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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-06-12
Teacher: Monjoronson, Light, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello my friends, it gives me great pleasure to
join you in your exercises of building this portal way and to be drawn
to the light that you create when you gather to do a project such as
this. I am Monjoronson and I am drawn to your discussion about me and
my service to your world and so I will attempt again to share with you
some perspective which may allow you to have a greater understanding.

First I must point out that when we gather such as this, we do so on
different levels simultaneously. There is the group level in which you
are gathered much as a classroom to hear a central speaker and you
offer your thought pattern to identify word symbols to fashion for
yourselves meaning from the words chosen and the order in which they
are presented. Additionally, we gather together in spirit and are
indeed around a circle together sharing this glow of energy around us
and in this way we are communing in a space of no words, of spiritual
sensations and we all can identify a feeling that we get when we come
together and act in co-ordinated fashion this way.

Additionally we are recording these messages as in no small part a
service project to the many whose lives these words may touch as a
result of our efforts together to preserve them and make them
available. Additionally this class is conducted before a universe of
observers. All those involved in this Urantia up-liftment process are
privy to all that transpires between us and in that way the word is
sent out materially through your efforts at putting it in print and
over the many broadcast circuits available to those who would observe
in the spiritual realm.

I also will point out that as any speaker who is granted the privilege
of engaging your attention for these moments, it is my desire to give
you what you seek, provide for you what you ask for in terms of
broadening your capacities and illuminating your areas of interest.
However, we on our side of the equation are constrained by a number of
factors. First, this process that we engage in in this moment of the
transmitter/receiver relationship is encumbered by a number of
limitations. Likewise we have the element of reception among the
willing participants and the degree and level at which these
participants are able or willing or both to engage. As well we are
always reminded of our lurking audience, those who will later come in
contact with these words and will still seek some context for
understanding even though they were not here to participate with us.

So these messages that are delivered are meant to be received on a
number of levels, even down to the personal spiritual needs of the
individuals involved. The concerns and questions of the participants
are an interwoven part of the fabric of the tapestry that we weave
when we engage in this process and so our messages to you will always
be flavored by the thought patterns, concerns, doubts, fears,
trepidation's, and misgivings of the participants. This is why we have
petitioned to activate yet another avenue to utilize to be employed
which is less encumbered by the human thought process and more simply
a matter of allowing the projection to be bounced from its source of
being issued via the use of a localized reflector to facilitate a more
direct portrayal of the intended message.

This process is universal and has been employed even on Urantia. This
[is] not strictly a new phenomenon although it is a recently reopened
phenomenon and we now find ourselves in the position we were many
years ago when it was individuals such as yourselves who stepped
forward and volunteered to participate in the process and activate the
circuit which we have all greatly enjoyed the benefits of, of the
transmitting/receiving process. We are committed to using any and all
resources at our disposal and this is merely another one we will
employ. You may count on the fact that we will employ any and all
methods to achieve our objective of lifting this planet from its state
of darkness into its next phase of LIght and Life.

And so I bring this to you today to make plain that this is not an
unknown, unheard of phenomenon, merely simply another tool that will
be employed to elevate Urantia status. If you so desire, you may
become involved in the process as such a process has the advantage of
not requiring the receptivity inherent in the transmitting/receiving
process but rather merely the willingness to act as this reflective
surface if you will, this polished surface able to turn and receive
from the spiritual dimension and instantly reflect this that you have
received in a manner which does not require your individual emotional
and intellectual participation. Rather, this process is one where you
simply hone your surface and polish your reflective lens and then
simply position it, simply maintain your position midway between
spirit and material so as to be the necessary reflective surface.

I know this is yet another frontier, another dimension, but I come to
you because I have faith that you can take additional steps as you
have proven your willingness to take the steps thus far to meet me
here and now in this dimension to discuss such further advancements in
your spiritual awareness and command of universe principles. If this
resonates with you then I welcome you to make your intentions known.

I hear in your discussion some frustration which is entirely normal
human sensation over having been told that great changes are ahead or
magnificent things are waiting for you, for a Magisterial Son may even
visit you one day and these are in a direct response to your longing
for advance notice if you will, for what is to come. But this also
serves to, over time, debilitate your enthusiasm for such prospects
because having heard this over the years now, and having been repeated
many of these similar themes, you grow weary of the wait and you lose
faith in the truth of these prophesies.

