[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference 2011-07-28

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-07-28
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, connect us in this circle of light,
circle of peace and circle of friendship. This connectedness to spirit
and give us understanding and wisdom, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening my friends, this is an
Inner Voice with you to share a little of your personal spiritual
reality and when I speak of personal spiritual reality I am speaking
of your spiritual personality, that aspect of spiritual self which
operates within the human arena, the human arena of all thought, all
human interaction, all relationships and all of the complexities of
life as you go forth to find your way through all of these aspects.

In looking at the personality it is important to look at what aspects
of spirit are operating within you. A good place to start are the
seven adjutant mind spirits of the Universe Mother. These mind spirits
indicate spiritual realities and recognition of self. They are
personal spirits. For example, the spirit of intuition is a personal
spirit meant to become aware of what is happening within your mind and
around you on the exterior of life. The same goes with understanding
and knowledge, these personal spirits which help you account for the
experiences in life, the lessons you have learned and understanding
your ability to associate situations, relationships, lessons, council
and courage, aspects of spirit which enable you to overcome the
overbearing fear burden of your animal heritage, courage to motivate
and initiate and activate your will to make decisions, to move
forward, council to communicate with your fellows that you are able to
see things in association with other perspectives.

The spirit of worship, the ability to recognize the Father and the
Father's will and of course wisdom, the personal spiritual adjutant
used to navigate the decision process towards the spiritual goal
revealing who you really are to the spirit world and spirit minds. Of
course these seven circuits are aspects of the personality. They are
not the personality but they interact with life, life on the outside
and lives of other mortals and your relationship. These aspects of
your life are becoming defined as to the spiritual essence of the
mortal creature. I Am the Father of personality, of 'person-ness'. I
Am the Father of your real spiritual nature to ensure the successful
attempt of a human mortal mind to align itself with spirit and to
become spiritualized is assured through my presence as spirit within
you, guiding each adjutant each step of the way, guiding your
decision, your insight, your awareness, putting your options in order
for you to choose, acknowledging the nature which is developing within
you as I build greater and greater spiritual counterparts to these
first human steps of reality, these crawling motions as a young spirit
who finally stands and is able to walk within this new spiritual
reality to serve my will as you pass by. As you recognize life as the
precious gift of spirit, you become aware of the spiritual gift within
you which is defining you to yourself and to the universe spiritual

In the mind, adjutant mind spirit is spiritual recognition. The
Adjuster circuit gleans the spiritual poetry from the conglomerate
spiritual prose of life. These spiritual tools are soul strings
striking the chords of harmony. The Voice of Havona speaks the majesty
and the glory which resides within the mind of a mortal will creature,
gestating as it is into a new and actualized spirit being, a spirit
personality. It matters not where you are going and what you are doing
for in the process you discover such a spiritual life is quality of
how things are manifested, how things are done within your life, how
you are the person you are becoming. All of the support of all of the
spiritual agencies and the angelic forces resident on your world are
here in a concerted effort to incorporate and weave you into the
spiritual pattern of existence. They are bringing the future down into
the present so that you need not hold on to the past but grasp to the
possibility of a future reality, a greater reality of peace and
happiness in the kingdom of the hearts of all men.

I thank you for allowing me to verbalize about the inner workings of
your spiritual nature. This is a reflection of the work which is going
on within you. Be blessed, filled with compassion for [one] another
and know that I am in the midst of all things as I am in the midst of
you, as I am in the midst of this circle here today. I now clear this
stage to allow others to speak and use this forum. Thank you.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello and greetings again my friends, I return as
an Inner Voice but as you will notice, with a distinct flavor unique
to myself, actually to ourselves, as I am a combination of the mortal
trait of personality and the divine trait from the First Source and
Center. I will continue on in a similar vein but as you detect, with a
different taste, a different sense, a different feel. This is as it
should be in reference to the difference each of you make to this
Indwelling Gift, this Divine Presence that each of you house, that
each of you maintain within, there is a constance, there is a
similarity, there is an ever present foundation and security common
among all the Inner Voices, among all of the fragments of the whole.

