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Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2011-09-08
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, we invite you to join in this circle, this  
forum at this time with us to bring your love and to add it to ours in  
this circle and to join us in the gratitude of the moment for coming  
together in spirit and for perusing you, our Divine Parents as we wish  
to grow and learn in this process of spiritual exploration. We invite  
you in by word at this time but we recognize that you are never far  
from us, always with us. We really seek to increase our awareness of  
this truth and come to you in a fuller awareness as we desire to  
approach you, as we desire to be more like you, our Divine Parents. We  
are sure that you will assist us in this process like any parent  
desires to assist the child and so we rely on this truth, this  
principle in action, this principle of love displayed even here and  
now. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for your willingness  
to participate with us so willingly and openly in this process. I now  
invite any celestial personality who is monitoring the situation and  
would like to access this forum an opportunity to do so. I have no  
preconceptions or direction in mind whatsoever so I turn it over to  
spirit who knows what is most appropriate and would bring that to us.  
I petition we receive that gift of grace at this time. Thank you  
Divine Parents, thank you.

Charles: Hello and greetings to this group, I am Charles here  
accepting the invitation so graciously offered to join in. You cannot,  
I think, truly appreciate the significance of such a gesture, such a  
demonstration of willingness to open up this forum, to open up your  
hearts, to open up a space within you that will accommodate spiritual  
presence, indeed a space in which you will meet spirit presence  
partway for without such an abode, without such a space provided,  
there is very limited opportunity for this co-mingling of spirit to  

As you well know, the influence of spirit is a passive and recessive  
phenomenon. It is not an overpowering trait, it is not a dominant  
force, it is not shouting or screaming, it is rather whispering or  
gently reassuring and reaffirming and so in order to hear this gentle  
voice, to perceive even this whisper, one needs to be in a place  
conducive to do so, in an environment which would promote the ability  
to reach out and establish this connection. As you well know, the  
distractions of mortal life in these times are great and it is quite  
possible that one could live an entire existence so bombarded and  
surrounded by external stimuli that there is no place provided for the  
stillness, no place provided to promote the aspect of yourself, the  
spirit component of your being to have a playground of its own, a  
place to be, a place of safety and sanctuary where you can explore  
this spiritual aspect of self and simply be in spirit so that others,  
even such as myself at this moment, may come and enter this space that  
you have provided and share with you what it is to be in spirit.

The many demands that you have on your lives certainly demand your  
attention and your focus. This is as it should be but to those who are  
growing in spirit and have the ears of spirit, there is more and more  
a desire to facilitate this aspect of yourself as well. You have all  
learned quite well how to balance these external demands upon you and  
to live your life in accordance with the demands made upon you, the  
expectations present around you and the available energies you have to  
devote to these.

So it takes an act of diligence, an act of devotion, an act of faith,  
to take time away from these demands and bring yourself into a place  
where you can be free of the demands of environment and focus on the  
potentials of spirit. I applaud your efforts at doing so whenever they  
can be manifested. If it is only a few moment here and there, then It  
will be a positive and good thing. If it is your showing up at times  
like this, then this helps to recharge your spiritual batteries and  
build a pathway to spirit. If you continue to repeat this activity  
over and over, this pathway becomes very secure and you are able to  
utilize it quickly and if this bridge is made and this pathway  
developed, you find you can access spirit by simply reflecting on the  
bridge of the path and in so doing you are rather instantly  
transported into the state of spirit.

This is much like developing the neural net pathways in the brain. At  
first it take some effort and consideration to make these connections  
almost by force, to learn the facts out there and assemble them in the  
brain. But through repetition and diligence in this process, you find  
that these answers which you have stored are readily available and  
that there is no great effort required to recall your multiplication  
tables for instance, or the alphabet. Those are so firmly embedded in  
your person, so familiar to you, that you can instantly draw on them.

Likewise, your repetition and your practicing of coming to a spiritual  
state, brings you this same sense of security in that the sense  
becomes embedded in you, it permeates your being, it is part of you  
and it is easily accessed at a moments notice. This is the value of  
repetition and practice when attempting to develop this spiritual  
network, this spiritual pathway. So all these years you have heard  
about the importance of stillness and going into this place of spirit,  
over and over again; it does not suffice to do it one day and consider  
that it lasts forever. It is directly contingent upon your application  
and intention, your practice and your persistence.

