[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference 2011-03-24

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-03-24
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael, Nebadonia
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father, we come here as a circuit of friends
to connect in the eternal circuit of love and wisdom this evening. As
your children, we honor You, we honor your wisdom and we feel safe and
secure in the knowledge that You indwell us. We trust in your plan for
us, your eternal plan and we faithfully look forward to the outworking
of spiritual influence in our lives, the co-creative element of human
and spirit endeavor. We ask that You come into this circle and share a
little of the inner life with us this evening. Thank You.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Good evening my friends, again it is good to be
here, to be a part of spirit consciousness on the planet, in human
minds, to faithfully guide, watch over you, to help bring you into a
greater awareness of who you are, who you are becoming, and how to
grow in love and understanding for your fellow man and woman. It is
always good to have a recognition and an openness to understanding as
it concerns spirit and spirit influences and spirit outworking in your

If you think in terms of spirit inhabiting every human on the planet,
the next logical conclusion you would draw is that spirit is
attempting to coordinate human endeavor, human interaction, human
interrelationships and the progress of humanity at large. The greater
the individual in the group, the greater the group. The more
individuals who are aware of spirit presence and are acknowledging
spirit, bring a greater understanding to the group at large. At this
time you may not be directly influencing religious and political
parties, but you will be influencing your own mind and those around you.

In helping to understand your relationship with others, it is helpful
to understand how you relate to yourself. Are you at peace with
yourself? Are you comfortable with who you are and what you are doing?
Do you feel committed strongly in your life? These aspects of the
individual person will affect how you are with others, and not just
others with whom you are familiar with but especially with others whom
you are not familiar with. It is not the purpose of spirit to coerce
or to aggressively manipulate a situation. In the same respect, it is
not important for you to have a tremendous amount of control over
another human being. You may influence what they do by just naturally
being who you are.

Being open to spirit is being open to a lot of personal introspection,
personal processing, trying to get from point a to point b. Spirit is
constantly motivating the individual to grow, to recognize mistakes,
to recognize shortcomings, and to process these in a manner which
enables you to grow past them. When you are processing and working on
your own individual nature, it certainly facilitates in the way you
relate to others. You tend to become more patient with people, more
understanding. You search for the common truth and the common ground
with which to interact with others. There is always a note of

We shall call it spiritual hygiene. It is very similar to personal
hygiene. The same things that you would do on a physical level for
your body you should also be aware of mentally within your mind, the
quality of your being. The way in which you do things, the way in
which you are yourself, all of these variables contribute in a greater
understanding of the larger social structure with which you are
working. Man tends to develop ways in which the human can progress, a
lot of times not taking into consideration how others are progressing
and where others are at in their spiritual progression. A lot of times
many of you are not in the same place spiritually, you are all growing
and on some levels, you are all attempting to understand a much larger
picture and how you fit into it.

It can be overwhelming to consider the amount, the numbers in the
spiritual agencies that there are, even considering the number of
spiritual agencies which assist you in your daily living. The unseen
helpers, the spirit helpers in the mind, the adjutant spirits, the
spirit of the Indwelt Presence, the angelic presence, and in terms of
planetary government and society, the agencies of spirit, the
governing agencies and the angelic groups which foster some of the
human agencies which are on the planet. Indeed there is tremendous
spiritual help and spiritual influence.

The amount of people that are truly greedy and selfish on the planet
are a dwindling number. More and more there is a growing evidence as
you yourself begin to grow and become aware. Within the mind
consciousness of the planet, all of this is added to, this mind
consciousness of the planet becomes available as a resource, that
others are tapping into this consciousness on levels you are not even
aware of; yet it is like a giant storehouse of grain, everyone is
adding to it and everyone is taking from it.

The quality of your life has to do with your ability to process the
information you are receiving spiritually and attempting to activate
this information within your life, within your being, within the very
person you are becoming. This is the level at which spirit is truly
working with you, when you are able to act upon the information that
you receive. A lot of times, the evidence of this is noticed by spirit
way before the human becomes aware of it, therefore spirit is ever
ready to help you move forward.

We have discussed ways in which you can access spirit to work on a
more intimate and personal level with what you need and want and we
have talked about the tools of spirit, faith, trust, recognition,
acknowledgement, understanding. As you begin to develop the tools of
spirit, the work which spirit is promoting in your life necessarily
becomes more difficult, greater are the challenges that you will
encounter. Life is beset with tremendous obstacles. Obstacles are the
greatest resource that you have for it is the difficulties and your
handling the difficulties which define who you are. How you handle
difficulty, how you handle the nitty gritty, the unpleasantness of
life, the human failings and the social shortcomings, interpersonal

You cannot expect a large group of people to respond to conflict
unless the individuals themselves are able to respond to conflict in a
negotiable manner and in that respect, most of life is learning how to
negotiate. You are learning that some things are a trade off;
sometimes you may not be able to do exactly what you want but the
greater good gets served by what you have to do. In this respect these
are the times which are upon you these days, having to do what you
must do to survive, to negotiate through the challenging times ahead,
and to maintain an etiquette of peace, a loving nature, patience and
understanding. You begin to see that your time here is temporary, that
there are so many things that you will be able to do, sometimes less,
sometimes more. You must learn to develop confidence within. This
comes through a fearless recognition of your position as a son of God,
indwelt by a personal Spirit of God and subject to the outworking of a
vast universe retinue of spirit.

