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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-08-11
Teacher: MIchael, Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] I request the assistance of our Divine Parents in this
process, in our attempt to come to a greater spiritual awareness. May
our Divine Parents ever beckon us in their direction and may we so
freely travel in that direction, be willing to go to what is divine,
what is good, what is beautiful, what is true. In this moment I ask
the assistance of all those interested parties of our celestial
friends who would join us so that we can come together in this forum
that we create for this purpose at this time. Let it be so as it is
even now, thank you.

Michael: [Mark] I will accept this opportunity that you provide my
dear ones, I am Michael. In making this statement it is merely for the
record as it were, because it is my intention, it is my purpose to
grow close enough to you in times such as this, that we may know each
other, that we may feel each others presence. It is my desire to
experience what you experience as you experience it, to see what your
interpretation of the truths and the beauty and the goodness that you
witness is. You see, in this way, I live vicariously through you. I
experience what you experience if you will just but share it with me.

I make this request of you, that you consider me as wanting to be with
you, so close to you I am at your side experiencing through your eyes
what it is you think you see, what it is you feel. This represents
your gift to me and to the Father for what you have to share is
completely unique in all of time and space and therefore I do so
cherish the opportunity you provide when you open yourselves up to
share your inner life, your inner perceptions, the thoughts and
feelings, with your parents.

It is a true act of love and grace that we share together, this
opportunity to have this relationship, this exchange, this bond. I
come to you now to speak as plainly as I can manage, to convince you
how much you are cared for, loved, known and appreciated, and
cherished as the gift you are, the singular piece of the puzzle of the
Supreme. I petition the Father to be with us as we journey together
through this process, through this experience and through these
interpretations. May we be ever mindful to include the Father in our
experiences just as I have asked you to do with me in your experiences.

Thank you for the open ear that you have to hear these words. I pray
your hearts be opened to receive my gift of love, the Father's gift of
love through me to you, just as you show your gifts of love to your
brother. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be with you in
this way, to co-mingle our energies and having done so, mine becomes
flavored with yours and yours becomes [tinted] with mine and in this
way we truly are part of each other. It has been a pleasure to indulge
in this co-mingling and now I would allow this gracious opportunity
for use by others. Even though I may say farewell to you, I pray that
you know that I have never left you. I am always at your side. Let it
be so, good evening.

Henry: [Prayer] We connect with this circle of love, this circle of
energy which is present here this evening on the human end and the
spirit end, we connect to our Divine Parents, we connect to that inner
quality which is the Divine Presence. We have total faith and trust
that spirit will share wisdom with us this evening, embrace us with
love as we go forth in these tremendously challenging times.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is Charles. As
always it is good to be a part of this circle, to share my few
thoughts on matters and to share with you as one of you, as a brother
who has gone full circle and as a finaliter, has come from Paradise,
different from back to the beginning of time and life and observe it
from a perspective that I must say is tremendously different from the
perspective one has before one goes to Paradise. It is good to hear
talk on an initial life world on faith and trust and spirit, for faith
and trust are a ship with sails. They can be steered all the way to

To experience the complete saturation and presence of spirit is a
tremendous thing; to be completely certain of who you are, what you
are experiencing, is a tremendous thing. To see people on a world that
are beginning to have a sense of who they are and are taking those
initial steps, those first flights with the security of spirit shows
me the potency of spirit in life, the expression which spirit gives,
not only to individual life but life in general. The other wonderful
thing about your world is its relationship to the Universe Creator Son
and His special endearment to the people on this world, the world
which bears the personal presence of His spirit.

You are coming upon the days you have been looking for, the days of
change, the days of shifting and transition, the times in which you
have a tremendous influence in the shift and direction of things where
all of the lessons you have learned and all of the tools you have
earned are to be put into use. Evermore will it become necessary to
rely upon the guidance of spirit because spirit has a complete vision.
You on this world, on the other hand, have partial vision, partial
vision in that your abilities lie not in seeing the complete outcome
of your actions, whereas spirit is well aware of the complete picture.

You certainly do quiver on the brink; you are gaining speed yet you
are not quite up to full momentum. There are many projects now on your
world incorporating aspects of spirit, in discussions, in the way they
do business, in the way in which they conduct their activities. Some
of these are religious and some of these are secular. No matter what
the organization, the purpose is the same, to bring a greater sense of
peace to bear upon the present situation and to care for those who
have been mistreated and crushed in the transitions, the transitions
of earth changes and the transitions of political and economic
changes. May the world begin to see the dawning light of a way in
which institutions can be redeemed and salvaged. Man can move forward
in peace. Everyone can share and give something to a greater
realization of life in this world.

In these times you must begin to know what it is you really need to
move forward and let go of that which is not needed, does not belong
in your next life. Learn to be more thankful for the little you have
than to begrudge that which you don't have and remember to consider
those who have less and their struggle, to be a mouthpiece and a
vessel of spirit and spirit presence. You are to act as such, in love
and harmony, in peace with the eternal faith of Paradise and the trust
of the certainty of the indwelt aspect of the Eternal Father all is
well. My peace I leave with you this evening. Thank you for continuing
this circle of love and friendship. Thank you.

Light: [Light] Hello, I am here as well my friends, I am Light. I
would leave you this evening with one final thought and that is, the
real significance in the equation is not what happens out there in the
world around you, in your environment, but what happens to you
individually, internally, as you process events and circumstances,
experiences. This is where anything out there may be conditioned by
your greater awareness and transformed into a vision of what could be
better or more positive. If you realize that you do not have control
over what happens out there but you do have control over how you feel
about it, what it means to you, what potential you see in it, what
sadness you register, all these things condition the reality of the
situation into your personal take on your experience. And in the
strictest analysis, this will be up to you, this choice is yours as to
how you process external events.

So I bring this to your attention so that you might begin to keep an
eye on your predisposition, on your take, and make sure it is one that
allows for transformation of these energies around you in flux into
that which you perceive to be higher and better. This is where you
come in because the energies are in flux and you are the interface
between what that means to you and how you portray it and your
interpretation of what it is out there. I pray you take a wide, broad,
grand, view of all that happens and step back to allow yourself the
latitude to appreciate the grand motion of energy in flux. And there
you are, channels, lines, that can direct energy and direct it this
way or that, here or there. Your choosing throws the switches and
makes the connection.

Make every attempt to enlighten your brethren that they are not merely
pawns in the game but they are choosers, they are the ones who will
throw the switches of intention. You are the ones who will throw these
switches and it is by your efforts that the switches will be thrown.
We are not here to take over this opportunity from any of you, rather
it will be your choice that dictates what happens and where we go. We
are ever here to assist and aid in your experience but that is where
our responsibilities end. This is your world, your experience, and
your choices that will unfold the grand plan as you see it. So be it,
I am thankful to our Divine Parents for the opportunity for this grace
to unfold in such a manner and to have us as participants and players
as it unfolds.

I bid you all farewell and have a fruitful week in pulling together
your thoughts on these issues. Let it be so, farewell.

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