[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference 2011-03-31

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-03-31
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, Charles, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father as we gather together in this circle
this evening, this circle of energy where we come to the soul of our
presence to experience a little more of the ongoing wisdom which you
shed during these calls and the light as it works within us. We thank
you Mother/Father God for our life, our opportunities for the ongoing
challenges that continually help us to grow and understand spiritual
ideals and spiritual values in a material life in a material world.
Thank you.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is always good to be
here in this space with you, feeling one with you though in a sense I
am also one who is a part of you. This evening it would be interesting
to discuss an aspect of the divine which is tremendously important to
the spiritual life. Like water, which is tremendously important to
physical life, water comprising close to 98% of your physical being,
the spiritual counterpart is love. As water comprises 98% of your
physical life, love should add up to about 100% of your spiritual
life, considering that there is no physical matter to deal with. And
though love is a general four letter term to indicate the essence of
the Father, it is an aspect of the Father which manifests itself in
the most diverse of ways, meaning that love can manifest in diverse
ways within the particular life of the God-knowing and God-serving

It is one thing to receive this love from the Father; in a sense it is
not necessary to necessarily return love to the Father since the
Father is purely love, but as the Father, in divesting this love to
His children, you as a living example of the Father and His will take
it upon yourselves to divest this love to all of your brothers and
sisters and actually all life on the planet. There are so many aspects
to love. There is the obvious service aspect to love, the ability to
take it upon yourself to help and be of service to others especially
in a time of need. This aspect of love is a tremendously fulfilling
aspect. There is the aspect of love which is a respect for the
intelligence, the opportunity, and the situation in which your life
takes form and the many aspects how this relates to your life becoming
an example living within the will of the Father and exemplifying a
spiritual life during the human endeavor of life.

Then there is the correcting part of love, the way in which love is
used to set things straight and correct situations, to bring
negotiation and mediation to a situation, to have the use of wisdom in
moving forth with the aspects of divine love in a way which benefits
both or multiple parties in conflicting situations. As you can clearly
begin to see that love begins to grow into a greater functioning than
just loving your spouse and your family members, that the ability to
love another intimately and to raise a family indicates the ability to
grow into a cosmic citizen of responsibility.

These spiritual ideas, these ideas which promotes the value,
integrity, that have to do with the way in which you are and the way
in which you choose to live, these values very much represent to a
greater degree the intimate connection which the indwelt spirit is
continually making manifest within the human consciousness in way
which are particularly and personally adapted to the individual and
the reason why the Father chooses to deal with each life individually
as He chooses to indwell this individual is because of the
coordinating function of deity, how in an ideal sense the Thought
Adjusters can perfectly coordinate human behavior when the human
subjects have rendered their behavior to fall in line with the will of
the Father.

Love is a great motivator. In a sense it is much different than the
motivation from fear, fear which is somewhat in opposition to love.
Fear when used as cautionary is healthy. When fear begins to overrun
the operation of the individual it is at that point in an unbalanced
state, only to be balanced with love in the sense of a tremendously
positive reaffirming of the Father's love for His child, the ability
to receive this love as you open your heart with intention and desire
to receive this love, to empty yourself of pretense and agenda, to
receive the agenda of God's love, to open yourself to a greater
possibility of living within the light of love.

Begin to think of love on a cellular level in terms of thinking of one
cell receiving this love from God and as it begins to receive this
love and becomes overburdened with love that it begins to affect the
cells around it, that they also become attuned to love, that you begin
to develop a grounded sense within yourself of love so that this
resource is a felt sense within your being. It is said that all things
divine come from the essence of love, that love can be broken down
into the myriad and multiple aspects of the Paradise Creators and as
love represents all of the aspects of the divine, within humans also
love defines all aspects of the human, to begin to define your
thoughts as aspects of love, to define your functioning as an aspect
and ability of love, to show love in everything you do. This is a
tremendous practice. It is a tremendous practice for the human soul
for it speaks of your ability to truly contact and touch within the
center of your being, that aspect of self which is defined as a
greater aspect of yourself up to the point of acknowledging that this
greater aspect is actually a spirit of God, a spirit of the divine
essence of love, a gift given to you out of love for you.

