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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-05-22
Teacher: Michael, Charles, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Michael: [Henry] Good morning, I want you to sit quietly for this
moment. Empty your hearts, empty your minds of the burdens which you
have been carrying, empty your heart of grief and anxiety, and just
receive our love. Feel it penetrating all the way down to the core of
your being. Know that as you receive this love, it is always available
for you to ask for it, to tap into it. It will never ever run dry.
There is an inexhaustible amount of divine love available for each and
every one of you. Begin to experience in your lives the transformative
quality of this love, its ability to change the way you feel, to
change the way you think, to change the direction you are going, to
change the ability in which you relate to others, to truly be of
service. Rejoice now and be thankful for this, a divine gift of love.
This divine love sustained myself as I walked on your earth, every
day, every moment of my life. To everyone I met and I spoke to, I
shared this divine love. It is the gift I left this planet. As a part
of coming together we draw in the forces which are greater than the
individual, strengthening the group connection, strengthening the
circuit of love, circuit of human and divine energy. I am proud to be
your brother/Father. I am proud to have you as my children. Take this
love and go in peace. Thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, this is Charles this morning. I
can't help but to tell you that the circle this morning is glowing, it
is tremendous. It is good to be a part of this spiritually alive
energetic group, this circle of eternal friendship. It is an
inspiration to us knowing that our effort is not in vain, that our
effort is not only received but it is transmitted on a greater level,
a greater level of understanding, a greater level of receiving and a
greater level of transmitting it to others. It is truly the beacon in
the dark, it is the lighthouse. It is that which guides the ship to
avoid the treacherous shoals which it protects, the light of faith

As you personally navigate your life, this light reveals your
surroundings and your heading. It shows forth the direction as well as
making it possible for others also to follow you through the clear
passage. Trust that in every moment of darkness there is an aspect of
light which is hidden by the darkness. Know that this aspect of light
shines forth through the darkness gradually revealing a little at a
time, as much as you need to see to move forward gradually. Know that
all you cannot see and all you do not understand will one day be clear
to you with total understanding and tremendous visual clarity. To
those who see and feel by belief alone, you [will] inherit that great
day when you can actually see and actually understand. May the
pinnacle of faith ever guide you with the light of spirit and love and
may your cosmic voyage reveal a divine destiny. Peace to you my
friends, have a wonderful week.

LIght: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Light here to join with you around
such a bright circle. You know that one candle illuminates much
darkness and that this flame is capable of lighting many additional
wicks and creating many additional flames and it suffers not from this
experience yet there it created more light each time it is passed on.
Each one of you is a new fresh light. You have been ignited from the
flame of spirit and now you burn brightly, each and everyone and each
one of you is capable of dispelling much darkness that is in your
jurisdiction, that as well, each one of you is capable of lighting
more candles and all your brothers and sisters around you will see
your flame flicker as the lights come down and they will move closer
to you and you will have the privilege to be able to share your flame
with them. It will cost you nothing, it will merely light up another
individual and in this way we pass around these flames of spirit and
light all those who would be willing to host the flame.

In this way, eventually, all the darkness will be dispelled and all
the truth, beauty, and goodness shall be illuminated and it will all
be quite natural and normal and it will not be a sacrifice or a
struggle or a battle of any kind. It will be merely sharing the light
and the old and the darkness will fall away and fade away as each one
ignites with the light of spirit. This is quite capable of happening
rapidly, even suddenly. When the dynamics change and the lights go
down, there will be a keen new interest in finding the flame and
lighting one of your own. This will spread rapidly throughout and will
be simply a matter of course.

And so it is that we both enjoy basking in the glow of our flames and
eagerly await the opportunity to not only share this glow with others
but pass on the flame itself so that they may have their own basking
to do in their own glow. Keep this in mind my dear ones; we all
benefit from the light, we all share this eternal flame of spirit and
we all are privileged to share this as we go through our journeys with
others and to bask in the glow of combined flame which is so prevalent
here as we all join together.

Be in peace and be in light and that this light have you being in love
and all the little details and steps and directions before you will
certainly show themselves. They will reveal themselves as you bring
light to bear. Let us enjoy our journey before us as we see to the
very limits of our illumination and find the steps to take and the
details to accomplish, to manifest this discovery through the
application of our light. I am grateful for this opportunity to
discourse with you as always.

Charles: [Cathy] I am joining you today to restate the idea that was
discussed earlier, the increased capacity that you will experience
with the arrival of increased spirit on the planet. We are
implementing the changes that were decreed by the Father. The idea
that change should be a sudden happening instead of protracted
evolution is not unusual on Urantia. It is a Creator's prerogative to
implement changes as they are desirable to enhance an outcome that is
needed. We are able to adapt this structured change to fit the
evolving circumstances. Proceed in love and all will be implemented
for the good. Help is always available to you.

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