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DATE: June 2, 2011

LOCATION: Light Line

T/R: Gerdean

TEACHER: Midwayer JACK; Material Son ADAM

TOPIC: Love; Local concerns

Gerdean: First I want to say a little centering prayer.

Christ Michael, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful family. Thank you for introducing yourself to me and to all my brothers and sisters, all the mortal and divine playmates. Thank you for giving me work to do in the Kingdom. Thank you for being here with us this evening and for orchestrating our affairs. Guide and direct my motives, my thoughts and my intentions so that they are all aligned with Father's will. Stay with us, now and forever. Amen.

0802-AB Jack here. I am only going to play temporary host. We have a visitor this evening. Let me just loosen you up a little bit before we bring in our guest. It helps, I find, to orient you somewhat to the moment at hand. It's rather improbable that you can change environments so quickly and I do realize that changing the environment from the regular mortal work-a-day world to the Stillness and this construct that we create when we commune this way, is a process and takes a minute or two to get adjusted to the rarified air that we enjoy in this atmosphere.

Welcome to all of you and to those yet to come. Also, good evening to those of you who will be hearing this on tape at some future time. How accelerated our work has been since technology has come into play. We were quite happy, we midwayers, when the printing press was invented and excited about the radio and the television but you are really on a roll now with all this technology at your fingertips. It should make peace on earth a piece of cake. Just as soon as we figure out how to implement that, we will all be better off.

I am really very honored to present our guest this evening as it is my ancestor - and yours - Adam, who is making one of his infrequent visits and I will tell you that he is not here in person. He is coming, as you might call it, by way of reflectivation. Adam remains in Jerusem, but he is fully apprised of our activities here on Urantia as, of course, is the entire Council and for some reason he asked to participate in the Light Line this evening so I am very happy to serve and make that possible. Let me then move over so as to make room for the energy and the personality of that of our Material Son.


Guest Speaker, Material Son Adam, speaks on Love

ADAM: Good evening, my children -- literally my children. Many great grandchildren have I on this world and I retain an affectionate connection to all that transpires here. I am grateful to our Father for the opportunity to serve on the Council in the affairs of this world on which I served and, I will add, which I failed. How wonderful it is that we are given - all of us are given - opportunities to correct our errors and atone for our indiscretions.

I did not come this evening to berate our standing in any way or to focus on our errors at all. Because we are all engaged now in the onward and upward process of rehabilitation and reclamation and recovery of our beloved planet. I wanted to talk to you this evening a bit about love.

Every one of you knows something about love. Every one of you has been touched by love. You have known love in many ways. I will not go into the many kinds of love there are, except to acknowledge that in some perspectives that's all there is, is love. Sometimes distorted, often imperfect, but since all of life is a creation of the Divine, which is Love Itself, it can be said that all things reflect Love in at least some degree, even when it is less than Perfect.

I wanted to talk about my Love for Eve. You could say that our Love was-- our Marriage was one of those which was made in heaven. Indeed, even I were made to serve as Material and Daughter of a world, an evolving world, it was our birthright, our destiny. We were trained at length at what to anticipate, how to handle situations, what to expect, what to work toward. We were taught in the schools we attended on high what we would do and how the entire future of the new young world we were assigned to would reflect our guidance and so just as you, when you and your beloved partner set out to create your life together, through a commitment to nurture and foster the state of holy matrimony and family living, hold within your heart all the hearts and dreams that are your birthright. The right to anticipate children and grandchildren, a cultural legacy, accomplishments, goals met and exceeded. Indeed, we share those humble and yet noble ambitions.

When you work with someone over a period of time, you see their flaws, their faults, their weaknesses as well as their strengths, their gifts, their abilities. Experience brings out your potential such that who you were during your courtship gives way to who you are becoming in maturity through experience, through hardship and adventure. The kind of love that is discovered from having spent years and decades with a partner is a deeper and different kind of love than that which is first there in the first blush of young love and in the ideals and ideas of future dreams and goals. Even I had those dreams and goals.

And we were challenged by the situation we encountered when we arrived. At first, it was exciting and challenging. We had a new world. We had a new house that was the first Garden. There were loyal workers. They awaited our arrival and rejoiced when we appeared in their midst. Indeed, they wanted to worship us, such was their adulation, and while this could not be, it was even so noted that the desire to honor, exalt, obey and serve sere qualities alive and well and in this we rejoiced. We rolled up our sleeves and side by side went to work on the projects that lay ahead of us.

