[tmtranscripts] LIghtline Teleconference 2011-05-12

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-05-12
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] I would make vocal petition for spirit to come into
this arena with us, to more fully be realized as an active partner in
our participation tonight. I make myself available for spirit to
utilize this instrument to come into this arena and play with us. I
hope that this would be pleasing in the sight of our Father. So be it.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello, I would make a formal greeting to you all
here gathered this evening and to those who will come in contact with
these words in other forms. I Am referred to as my partners Inner
Voice and this term is fine with me as we need to settle on something
so that we can move together in this process of awareness.

I would seize on the observation that the times we are in now may
bring with them great opportunity to share your inner being and your
inner life into the outer world. You all are aware that there is a
great spiritual pressure and as part of this spiritual pressure
applied to this planet there is also an activation of circuitry, of
many different circuits not least of which is this circuit of
Indwelling Adjusters, personal Voices Within of each and every one.
This circuit of which I Am a representative in this moment, is
accelerating and increasing along with the natural pressure being
applied to all forms of connection and circuitry. You all are aware
that this circuit resides within each one of you, within every one of
you and you are growing in awareness that this same circuitry exists
in all those out there who would accept this as part of their

Because this is true, you by association have a capacity within each
of you to reach out beyond your mortal limitation and connect with
others by virtue of your partner within. This Inner Partner is
particularly interested in your spiritual growth and maturity and will
take every opportunity available to work with you towards that end.
This includes the ability for you to work together with your Inner
Guide and utilize the circuitry available to this Father Fragment.
This circuitry is indeed pervasive and wide spread and serviceable to
make connection with your fellows because you all share this common

You need to understand about your Inner Guide that they in a very real
sense are the gatekeeper to your spiritual exposure, knowing you
better than you even know yourself they are able to determine the
appropriateness and correctness of your association with spiritual
truth and as well your association with others whose spirit guide is
monitoring them and determining their appropriate spiritual contact.
The fact that this is so implies that you and your partnership are
quite critical to your level of capacity to receive spiritual truth
and spiritual connection.

You may think that you are prepared, that you are ready for whatever
may come your way but I assure you that your guardian of destiny has
your back and has an eye on what is best for you. You have all
encountered the personal realization of being exposed to certain
principles which did not seem to resonate with you, which did not take
as it were, into your consciousness. This is a very good example of
how it works, that you have to be ready. Your individual position has
to be proper before you can bring in and assimilate more and more
advanced spiritual truths and principles.

If they are brought to you before you are ready, then they fail to
take root, fail to find a home in your being. This in part is the
combined response of both your readiness and the permission, if you
will, of your Inner Guide. You should keep this in mind when
attempting to go out and share with others, spiritual truths and
principles because the receivers also have a divine guardian and they
also have a level of spiritual maturity which must be addressed and
they will not be able to embrace some spiritual truths until they have
reached a point of adequate capacity.

So while it is good and noble to make every attempt to share with your
brethren the spiritual truths which ignite your life and make you feel
alive and infinite in your spirit capacity, realize that everyone will
embrace spiritual truth in their own time, on their own path, in their
own way, but if they are not exposed, if it is not part of their
experience they cannot choose it. That is where bringing up this
dimension as a choice is a very valuable thing that can be done.
Simply presenting the option expands the horizon and permits greater

I encourage you each one, to have an open dialog with your Inner
Guide, to state your petition for what you would like to see happen,
to firm up in your own consciousness what it is you are pursuing and
in so doing you make greater capacity for receiving that which you
seek. It is not as though your Inner Guide is unaware of your desires,
of your tendencies, of the truths that move you in your life but in
the simple stating of your position and request for your advancement
to the next level spiritually you are praying for increased capacity
and that is how you receive it.

But do not fault those of your brethren who are at different places in
their development and therefore have different levels of receptivity
or capacity to receive. They are growing at their individual level and
it is good and right and proper just as you are growing at yours. And
while it is not possible for all to be in the same place at the same
time, it is part of the natural way that all aspects exist side by
side, simultaneously, from the kindergartner to the college graduate,
they all exist in the same moment.

Frankly, one of the things that is so thrilling about a platform such
as this, is that the students who are ready to receive, who have
gained the capacity to embrace these truths, come together at this
place of spirit at this common time and it is truly a joy to be able
to address these words to those who can grasp them, who can bring this
in as part of their being and then there is this great desire to take
what has been so freely received and to give it out just as it was
given to you. That is the human model, that is the divine component of
the human model, this desire to share and to uplift those around you
as you have been uplifted.