This is quite, as I mentioned, normal and natural of the human
condition. How do you tell those eager students and participants that
there is something to prepare for and that there is progress to be
made towards an event without getting their hopes up only to be dashed
as time goes by and the events do not transpire. You will learn one
day that all things happen in the proper time, not your time, not even
my time, the proper time, the Father's time. And so I await with you,
the manifestation of the glory of my arrival on your world, my adopted
world, and we both wait on the timing of the First Source and Center.
We wait on the Father's desire. All things are known to this Source
and all timing is is accordance with His desire and His knowledge.

Join me as we wait together to execute what we have indeed been in
training for. When we come together we will not be strangers. We have
trained in these fields of spirit together, we will know each other
and we will have a relationship before we have even physically met and
this is the training that we are undergoing in advance of the truth
that will be. This is intentional as you well know and it is now a
great mortal challenge for you to practice both patience and
perseverance, to wait for the Father's time and at the same time hold
fast to your awareness that spirit will unfold in magnificent ways.

Be prepared to think outside even your own grandest ideals, your
biggest box because as you have reminded yourself so many times, all
things are possible with God and we are partnering with God directly
and intentionally, therefore all things are possible. Things can
spring into existence like reflectivity circuits, like Magisterial
Sons, and all this can happen more suddenly than you can imagine. You
have only the reference of slow plodding time in your Urantia
experience and this too will be expanded to include the absence of
time in the manifestation of reality immediately before you. So be it,
if this is the Father's will, it will be. Join me as we wait together
in patience but with perseverance towards our objective of spiritual
service to help in the Father's magnificent plan as we work to bring
great light to this world.

Thank you for your service to date and I count you among those I
depend upon as we are privileged enough to be involved in the
manifestation of the Father's desire. It shall be so. Be in peace
about all that is, which as you say, must be lived day by day, hour by
hour, in accordance with your highest awareness and all that will
transpire, which will unfold day by day, hour by hour, in accordance
with our highest ideals. Thank you, farewell now.

Light: [Cathy] I am LIght here to join you in the process of living
day by day and hour by hour. I revel in the glow of our combined light
and encourage you to participate to the fullest in this process. I am
in joyful anticipation of our progress in all projects. I love you all.

Charles: [Mark] Hello friends, Charles here. I can't resist gathering
around your circle and enjoying the efforts that you make and the
creation of this portal. So I would offer another exercise to consider
the potential of visualizing your very being as thinning down to
molecular form and like in the old star trek films where the
individual de-materializes and then re-materializes in another
location. Use this imagery to see yourself as able to be in this
particle form, as in this disassembled mode, all present but not bound
together, independent molecules rather that solid form.

You are only held together in a very large sense by your
consciousness. All your molecules and atoms agree to come together and
work together for a common purpose of providing you your material
vehicle. In the spiritual dimension there is no need to have such
solid form and so your consciousness is a collection of random energy
and therefore you are able to take this non-material self and climb
aboard these energy vortexes and become as the beam of light projected
out as easily as it is to project a light outward.

In this way you can access any point in space and even in time as
these particles are not dependent on the mortal constraints of time.
So it is that my consciousness is available to provide these thoughts.
I have projected myself to be in proximity to allow this to occur and
so it is that Monjoronson, his staff, and others will project their
consciousness to exist even on this mortal plane. This exercise of
traveling back and forth using this energy vortex is a very advanced
technique of projecting your presence while still maintaining a mortal
essence. Once you are more freed of your mortal component, this will
seem absolutely normal and natural but while you see your vehicle as
the center of your habitation in this mortal realm, you must overcome
this innate sense of being tied to it and restricted by it.
Nevertheless, as you spiritualize your thinking and grow in your
awareness, you find you are less and less tied to your physical being
and more and more free to project yourself into your spiritual
component which then is able to project itself out and about using the
network of spirit and energy.

I am assigned to be of assistance in these days of transition while we
gain our footing in the use of these spiritual principles and I am
always made to feel welcome here and I am in gratitude for such a
welcome, such a place that we may get together that you provide. I
will be with you throughout these exercises as we experiment in these
other dimensions with that part of yourself able to meet me and
participate. I look forward to working with you. You have been noted
as ones willing to reach beyond your perception and boundaries and
therefore exhibit the willingness and the willingness to expand your
capacity, both of which are crucial to any advancement into these
realms of the unknown.

I thank you and bid you all have a good week, farewell.

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