Yes, there were difficulties because of the . how shall I say . the "circumstances of the rebellion" -- the racial composition. There were hostilities. The infrastructure that we had been trained to work with and under was virtually non-existent. In our idealism and our enthusiasm we applied ourselves creatively to the task and began the work and the work was great. Over time, as you know, we encountered what all mortals encounter: stumbling blocks, frustrations, difficulties, impatience. Many times we had to take our plan back to the drawing board and start fresh. Much more than we would ever have imagined we had to spend time in consultation with the children of Eden working out the differences, squabbles, diseases, challenges that we met with at every turn. Even so, we held our task high and rejoiced in the possibilities.

I admit that many times in consult with my partner I let it be known how I grow weary of it, just as I am sure you have professed to your partner. You grow weary of things in life that wear you down. It is only human. It is part of the human condition to grow weary, to stop, to rest, come back refreshed, and begin again. It seems sometimes in retrospect I complained, perhaps, too much and that my partner, perhaps, was too eager to ease my burden. At any rate, you know the story. I will not review the details herein for they do not reflect upon the purpose of my visit which is to talk about Love.

My point is that after Eve defaulted, and I went away for some time to reflect on the circumstances I now found myself in, after I pondered long and hard about the inevitable result of her action, how they would impact on our plan -not just our plan but our mandate! I reflected, too, on how distraught she herself was to have made such a blunder. We know how merciful Our Father is. Christ Michael would no doubt have received us and retrained us, perhaps even returned us to Urantia after a period of rehabilitation to resume our work as Material Son and Daughter. All this and more I speculated on what might happen, but the more I thought about what might happen, the more I thought about the partnership that I had entered into with the Material Daughter whom I love.

Yes, love, even now -- even now that everything had changed, or everything would change. I did not write her off; I did not condemn her; I did not even resent her foolishness. But I did ponder long and hard what choices I could make for myself and my destiny and the destiny of those who look to me and us on the world of our assignment, understanding the work that I had undertaken to do, the oath that is inherent in being who I am, even so, I chose to default so that I could share my eternal destiny with my partner. And this is Love: to give up everything you are, everything you have been, everything you hope to be, so as not to lose that most cherished connection.

If friendship is an end in itself, the spousal relationship is a universe unto itself. Michael and Nebadonia certainly enjoy their universe together. They planned it, they designed it, they created it; they have brought it into being and upheld it. They have dealt with its problem areas and the only real difference is they have not been isolated. Had we not been isolated, we would no doubt have acted differently.

But the deed is done. The die is cast. And the gracious, merciful Creator has seen to it, has seen fit to recognize our frailty and not hold it against us. We still serve. We are still able to participate in the divine plan. We are, as councilors able to administer Urantia almost as intimately as if we were still there in person and we are able to do it together. Would I have enjoyed the unfolding of destiny as much without Eve? I cannot begin to know the answer to that question, but I am not sorry that I chose to stay by her side.

Love endures. Hopes all things, sees all things, prevails all things. We now are in a better position to be your parental guides. We understand you better. We know more about what it is to despair of the human condition to feel the sting of isolation; we have been humbled by our experience and wizened because of it. You cannot go wrong in loving one another. There is always something to be learned from loving others, one of which is how remarkable is that well-spring of love which comes from our divine Source and Center of all that is.

Love is the most wonderful thing in the universe. God is Love. And love is the desire to do good to others. Knowing you have this within you each and that you come together in these gatherings in your group or on the phone, however it is that you find ways to tear down the walls of isolation and reinforce each other's spiritual reality, is commendable. However it is that you find ways to encourage each other and uphold each other's faith and hope is something that gives Eve and I a sense of parental pride -not that we have done so much to help, but that you are indeed our children and this kind of divine affection is inherent. It's a gift. It's a gift from our Eternal Parents on high.

I will go now and give you back to Jack who is an amiable companion. Rest easy and know that all things are in God's hands and in the hands of those He selects to serve Him. Avail yourself now to serve Him and surely He will find you something worthy to do, something that will deepen your appreciation for Love as you work with and for those who Love in your world of time and space. Farewell.


Secondary Midwayer Jack, Fielding Questions

0802-AB Jack: All right. I'm back. I hope you don't mind my coming back so soon. It sometimes seems abrasive to return after having been held aloft by the personality presence or the lofty words of one of our beloved mentors. But just as we need to engage certain disciplines to reach up, we must also assume certain disciplines as we resume our vigil and proceed with the tasks at hand.

How shall we proceed then? I will continue to play host. If perhaps there are others in the wings who would like to participate they will let us know. In the meanwhile, let us see what kind of discussions we can drum up among ourselves. Are there questions or comments from you? The star six instruction will open the door. Come on in. [Long pause] Does anyone have any questions?