That aspect of grace is what will bring this world to a state of Light
and LIfe, the simple desire to do good to others, to share truth with
others, to find the beauty and share it with others. It will spread
this virus of love from one to the next until it encompasses all. It
is such a pleasure to offer these words and contribute these thoughts
into the stream of consciousness here tonight. I now would step down
from any more presentation and invite interaction, either questions or
other personalities who wish to contribute to this forum. Thank you.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening. The Inner Voice of which
I Am is clear this evening. It is a safe environment in which to come
out as a presence. It is somewhat challenging in the position in which
an Adjuster finds itself working within a human mind. I feel that all
minds of quality in potential and in substance are challenged by their
definition but the truth is that in actuality all minds are vast.
Personalities are involved in so many aspects of living, usually in
the immediacy of living and at times in the long term and reflective
part of living.

It is not all the time that an Adjuster feels that its presence is
really felt or known within the mortal it inhabits. Think, in a
spiritual sense, what it is like when the mortal becomes conscious of
your presence, the presence of someone, something that has been inside
for years, decades, maybe a lifetime, maybe several lifetimes, when
awareness of each other becomes conscious. It is truly a remarkable
phenomenon. It is like the mortal rejoices so much in a sense, wanting
to share this discovery with everyone. It is like finding this spring
of cool fresh water in a backyard desert and wanting to immediately
tell all of your neighbors to come and bring their jugs, cups, and
nourish and stock up on this water. Many do not feel the deep thirst
that you feel for the water for they have gotten used to the dryness
of mouth, the shortness of breath and the somewhat compromised
spiritual quality in which they live.

There will be situations in life like the situation which was
previously expressed, in which you make bold to dare to speak the
truth. What a wonderful thing it is to have someone ask you a
question, to have someone open the door of opportunity for you to
share this knowingness, this Inner Presence for it is not always
profitable to share something as great as your discovery with someone
who is not ready to receive such information. The spiritual nature is
tremendously delicate. It is like taste of food. There are general
tastes of food, but food tastes specifically a certain way to a
particular individual. Everyone has their own taste.

In a spiritual sense, everyone comes to spirit in their own time and
in their own way. Some may not be tremendously connected as others
are, nonetheless, in the mind of the Adjuster, all are connected.
There are varying degrees of human reference to connectedness. One
cannot quality the connectedness of another. One can hold in a loving
nature towards another as in service, as in ministry, as in tolerance.
If one is truly connected within, one begins to learn and experience
what it is like to have a great gift to share and wait for a time when
others are ready to discuss this shared gift or to share this with

This is a bit of how it feels being within a human, waiting for the
awareness to come into consciousness, but there is something greater
than me within my humanness other than myself. There is a part of
humanness that is greater than the actuality at that time and to come
into this awareness at the same moment touches you in a way that
nothing else touches. As all of you are aware, living on this planet
in this human body with this human mind, there is a tremendous ground
to traverse. Quite possibly, most of you will never traverse the
length and breadth and depth of potential which truly exists in this
one life yet collectively, you all share this knowingness. Each of you
have pieces to it. This is the beauty. It is like particles in
suspension. When those particles settle out of suspension it groups
together, becomes solid.
This is what spirit is after, solidarity of consciousness.

Part of the ongoing mystery is to demystify, to remove the veil which
separates you from reality. Realities are no more than awareness. No
matter what your thoughts are, you generally eat the same foods,
perform similar tasks, yet within the space of each human mind there
is a tremendous and glorious reality and imagination, a creativity
which the animal mind cannot access. Yes, you really are truly blessed
to be living on this world during these times. Life is geared up for
spiritual presence, spiritual progress within.

So take this awareness deep within yourself, within your meditation,
your quiet thoughts. Explore with a greater capacity, the awarenesses
you already have. Continue to come together out of a sense of
knowingness and a sense of purpose. Discover a real greatness which
can be brought out from within as a greater reality for all to happily
enjoy. I have come to the place where I will leave you in your
thoughts. I thank you for this forum which is shared in a spiritual
sense. I leave you all in peace and love and I look forward to our
chance meeting in the near future. I too will leave the platform open
for what may transpire. Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, I Am your Divine Parent
Michael. I desire to come and be among you because you have created
the space for me. I come here now, drawn by this discussion of
connection and circuits. As you know, I come from the Father. I have a
connection as He is my Divine Parent and yours, likewise you spring
from me and therefore we have a connection as well. The parent always
has strong ties to the children and I enjoy this tie with each and
every one of you.

