perspective,
considering all life as precious and valuable, all life which harbor
the Thought Adjusters. There is such a tremendous respect in the
universe for the types of creatures which harbor the Thought
Adjusters. So yes, you are aware of your growing spiritual nature,
your efforts to respond to such are not unnoticed.

In your personal practice, continue to anchor in the light, continue
to practice holding it, using it, be creative with it and yes, you are
still moving into interesting times. These times are taking place both
on the interior and the exterior and yes, there is a relationship
between the two though the reference towards time is tremendously
different. Continue to see things which are not there. Continually see
goodness where there is none. Continue to see bounty where there is
little. Continue to see correction where there is a problem. Continue
to see a solution when there is no answer and continue to call the
Voice of God even if you do not detect Him.

I thank you for allowing me these thoughts this morning. Go in peace,
keep this en-circuitment, have a great week, thank you.

LIght: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light here making my presence
known among the circle of friends and family. Having overheard your
prior discussion, I would borrow on some of the concepts offered and
in particular I would borrow the concept to utilize the vision of a
large funnel or tornado shaped funnel cloud hovering over individuals.
This could be used in the minds eye to represent the exponential
potential available to an individual as you rise into the level of
spirit. All this potential in the spirit realm and domain is available
for use by the individual located at the tip of the funnel and this is
where you as mortal and spiritual beings interface at this point.

You discussed how there is the outer and the inner experience and this
inner experience can be likened to your access to all that is in the
gigantic funnel above you. Your outer experience can be likened to
your ability to allow all that is available to you to flow to the very
tip of your funnel. You are the one who controls the passage of all
that is available out there into your material realm by letting it
flow through you and become available in your material realm. As you
all well know, a funnel is easily obstructed and many things can
diminish the flow through the narrowed end that is your portal to your
material experience. And as there are many obstructions possible given
this dirty interface if you will, this contaminated interface between
you and the material world, it becomes a priority and necessary for
you as beings who would desire to so channel these spiritual forces,
to observe and monitor and to attempt to keep your end clear of
obstruction and in so doing you become the best conduit to allow this
flow to naturally and easily occur.

There is no squeezing of pressure from on top that would help in any
way because there must be the opening created, the space allowed for
this flow to occur. This is another visualization in the minds eye
that may be useful to some to see what role you play in this and where
you stand in the process. You are the ones directing this 'energy from
above' and it must pass through you. Your conduit must be open to
receive and clear to allow this energy to flow.

Thank you for contributing these thoughts to the overall consciousness
thought stream so that I am able to utilize them and play with them.
It is always a pleasure to join you in such conversation and to throw
in thoughts for consideration. I bid you all have a good day and I
will return as it my great pleasure to do, farewell.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings once again, I am Monjoronson here to
take advantage of the opportunity to access this forum and this group.
I feel at liberty to do so since my name has been used and there are
some considerations and concerns regarding me and my mission so I
would bring my energy signature into the group once again and co-
mingle energies so that we may grow deeper in our relationship.

My friends, you have been with me since the very beginning, of having
been introduced as having another spirit individual among many you
have now met from the other side of the veil as you refer to it. It
has been my great pleasure and privilege to grow the relationship we
have grown through our exposure to each other and our steps in faith
that we have taken together to meet here, to join together in forces
for Michael and His mission. I have, as you know, enlisted to be of
service to Michael in the upcoming restructuring of His beloved planet
and very similarly you have enlisted to help in your way as well. And
so, this puts us side by side as devoted participants together under
Michael's desire.

I want to be clear that I am very much in appreciation of the work
that has been done to lay the groundwork for our upcoming activities
and to prepare such an open gateway for me to access to do this work.
As we move forward into the process I look forward to working with
each of you more individually and with the group as an asset as well.
Truly I can see that you know not what you have done in faith, but you
have done it and one day it will be your pleasure to realize what it
is you have accomplished through this sheer act of faith, this
reaching out into an alternate dimension and accomplishing things that
you are still so largely unaware of.

Nevertheless, you proceed and you act in faith and choose in faith and
in this way we are able to make such great strides because we are
operating in that alternate dimension and [which] you are at this
point, unable to fully discern. Nevertheless, we proceed together in
faith and I assure you, many great things are accomplished. And, we
are at a juncture where many more great things will be accomplished
because as you mentioned, when there is the breakdown of that which
is, there is the potential for the building of that which may be.
Until there is some need for restructuring, nothing gets restructured.

So, here we are, ready to roll up our sleeves and be about the
restructuring in a manner consistent with our highest spiritual ideals
and principles. And so, what gives way provides for the opportunity
for that which is superior to replace it. This will be made so by the
act of all who will choose the way of the Divine, the way of the true
and the beautiful and the good. Thus transformation will be an easy
thing for us, those of us who will be consistently willing to choose
the way of [the] Divine. We will simply exercise our choice and
continue to choose and re-choose that which is consistent with our
highest ideals and principles.

And so this will unfold before us as easily and naturally as choosing
to allow the flow of spirit through you as individual conduits. It is
so, it will be so as we move forward. On this we can rely. It is my
pleasure to sojourn with you on this journey that we have both chosen.
I look forward to our time together as we share back and forth, our
experience of the unfolding of divine destiny. Be at peace, spread
love, and remain in moment. It all occurs in the moment. Every moment
you choose the degree of conduit that we are, the amount you become is
chosen moment by moment. Seize each moment as the divine opportunity
that is and let us be about this process in joy. Thank you and farewell.

Metatron: [Cathy] To clarify my position in the process at hand, I am
an energy light initiator brought in to assist in this Magisterial
Mission. In the current plan, an increase of light is needed to bring
the planet into a sustainable level that would support what is known
as Light and Life. The current situation is in process of being
uplifted to a new and more useful level of light accessibility. On
evolutionary worlds there are many levels of growth and increase of
light. Your world has really just begun to access this universe
phenomenon in ways that will affect the relationships on the planet
between mortals. The connection between mortals is what the cleaning
of the energy grid has been all about. It has been a removal of
blockages of and distortion to allow the flow of light energy and
relationships between all on the planet. I am here to help.

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