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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-05-15
Teacher: Elyon, Light, Monjoronson, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

[Ed. note:] Prior to the meeting, the weekly spiritual exchange led to
Henry sharing a short episode, the gist of which revolved around a new
application for the use of the 'portal'. We were encouraged to help
construct the portal as a group project, not only for the two way
exchange between the spirit and material realms but to use it
ourselves as needed. We have progressed from visualizing it as a
circular nest into a column of light where material and spiritual
energies converge. This 'tube' of light rises into the spiritual
domain but instruction as to what to do with it once there was left to
our own discovery.

Henry had a friend who developed cancer in the lymph nodes, a lump
identical to one he also had. This created a shift in his lifestyle
and as was his habit he took his concerns to spirit. In trying to
attract some healing energy he went up into the portal and sat there
in meditation. What came to him was to take that circle of light and
make it 'personal' like a little halo interface above his head that
our Divine Parents energize upon petition and unlike a light bulb
which just shines, to visualize it as a glowing healing radiation that
penetrates into the body. Some of the following comments reference
this summary. Thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Good day folks, Elyon here to add another voice to the
choir as it were. All this talk about the power of intention and the
very real force that it wields inspires me to talk about this on the
different levels, on the level of human nature. One does indeed have
great impact and effect over even their mortal countenance, their very
being and how it is functioning or working at any time is under the
direct influence of the owner. And so it is that you can take a
situation that the body is experiencing and condition that experience
with the use of intelligently wielded intention.

You all are aware that you are able to calm yourselves at will. You
are able to change your blood pressure, you are able to bring about to
yourselves a sense of peace and well being which then creates a space
for the well being to exist. This that happens on an individual basis
and is so potent and effective there, may also be combined with others
of like intention and great changes may happen on the larger scale.
This is truly how a planet gets healed, a world gets altered and the
very conditions of time and space are affected. One person alone makes
a contribution and many together make a change. The practice that you
have engaged in over the years to show to yourselves this effect on
your own physical being are now coming into play for the larger
projects, the overall projection of intention, the creating of the
space of well being so that it can exist.

Thanks for the opportunity to join in the thought stream today. It is
always my great pleasure to be among you as one of you offering my
contribution as you offer yours. In this way we are far more similar
than we are different and I join you in enjoying the opportunity to
share this platform and experience our similarities. I now step aside
and allow for others. Thank you.

LIght: [Henry] Greetings this morning, this is Light and I also am
thrilled at the opportunity to also be a voice in this choir and add
my harmony to the plain melody as it is. Of course it is tremendous
and good to experience the creative nature of the mind and how the
mind takes something and uses it for a specific purpose and it was
good to hear of the portal adaptation into a personal model for
healing energy light. This is exactly in order for this kind of thing
to make it your own and use it where it needs to be used in a creative
and constructive manner.

The combination of intention, thought, energy, and light are extremely
powerful in the spiritual sense. The portal project started that way,
it started with the idea of being a receptacle like a nest, being a
place where a great spirit can come down to the human plane and begin
a mortal walk and this nest which is circular, evolved to the meeting
table which is circular and the circular format gave rise to the
intwining and interweaving of light and energy both spiritual and
human. This again gave rise to the tube of light rising and
intersecting the universe energy circuits.

Now this circle of light is being constructed into a personal 'halo'
format for easy accessibility. So you begin to see how thought creates
itself and in the act of creating itself it creates a multitude of
formats for action in which effective means can be applied to the
situation at hand. It is the opposite of the beginning. In the
beginning there was just God the Father. It was His first thought that
gave birth to the Eternal Son and Paradise. Their first conversation
gave rise to the Infinite Spirit and Havona. When God diverged Himself
of complete perfection, imperfection and the superuniverses were
created. And it's a repeat cycle so now on the distant throes of
imperfection you are learning how to seek perfection and return to the
original pattern. The circle is becoming complete. The light is
returning to its source. To give spiritual light to thought is like
giving electricity to a bulb, it activates it.

