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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-06-19
Teacher: Michael, Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Father, Divine Parent, today here in our culture at
this time as you are aware, we celebrate the increased awareness of
our fathers, those who have come before us, our fathers and their
fathers and the many fathers in line and in this way we also think of
You, our Divine Father who is responsible for our very lives, our very
creation and all that we have to enjoy and experience as part of this
life that You have made possible for us. We are so very deeply
grateful for this relationship, for this cause and effect, for this
life that we lead that was your idea, that was your intention, that
You chose to make real at this time for us. And now, we would ask your
help as we grow as your children, to become more like You, to
resemble You more and more each and every day as we attempt to do that
which we think You would do to the best of our capacity. You are our
hero, You are our Parent and we have an enormous affection for You
because You have such an enormous affection for us. Let us come close
together at this time and let us remain linked forever together, close
as we are able to embrace. Let it be so now and always as we go
through our lives, remembering to include You in our gratitude, in our
expression of ourselves, and who we are in relationship to You. Let it
be so now and always. Let our affection for You ring out not only on
this day but always, as your affection for us is so profound. Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Greetings my dear family. What a joy it is to be
welcomed with such a tribute. It pleases me to strengthen the bonds
between us at any and every opportunity that I foresee and so it is my
pleasure to swoop in and be as one among you once again by virtue of
your loving invitation. Any good father has a profound degree of
affection for his offspring. They represent the culmination of his
intention made manifest, that is his desire to spread himself out to
be experienced by others. The experience of being a father brings to
one this expression of [being] self fragmented out and also this
unique relationship which is so cherished between the parent and the

Any parent knows that their children, their offspring, are not
identical copies of themselves, rather they are unique individuals in
all of time and space, a unique combination of traits,
characteristics, possibilities, and potentials. This brings even
greater joy to the parent/child relationship as the parent watches the
individual child reach maximum expression of their unique identity in
the process of growth and evolution. There is a key sense within the
parent of wanting to foster this growth and to promote this expression
of the individual and this is the basis of the parental relationship
and the support that the parent provides the developing child.

Along the way in this relationship, the adult may encounter many false
steps or many misjudgments, many erroneous choices and unfortunate
circumstances that befall in the course of the development of this
eternal potential; but a wise and good parent sees all this with the
greater perspective of maturity, of wisdom, and understanding and this
perspective provides for the overarching awareness that these
temporary missteps or lapses in judgements or unfortunate
circumstances are merely tiny blips on the experience of the
developing individual.

They are transient, they are normal, they are natural, they are to be
expected. This does not mean that they are irrelevant in any way for
they are responsible for providing this experiential base so vital and
critical to the developing individual but they are also only small
pieces of this overall experience, tiny aspects of this foundation of
awareness. No single stone may be critical to the foundation of this
eternal dwelling yet all stones come together to be critical to the
foundation, each one having its distinct purpose and relevance in the
overall context.

This is the wisdom of the parent, as the child endures these steps one
by one they are so big and overwhelming sometimes to the child who has
such a small base of experience but the good parent is always there to
comfort the child with the assurance that all such encounters of
experience are merely another stone in the foundation and as such,
none are over important or under important, merely another step,
another stone to be added, another piece to be brought into the whole.

This analogy goes for all of you as maturing spiritual beings as well.
I come to you today in an attempt once again to bring my assurance,
bring a little more of my perspective to your day by day, hour by hour
journey of experience and you by this process of trusting me as your
parent, you have accepted these truths that I bring that you are my
child in whom I am deeply concerned and that I have a plan for you
which provides for your every need as a good parent would and that I
have a commitment to you to be with you throughout, as any good parent
would, and that all that we traverse in this preliminary experience of
the mortal realm is but a stepping stone, a means to a greater end.

You have grown to trust me and to believe in my words that this is so,
to exercise your faith in this belief so that you will witness you are
freed from so many of the fearful and uncertain encounters around you
by virtue of believing in who you are in your relationship to me and
who I am and believing in that which I have told you, that you are
safe, you are even well and that all this is a certain reality. Even
in the face of obstacles that arise before you, you still maintain
this certainty, this conviction of purpose because we share this
relationship of parent and child. It is extremely gratifying when the
child looks to the parent with such trust and faith and belief so that
the parent can truly be an effective guide. And so you have entrusted
me with your faith. You look to me for the truth and you receive it
when I so willingly offer it. Truly this is the best of the family
relationship, this desire of the parent to provide, and the reciprocal
trust of the child to receive.

