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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-04-10
Teachers: Charles, Elyon
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I Charles here this
morning to join within this circle of loving friendship, enjoying your
conversation. It is interesting that on one hand perfection is in
infinity and imperfection is in the finite, it is in the moment. It
does not exist in the timelessness. Imperfection exists within time
and in its moment. From a human standpoint, time is linear and in this
respect, time seems to drag its heels to certain human cadences. Yet
in the eternal now, in the perfect moment, all things are as they
should be and this is the moment in which spirit intends the will of
the Father. It intends for the perfected element of imperfection to be
resolved because in the end, it all becomes resolved and the wisdom of
divinity understands this. The Father understands that you will all be
perfect when you come back home.

In a certain sense, as humans endeavoring to do the will of the Father
and procuring spiritual tools necessary to rise above the momentary
bumpy friction of life, there must be some counterpart which exists,
an intention of desire for that which is not correct, for that which
is not right, for that which is wrong, to project a greater meaning
and value. Many times the value exists in another dimension, it exists
beyond the life you are living now for the life you are living now
reflects in a spiritual sense, who you are and who you are becoming.
The spirit within is constantly driving your mind to understand the
difference between seeing something how it exists and seeing how
something could exist.

In this bigger picture, you are always building a spiritual
counterpart to reality. No matter the consequential outcome of
reality, the greater consequence of the spiritual counterpart begins
to build into a world of Light and Life, of wisely understanding the
greater consequence of thinking that all thought becomes manifest.
Either it is manifesting into the perfected will of the Father or it
is just rambling on some momentary friction to the spiritual
consequence. What you hold in consciousness today reverberates into
the harmony of now.

So sing my good souls, sing and rejoice in the spiritual element of
reality. In that reality you are all young and healthy and vital. All
of your parts are working. The sun is shining, it is a great day, a
tremendous moment of inspiration and insight. Don't ever lose sight of
the spiritual counterpart. You will need need these counterparts when
you cross over to the other side for gone will be the grim reality of
a life in the flesh which gives way to the exposure of a greater
spiritual life than the light. This is the direction of all life and
it is especially important in these times to remember such a thing,
that you may not have the power individually to turn something around
yet you can rejoice in the knowing that how you hold this in
consciousness can encompass all of the emotion of spirit as well as
the paradigm of eternity and Paradise.

By living each moment in a sense of perfected being does not
necessarily perfect you in the moment but it is drawing you to where
you are going, to a perfected state of nature, an ideal sense. It
would be tremendous to have the majority of the population in sequence
visualizing the same thing and in that visualization, understand the
true nature of peace, the true nature of harmony that each can be
individually different yet collectively create something which is
tremendously beautiful.

So my friends, whenever you are burdened with the ugliness of human
mistakes, shift to the perfection of the understanding in the eternal
now and there you will find the meaning, the purpose, the desire, and
the value of what the momentary human mistake can only indicate. I
thank you this morning for allowing me to come in and share a few
thoughts with you in an effort to brighten your day and brighten your
way and in all ways, I am your friend Charles. Thank you and good day.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, it is your old friend Elyon and when I
refer to being your old friend I am certainly older than you as you
consider time, but I also reference the fact that we have been
together in this process, some of us, for almost two of your decades
and this may be reckoned to be a long time and thus I may reckon to be
an old friend. I recall back when we first met, we were newly
introduced to each other and we fumbled around in what was then a new
process of developing this avenue of communication between us that has
since become referred to as the Teaching Mission and the transmitter/
receiver process.

Many years passed as we enjoyed each others company and learned of
each others presence and the energy signature that was referred to
earlier. And so now it is that we enjoy the comfort of recognition in
each others presence. I know you because of how your energy signature
feels and you know me likewise. But this interesting concept of the
eternal moment of now is quite true and yet almost inconceivable by
the creature mind who is bound in time for to you it appears as though
it has been twenty long years since we first met and have grown over
that long period of time to become friends.

We stand here now at this point together and look back over those
twenty years and I call you to witness it feels as though it was
yesterday and that no real time has elapsed and yet we have plodded
our way for all these years together so we are aware that something
has transpired. That is the event you know of as time and you are also
aware that as a result of this process, you are growing and becoming
more and more aware of the process and of yourselves in the process.
As a result you are reaching a point of awareness, when time will
cease to dominate your awareness and you will become more and more
familiar with your spirit potential and capacity to transcend this
condition, that is to go beyond that parameter.

And so it is that we could look forward into our future relationship,
since you and I are communicating within the spiritual realm, since we
are using our spiritual senses to engage in this activity, we will
meet again at some future time and yet we will be the same, you and I.
It will just be at another crossroads or stopping point that we join.
And so it is that within this very moment of time lies not only our
past together, but our future together. This is a concept most
difficult to grasp by the human mind so conditioned on this passage of
time as a point of reference. That is good and as it should be at this
stage of your growth and evolution, but the more spiritualized you
become and the more awareness you possess, the less effect this
condition of time may have upon you until ultimately you are able to
transcend it at will. This is where you are going and it is only a
matter of time before you are there. As you referenced, the Master may
be able to see you in perfection because He is able to sidestep the
element of time and go to where you are in perfection and He has the
ability to grasp that reality in the same moment, you would consider,
of appreciating you at any point along the way.

It has been one of my greatest pleasures to have been with you this
'oh so long period in earthly years,' in fact just the smallest ripple
in your time adventure, but nevertheless, important and valuable and
treasured, each and every one. That is the thing about time, it
spreads your experience onto a sequential line for you so that you can
begin to grasp the significance of each part of it as you pass through
it and by it. You are learning that time is valuable, the more
valuable, the less of it you may have and in the end, time will not be
a factor in your experience but you will still have the appreciation
for what it was to experience this condition of time. Truly a glorious
plan the Father has for you for a multi-layered experience. Truly one
that we should take the time to appreciate and enjoy every aspect we
are experiencing as a one in eternity opportunity. So it is and so I
am grateful for it. I now step aside. It has been lovely to co-mingle
with you with our energy signatures. I now allow this space for
others, farewell.

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