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Subject: No. Idaho Team  2011-09-04
Teacher: Elyon, Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Elyon. I take delight in  
joining you this morning in your circle and in your project of  
devoting energy to the portal. I have a great affinity for this group;  
this was my first opportunity to serve in this capacity as it was  
yours and so together we stepped out in faith and forged the road that  
we have come to so enjoy together. So much has transpired since the  
very beginning when there was a sense of struggle almost in reaching  
so far but you weren't sure you could grasp but we did this together,  
we reached and we were able to make contact, to touch each other and  
become part of each others experience. I am so very pleased to have  
been involved with you throughout this process and to watch you grow  
and grow your reach and your grasp of spirt. You have all witnessed  
that your lives have been changed,  have been elevated, have been  
expanded and increased by virtue of having developed this portion of  
yourself, this spiritual part.

It has also been my great pleasure to introduce, as it were, you to a  
number of celestial personalities that have been pleased as well to  
join in the classroom that you provide. As we all move forward in this  
process, there becomes more and more a sense of familiarity of where  
we have been, with the accomplishments we have made, with the ground  
that we have gained in this process together and so there is a  
fondness attached to where we have been and the way it was and how we  
may be used to it.

But true growth demands that you allow for the expansion of what it is  
so that it may become something expanded. And so as much as we may  
cherish the beginnings and the opening portion of a chapter, it is  
required to move to another chapter, another level from time to time  
and this means approaching some of the original apprehensions you  
encountered in the very beginning when I was there with you. There  
will be these apprehensions arise as new and unconsidered potentials  
present themselves before you and you are likely to encounter these  
flushes of doubt and insecurity. They are part of your constitution  
and they will always be there to be navigated as you grow spiritually.

I just am here to ask that you recall what it felt like in the  
beginning when things were new and we had to get used to them, we had  
to overcome the distance and the obstacles between us by our sheer  
force of will into the grid that we created. So it is that you will be  
exposed to many service opportunities immediately before you and you  
may accept or pass on as many as you so choose. But the same  
principles that you applied when you came into this forum initially  
and we had to try to go beyond a sense of limitation so that we could  
come to a new plateau of awareness. That is all it is, over and over  
again, that is really all it is.

So it is my pleasure once again to be present with you as we encounter  
new options arise as predicted rather on schedule. I cherish these  
moments we share and I look forward to so many more as there is no  
limit in the spiritual realm. We may share so much more together. I  
now withdraw to allow this platform for use by others. It is always my  
pleasure and privilege to be with you. Good day to you all.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Charles here,  
happy to be here as part of this circle of love, circle of friendship,  
listening in on your conversations of concern and being reminded how  
spiritual things are connected with feelings on a human level and  
seeing how feelings are with us throughout our whole life as a child  
growing up, as an adult, feeling for something, feeling for  
understanding, clarity, feeling for connectedness with each other,  
eventually feeling and searching for love, love for each other and in  
a spiritual sense, feeling a need to connect with a source of love.

Even though love is energetic it does have a source which can be  
resourced. As humans, one of the aspects to humanness, to the human  
animal nature that was missing, was supplemented by the Father in the  
Adjusters that were sent out to indwell humans, which contained the  
reference, the actual piece of everlasting love that humans could  
feel, they could tap into, they could find, they could resource, they  
could share. It is evidence from eternity, from Paradise eternity  
which indwells you, a connectedness, a connectedness to resource, a  
connectedness with who you originally were, a mere concept, an idea in  
the mind of God, the vast mind of God, the mind if idea.

The whole universe created with a mandate of order, respect, and love,  
referencing a need to feel a part of this greatness. In a certain  
sense it can be said that love is reality and reality is love. If you  
want to see how real something is, determine how much love it contains  
and if you have found something or someone full of love you have found  
something very real. It is this real connection that spirit intends to  
share with its human counterpart, human brother and sister.

The immediate sense of urgency is a given. In the time and space  
universes, always will exist need, incompleteness, connectedness,  
searching and finding a way for complete connectedness, connectedness  
with mind, connectedness with feeling, connectedness with purpose. In  
a sense there is a tremendous need of service to connect all in love  
with love of each other, for each other. This is true in a human  
sense; this is true in a spiritual sense. We need the human  
counterpart as much as the human counterpart needs spirit, spirit  
personality, spirit service, spirit love, to know that spirit is good,  
spirit is whole, spirit is complete, and for us to know that all is  
not in vain. Humans are becoming conscious, humans are growing and  
humans are beginning to represent love and light, Light and Life,  
happiness and joy. Yes, the tasks at hand are mere choice options for  
service opportunities. The ability to serve in love, to serve with  
love, all aspects of love, to understand at one time everything began  
in perfect love and now all of these parts are trying to reconnect to  
the whole of love.

It is good to be here as part of this group with you. I love you all.  
I hope that you all have a great love filled week. In peace I leave  
you, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light. I am here to enjoy basking  
in the glow of the grid that you and I, we, have created in this  
process and it brings me great joy to be here to express to you that  
you are correct in your consideration that the pieces of the puzzle  
may indeed be coming together for us as we are asked to pull together  
various elements of our training to be utilized for specific purposes.  
As you well know, we have the pieces of the puzzle as it were, parts  
of the equation, we have practiced and we have attained a certain  
skill level with the tools that we have acquired and developed.

And as we have been told, a time would arise in which such tools and  
skills would be needed and could be applied. We find ourselves now  
being presented with an opportunity before us. So if you would join  
with me now in celebration of these gifts and these acquirements,  
these traits, these universal principles that we apply and utilize, we  
have enjoyed their presence, their existence, the grid that we have  
formed among us and between us. We have benefitted by its existence  
and it only exists by the result of our intention.

So now, let us swing the boom about and take another tack using the  
same winds and point the vessel in a slightly different direction. Let  
us project our intention to take our experience of this wonderful,  
Godly, clean and divine pattern that we have become familiar with and  
experienced with and let us send out our projection to overlay the  
grid work that exists which encompasses all with our divine pattern,  
our experience of how wholesome and good, how righteous and clean, how  
positive and beautiful; bring this, our experience of the grid and  
donate it to the whole, project it as our intention to beam out this  
pattern of love. Let it be directed, let it be channeled by those who  
are in jurisdiction of such matters. We simply will supply the energy  
to be molded and used where necessary and this energy is as a result  
of our own experience that it is so. We know this to be true, we know  
this to be real. This is our experience, our collective understanding  
and we would donate such a wholesome and good pattern to the Supreme  
to overlay the whole. It is as simple as this and as profound as we  
are unable to register.

It is my greatest pleasure to work with you in these projects and  
processes, to be side by side as we direct and wield our intentions  
and principles at play. Do your very best to entertain no idea that  
your thoughts are insignificant or do not matter to the whole. Every  
piece is important to finish the puzzle. Every piece has a unique   
place to hold that only it can hold in the entire tapestry. Thank you  
for the chance to work together my friends. Go now in peace, farewell.

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