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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-05-26
Teacher: Inner Voice
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, we thank you for this en-circuitment
to this eternal circuit of energy, of love, of brotherhood, of
friendship, of meaning, purpose, and understanding. We humbly come
here this evening to again get more sense of understanding of the
inner workings within our minds. We thank you.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening, I Am the Inner Voice in
the mortal mind here this evening to share a few thoughts on the ever
going relationship between the mortal mind and the Divine Adjuster
which indwells this mortal mind on this planet. One of the important
aspects of the relationship between the Adjuster and the human mind is
the decision making process of the human. A lot of what the Adjuster
is adjusting in the mind is not only making options for choice
available but also adjusting the thoughts to recognize certain
opportunities as they are presented. The human of course is prone to
procrastination, not quickly acting upon decisions or choices as it

In the realm of choices it is not necessarily important where an
individual mortal starts working on itself. It is like a puzzle with
hundreds and hundreds of pieces. To put this puzzle together it is not
important where you start. What is important is that you do start
somewhere and you usually get groups of interconnected pieces that
eventually form larger sections of the picture pattern, [until]
eventually every piece is placed where it belongs. It is like this
within the human mind. There are hundreds and hundreds of places to
start making adjustments within the life of the mortal. The Adjuster,
having the final picture, is best able to enlighten within the mind
those areas which are necessary that the human brings a greater
awareness and understanding to.

Once these areas begin to be brought into control and a dimension of
reference which is strong and solid, does the mortal begin to attract
a sense of what is consistent within the human mind as personality,
that aspect of self which is assuredly correct will always be counted
on as correct, and gradually the mortal is releasing control within
the mind to gain a greater understanding of just what is capable
within the human mind and as an outworking in life, in the life of a
mortal on a planet, the mortals relationship to others, the mortals
relationship to its family.

All of these external situations are based on an internal
understanding and outworking within the human mind of a divine source
of correct information, a divine source which draws attention to areas
within the human mind. At different times in the mortals life, certain
things become predominant during those times like the love in your
life, the type of work that you do to make a living, the decisions you
make to move forward, where you are going to live, how you are going
to support yourself, how you are going to occupy your time, what
groups and clubs you are going to support, politics, the churches. All
of these things which humans are concerned with are reflected within
the human mind as an outworking of the inner guidance which supports
such things within the human.

God is working within and gradually brings spirituality to interplay
within the humans life, at first as an awareness of things, as an
awareness of how to do things, how to do things that you become
accustomed to doing them in a way which works for you and eventually
begins to interlock with the way that others do things. In this way
the Adjusters within the human mind are co-ordinating efforts to help
mankind live more harmoniously and grow to live in a greater potential
of human kindness, a human loving nature, and in a human society which
gradually begins to reflect not only the will of God but the inner
working of this will.

There are many questions that the human has for its Divine Source. Ask
these questions in private. The communication with the Adjuster is
similar to prayer but it is not a prayer. It is more like a
conversation. At first you may get the sense that it is only a one way
conversation but gradually you will begin to be aware of things that
are shown to you, things that you get acknowledgement about maybe as a
little bump or as a little nudge or something comes into play that
relates to things that are going on within the mind, there is a
greater synchronicity between where you want to be going and what you
want to be doing as in the act of doing them they gravitate towards
that which is seen and felt within the human mind.

In a great sense, the Father intends for you, His children, the
children of God, to experience all that life has been given and all
that it has to offer. True, there is pain and suffering in life, there
are consequences to action, there are mistakes and there are bad
decisions. But this is not all that life is comprised of; these are
just aspects of life which can change just as easily as the situation
that brings them about. Gradually the human begins to learn that it is
better to make decisions today which will benefit the times ahead.

You cannot always know whether a decision is correct or not, that is
not the purpose of life. One of the things that you learn is you learn
what decisions not to make, you learn what choices to avoid, you
mostly learn what not to do. Gradually by learning what not to do your
choices become fewer and more defined and you start making choices
which support what you want to do which invigorate and enliven you
with a new understanding and a new take on life. You feel like
something is generative and creative within your mind, almost like an

So the Adjusters are working on multiple levels at once within the
human mind. The Adjusters are creating patterns of spiritual reference
to human thought, human decision, and human action, and these
spiritual references begin to support the direction which is being
defined within your life. The Adjusters are extremely careful not to
make the decisions for you but just lay out and present things as they
are and hopefully at some point you begin to see them as the Adjuster
sees them within your mind.

Again, one of the great areas of Adjuster involvement has to do with
decision, with mortal man acting upon thought, making decisions, and
moving forward. The more decisions you make, the fewer mistakes you
will make, the decisions will begin to support themselves, you will
begin to have a better and clearer understanding of the outworking of
decision in your life. Eventually these decisions will lead to the
mortal working closer within the understanding of the will of God for
that particular person and for mankind in general for if God has
something specific for you, it will be made known to you. You don't
have to wonder or worry about it; it will either be made known to you
when you are ready or will not be made known to you.

The other area which is also important is when the human begins to
align the decision process along the line of where the Adjuster feels
these decisions should be going. A lot of times there is conflict
within the human mind between what a human feels is important and the
greater sense of import which the Adjuster is trying to show within
the human mind. In all of this relationship there needs to be a point
at which the human comes and empties himself to be filled with the
love and joy which the Adjuster possesses as a resource within the
human mind, a certain element of grace which works like fluid energy
within the mind, enlightening aspects of thought which the human
touches upon.

A lot of times the idea of not knowing plays within the human mind to
the point of where it may interfere. It is always good to have faith
and trust that all is working as it should be and all is going well
with the Adjuster within the human mind, to know that there is no time
limit on the tests which you have to learn to grow forward. This is a
completely creative process which takes place on a level which is just
beyond consciousness within the human mind. It takes somewhat of an
effort within the human mind to become more conscious on the Adjuster
level, to feel that the Adjuster is actually taking an active part in
your life, that things are synchronous, things are going well, that
you are getting what it is that you need, maybe not everything that
one wants but at least what one needs. It is sort of like health in
the body; health doesn't feel a certain way, it just feels normal,
feels like this is how it should be, it feels energized and it feels
motivated, you feel like making decisions.

It is the same way with the Thought Adjuster in the human mind, you
may not get a tremendous overwhelming sense for the Adjuster's work is
tremendously subtle in the human mind but nonetheless it may be
working just fine and to begin to trust in this is the beginning of a
great relationship within the human mind where you actually begin to
trust that which you do not completely understand and cannot see, that
gradually you begin to piece together an understanding based upon what
you feel within your mind and within your body. This feeling will
begin to reveal on a greater level, greater and greater decision, a
greater and better way of living, a more attuned perspective on real
things within your mind for all real things have spiritual
counterparts. The trivial things in your life do not necessarily have
spiritual counterparts but the real things do. The meaning and values
in your life, the how things are done in your life kind of things have
spiritual counterparts.

Continue to grow in understanding, continue your search, continue your
daily conversation with God, continue trusting and you will
continually be rewarded with a greater awareness and a greater
understanding of how the Adjuster is working within your mind. Go in
peace and have a great week. Know that you are loved and that there is
a whole universe waiting to help you. Thank you and good evening.

Mark Rogers: Thank you Henry, think that about says it.

Henry: Well, if there are no other concerns this evening we should
call it done. Thank all of you for coming

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