Eva: Gerdean? Hi Gerdean, this is Eva. Hi Jack. Nice to hear you again. Yes, I do have a question, if you have a moment. I'll go . then we have a lot of participants. I've been very touched to hear Adam speak. His intentions were the very best and very noble. And they love us as they administer and that's what matters. Now, about what's happening here.

We see famine, floods and other catastrophes in other parts of the world, and we now we have Internet and we know about 150 mile-per-hour tornado, twisters, and everyone has the worst form of cancer and these phenomena are coming with warnings that our specialists can see. We are told it's about El Nino, it's about change, but it does seem that a lot of the things do come up, and there are a lot of ways we can help through prayer and meditation, but is there anything else we can do to harness that energy? How can we show our love, as Adam was talking about, if anything?

JACK: Are you speaking specifically about earth changes and disasters?

Eva: Yes. They seem to be coming inordinately - one after the other - quickly. And I liken that to the fact we've got all this coming at us and at other times people didn't really know but our scope has been expanded so we've got it all coming at-it seems like so much, one after another.

JACK: We do, indeed, have a lot going on, on this planet. And it's true the advent of the Internet has expanded communications tremendously. There are things going on all over the world that we are privy to on a moment's notice that you can call up on the weather channel or find readily -- amazing, wondrous acts of nature - storms, floods and so forth. Not amusing at all but quite destructive. Even so, these have always been happening . some seasons more so than others. What can you do to help?

Eva: Well, yes. What can we-- How do we harness-Do we just "God is in there; He's doing his godly thing and we just worry for nothing" or is there something we could try to do.

JACK: Well, look at your own life, for starters. Where do you live? I'm not asking for particulars, but ask yourself, "Do I live in the corridor where storms are inclined to come? Do I live on the delta where floods are prone to come? Do I live on a fault line where earthquakes are prone to come? Ask yourself what is the situation in your own life over which you can have more immediate control. That, for starters, is a help because you can begin to plan accordingly and that gives you something to do. You can also inform and educate and communicate with others in your community, have places to go, have back-up resources. Many communities have bonded in this way, as people will do in times of disaster, even though most of the time they will choose to stay there and rebuild because they've always been there and that's where they like it.

If events are occurring somewhere you don't live, there is not much you can do except to pray and/or send money or energy in material goods, food, clothing. Sometimes it is severe enough that people need to find temporary shelter. You could avail your spare room to those who need a place to stay until they get back on their feet. These are possibilities, depending on how much you can do, what you are willing and able to do. Unless and until people learn to avoid these natural disasters, they will keep experiencing them.

Now when I say "avoid natural disasters," that's kind of funny because if it's a natural disaster, you have no say over it -- but in a way you do. Why build your house on a cliff that is bound to go in a mudslide? It doesn't make sense. Some people really don't make sense. And yet if it's a wealthy neighborhood, that's where the cameras are going to go and look and say, "Oh, dear! These poor people! Their house has gone into the sea!" Well, of course it did. But they have insurance and they will build another house, probably on the same hillside. This is the life they have chosen for themselves. In fact, there is so much personal choice involved in your life here, even though so much of it is lived primally, you do have free will and you could make changes but most folks just do the same thing year after year because that's the way they've always done it, and so people continue to get swept away or struck by lightning or whatever it is that happens.

It's not really - I hate to say this but it's not really as bad as it seems. The news people are very good at highlighting the trauma, the disaster, the horrific, the horrible. "How could it be this way? This is - Oh! Oh! This is so dreadful!"

Eva: "The world is coming to an end!"

JACK: Yes, it is dreadful, but it doesn't need to be publicized to that extent. Not to say that it isn't dreadful, but it's like the news has become the new adrenalin addiction. Where's the next storm, where's the next earthquake, what's the next thing to worry about?

Eva: Yeah.

JACK: We would spend all of our days and nights finding things to worry about if that was our agenda but we can't do that we can't spend all our time and energy chasing storms or mudslides or earthquakes when there are certain things that we can do something about.

Eva: Right.

JACK: We could probably fight more vigilantly against nuclear power plants or sex slave trafficking. There are things that you can get up in arms about, picket against, and make an impact over, but natural disasters - if you're going to live in the wake of a natural disaster, you just have to endure.

Eva: Okay. Absolutely. Awesome. Concentrate on what we can do something about and stop back-pedaling by looking behind us at what happened when it was sometimes almost inevitable. Okay! Thank you, very much, Jack.

JACK: Okay, Eva. Nice to hear from you again.

