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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-06-09
Teacher: Michael, Inner Voice, LIght
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Mark: I will stick with the metaphor of launching the craft. We've all
assembled at the waters edge, all agree that we're part of a working
crew to maneuver this craft into the realm of spirit. We're eager
participants and we join in this process together. I offer a centering

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, as you see we are gathered together,
eager participants. We would join in this process together of making
our way down this flow of spirit and navigating our way closer and
closer to you. We would do this in faith and in trust and we would do
this engaged, that is we will be active participants in this process.
This we bring to the table and offer as our gift that we will join as
you will join and we will act as one and we will find spirit as we
launch with intention to do so. Join us, be with us, and enjoy the
float that we share when in this realm together. So be it.

MIchael: [Mark] I would jump in to join the offering here today, I am
Michael and it is my supreme pleasure to join any who are gathered
together in this journey and be as one among you, a participant, a
joiner, one who would sign on for the trip. I am ever eager and ever
willing to join if even the slightest invitation is offered. So I am
here now as a result of such an invitation and the grace that you
allow in accepting me and providing the space to accommodate.

I would pick up on the thread offered that love is indeed a mitigating
factor, an element involved, a reality that exists and my dear ones,
you are coming closer in awareness that those things that you choose
to choose and experience become real. This element of love exists, is
an overarching component that exists alongside many many other
components but nevertheless it is always present there as a thread, as
a factor, as a piece of the puzzle. It is in your conscious choosing
that you activate this portion of the spectrum that exists. In your
choosing to bring love into any equation and make it manifest in any
form, it has a powerful effect of coloring the situation, of
mitigating the circumstance, changing the dynamic by its very
presence. Indeed any circumstance in which love is infused is altered,
is changed, is grown and benefitted by this edition as spoken of,
comes through one who would choose it and activate it, and infuse it
into the current circumstance.

This is your privilege, this is your circumstance, this is where you
come in. You are there as these things unfold. How they turn out is a
matter of how they are handled and how they are handled will be a
matter of how much love is included and allowed to exist in the same
dimension. Whenever love is included the reality is elevated, the
level of divinity increased, and the direction further illuminated. So
by all means be on the lookout, be on the guard, ever watching for
these opportunities where you may use love as a great leverage tool to
shift the consciousness gently and easily by using this leverage of
love. It need not be forceful as much as it needs to be intentional.
So when you consider your everyday circumstances, your every hour
circumstance, be constantly vigilant to the application of love and
the force to bear that this love makes real.

You have such a unique position that you hold as mortals of the realm
with such creative potential to be wielded as you are skilled enough
to wield. It is a great joy to watch you as you grow in the
application of these skills so that more and more you are able to see
the potential arise before you and act and swiftly put an oar in the
water and direct your movement toward the positive spiritual compass
heading that you follow.

It is such a great delight to be offered an opportunity such as this,
to really feel as though I am sitting in your circle with you, joining
with you as you embark on this spiritual mode of discovery. I have in
fact, planted the seeds for all that is growing and thriving and I
intend fully to be present for the growth and the harvest and the
reaping of the bounty that will come of the seeds I have planted, even
on this sphere of Urantia. It is because I have this faith, this
assurance in the spiritual truth that I am already certain that the
harvest will be great and the bounty will be plenty. We must all
exercise faith that this is so, even though we encounter inclement
conditions and we harbor doubts that the sun may ever shine again when
in the long seasons in between, still we must hold fast in faith that
the divine plan will be upheld, even improved and fostered, even in
this material plane.

We have this faith because we believe in the Father who has given us
all and who has shown us divine pattern so that we may feel
comfortable as these phases of the pattern go by and we observe change
and modification but nevertheless we understand these things too are
part of the Father's pattern and so they do not distress but merely
indicate to us that change is afoot. When change is afoot we may most
easily apply our intentional leverage of love and these levers may
gently and easily guide this energy of change to more closely reflect
the will of the Father which becomes more and more the will of the Son
and sons of the Son. Surely we all play a part in this unfolding,
surely we all are pivot points for all that may pass by us.

Thank you Father for these children of light who would follow me in
pursuit of you. Thank you for their faith and their trust that we may
find you because we will find you Father, of this I am certain and my
children are growing in certainty. Help them to be at peace while they
are on this voyage of discovery, knowing that their destination is
secure and that their journey is a masterpiece of experience. So be it
Father, so be it children. It is so. I now step aside to allow this
gracious forum to be used by others. It has been my pleasure to co-
mingle energies with you. I pray that you may feel my energies as
close to you as I have ever been and I trust that this is so. I act
even in faith. Be at peace, farewell.

Henry: We have already placed a petition. We are in the good news
and we are continuing the journey of connection with spirit.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening my friends, I Am an Inner
Voice and it delights me to the greater end to discuss the idea and
phenomenon of love. It can be said in a primal sense, in a Paradise
sense, that all things come from love. Love is like the emotion of
Paradise. It exudes everything that goes on there and everything that
goes forth from Paradise is also an aspect imbued with the power of
love. It is interesting to receive this from the complete opposite end
of the universe on a barbaric evolutionary world. To understand how
all things come from love is to understand how all things must
eventually end and come together as love.

It is important to understand this as you are familiar with living on
a world where the commodity of love is tremendously valuable. It is so
valuable that is used sparingly. I am here to admonish you to use love
generously. In a sense, love is what connects humans and spirit. Love
has a consciousness, it is dimensional, it is not linear. You can
apply love to the most delicate and dangerous of situations and
acknowledge results by bringing in the intention of love, by actually
bringing in the feeling which love brings to an individual.