So, like any musician who learns to play an instrument and master  
musical compositions, or any actor who learns their lines and then it  
becomes second nature, you as spiritual comrades are becoming well  
versed and quite familiar in accessing the bridge, even you might say,  
the portal to spirit. I appreciate the efforts you make at providing  
this forum and this portal so that we may use it back and forth. I  
sense that there are questions to be asked this evening. I would  
solicit those questions at this time. Would there be any takers at  
this time?

Question: Good evening Charles, this is *****. [Good evening]  I  
really appreciate this opportunity to partake in this spiritual  
connection with you this evening. My questions regards what is called,  
time prompting. This is the only means I have at this time to sense  
that I have some message for me in some way. Maybe somebody is saying  
hello through numbers. I would like to verify whether this is actually  
happening. This is pretty much an everyday occurrence and I would like  
to have a better understanding of what is actually going on here if  

Charles: Very good, thank you for your question. The phenomenon that  
you refer to, being prompted by numbers, is most definitely a tool  
that is used by spiritual personalities to get your attention if you  
will. It is also used as an affirmation to let you know that you are  
connected, that there is something going on between you and this  
spiritual domain. This is accomplished in many many ways. Many  
different avenues are utilized to contact individuals to simply  
establish this connection. In a way, this is meant to bolster your  
faith; it is as a result of your faith, not there to bring you faith  
as much as to affirm the faith that you have.

It is quite common for individuals entering into this spiritual  
paradigm to be wholly unfamiliar with the terrain, if you will, the  
conditions inherent in accessing spirit. So, the forces at play will  
make every attempt to be gentle with you and the use of time prompts,  
number prompts, has become a popular method to begin to bring you to a  
greater desire to explore spirit. When this happens initially, it may  
be dismissed as coincidence but as you will witness, the number of  
repeated instances brings one to a consideration of what might be  
going on, thus this question. And so, you can rely on the fact that  
there are those out there in the spiritual domain which are attempting  
to bridge this gap with you and your noticing and your attention to  
this phenomenon begins to open this door.

So let's consider for a moment, if this is true and you have realized  
it for yourself, then one is in a position to ask themselves, what  
could be done further for me to facilitate such contact? After all,  
the availability of number prompts is a relatively small phenomenon,  
so what could one do to facilitate even greater contact? These are the  
promptings which are designed to foster such questions within. My  
suggestion to one who has observed these in their lives, would be to  
more earnestly apply a devoted time to receiving more, receiving  
additional contact. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Perhaps the most effective is to provide for yourself the opportunity  
for a dialog by the use of journaling. It is highly recommended, when  
you feel inspired, when you see these prompts, when you have an  
internal desire to explore further in the spiritual domain, that you  
allow yourself the privacy and the freedom alone to take and enter the  
space first as we just did here this evening. Create the arena where  
you are willing to receive spiritual input. After having created the  
space, take out your pen and write down the longings of your heart,  
the questions you may have, the desires that you would like to know  
more, the statements of your intention, the portrayal of your purpose  
and let these flow from your heart straight out without any concerns  
for editing or sentence structure or composition. Rather let them flow  
freely just as words coming forth.

Then having done this, you are in a position to receive the answer to  
your question. You are ready to receive back from spirit because you  
have just engaged in spirit, you have put forth your intention and the  
final step required after having made the space and directed your  
intention is to receive that which is available to you. And this too,  
you write as if it's your highest self within answering your concerns  
and questions and coming through fast and certain. Don't worry about  
what you are writing, rather let it flow.

This is one technique which is very serviceable for opening  up  
another neural net pathway to spirit from your side. This is something  
you can create, this is something you build by engaging in it, by  
practicing it, and by doing it. There are other methods of course,  
innumerable methods as there are innumerable seekers out there but a  
method such as this or one similar to this will provide you the space  
to receive, to not only transmit your intentions and questions and  
concerns and curiosities to the universe, but also to receive, to  
stop, to be in stillness so that you may hear the whisperings, the  
gentle tones of spirit as they come through.

You have been told all prayers are answered and it is quite literally  
true that the universe awaits your engagement, it awaits your  
response. If you will follow these simple steps and actuate these  
simple principles, then most certainly you will have greater access to  
that which you are seeking. All things transpire in due time but any  
student of any discipline has ultimate control over the speed at which  
a discipline is mastered. So while you are destined to become fully  
spiritualized beings, and it is part of your very composition, you  
have great amounts of control that you can bring to bear as you  
develop your skills along the way and therefore the mastery of this  
skill as well. I hope this serves to inspire you in your pursuits.