Thank you my children for being such good and faithful children and
providing for me such fulfillment of our relationship. It is so, so be
it. I look forward, as you do my dear ones, to our closer and closer
relationship as we grow to be mature individuals, side by side. No
longer will you be so dependent on my role as parent; more so we will
develop another relationship of friend, much as occurs when the child
grows to be an adult, side by side with the adult parent and the
relationship is changed and modified to be one of mutual respect in
the experience of being similar beings. And so it will be. For now I
will cherish this aspect of our relationship where you look to me as
the child and I reach to you as the parent. Let us take this in and be
in gratitude for where we find ourselves at this time. Let it be so.
My love I leave with you always, my presence is always available to
you and my peace always surrounds you. Good day my dear ones.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is good to be here today, a
part of the larger family relationship, I from the spirit end of it,
here to co-mingle with this circle of human and spirit family. The
great task at hand in the human part of the family is the relationship
between members of the family. Not all people realize they are part of
a larger family. The family concept allows for the loving parents
teaching and taking care of the loving children and the loving
children in relationship with each other, solving their problems,
moving ahead, taking care of the tasks at hand.

It is no great wisdom of the universe, this family concept. It is sort
of an actuality, it is something that works and can work real well.
This is why the family relationship is referred to in spiritual terms,
the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. It is somewhat
perplexing from a spiritual standpoint, to understand why humans
cannot make the transition from the immediate small family to the
large family, the community of families working together, functioning
correctly. So many variables come into play.

Those of you that do understand this, understand the need to be in
continual relationship with the greater and the Divine Parent, to be
in relationship with that which is. The Father is constantly giving of
Himself to His children in hopes that the children in giving to each
other will return all of this [which] we are experiencing to the
Father. It is a reciprocal situation. The tasks at hand are
tremendously overwhelming on a human level. Humans are caught up with
many different things, a lot of which gravitate away from the Father.
This is why it is so important to constantly reconnect and be in
relationship with the Father, not that you have all of the answers and
life will become easier, but that within your own relationship a
secure trust and faith develop and this trust and faith begins to be
transferred to others in the family.

The Father just intends love for His children. In all of the
complexities of life, the Father intends love, happiness. It is the
thing which untangles the knots. There is a tedious task to humanness
and in the days that are upon you now, the task is tremendous. To be
in relationship, to hold forth with trust and faith and to know that
what you are doing is bringing spiritual awareness into a greater
reality within the human context. [It] is a tremendous time to be here
because defining your spirituality is defining it in human terms. It
is not something which is automatic, it is something arrived through
doubt, through searching, through conflict, through need and want.

The spiritual elements in spiritual relationships contain the tools
for human development, human relationships. To grow into this greater
understanding is the immediate task at hand. Much of what you need,
you already have. What needs to be strengthened is the will and desire
to pursue these tasks, these tasks of spiritualizing your life, of
securing your relationship with your Divine Parents. In all of these
aspects you are tremendously aided by the spiritual universe. Go forth
from this glorious day and know that you are one with us, as all of
you are one with us. In the Father's eye, we all see you as perfect
and great. I take my leave this morning, I am Charles. Thank you for
allowing me these few words.

LIght: [Mark] Hello to all, I am Light. I am indulging in the
opportunity of joining you today. In all this talk of parents it is my
great desire to make my presence known and my gratitude felt for the
experience of having been created, having been brought into existence
through this process of intention and action. On behalf of Fathers
Divine and fathers mortal I express my gratitude for the role they
play in bringing to me such an opportunity as I now enjoy, this
opportunity of having been created and launched out into the
experiential realm is a great gift and one that only a parent can
initiate and bestow. And so it is with great affection and recognition
that I honor the parents involved in the creation of their intention.

LIke you, I am grateful for having been created and it is my desire to
grow in perfection as it is yours. It is my desire to be a good child
as it is yours. It is my desire to one day grow up to be a worthy
adult in the realm just as it is yours and we owe all this to the
intention and application of fathers and mothers, so it is good to
acknowledge this and be in awareness of this act of grace, this act of
creative prerogative and as well the enduring relationship which
exists as a result. So I join you this day in being glad for the role
that fathers play in the grand scheme and as individuals within our
immediate family and in the greater context. It is a pleasure to join
you in this attitude of gratitude on this occasion. Thank you for
allowing me to join in in this petition, farewell.

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