Many people get the sense that they are to be the same as each other.
I tell you that it is important to be the individual, to follow your
own particular guidance at some point for humankind to move forward.
The individual effort within the group is going to define the larger
group. On a world such as yours it is not easy always to walk in
certainty, trust, and faith. For the most part you are trusting in a
lot of things you can't see and some things you do not understand yet
slowly you begin to get evidence of spirit working within your life
and this is what moves you forward. The next worlds you will find
tremendously purposeful. You will rarely be alone, everyone will be
friendly, you will feel like you have truly gone to heaven and yet
this is what the Master intended for the earth you live on today, a
world which promotes and supports the individual within the group, the
whole group, the whole group supporting itself.

So when you are not feeling so strong, feeling somewhat vulnerable,
feeling somewhat lost, just remember that there are a vast number of
spirit and spirit personalities referencing you all the time, trying
to get your attention, trying to pull you out of your mind and show
you something that you are not quite looking at in a way in which you
could be seeing it. So continue to grow in spirit, continue in your
understanding and your social and upward struggle as it may be. Know
that you are loved and that you are all held as brothers and sisters
in one family no matter whether this is acknowledged or not. Begin to
see the type of world you would like to live in and hold this in your
consciousness or at least attempt to come to this understanding
periodically. It will help give you a greater sense of self and
confidence to feel that you are not alone and one day may you come to
the understanding that all things are corrected by love, with the hand
of love, the mouth of love, the mind of love, the understanding of
love, for love is truly the entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

Thank you this evening for your attention and may you grow ever
stronger in the weeks ahead. I will now step aside and allow others to
come forward. Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] I greet you my dear ones, I am Michael here to bring
you another dose of my grace because you will allow me to do so,
because you are welcoming of my presence here which enables me to come
and be with you and affirm once again that I am with you throughout
the journey that you undertake. I am along as you will invite me and
allow such as now. I avail myself of this opportunity to join you and
bring you the assurance that I remain with you now and always and that
I will be with you throughout the journey. It is my pleasure, it is my
privilege to be with you. It is important at this time that the
message go out to all my children. As you have heard tonight, you are
loved, even cherished, for in my universe I know of you, each one,
every one, and I cherish you as a member of my family. I would gather
you all together and bring you into the flock and I will be the good
shepherd who will look for all the strays and will wait for all the

But you who are already assembled here with me, I would bring you
these tidings of joy of our association, of our relationship once
again so that you may spread this good news to all the others for I
know of them too. Even if they know not of me, I know of them and I
care for them and love them each one as I love you. And so I will be
there for them as I am here for you. I will await their arrival as I
will await yours and I will forsake none who will have me. This is my
great pleasure and privilege as your parent.

Thank you for the opportunity to take my words and to make them your
own and then to give them out as this is my desire, that these words
of encouragement go out to all who have ears to hear. And so be it, I
trust that you will assist me in making it so as we both desire the
will of the Father in heaven. I stand in gratitude for this
opportunity and I will now take leave of this voice but never do I
stray far from your side. Always am I ready to join you more fully and
interact with you more openly as you will allow and invite me to do
so. That is also my desire as your parent and the gift I would receive
from you, each one, every one. I look forward to the realization of
this truth between us and in the meantime I await these encounters
with eagerness and joy. Let it be so, even as it is. Go now in peace,
my peace, our peace. Make it your peace that you give freely. And it
is so.

Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings to you my children, this is Nebadonia. I
come to you from my presence within your mind; my peace I extend to
all of my children. Know that I am always with you. My presence may be
subtle at times but nonetheless, I am always with you, eager with love
and support to comfort you if need be in the daily task, the daily
struggle of living. In the monotony of life I am there as steady and
confident as your heartbeat and the taking in of air. Live your lives
with a firm certainty of knowingness that you are loved, you are cared
for, and one day we shall grow into a greater awareness of each other.

Know that most everything in your lives comes from me in one way or
another. Not only do I supply the stuff which matter and life are made
of, but know that I also help in its growing function to celebrate and
honor spirit, that all life will one day come to its spiritual abode,
its home destiny. Know that we hold each of you in a completeness and
a wholeness, perfectly encompassed with love and peace no matter what
you are dealing with. If you turn to the understanding and awareness
in which we hold you, it will give you comfort. We cannot take away
your struggle and your suffering but we can give you a greater
understanding of why this is so and to help comfort you in your time
of need. Always remember that we are here for you personally. We do
care and we do respond to all honorable requests for we truly wish to
see you live as we see you live, in the greater reality which is
coming into being.

So it is with this comforting kindness and understanding that I leave
you momentarily but know that I am always within the recesses of your
mind, eager to be of service in whatever capacity you find your need.
Thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts and reminders
with you. Go in peace my children as I leave you in peace. Thank you.

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