Eva: Same here, dear.

JACK: [Long pause.] We have time for one more. [Long pause.] Well, it seems there's no one going to come forward. I don't know why. None of you are really shy. But I won't stir up trouble. [Another very long pause.] So if there is nothing else, I guess I'll close down the equipment here, . but before I do that, I think I will spend another minute just hanging out for friendship's sake. Adam did make reference to that thing about "friendship is an end in itself" so I consider you all to be my friends. If not me personally, then some one of my associates has spent time with you, reflecting with you, helping you out one way or another and just as the United Midwayers are committed to getting certain things accomplished, I know that you are committed to getting certain things accomplished that will help lead us toward light and life.

In time, there will be more order, more organization; in time there will be more commitment, there will be more people willing to make mistakes; there will be more joy in assignments. I have found it to be so for myself. I was quite irresponsible for many centuries, until I beheld the Master and like you, he changed my life. It took then some time for me to -- how is they say? -- "gird up the loins of your mind" to learn to be cooperative, responsive, effective, and have a good time doing His will. It took some time, I admit it, and I don't even have the first five adjutants to contend with as you do. It just goes to show you we have our challenges no matter what level we are on and we do the best we can with what we've got to work with.

Dave: Hello?

JACK: Who is this?

Dave: This is Dave in Oregon. I didn't get on earlier because I couldn't find my note, what thing to press. I found it just now.

JACK: I'm sorry.

Dave: I have one question in response to all the discussion about the natural disasters.

JACK: Yes.

Dave: And it does seem they are a symptom of something deeper and I don't know what the connection is but we are dealing with the world - in large measure, what's happening. And in particular the nuclear stuff.

JACK: Yes, well, that was sheer foolishness.

Dave: What I'm thinking about though is that whole question of . there could be much worse disasters than these natural disasters, you know, in terms of societal stuff .

JACK: Yes.

Dave: . such as what is happening in the Middle East.

JACK: Yes.

Dave: Things like that could happen here.

JACK: Yes! The things you can do something about, you are encouraged to do something about.

Dave: Yes.

JACK: Yes.

Dave: We need to be thinking about it and preparing for it because we can't stop in the disasters, or whatever they call it, but we can think about whether it was caused by social inequities and that sort of thing.

JACK: Yes. This is what is really very exciting. It's exciting. It's what I am involved in. It's what we are trying to rodeo rope [lasso] you into, some kind of format, motivated format. The Monjoronson Mission is mightily moved to motivate you into action and you'll get no objection from me. The more we can get accomplished through whatever means, the better off we all will be.

Dave: Yes.

JACK: The problem is, in many ways people have not wanted to look at these things, these problems, and have also wanted to blame it on someone else rather than being pragmatic about the situation. It doesn't require blame; it requires knowledge and an ability to do something about whatever the situation is that can improve the circumstances-- for the whole globe, really. These countries that squabble and fight are just like irascible children that need to be put in a corner . in a corner across the room from each other . and kept away from each other until they have a chance to think about their behavior, until they learn how to interact like human beings instead of rug rats.

Dave: One response I would have, I think, is much of what's going on, much of the trouble lies with us, with our country and our policies.

JACK: Well, I can't say "us" because I am not a citizen here, but I can certainly say the U.S. has more of its share of negative qualities that it brings to bear on the situation, yes. It's a bully. It's entirely too wealthy. It is power mad, addicted to energy. It has a lot of problems. All of the countries have their own problems, some more than others. And the United States is quite loud, and so it is seen. Would that it were seen to be more mature but, you know, it's only a couple hundred years old so it's still acting like a juvenile delinquent. "Self will run riot." Still, it has great potential! It's not to say it's a loss, but it certainly has .

Dave: The people themselves . many, many people are not . the problem is some of the leaders.

JACK: Well, the leaders are a problem but the main problem is people don't think for themselves. They let others do their thinking for them and so they can't think and they cannot tell their leaders how to lead.

The entire topic here is very exciting and I would like to engage in discourse for another hour, but we have used our time at the podium this evening, and with our appetites whetted for more, let us put this on pause until the next time.

Dave: When will be the next time, do you know?

JACK: Gerdean will be transmitting on the first Thursday of next month. There will be other T/R's serving on other Thursdays but I cannot speak to the other T/Rs or their itinerary.

Dave: That's very good for me.

JACK: Thank you for coming out to visit with us this evening.

Dave: Thank you.

JACK : And thank you, all of you, for making this another supernal adventure in our advancing career. Thanks, Adam, for your visit, and . that's all she wrote. Later!

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