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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-06-26
Teacher: Michael, Unknown Source, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, many times we ask you to come and be
with us in our joy and in our love as we commune and share together,
and there are times that we ask you to come and be with us in our pain
and so we trust and know that you are with us in all the phases to be
with us as we rejoice and to be there to comfort us. So it is we
request you be with us now. Of course we know you are always with us
through all and that in itself is great comfort. Thank you for being
here with us to help steady us as we take the steps and move forward.

Michael: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, I hope you do truly
register in your hearts that we are always with you because it is so.
We rejoice at times like this where we can utilize another form to
come together in this way, but we are truly always there with you,
bearing with you the burdens of life and the joys as you encounter
them. I say good morning to you this morning because I hope to instill
in you that each day is a new beginning of course, and in the case of
one dear comrade who undergoes a transition, I assure you there are
good days and good mornings to be had. Truly, the burden of this
transition is borne by the ones who stand to the side and observe
because there is this great sense of emptiness or loss that creates
rather a vacuum for some time but I assure you, this vacuum too will
be filled, this sorrow at loss in your individual experiences will be
overcome and shall pass.

Each day passes into a new day and with each new day there is new
opportunity for peace and grace to prevail, and so it is as you are
encountering the mortal experience of passing from that which you are
so familiar with and know so well into a day of uncertainty and
transformation yourself. Each one must reconcile within themselves
this new reality that exists, where one day there existed someone, a
friend, and the next day they were not. Such is the contrast provided
on the mortal plane. Such is the faith required to understand such
contrast. Such is the opportunity for the exercising of your faith to
be fully aware and understanding of this event, is the opportunity for
you to exercise your spiritual awareness.

You all know I have your dear comrade as I will receive each of you
and so you should fear not for his safety, for his journey, for his
experience. It is only up to you each one to come to terms and bring
to bear your spiritual awareness in the equation to help you reconcile
this and embrace it as merely another aspect of your mortal
experience. All this of course does not negate the normal and natural
experience of loss and recognition of the value of each individual in
your experience but it does provide you to summon the strength and the
wisdom to put some perspective into this event and realize that each
one will come to this point and each one will undergo this experience,
everyone, and it is not until you are received on the other side and
awake into the new reality that you will fully appreciate the
magnificence of this event of transformation. It is truly a liberating
experience and one that cannot be appreciated until it is experienced
individually and personally.

So today I come to be with you in joy, even amongst the existing
sadness because I assure you that there is great celebration on high.
There is magnificent expansion of experience to be celebrated and as
if in divine demonstration, so too are your experiences being
expanded. All things are turned to the good and so it is even now with
your enhanced appreciation of your comrade; your heartfelt devotion
and dedication are heightened and experienced in a way they never have
been before. It is only in the lack of understanding that one is
troubled by such an event, the lack of awareness of the truth of the
event, the entire scope of the event, but that is what this world is
full of, lack of awareness, lack of understanding as to how it all
works, and here is yet another opportunity for you to discover this
and to grow in so doing.

I bring you my peace this morning and my comfort and my assurance that
all is well, that this temporal pain and sadness you may encounter
will give way to a greater awareness of this process. Let us take this
opportunity together to expand the awareness. Let us approach this
event with a willingness to be expanded and let us turn all things to
the good. We shall do this together. I assure you I will be with you
throughout. I hope my words can bring you some peace as you make your
way through this maze of opportunity. I am here with you and shall
remain by your side. Let it be so. Thank you. Be at peace now.

Unknown Source: [Cathy] We appreciate your desire to contact your lost
friend. The portal has its uses. If you intend this use and the Father
wills it, it will be so. Continue building the portal and increase
your vibration level. If the factors are favorable it is not prohibited.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends. It is good to be in this circle
of friendship this morning, to share in the human reflections of life
and its many attributes. Life is a functioning of the divine
outworking. Life is a gift. On one level life is nothing more than an
electrochemical phenomenon, on another level it is combined with mind.
MInd accounts for the meaning of life, its quality, its activity, its
determination, its desire, its will. Mind ensures that life will
dedicate itself to the furthering of life, to the furthering of the
divine will in life.

Yes, it is important to stop the mental activity and just to focus on
the breath of life, the breath which sustains all life, the rhythm of
cycles, the movement of fluids and the transfer of thought in the
mind, the transfer of the idea, the divine inspiration within the
adjutant chords in the mind striking out the eternal harmony of Havona
into the meter of life's time. The combination of mind and life is a
true divine expression of love. The repetitive cycle of life ensures
that on the worlds of nativity, the worlds of origin, that the meaning
of this life culminates in its eventual translation to further
continue life in a different space in a different form serving the
same will and desire of our Heavenly Father.

What can be said of life can be said of divine will, that it continues
to exist to express something greater, an awareness, a simple
awareness, simple but an awareness which apparently constrains life,
the awareness that all life is related, that all life is to be loved,
all life honors the Father. Not all will necessarily honors the
Father, the wisdom of the gods in allowing creatures free will choice
is certainly a risky decision but a decision in which greatness can be
expressed also. The wisdom of the gods deem it correctly so and one
day all life will rejoice in the awareness and love of the divine.

Life is precious my friends. Learn to take time to stretch the moment.
Learn your lessons well for one day, ready or not, it will be time to
move forward into a new life. So give expression this day to the
wonderment and the glory of life as it is on your world. It is
vigorous and vital, it is beautiful and loving, its breath is full of
desire and its goal is a divine will. My peace I leave with you today
along with my thoughts. Know that you are all embraced in love. Thank
you and good day.

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