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Melchizedek School

Co-Creative Design Team Workshop

Mother's Trust, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ganges, Michigan

May 19, 20 & 21, 2011

TR: Daniel Raphael

May 20, 2011

Good afternoon, this is One without Name and Number. I have been an observer of developments on your planet for a good time. And I will share my brief report with you. There is to come a crescendo of activity and development on your planet. The One who came two thousand years ago then returned from whence he came, left a legacy of great proportions. He came to reclaim this world in darkness and to enliven the light in those who lived here. As all good things take time to develop and fulfill, so too you are seeing the fulfillment of the promise. You were seeing a rather chaotic-apparent to you- reorganization of your planet. This is a time of tremendous opportunity as well. The Chinese have the correct symbol for "chaos:" it is also "opportunity."

The plans are not to maintain or rebuild the old, but to take the best of the old and combine it with new and make something completely evolved. We have enough experience with social dynamics, political dynamics, economic dynamics to now look forward to beginning those sustainable, enduring civilizations. As we said, this will take decades and centuries to initiate, and centuries and millennia to complete, but there always must be a beginning. You would agree with that, would you not? And so, you are the forebears of what is to come. Your experiences here are valuable. Your thoughts about this are things that are being recorded and will be used for development of further plans and organizations that we will use in applying to your planet.

Even before a plant dies in the garden, it has already formed the nucleus of hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds that will be [the start of] the new crop next year. So too, you are the beginning seeds; so the seeds have been planted, you are much like a pod-a pod of seeds, and there are eleven seeds here, in this pod, like the memories of this family, and you will soon go out to your communities and begin casting these seeds in your communities, where some will grow and some will die, and so begins another crop. As this grows, it is much like a forest coming to take over the land that the glaciers have abandoned. Not [yet] a mile is complete, but thousands of miles of forest [will] march on to reclaim what the plants require. So too, the efforts of light on your world, reclaim this world and bring it into light, even after two hundred thousand years of darkness. You bring light; we ask you to hold the light and not let it extinguish. It is your choice, and there is no punishment or difficulty if you choose not to-it is simply a choice, and this is simply a request. There is no compulsion in the universe for anything; it is a matter of choice and opportunity, choice and opportunity, choice and opportunity. And so we reclaim this planet for light, one person at a time.

What is different in this plan is that there is intentional and deliberate and conscious effort to promulgate this program rapidly around the world. We are striving to attach ourselves to the coattails of larger organizations that are already established throughout the world, to propagate these ideas rapidly, so that their validation and authentication is done quickly, and that they are exchanged and distributed throughout the world rapidly, with the authority of the original organization. It is something that is valid and needed.

The geophysical difficulties that you are seeing in the world, will continue, and worsen. These will have economic repercussions throughout the world, and it is through the simple system of monetary exchange in your world that you will see a rapid change elsewhere. Monetary exchange is simply one medium of many that can be used in a world's evolution. (I mean necessary to progress past this, to evolve past this.) The monetary systems will continue to be used, but the motivation for using them will be different. Rather than power, authority and control, it will be the distribution of opportunity. Do not expect anyone to [fill] your checkbook with a lot of money, but there will be opportunities made for you. You, collectively as a civilization will need to adopt this, adapt to it slowly over time, to make yourself successful in this exchange medium. This will have many repercussions in your political systems throughout the world.

You see the world of spirit, in general, is pragmatic and applies to civilizations, to organizations, and that is why those who do not believe in God are given options for thinking; are given options for decision-making. The mind of a human is very malleable for us; there is nothing mysterious about it to us. Yet as your decisions are inviolate, the only thing to give you is opportunity. All we give you are options for decisions, and you decide where to take action. Forces at this time are now molding the decisions and choices that will be made, as there will be fewer options for your societies in the near future. It is essential as the seed pod, to have it in hand, to have it planted in the ground, before the winter comes, so that when the spring comes, there it will be to pop up as new sustainable communities, as sustainable organizations. We are even now seeking organizations to adopt this process of the three core values of sustainability, as it is worked in the schematic for sustainability. It provides a process that will persevere and endure. Goals and visions of the future of five hundred years and further will see this process as durable. As much as you respect the Constitution of this nation, its Declaration of Independence, its Constitution and Bill of Rights, this is even more sustainable than those. It is one of those factors which is available to any planet that is inhabited. It is made by spiritual enterprise and [mortal participation.] You have begun the process.

What an irony it is, is it not? To be here in the State of Michigan, industrial center of the heartland of America, and you are the "spiritual industrialists." You will pound out and forge the new institutions that will endure and last, and we are very thankful that you have been here to do that.

I am One without Name and Number and I bid you good day.
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