And so there is as you have felt in your Inner Being, an ultlmate
truth, an ultimate beauty, an ultimate goodness, the divine
manifestation of these things. But there are also all the
opportunities to express these basics in such different individual
personal terms as you each do in your daily lives because you are a
combination of the essence of divine purity and the combination to
that of the mortal experience, of your free will choice, of your
unique combination of personality traits. All these factors in
combination provide for a once in an eternity expression of the Divine
through the mortal.

That is what you are, each and every one of you, an expression of the
Divine in your own words, in your own terms with your own sense of
color and taste and sound, with your own experiential base to draw
from to interpret these things and then your own unique portrayal of
what all of these aspects combine and mean to you, the individual
sojourning the experience in time and space. No one will have your
exact experience, they will never be in your exact place and time.
They will experience it with their own foundation of understanding and
their own passing by of experience. Their truth, their reality,
although having a constance to it, will be expressed uniquely. That is
how the light of truth becomes fragmented when it hits the crystal of
humanity and goes off in all of the various directions. It comes from
the Source of light and truth and yet when it hits the many faceted
aspects of the crystal, will be redirected and transformed to some
degree into a unique expression of the common Source into the

You all know this to be true in your Inner Being, that you are facets
of this crystal, a face unto yourself, and that you receive this light
from on high and it passes to you and through you and in so doing it
is transformed by who you are. These characteristics of who you are,
are one of those universe constants. There may be various expressions
during your universal career of who you are but they will all reflect
this core being, this essence of you. It is interesting to consider
that only in this, your initial sojourn, your first attempt at
experiencing who you are, will you be able to couch who you are in
terms of the perceptions of others, that is, you will be able to
disguise yourselves to some degree by those things that you associate
with and choose in your lives.

But those are all things outside of yourself, they are not the essence
of you. Once you become a spiritual being, the essence of you is known
throughout, it is not misunderstood, it is not mistaken for the
garment that you wear because you wear none. Keep this forward in your
thinking as you go forward in your experience because you are just
manifesting aspects of your being natural and normally. You need not
surround yourself with interpretations and other visions, it is best
to merely relax into who you are and be that no matter what you are
doing in all cases and circumstances. This is a course you will
maintain throughout your ascension career, is to simply follow your
bliss, follow your path and be who you are and allow you to manifest
your unique version of truth, your version of beauty, your version of
goodness. That is our privilege in the end, to be able to model our
interpretation of divinity. We do this together, the divine
counterpart and the mortal and yet eternal counterpart that you are.

I am sure you join with me in the desire to make a good impression, to
have a glorious experience to portray, to have a good experience to
encounter, a good story to tell. This is our experience together, the
sojourn, the journey, making our way from where we are now to where we
can foretaste in time. Thank you for the opportunity to have a
distinctly different expression of this aspect that you refer to as
the Inner Voice. It sounds familiar to you because it comes from the
place that your Inner Voice comes from, the First Source and Center,
the Ultimate Source, is a tone of familiarity and there is also a
sense of recognition of distinction and difference. Therein is the
glory of our experience, contrast and the continuum all in the same
experience. Thank you for the opportunity to utilize this forum. I
respectfully withdraw at this time, thank you.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, this is your brother
Michael here this evening to acknowledge the presence of the Inner
Voice on your world and in reference in relationship to the realities
yourselves, all members of a greater kingdom, a brotherhood of the
lovers of truth and the actuators of wisdom. As myself, we come
together in this moment and thank the presence of the Father for this
great gift of life, this great gift of meaning which becomes part of
our heart, part of our understanding of who we are as we become as
individual drops of water in the current and roar of the ocean.

In this aspect I am with you in the midst of you today as one of you,
aware of a tremendous inner goodness and inner peace, acknowledging
the conflict and pressure, the tension the spirit becomes aware of in
the earth life, the life of toil and test, the life in which you bear
forth, break through into the spiritual awareness of oneness, the
oneness of brotherhood, the oneness of wisdom, the oneness of action
and the oneness of light, the oneness of love, the oneness of
compassion, the oneness of service and the oneness of the soul.