So in your thoughts and meditations, activate these ideas, these
notions with the spiritual light. Allow your minds and your physical
bodies to be penetrated with this quality of spiritual light. Be not
afraid to invoke this spiritual light and those which charge it forth
like our Divine Parents. Like peace, happiness, prosperity, the things
that the sons of God were created for, these things are still within
reach. If you can think of something it can eventually become a
reality. Greater realities require greater thinking, greater
commitment, collective commitment. To achieve peace on a global scale
it is important that everybody be focusing, be thinking about it,
everyone desiring it; then there is a quickening, there is an

Notice the adjustments on the planet today. Notice how in countries of
oppression how voices are beginning to stand out and be heard. Notice
the quickening. People forget, you do not plant the seed today and
pick the fruit tomorrow. There is a time, a time of nurturing, of
commitment, making sure that that seed is getting everything that it
needs. It may take a long long time, it may take lifetimes but this is
the legacy that you leave your children also. The immediate personal
qualities of inner peace are just as profound and important as the
tremendous qualities of social and global peace and prosperity. One
feeds the other, one begets the other.

So my friends it is good to share my harmony and the song you sing as
it echoes the eternal melodies. Hold forth the light and thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings to you all, it is a pleasure to be with
you here once again, I am Monjoronson. It is my desire today having
not come among you recently, to enjoy another visit with you wherein
we may feel each others energies and become more familiar with each
other. Indeed I have been quite busy and all is in preparation for
what is to come and while I look forward to the unfolding of my
mission, I relish the opportunity to share with you in these times
because such sharing represent the seeds, the foundation of what we
will build upon. It is your intention to help in the unfolding of the
Father's plan, of my plan, and of your desires. It is a pleasure to be
able to come together and combine our intentions and work together for
the greater good.

Know that it is most certain that sweeping changes of a spiritual
nature are afoot. You have been told this for some time and you may be
growing calloused by all such references. This is human nature and can
be expected, nevertheless, when you feel the winds begin to blow, you
will know that something is stirring and you will be in a position to
act accordingly. I tell you all is in readiness and we shall be about
the turning of a page shortly but you are all blessed to know that the
story continues and that the turning of a page is merely the turning
of a page to a new page and where your help is so needed is in the
visualization of the new page and the racing ahead in your
consciousness to provide a space that we may claim as having been made
for us in advance by those who would create this space.

We are the ones who will envision this next page and in so doing,
provide the latitude for it to be so. Help me continue in our project
so that we may be accessible to each other via this portal, even this
individual portal. We will be able to utilize each other through this
process and thereby create a greater force to be used as we wield our
creative prerogative. Be in great joy and be in peace throughout the
insecurity as you know how the story ends. It is only up to us to
write the chapters in between. Let us use our strength and our
intention and wield our purpose in the direction of a greater, more
divine story as we go through, making each step greater and higher and
more divine until we have reached the ending we have fore-tasted from
the beginning. Let it be so, it is so.

Father I am so grateful for these fellow sojourners on this glorious
mission we have joined in together. I ask that we be granted the
fulness of expression as we move forward and that we wield our
individual personal strengths in your name and for your sake as it is
our will to do so. This too is foreshadowed and shall come to pass.
Merely allow us the capacity to embrace and to be present in each
moment that we pass by. Glory to the Father, and the Sons, and the
sons of the sons and the mortal sons of the sons. Thank you.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings my children, this is your Master, Michael
here in this circle of friendship this morning to lend a voice to my
presence. As I am always with you all, as an actuality, as a thought,
as a presence of energy, the whole world of man in which you live is
responding to the spiritual presence which exists here on your world.
The spiritual presence on your world is strong. It is not afraid, it
is a giant reservoir which is tapped into and each takes what it needs
from it whether it is knowledge, courage, comfort, a sense of duty and
service to our great Father's will. This reservoir will never ever run
out. It will always be here as a planetary resource long into the days
when it begins to totally sustain the planet in the ages of Light and
Life, the next page as Monjoronson has so aptly named it.

To see perfection in imperfection is to discover within ones self, the
perfect presence. To see it working within ones self, slowly and
systematically is to see how it slowly and systematically works itself
in the world. There is a direct relationship. Though consciousness is
referenced all the way to Paradise, it is also contained on your
world. It contains what is needed for the survival and the pattern it
represents, the map of the future, the next page. Finish writing the
chapters in your lives as preparing for the next page, the page of
idealized perfection in a social and economic context for your world.
Know that all which is intended is completely supported by spirit.
Know that we will take all you give us. We hope that you take all that
we give you. It is so potent that even a little bit can go a very long
way. Take this little bit from us and share it with the world and know
that as I am here with you today, I never leave. I just check in from
time to time. I am your friend. So take care my friends, you have a
full plate today. Go in peace.

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