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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-08-07
Teacher: Michael, Charles, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Prayer: Thank you Father for this circle of light, this circle of
friendship. We gather around the fire of your light this morning as we
send forth our petition and seek your wisdom and guidance inside.
Thank you.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my dear brothers and
sisters. It is I your elder brother Michael. It is good to entertain
these requests and these musings and so forth as they go on. First
off, I would like to restate that the initial idea of the Teaching
Mission was to lend celestial support to those that were on the brink
of discovering who they really were, the inner activation of the
Thought Adjuster. For the most part, this was the prime intention for
the Teaching Mission, to activate individuals, not individual egos but
to activate each person individually, those that were ready to move
forward to stand on their own two feet using their own ingenuity and
inner awareness and inner guidance to move forth in their particular
fields of endeavor and invigorate these endeavors with a spiritual
flavor, a spiritual purpose, and a spiritual intention. Like all
things human, most of the emphasis has been on the teachers and not on

The actual work involved in transforming ones self, activating a
Thought Adjuster presence, is a tremendously time consuming and
lengthy process. The Teaching Mission was never intended to fill in
the blanks of the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book was a celestial
outline of the greater universe realities existent, and an attempt to
coordinate those universe celestial realities with the immediate
reality of Urantia, its foibles, my life on Urantia, and so forth.

To say that the Teaching Mission as an organization is meant for any
great purpose is somewhat a human concept. We still do intend for
individual activation and individuals to take it upon themselves to
grow in the presence of the spirit and their personal guidance. This
does not say that you are not going to make mistakes, you are not
going to gather those who do not agree with you. This is to say that
you personally are involved in your own activation and your own
spiritual progress. Who is to say one is more spiritual than the next,
for all rungs are on the same ladder. No matter which one you are
standing on, it is the same ladder, it reaches to the same place.

I cannot express my grave sorrow and concern for what has happened on
your world. Nonetheless, know that I personally am activating all
possibilities to bring spiritual pressure to presence to bear upon the
conditions through individuals on your world for it is the
conglomeration of individuals, the mass of individual intention which
will move forward the inactive, the unstable, and the non-peaceful
elements on your world towards a greater sense of understanding. Know
that as spirits we work in the heart of the individual. That being
said, it is time to let your light shine, it is time to group together
for strength and support, to sustain the light.

It does not take much light to dispel darkness. Know that the little
flames you carry are precious to dispel the darkness around you. Truly
begin to trust that which each of you have as spiritual tools, your
faith, your guidance and your intentions. Go forth in love for
yourself and one another and all life. Know that all life is one, the
good part as well as the not so good part. You do not need a
tremendous amount of acknowledgement to do what you have to do to make
peace, to bring forth love, and to help my children. I acknowledge
you, the spiritual universe acknowledges you, and the Father within
you all acknowledges you. You truly are our children, you bear our
birthright. Even though you are born of an earthly flesh, there is a
part of Paradise spirit energy running through your veins.

It does not take a meteorologist to tell when it is going to rain. It
does not take a banker to tell how much money you have in your
account. By your mistakes you have learned what to do correctly. Allow
life to present its necessity to you and service it. This is the great
task of being light, to shine forth that little flame of light into
the cold darkness, into the unwillingness, into the uninspired, the
unmotivated, the close-minded. Do not confuse evil with an inability
to immediately grasp truth for evil is far more sinister and you have
far more people who are reluctant to grasp truth than to grasp evil.

Feed my children, those that thirst, give them the water of life, the
smile of your faith and the joy of your heart. In this, know that you
are my children and I am always in your midst. So go forth as good
children and stop throwing sand at each other. Make peace. Thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning, this is Charles and as always
it is a pleasure to be here this morning to hear the news, as it is,
and your takes on it for it matters not so much what we think but how
you think and act upon those thoughts. This is always the interesting
part for us to observe, how in many cases, man chooses to complicate
things and make them more difficult than they really are but in the
end, things always work out. Sometimes in the moment of grave doubts,
it is difficult to remember that all things will work out for the
greater good yet in those moments of grave doubts, you are faced with
a decision, you are faced with uncertainty and this is as it should
be. Uncertainty with security, the security of knowing that you are
loved, that you are being guided and that all things will work out to
the greater good. Many times it is difficult to accept as individuals;
you are only a part of the whole even though sometimes that part may
seem a whole in itself.

The ability for the part to begin to connect will reveal the intention
of the whole and if all the parts become activated and the whole
becomes completely expressed, then there ensues a supreme value in
your reality, a joy, love, and happiness, and sense of surety and
security. And yet you are constantly bringing these eternal spiritual
values to bear upon a material reality, a material reality in which
all organization is not coordinated, but eventually all things are
moving into the spiritual good.

I thank you for allowing me to give voice within this group. Thank you.

LIght: [Cathy] I am LIght here to encourage you in the effort to
enhance the light on this world. You have the ability to focus the
light on areas that need to be cleansed and brought back to the
original pattern. In this effort you are to be aided by the forces of
our universe under the guidance of our brother/Father Michael. We
uphold all of you in the efforts to enhance and direct your light. In
this time of disruption on the planet lies an opportunity to break the
old distorted patterns, and through your intention, to add light to
all systems around you. New ideals can become manifest in the actions
of men and the social institutions they form. Your security lies in
your faith and inner guidance. Your future is being formed now in
accordance with original pattern and intention. I am always with you
in this effort to enhance light as you bring it with you in your daily
activities. Let's shine forth together in love and assurance.

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