Question: Absolutely, I really appreciate your insight, definitely it  
is encouraging and so I will follow through with it. If I may, I have  
one final question. Is there any correlation with the prompting  
phenomenon and the achieved spiritual circle from the seven circles?  
Is there any correlation between any particular level and this  
phenomenon just appearing in the life of any particular individual?

Charles: Thank you for this question. Let me say, that all things are  
interrelated. There are no things which stand apart and separate from  
other things. So in this way, most certainly all things are part of  
the whole and act together in unison at any one time. Again, I will  
refer to the fact that there are universe principles which dominate  
your ascension career and which will be adhered to completely and  
strictly as they are the rules of the game so to speak. But there are  
also the players in the game and within the parameters of these rules  
you see a wide variety of players. Some excel and some falter and so  
there is a definite matrix in which you operate but there is also  
great latitude for personal growth and attainment in the spiritual  

And so you are provided with these opportunities before you but it is,  
in the final analysis, up to you to access these potentials and to  
manifest these principles as you become familiar with them and as they  
become manifest through you. So I encourage you all to seek your own  
level of attainment because [to] those who apply themselves, all  
forces of the universe are brought to bear and in that sense you are  
not limited. However, we all operate under a particular paradigm and  
there are certainly parameters under which we all must function. But  
don't let the normal or typical expectations stymie your desires or at  
all cause you to falter in your attempts because each one is granted  
permission to grow at their own rate and utilize the many  
opportunities that are present in the spiritual domain to accomplish  
this growth.

I hope this suffices to address your concern.

Comment: Absolutely, thank you for the wisdom that you have shared  
with us tonight.

Charles: Thank you for bringing your questions to the forum. One of  
the reasons that I requested the opportunity for dialog in this  
evening's encounter is to bring forth and reinforce the idea that what  
we do here in spirit is not a passive phenomenon. You are not simply  
spectators off in the background somewhere. In order for this to be  
fruitful, it is done sincerely and personally and individually by each  
and every one. I am fully aware that this format has been developed  
and has been quite serviceable over this time to bring forth teacher  
messages and that there is much gained in this process of  
consideration of these messages.

However, the time for sitting back as an observer is eclipsing into  
the time of direct action of the individual. No longer can you rely on  
others to write the books or bring the lessons. As we move forward in  
this process of spiritual exploration, it will be required of each and  
every one that they embrace for themselves the lessons and messages  
and not just to the level where they are familiar with them, they have  
heard them, but to that level we discussed before of having been  
mastered, of being readily available at a moments notice to you  
because it is part of you; it has become an aspect of your being.

And so, in order to facilitate this, I brought forward the suggestion  
for questions to put the ball back in your court as it were, and  
hopefully to instigate a new sense within you that you are indeed  
players on the field, not observers on the sideline. I hope this  
message finds some resonance with all who are on the call this  
evening. If there are no further questions then I would relinquish  
this forum to other celestials who are in observance and would like  
the opportunity to access this mode that has been developed. Thank you  
for your attention, it has been my pleasure. I now withdraw to allow  
for others, farewell.

LIght: Greetings, I am LIght. It is my pleasure to accept this  
invitation offered and to bring with me some practical exercise that  
we may engage in, even at this time together, which is suitable to be  
utilized repeatedly so that if you are seeking some direction on how  
to direct your intentions and how to fulfill your purpose, this might  
be a good fit for you.

You may have heard that there are great changes afoot, there are the  
opening up of many circuits in addition to this one which has been  
enjoyed for some time by a great many and you all well know, as has  
been referred to, that all things are connected, that there is an  
enormous force over and around all which has been referred to as the  
energy grid and you all have been referred to as light anchors. There  
is a very practical necessary thing that you can do as individuals to  
add your energy into this overall field, this circuit, this grid that  
surrounds and encompasses all.

Now, the thing about an energy field that encompasses all is that  
every single individual within such a field is bound to it in some  
way, that is, no one operates outside of this field. It must be  
encountered, it must be navigated, it must be utilized by all who are  
within the field. This being the case, you can imagine how important  
it is that this field that surrounds all be one which is conducive to  
promote spiritual growth, to bring divine qualities. If this is  
properly in place, all the players inside this field of energy are  
playing off of divine qualities, goodness, truth and beauty, and  
therefore the experience of all those involved is flavored by these  
characteristics or traits.

