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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-09-22
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Parents, we come here today in a circle of friendship  
and love to be connected to the greater circle of spiritual  
consciousness, spiritual energy, and spiritual presence which exists  
in the Universe of Nebadon. We ask you to please continue to send help  
to us personally and our world. Have patience with us, we are not  
always receptive to the finer things in life. We thank you Father for  
this connection, we thank you for these blessings that we receive as  
opportunities, as help, as little awarenesses. Help us to learn to  
grow stronger in your presence, that your presence will begin to  
manifest itself in our lives, in our decisions, in our behavior, in  
who we are. It is you Father who makes us real, who gives us value.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening my children. I come to you  
within this circle of love, within the entwined energy of the heart. I  
come here tonight as one who is familiar with you, one who indwells  
you. Have you noticed the regularity of your breath? You inhale, then  
you exhale, and you continually repeat this pattern almost exclusively  
sometimes on an unconscious level yet there is a mechanism at work,  
the mechanism called life. My gift to these worlds of time, life, and  
all of its manifestations, the plants, the trees, the fish, the birds,  
the humans, and all of the little multi cellular creatures that you  
cannot see, the myriads of expression of this life on a world.	

Yet life goes on, life goes on separate from your thinking, it's  
continually giving a breath and it is continually taking a breath, one  
for the other. When you focus on the breath you focus on life itself;  
you can focus on the maintenance of life, you can focus on the  
philosophical nature of life, and you can focus on the truth and  
reality of life. The fact that each breath given and each breath taken  
is a precious thing, life is conscious of every breath that it gives,  
are you conscious of every breath that you take?

Why is the breath so important? Is it because it continues to give you  
life or is it a reminder of the actuality of life, the conscious  
giving of a breath? It is like consciously waiting for the moment that  
the human begins to recognize the essence of life and reality, the  
reality of my presence within, the reality of my presence in the mind  
and the reality of my presence in the midst of all life. In one sense,  
surely your breaths are numbered; on the other hand, the determining  
factor of the number of breaths has more to do with the human, the one  
who takes the breaths to be conscious of every moment in the now as  
the presence of eternity, as the place where change exists, where the  
awareness exists, allowing awareness to show itself in your mind,  
giving time and space in your meditation to the act of consciousness,  
the attention of the mind to listen, to be directed, to be adjusted  
and to be guided forth, guided by the opportunities which come your way.

There is a reality which exists in the mind; it exists as a thought  
form, as an intention and the constant focus and working towards the  
manifestation of this intention by either allowing it to present  
itself or taking the necessary steps to ensure its success rate. Both  
of these are necessary. This is part of the reality of the human mind  
and the Adjuster indwelt consciousness, that the Adjuster so respects  
the person of its indwelling that the Adjuster intends to support all  
honest and worthwhile endeavors of the human mind. I want you to be  
successful, I want you to be happy, I want you to experience  
abundance, I intend for you to grow. This is why life is constantly  
providing lessons, not to show you that it is in control but by  
observing life's control over you, you begin to comprehend and  
understand how to control life yourself within your own thoughts,  
within your own actions and behavior, you begin to become more real.  
People begin to notice your realness because how can you notice  
something real and not respond to it? Everything in your mind is  
posturing to experience as much of this reality as possible like a  
good piece of music, a good piece of literature, an exquisite piece of  

The Father intends for all of His children to have a quality lifestyle  
and a quality and real experience here on the evolutionary plateau.  
What the Father intends is not to satiate the human ego but the Father  
is interested in a genuine correspondence between spirit and human,  
within the human family at large, between each other, between the  
sexes. Many times in present day living humans are anxious, hard to  
satisfy. Their pace is a bit rapid and one day when you will fully  
grasp the big picture, you will see that the only real moment is the  
one you are in now. This is where everything exists, in the now, in  
this moment, in this moment you can change your life, in this moment  
you can turn that negative emotion and that grating gesture into a  
positive and pleasant experience, a feeling of fulfillment.

Learn to empty your vessels of these negative thoughts, this dirty  
water, and refill the cup with the pure crystalline water of spiritual  
love. It is in this moment that I hold a tremendous and connected love  
to all of you. This is my essence, I Am this way, I cannot be any  
other way. My love goes forth and corrects everything, your thoughts,  
your speech, your behavior, your posture, your movement, your breath.  
In contemplating the moment, become aware of its reality and the  
potential which the seed of this moment contains. I Am the essence of  
life, I Am the essence of all things real. If you would but dare to  
experience reality like you have never experienced it before, bring Me  
into it, bring Me in to your moment, bring Me into your consciousness  
and surrender, surrender all desire, surrender your will, surrender  
your habits, that I may the better direct you to the work of the  
moment, the work you need to be doing within your own mind, the  
cleaning of your own temple, the realigning of your energies, the  
integrating network of energetic influences within your body, within  
your mind and within the universe that you may become balanced in a  
neutral sense, that you may become more and more real as you begin to  
discover parts of your reality, the part that is new, the part that is  
ancient, and the part that is.

Learn to balance these parts within yourself. Begin to find your own  
way and your own practice. Begin to trust the guidance which you have  
within you. Learn to trust this guidance, learn to trust that which  
spirit gives. Learn to trust the breath that life gives you, then you  
will begin to trust the breath which you take. I embrace all of you  
this evening, all that you are, all that you have been, and all that  
you hope to be. I embrace the whole of you all, in that way I can  
embrace that which is not quite perfect as well as that which will  
become perfected. Go in peace this evening and spend time  
contemplating the moment of now, the seed crystal of your reality.  
Begin to find my Voice Within you and trust me as someone very very  
close who will see to it that you have the best personal guidance  
which the universe can offer. Let us grow together. Thank you and good  
evening to you.

Michael: Greetings my friends, my brothers and sisters, this is your  
older brother Michael here to acknowledge the Voice of  the Father,  
the Voice of the Inner Spirit, the Voice which I came to your world to  
herald and whose spirit my bestowal manifested to each and every one  
of you. Know that the reality of the universe lies within you. All of  
you are equipped with the power to traverse Paradise and Havona. All  
of you are equipped with the power to graduate from Nebadon. All of  
you are equipped with the power to make it to the mansion worlds and  
all of you are equipped with the power and knowledge to experience  
tremendous spiritual transformation in your own life today and on your  
world now.

It wouldn't be very valuable if you didn't have to search for the  
truth, ask questions and determine the answers, or to begin to trust  
the reality you truly have. Begin to live fearless my brothers and  
sisters for you are in a fierce time. You are in a time where the  
darkness is thirsty for your soul. Know that you are equipped with the  
power of the universe and that power lies within. And just as that  
power allowed me to live and die gloriously on your world, might not  
it do the same for you? Go in peace my brothers and sisters. Learn to  
be at peace with each other and begin to love one another as I and  
your Mother truly loves you.

Peace be with you and begin to experience the transformative greatness  
within. I leave my love with you all, good evening.

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