I bring this to your observation for the purpose of providing the
contrast and the similarity as we explore the many different circuits
and connections that we have. We are indeed parent and child and as
well we both enjoy the circuitry of the Father Fragment which has been
gifted to us. This circuitry is among us and between us as well. At
this point we are also accessing the circuitry of mind and I am in
this moment utilizing this circuit to form word symbols which you may
interpret and register as containing not only words of spiritual truth
but as well, containing my energy signature behind them.

You enjoy another connection of brotherhood and I have experienced
this connection just as you do now on this world and among my brethren
which are now your brethren. We share a commonality that we all are
children of Divine Parents. This is yet another circuit that envelops
us, surrounds us. So on many different levels we are connected and as
the children grow to maturity, they simply cannot help but to resemble
their parents. This is why it is said that I am the Father represented
as the Son and likewise you are the son representing me, continuing on
my legacy as it were, shared with the Mother Spirit who provides your
life and all that you have need of and who courses through your very
veins, another circuitry that comes from the Divine and flows to you
and through you.

I have also gifted you each one with my Spirit of Truth, another
circuit you may rely on in times of seeking and doubt. So in this way
we are bound, all of us in this gigantic enterprise, the very youngest
and most immature and the very most seasoned and accomplished side by
side and I assure you I have a plan for each and every one in their
own time, you in yours and them in theirs, each one lovingly tended
and provided for by all of your Divine Parents and all of your earthly
parents and all of your gifts of grace which share your life with you
and which experience side by side with you every moment of your life

This is all by such a marvelous divine plan. It all works in
accordance with divine pattern, it is merely that your perspective on
it is so limited that you have yet to embrace this truth and have this
as your personal awareness. But in faith you are able to bridge this
gap and reach for me and your Divine Parents and in so doing you are
transformed from creatures of short sight and short lives into
creatures of vast eternal expression. This represents my desire for
you and our Father's desire for us.

I hope this provides for you the framework of understanding to accept
your role and for you to express in your own terms your personal
individual expression of what all of this means to you because it is
in these individual personal expressions that your Divine Parents find
such delight. It is truly the gift you give to those who have given
you everything, the chance to share your experience, to ride this
roller coaster of life experience with you and truly by your
invitation do you welcome your Divine Parents to be with you
throughout this process.

It is our privilege to certainly be able to observe you from the
outside as it were, but when you make room for us on the inside and
welcome us in to share your experience, truly it comes to life as our
experience, as a shared experience and it is through your act of faith
and your desire of will that you accomplish this infusion of the
divine into the mortal and the expression of the mortal to the divine.
Truly, it is all up to you and your decision moment by moment, hour by
hour as to the degree you are spiritualized or the degree you are
choosing to experience the mortal sojourn on your own without any
assistance or companionship. Therefore this gift that you provide,
this gift of grace back to your parents, to invite us in and to share
your life is so supreme it is truly the most a mortal has to give and
it is most gladly accepted and most willingly accommodated.

Trust that of all these circuits which bind us we have this
relationship which ties us together, we have this commonality of
having this experience and we also, those of us who act in faith, have
the security and certainty of our journey to infinity together. I pray
these words sink into your being so that you may increase your
capacity to accept these truths and embrace this reality and activate
these circuits so that you may feel all that is yours by virtue of
your being children of Divine Parents who will one day approach
divinity and resemble your parents. So be it, it is so, now and
forever. I pray our relationship strengthens day by day, moment by
moment and I have conviction that this represents your desire as well.
Let it be so.

Thank you Father for this connection, for this gift, for this bond we
share between us and among us all. We are members of one great family,
your family Father, our family. We boldly claim our position in your
family as members in gratitude and in love. Be at peace, go in peace,
and spread this peace to all the others who are in need. Be this peace
to the degree that you can manifest your awareness of it and call on
me, call on us whenever you can recall to do so, so that we may share
your experience and bring our influence into the equation. Peace by
yours even now, I bid you farewell.

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