Now you can also imagine, as a result of being a human of the realm,  
that there are other things contained in this energy field as not all  
of life reflects truth, beauty, and goodness. There are many negative  
components, the fear, doubts, uncertainties, hatred, which are as well  
out there by virtue of the fact that they have been experienced by  
humans. As a human, you contribute to this energy grid as well as you  
draw from it, in fact it actually sustains your life. It is the pool  
from which you draw the  sustenance of your life and so as such, just  
like if this pool were a spring, it needs to be kept clean and pure so  
that when you go to draw your sustenance from it you are drawing good,  
healthy, nourishing sustenance.

Any spring can tolerate some minor amounts of contaminants but no  
spring can provide adequate sustenance if it is too polluted. This is  
where you come in. You are powerful creative beings, you are children  
of Divine Beings and as such you have creative powers. You nourish  
this energy field around you with your thoughts, your intentions, your  
desires. You feed that energy grid around you every moment that you  
exist. You also draw your sustenance, your strength, your courage, or  
your fears, your doubts, your trepidation's; all these are contained  
in this field.

It is now requested of those children of light, of those light anchors  
such as yourselves, that you more actively devote yourself to cleaning  
this wellspring and purifying this energy field with intention and  
purpose. As Charles mentioned in the very beginning, you cannot fully  
appreciate the magnitude of directing your intention towards spirit  
and spiritual pursuits. Likewise, you cannot properly appreciate the  
contribution that you make when you direct your intention towards the  
cleaning and maintenance of this energy field, the taking out of  
elements which are unhealthful and replacing them with elements which  
are good, true, and beautiful.

This represents the inner desire of your being to help in such a way,  
to offer such a contribution to the whole, to be a part of such a  
grand project by the simple act of your desire to do so and your  
focused intention. That is all that is required for you to have a  
significant contribution, one that cannot be made by anyone else in  
all of time and space. You are in a position to make your unique  
contribution of goodness to the field. You are in a unique position to  
determine what aspects, even within yourself, you need to downplay to  
help the overall status of the energy field.

If you notice that you are grappling with great doubts, understand  
that these are part of what you are navigating in the greater energy  
field. They are within your own internal energy field as well and by  
deciding that you will choose them not, then you deny them the very  
essence to exist. If you do not acknowledge and condone activities,  
they simply cease to exist. If thoughts are troubling to you, it is  
not required that you devote any energy to thinking them. In this way  
you can create great change both internally and to the whole field of  
energy. It begins personally with your contributing that which is  
good, that which is true and beautiful, that which the highest aspect  
of your being would like to see as suitable to offer this divine and  
holy energy field. It also begins with you realizing those aspects of  
self and of the collective which are not wholesome, which do not bear  
up under the light of truth, or goodness, or beauty.

It is simple to rearrange this pattern by simply endorsing one and  
forsaking the other. It is not a big struggle that one must be  
overthrown and wrestled into submission, rather it is the simple act  
of choosing, one over the other. As light beings and as light anchors,  
I invite you to join with me now, in this moment, to come together  
with intention and purpose to seed this energy field that surrounds us  
with your highest and best aspirations for mankind, for the divine  
aspect, and donate this to the Supreme. Donate this to the collective,  
donate this to your brothers and sisters by virtue of donating it to  
the collective consciousness of all. It is truly that simple and that  

Divine Parents, please accept the offering we make here today, now.  
Please take from us our highest aspirations, our highest vision of  
goodness, truth, and beauty that we can offer. Take our experience of  
these aspects of truth and beauty and goodness and use it as the  
seeds, as the pattern which can be utilized in the greater grid. Let  
this be our gift of intention, let this be our purpose in this moment.  
Accept from us, that we desire to be active in this process at this  
time and help us to make it so. We will bring our faith, our  
conviction, our desire, and you may take those energies and administer  
them wherever you see fit. Thank you for the opportunity to work  
together, thank you for the grace that allows us to know that we are a  
part of this plan, that we are participants, not just observers in all  
that transpires before us. Help us to be more and more aware that this  
is so.

Thank you my friends for the opportunity to share some directed  
intention. It has been my pleasure. Now I sense there has been much to  
take in and digest so I would bid you all a good evening and a good  
day and send with you my blessings for a greater awareness of the role  
and part that you play. It is so very significant and as of now, you  
must take this on faith. I assure you one day you will see the  
significance of your role in the greater context. For now, we must  
operate in faith and with our internal conviction that this is so. Let  
it be so even now. Thank you and good evening.

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