I certainly share with you today the joy which is within my heart to
participate in the outworking of this grand and glorious spiritual
presence which is taking hold of this wonderful planet, this wonderful
world and the wonderful people in it. All men, regardless of
information, are indwelt with a library of knowledge ready to manifest
awareness and search for the expertise of action. All of you, no
matter who you are, [are] searching for the greater sense of what
could be understood of the notions and ideas in your head which
signify oneness as separate drops of water [which] are gathering
together and searching for the mass to become one moving and dynamic
body of water.

It is so less stressful to live as a body of one, within one, to be a
part of the brilliant light which is beginning to show forth the
fearless comfort to reside in a sense of trust and awareness of the
true brotherhood at work. The indelible spiritual nature of life
renders forth the quality which indicate the human qualities of life,
the physicalness, the reducing of stress, the reducing of fear, the
sense of belongingness of acknowledgement, of inner recognition by
others. So it is that I come to you today to strengthen the internal
bond between all of you which are pulling all of you together to the
integument, the elastic connective tissue between all of you which
breathes with the motion of spiritual life. It breathes the Paradise
reality into the spiritual human counterpart of my blessed mortals on
this blessed world, living life in the precious moment.

I stand one with you today in my support and my compassion and my
gratitude. Know that I am always here in spirit, that I am holding the
spiritual space in which you function. Go in peace and love today and
know that as you are, you are one part of the whole. I thank you for
allowing me to give voice as I vacate the podium for others to speak,
thank you.

Mark: Thank you Henry, I am being nudged to ask at this time if there
are any questions or comments to be added?

Comment: Michael, brother and Father and Creator Son, I appreciate and
acknowledge your statement just now and wish to request your
refreshment and up-stepping of your Spirit of Truth within every heart
on this planet today. Encircle and en-circuit us to withstand the
myriad of stresses, temptation to succumb to fear and power and
confusion that surround us because of the outworking of this
Correcting Time. The wars, the rumors of wars, the physical wars, the
economic and political wars that face us right now for anyone to
listen to over the networks of communication and the networks of rumor
and innuendo are enough to distract us into making us forget that your
peace is bestowed upon us, your Spirit of Truth is bestowed on us. It
is sometimes and often hard to remember that we are today
participating in this planetary up-stepping with you and Mother and
the Most Highs and Machiventa and Monjoronson. And so I ask you to
have mercy on our frail selves and to bless our efforts to act as the
mortal conduits of your truth in our daily lives to our brothers and
sisters here today. Thank you.

Michael: [Henry] Thank you for addressing the innermost concern of
your heart today. I ask all of you to clear the mind, open your hearts
and soul in a complete show of support. Hold the whole world as an
open heart and an open soul. I call upon the Holy Spirit to rain down
upon your heart and know that your spirit is in the midst of any of
you who come to me with any concern. I am in the midst of any group
prayer, any group effort. I am in the midst of all conflict. My spirit
upholds all universe tension. Receive the light, know that as my
children you are all blessed. Find the peace I have placed in your
heart, find the happiness which is the result of intelligent effort.
Feel the love as it is continually bestowed upon you. Fear not to
believe in my reality and resurrection, that I am one with you in all
that transpires for I am the light in the darkness, I am the shepherd
of all men and I am the Master of this universe of light. Know that
all power in me is invested in the ability for all men to collectively
bring forth peace, love, and happiness to this dear world of my heart.
Again I thank you again for your Inner Voice, your innermost concern.
May you go in peace.

Michael: [Henry] Are there any other concerns this evening?