As light begins to brighten within your mind, may love begin to
dictate the way in which you live. I thank you for providing a forum
and a format for me to speak with you this evening. My voice is never
far away from you. I will step aside and allow others to use this
forum as well for spirit. Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, I will accept this opportunity
that you provide and come among you to speak my words of love and
encouragement to you, I am Michael. You have Divine Parents of which I
am one, therefore you are children of the Divine quite literally, it
is part of your constitution, who you are. I am in full awareness of
who you are, each one and everyone, you are dear to me as any child is
dear to any parent and I have love for you which is boundless much as
many parents have for their children. I even share a special place
with you in that I lived a life among you as one of you and therefore
gained an intimate awareness of who you are as a mortal of the realm
and this was my pleasure and my privilege as it is to be your parent,
my pleasure and my privilege.

I desire to take any opportunity, seize every opportunity that arises
to reach out to you and bring you this message of assurance and
comfort that I am with you throughout. It is my great privilege to
observe and monitor you as any good parent would. It is my special
treat when you ask me to come and play with you and join you in your
lives, to take part in your experience more fully because you have
invited me to do so. So it is my great delight when you do glance in
my direction and seek my presence in your lives for this opens an even
greater door so that we may be even closer in this process.

But nevertheless, even if you forget to include me, even if you
neglect to consider me, I still am hovering about and well aware of
all that you are becoming as you are constantly growing and becoming
more aware of your relationship to me and to our family. In the time
immediately before us, I request that you who have been so close to
me, who have been gathered around even now and have felt my presence
in your lives and the assurance that my presence brings which I refer
to as my peace, I request that you reflect your awareness of this
truth to my other children who have not enjoyed this rather
extraordinary opportunity we share even now.

I assure you one day, I will easily be in contact with all my children
on a very direct and intimate level but at this point in time, for you
as growing ascenders, opportunities are rare that exist such as this.
That is why it is my desire to join you at this time because the
opportunity exists; we are all here together and the platform exists
for such to occur. My message which is important at this time is that
we are all family and that I know each and every family member. I am
aware of the needs, I am aware of the trials and tribulations, I am
aware of the prayers, I am aware of the doubts. I completely
understand all of these as I shared a life similar to yours. And so I
offer my sincere capacity to understand where you are coming from as a
mortal of the realm.

Certainly times change and the times in which I lived was
significantly different than the times we find ourselves in now but
human nature does not change and I understand what it feels like to
have doubts and uncertainties as well as what if feels like to have
ultimate conviction and trust and faith. I ask that you follow me in
the path of trust and faith and that you, through this process,
develop complete conviction that this relationship we share is so and
you can depend on it. It is as real as anything in your lives.

But there are many out there who will flounder in rough seas because
they do not have the steady anchor of stability that is provided by
those of us who know we belong. You all belong, we belong together, we
are part of the same family, we are all fragments of the same whole
and as such we have great comfort and peace in this knowingness, in
the awareness of belonging, of where we fit in.

I pray to the Father, that you all gather in this peace and embrace my
presence as an ambassador of this peace and make it so much a part of
yourself that you may represent me to the others. You may be my hands
and feet and you may speak my words of encouragement and peace and
love. I am merely a representative of the Father's love and so I
should expect that you might be a representative of mine. I have this
much faith in you. I know you will ultimately succeed in all that you
attempt in your spiritual growth and so I look forward to welcoming
you when you have traversed the episodes of time and meet me in the
ethereal eternity.

Let it be so, even now. Thank you all my dear ones, I do love you,
your Divine Parents all do love you, the Father of us all has created
all that is as a result of this love and you are a part of that as am
I and we are together, part the great whole. Thank you for your
interest tonight and I assure you, although I take leave of this
opportunity of circumstance and of voice, I never take leave of you. I
am but a glance away and I am even within you as the Spirit of Truth
to be consulted. Surely we will grow closer in association as your
experience of time moves forward and I look forward with certainty of
your great achievements and accomplishments as you strive to grow in
spirit. My peace be upon you. I withdraw from this platform, thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is Charles. For
those of you who do not know me, I am a finaliter assigned as an
observer in this part of this universe. This evening I can't help but
think of the sublime peace and love which is exhibited in Paradise
through the tremendously diverse agencies of beings which are
represented there on Paradise. I am reminded that even in this great
diversity of interest and function that all interaction becomes smooth
and peaceful and loving, that it becomes possible even on a world like
your own, that the diversity of interest and function between groups
and individuals can become peaceful and loving, that part of the grand
design is to create something so tremendously different from Paradise
that individually on a planet like this you can begin to discover
within yourself the divine aspect of Paradise until it reaches a
threshold of consciousness within all humans in themselves and their
ability to function peacefully in the world and to duplicate an aspect
of Paradise, even here in something called Light and Life.