In this dimension of love, we find one of the basic aspects of
creativity, of co-creational creativity in a human situation, in a
human life and space to imbue that space with divine love, to make it
potent, to render it viable, viable in the sense that it is capable of
spirit response, spirit intervention, even spirit presence. There are
many many things which can be said about love, both from a spirit and
human perspective but there is nothing short of the experience of
watching a situation you may find yourself in which is able to shift
when it becomes attuned to love. When two people simultaneously are
focusing and bringing this love into reality, you experience a
tremendous dynamic and all aspects of love begin to follow. You are
able to understand, you are able to forgive, trust, have faith and
hope, you are able to tap into all of the ages of love, many petals
which the flower of love contains.

It seems that for a long time the many messages of spirit are just
that, messages of love, messages and transmissions which attempt to
bring into human consciousness the simplistic beauty, the raw
sweetness which love is, for love is pure, it is unadulterated, it is
not contaminated with anything, it is completely malleable, easily
melted into a situation in which it begins to solidify in its ability
to negotiate, turn to bring conflict into resolution, to bring
mediocrity into something creative, something poetic.

The Adjusters reside in the human mind, in love, ready at a moments
notice to burst forth into the light of love, the embrace of love.
This is available within the human mind, to touch the human heart and
to pervade the human consciousness. Do not mistake these simple and
pedantic words which I speak. I am not telling you anything you do not
already know or maybe have already experienced yet truly, in the end
it will all come down to love. How much love were you able to bring
into a situation and look at that situation that is unresolved; it has
no love, not enough love, not enough love poured out on to it, not
enough love poured out on to it to move it, to alter and shift the
course in which it is operating.

There will never become a time in which mankind is living in loving
nature until individual men and women begin to live in the
consciousness and the maturity of a conscious love. Love is not always
this young, euphoric, and idyllic phenomenon. Many times love is
something which must be searched deep within. Situations present
themselves that you begin to question why bring love into this mess.
In all of these cases you will find that you will become surprised at
what love can actually accomplish. Your own Master Creator Son lived a
life of love to show that even on a darkened world it was possible to
walk in the light of love, continually, to even face His accusers with
the light of love and to face His own eventual transition in the light
of love, to forgive humans in the light of love and to offer them an
entrance into the kingdom of heaven by the light of love.

Today I would offer you the light of love, to enter into the kingdom
within. The kingdom of heaven is a small metaphor for Paradise
reality. Paradise is a tremendously loving environment, much like the
kingdom of heaven and much like that sacred space within your soul.
You see, love truly is a mitigating circumstance. It is the universe
catalyst. My friends, we in the spirit world truly love and stand in
awe of you. The challenge which is upon you now is nothing more than a
love test and we intend for all of you to pass this test. Good luck my
friends. I embrace all of you in love. I leave all of you in peace,
thank you.

LIght: [Mark] Greetings this evening, I am Light here to continue this
discourse a little more about this force of love and its being equated
with light, for as you know, the presence of light simply and easily
dispels the darkness. In the presence of light, any light, there is no
such thing as absolute darkness. With the increased addition of light,
more and more of reality is exposed to the light and portrayed and in
this way it is easy for mortals of the realm to identify this effect
that light has on life itself. Indeed your very days are determined,
even your hours and minutes, counted by this phenomenon of the
presence of light.

And so, if one considers that light is a tangible, physical way for
you to encounter the effect that this completely passive aspect of
your environment has, and how much responds to this light, you will
easily be able to equate this effect of love in a very similar way.
When love is present, the circumstance is altered and it is forever
illuminated. This presence of love brings great peace and comfort to
those who have experience with darkness, experience with fear, doubts,
hatred, anger. Those are dark conditions of the human experience and
each one can be lightened and brightened by this application and focus
of love.

Just as darkness is dispelled by the smallest of lights, so are these
conditions altered, mitigated, changed, forever rearranged with the
addition of this light of love. Each one of you has such great
potential to be generators, conductors, and focal points for this
light. You can create it with your very desire to be light and to
bring it into the equation. You can also direct the light from on high
with your simple desire to be in a position to do so and to act in
accordance with these universe principles. So you are the
consciousness, the very link that can channel this light, this love,
into any and every circumstance that you are in contact with.

As you know, it is a great thrill to be able to be able to light
someone else's torch as well and in so doing your light is multiplied
and goes well out beyond your jurisdiction and yet it may have
originated with your spark, started with your initial flame but it
spreads easily and can eventually become a wildfire of light which
embraces all and illuminates all that is. I appreciate the opportunity
to bring forward more discussion of light and love. It is my great
privilege to be here now and do this and it is your great privilege to
be where you are and do it in your realm of jurisdiction, in your
arena of awareness. Be not afraid to shine this light as this love
leverage to dispel the tendency of darkness and reveal the light of
truth, of beauty and of goodness.

This is our privilege to shine our intention onto these things and
bring our light to bear in the equation. I join you in accepting this
privilege bestowed upon us by our Creator and designed to be a part of
us as we move forward in the manifestation of who we are as a part of
the Supreme. I am grateful for my privilege. I pray you remain aware
and grateful of yours and that each time we give thanks to the One who
has created these opportunities and us to experience them, choose
them, and activate them. Let it be so in awareness, in consciousness,
let it be so. I leave you now in word but I call you to witness that
the light forever alters, forever colors and changes when it is
applied as it has been even now. Thank you, good day.

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