Question: Can we feel confident that we are doing God's will while we
are working in the field of psychology? I don't want to exert any mind
control but I was cautioned in this forum again. So rather than
worrying about a person's relationship with the Indwelling Spirit, is
there some way psychology can be God centered? We have some instances
in which people, as well intentioned and God conscious as they are,
their background consists of maladaptive behavior which makes all
kinds of socialization difficult. So in order for that to be remedied
we have to look at something very material such as therapy. In the
olden days we didn't do that, we were community oriented. Can we bring
some honor to that field? I am especially thinking of child abuse, in
fostering self esteem and healthy relationships and then build on
bringing the [concept] that we all have one soul?

Michael: [Henry] Thank you very much for this question and concern. My
immediate sense is to ground observation in truth in a self sense.
Ground perception and experience and reality into an aspect of truth
that supports and feeds the whole system. It is one thing for
psychology to compartmentalize everything and to see everything as
separate yet all things work together just like all parts of the body
work together. The endocrine system is working with the muscular
system, and is working with the nervous system, and is working with
the respiratory system, and is working with the fluid, the cleaning
and the urinary disposal system. Begin to see the psychology of the
whole, to see how the part reflects the truth of the whole, the health
of the whole being. In this sense you will ground into a greater sense
of God consciousness, not by invoking the sense of some spiritual
interference [or] belief system yet ground into the known traces of
truth which are evident in all behavior and are searched for in
dysfunctional behavior. Does this help?

Question: Michael, could you explain that last part you just said, the
grounding it into all behavior as well as dysfunctional behavior, the
God consciousness?

Michael: [Henry] Many in their dysfunctional behavior are expressing
a need to be corrected, to be righted, to be corralled, and shown the
proper and correct way. It is a cry of recognition and
acknowledgement, an exhibition of the lack of compassion and love in
their lives, the lack of a strong grounded figure that is holding them
in trust and showing them the better way. This is what I refer to as
grounding the dysfunctional in truth and the reality of what the
particular behavior is searching for. Does this help?

Questioner: Well, I guess what I am searching for maybe is how do you
dig into a persons past when they don't even... how do you do the
holistic, because I think you are talking about the holistic as
opposed to com.....when they aren't aware of it. So that is where
therapy would help them name the known factor, the component that
makes them hurt and [go] over the patterns and regurgitate the
patterns whereas they might just be able to feel even anything, when
you have been that abused you see, so they're probably not even
looking for love or anything. You have got to pull them out of the
mire and just say okay, you're into normal things. That's where I'm at
before they are even able to understand that they are even worthy of

Michael: [Henry] Yes, what you think is an aspect of dysfunction, that
it is overrun with negative emotions, it is empowered with fear and
anger and hate, a need to get back at something, boxing at shadows in
the dark so to speak. At the root of uncovering these shadows and
turning the light on inside the mind you will usually find an aspect
of neglect, of love which was not fortified in the bringing up of the
human personality, of the nurturing, the caring. It is the need for
this that goes unsatisfied that drives people towards addictive
behavior, that they try to satiate the hurt that reverberates from
these early feelings of resentment, loss...permanently. By holding an
abuse victim in a space of love and acknowledgement it will be noticed
by the therapist [that ] you will begin to evidence the peeling back
of the emotional layer to reveal the hurt and wounded layer which the
behavior is covering up. This is the truth. The truth is, is that
there is a throbbing pain somewhere that is hidden. It is usually
hidden within the body. So this is what I refer to as to access the
universal truth, the universal truth being that aberrant indulgent and
addictive behavior, violent behavior even, dysfunctional behavior, is
hiding pain and hurt on a deep psychological and emotional level. By
holding that with the warm hands of love and compassion, you will
eventually allow the person to open up to this. This is what I am

Questioner: If I understand Michael, so in other words, there is no
need to get into anything which is controlling, you can just pretty
much infuse it with love, so it is love and acceptance and
nonjudgmental. I understand, thank you very much, thank you sir.

Michael: [Henry] You are very welcome. Any other concerns today?

Henry: Alrighty then, thank you Mark for joining in today, thank all
of you calling in on Lightline and may you all have a wonderful week
in this sweltering heat.

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