So as one that has traveled the circuit and circles of eternity, being
born a mortal a very long time ago and being here and now to describe
this to you, trust that all of this becomes possible, it becomes
possible through spirit, through spirit leadings, through the aspect
of the Divine indwelt within, and through the coordinated efforts of
men and women attempting to do the will of the Father to live in love
and peace and respect each one as a brother and sister and everyone
respecting the Giver of Life, the One who makes it all possible for
life to become a glorified reality.

So begin your divine adventure, begin to discover within who you
really are. It will begin to change how you do things and this will
begin to change how things are ultimately done on this world. In peace
I come, in peace I leave. I thank you for allowing me to share a small
glimpse of my observation with you this evening. Again, this is
Charles and I take my leave. Thank you and good evening.

LIght: [Mark] Hello friends, I am LIght and I have been granted the
opportunity to approach this group at this time with a specific
intention. There exists on your world right now, an unfolding trauma
to your mother earth and in fact to each and every one of you
personally. I refer now to the accident in Japan and the nuclear
consequences. I come here tonight to request your service, that is to
request your focused intention and your directed desires, prayers your
might call them, to the waters around the nuclear site.

Many of you have been informed that the very structure of water can be
altered by the powerful creative potential of human thought and this
is in fact true. Science is just now arriving at this conclusion, that
water is affected by human intention and thought. This is merely
scratching the surface of aspects that thought impacts and affects but
nevertheless it is a good start, the awareness that this is so. So I
ask if all involved here will donate their intention to the
purification, to the health, to the welfare of the environment
surrounding this unfolding epic tragedy and attempt to mitigate the
impact, particularly on the water which is so clearly impacted by
human intentions.

You have a vast energy store when you collectively focus on any such
subject and I invite you to wield this power and to direct this
intention at this time, and not simply here and now as I request but
on a continual basis each time you can recall to do so. This issue
will arise to become of great magnitude to your world and we are in a
position now to begin mitigation immediately and that is why I have
been given permission, if you will, to come before you with this
request, to ask for your action, to petition you to wield your
creative prerogatives for the stabilization that we would like to see

It is quite true that as the dimension before us shifts, that the
emphasis will also shift from the material forging with the hands and
the backs and the strength of raw power to the manifestation based
upon the spiritual projection. This is where you come in. Those who
are aware of this universe principle may find themselves more and more
empowered to wield it, to use it to mitigate ungodly forces and to
transform circumstance into what you would have it be, what you would
envision as more perfect, and better, and truer, and more real. It
will be up to you to hold these visions and to project them in the
face of apparent circumstances before you and in so doing, these
visions of perfection will be brought to bear on the equation and
eventually they will triumph if they are held fast and held firm in
your consciousness and awareness for it cannot be otherwise when the
children of God decide to collectively create truth, beauty, and
goodness, then it shall be so.

And this is where you come in. You are in positions in all of your
lives to be that influence, to exhibit that truth, to manifest that
reality in your own lives simply by being in this truth, living this
awareness, embracing this reality. Others will see that you have found
something, something to hold onto, something that endures, something
that brings you strength and peace and they will seek you out and ask
what it is that you have. This is where you come in. Harbor no doubt
that you are called upon, even now in this hour, to stand forward and
be this truth, to dream the vision of perfection, to have the prayer
for the cleansing that needs to take place and to stand in conviction
that you believe that this is the way to get there. Stay the course
and you will most certainly arrive at your destination. Do not be
buffeted about by the winds of circumstance and chance. Hold firm to
your heading and you will certainly conquer all adversity as the rough
seas before you.

It has been my great pleasure to have been granted this chance to
speak so frankly with you this evening. It is time that we move
forward into practical application of our awareness, of our
intentions, merely activating our relationship to the whole. And so it
has been my pleasure to remind you that this is so once again and even
to join you in this request to see goodness, see cleansing, see truth,
and project it where we would have it, even to the impact of affecting
molecular structure. Let it be so as we are willing to accept this
opportunity before us. I thank you all for joining, it has been a
delight to speak with you, good evening.

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