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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-02-24

Teacher: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Father, connect us in this moment of the eternal now, that
infinite space between our mind and your presence. Connect us in an
attempt to come together within this soul space, this space where we
are truly conscious, humble, compassionate, and eager to learn a bit
more of your will.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening, I am the Inner Voice and I
do come to you from infinite mind into this moment to share in an ever
expanding understanding between human mind and divine consciousness.
Last time, we discussed manifestation. We discussed a few things about
manifestation and today we will continue in a similar vein discussing
intention. When the primacy of the Father qualified an aspect of
Himself to eventuate the worlds of time and space in an expression of
incompleteness, the intention in the mind of God was that the whole of
the expression would find completeness in the presence, the aspects,
and the will of Deity. God's intention was such that it was designed
to create a conscious animal, indwell it with a divine aspect, give it
everything that it needed to survive, to grow, to prosper, to find the
divine aspect within and in finding the divine aspect, slowly begin
comprehending the will and the intention of this divine aspect.

In this way, men would be able to find completeness, wholeness in
life, and gradually grow from life to life into an aspect
complimentary to the Indwelt Divine Presence, fuse with this aspect of
Divine Presence and gradually gravitate homeward experiencing all
there is in the present time and space reality. This is God's
intention. You must discern what it is you intend for your life, your
personal life, your relationships, and the social phenomenon of your
brothers and sisters. On worlds of time and space, especially the
world you live on, there is tremendous distraction, a competitiveness
for your attention yet the awareness of His spiritual nature demands a
responsibility to go within in an ever increasing effort to understand
who you are, what you are doing here, and what is your responsibility
in relationship to these questions.

Intention is similar to an artist having an idea about creating an
object. He manipulates material in a certain fashion to reveal the
nature of something which goes beyond the mere material used to
express the idea and the intention. Intention is like the process, a
sculptor working with a piece of stone can actually see the form
within the stone and diligently chips away the excess stone revealing
a quality within the stone that was not immediately inherent in the
raw nature of the stone. This same option applies to ones life. One
can take life and live it never fully experiencing the sublime
mystery, the complete satisfaction, the ultimate challenge, the
possibility of happiness. It is possible to just react to life, to
satiate your desires, to use everything you can for your own pleasure,
your own need, and not really be bothered with the consciousness of
anyone else's needs.

Then again, such a fool is not even conscious of his own real needs.
He is just buying time. A real intention begins to form out of the
consciousness of experience. You may or may not make mistakes. Let us
say that you do make mistakes. Count the cost of the mistakes and you
become aware in consciousness of ways to avoid making those same
mistakes. Once you become conscious it is like being in a circular
river. No matter where you go in this circle you will eventually stop
upon the bank of the river and as you get back into the river you will
stop somewhere else and this will continue until you have experienced
all that is necessary to bring you to greater consciousness and
awareness as you go through this river of life.

Inherent in the pattern of life is the education principle that what
you are not willing to learn on your own, life is more than willing to
accommodate you and show you what it is that you need to learn.
Lessons in life adjust our intention. They help us to focus more
consistently on what is pertinent and responsible in ones life.
Mankind is born into an animal nature; it is the human and incomplete
part of man. It is obvious that man will react to it, man will respond
to it. But as you begin to question and see the unspoken within nature
you begin to understand a greater design and pattern at work, you
begin to understand intelligence, you begin to sense there is
something greater within you that the mind shows. You become aware
that within your mind there is an aspect of perfection. You can see,
in a certain sense if you had control, how you could make things be.

Eventually this leads and indicates that there is an aspect of
perfection within the human mind and it is not necessarily there for
you to control the external as much as it is there for you to begin to
comprehend and to control the internal nature of your mind, of your
thinking. The human phenomenon has always sought for quality. Quality
for a primitive human being is plenty of food, warmth, a place to
live, means to protect himself. Quality for an advanced civilized
human being is an aspect of how he lives and the objects that helped
make his life more agreeable. As man begins to stand upon the
knowledge of preceding generations and does not insure the inner
quality of consciousness to motivate and direct him, it is possible
that men can end up in society similar to the one that exists in your
present time, where the external nature of life has outgrown the
internal nature and they have not developed hand in hand.

It is useless to seek something to blame for lack of personal
cognition, personal respect and responsibility to the altruistic
thoughts which occur within the human mind, because all minds indwelt
with an aspect of God are minds which are constantly being bombarded
with thoughts not of the minds own. It is a choice. It is possible to
totally disregard the greater part of what the mind is saying, to only
listen to how the ego needs to be satiated. Therefore, intention,
intention is the continuous thread, it is what connects and reinforces
experience, the tasks at hand, and the qualities which exist in the
mind that you are trying to bring into fruition in your life.

This is why revealed religion is important, revelation brings into
consciousness specific actualities, truths that when the mind is ready
the mind can use this revelation as a tool to complete the work which
the revelation initiates. You soon learn to have faith. You soon learn
to control animal fear to a caution. You begin to trust in unseen
guidance and little by little and slowly you begin to notice aspects
of your life which indicate how you hold the quality of the space
within your mind. The things I speak of are not magical, they are not
easy, you are not going to find them in a package for sale yet they
are aspects of reality that the mind grasps as a scaffolding which it
uses to reveal the intention, the intention which compliments the will
of the Father.

Evermore so on a world of Agondonter status is a challenging, to see
with the eyes of the mind, to sense and feel with the touch of the
mind, to understand through collective counsel with other minds,
evermore so to hold oneself responsible for his and her own behavior.
As you begin to undertake and walking a spiritual path, the rewards
begin to reveal themselves subtly, sometimes dramatically, but for the
most part gradually and subtly, that you begin to see the necessity of
holding true to a greater intention whose source is not external,
whose source springs from the human consciousness of the divine
element within. Intention is the language of the soul. This language
uses pictures, images, feelings, knowledge, and it foresees the future
in that it brings an aspect of the present now into the next present
now and its continuum in the future.

Quieting the mind, contemplation, begins to reveal the tasks at hand.
They are not so complicated that you cannot understand them; they are
not a mystery. Everything that you need and need to do stands very
near to you, you are in the midst of it. The greater effort to hold
this intention for all life as your own begins to manifest in life. It
begins to affect others, other mind on a subconscious level. It is
something that another mind detects, feels. This person feels good.
People socially feeling good and feeling strong begin to create an
aspect of greater awareness within society. Society begins to yearn to
truly worship the Father. Everyone begins to benefit through intention.

In a certain sense, intention is similar to agenda except that
presently in your society, agenda has come to reflect something from
the selfish egocentric personal, therefore not always tremendously
positive. Yet as the Father is concerned, His agenda is certain. Be
you perfect as I Am perfect. The primal utterance set forth as an
agenda and intention for mankind. Beyond yourselves and beyond the
life on this earth, it is the quality of divine experience which
expresses to the myriads of personalities that are not indwelt with
the divine presence. It expresses to them the reality of the divine
presence, that their work and effort is not is vain, that they also
begin to see results. Everyone wants results but not everyone wants to
take responsibility to engender those results. It is therefore to the
mind poised with intelligent effort, a sense of urgency and beauty to
which is revealed more and more.

When you begin to honor what it is you have learned and gained in
life, you begin to receive a greater awareness and sense of the
direction in which all of this learning is guiding you. When it
becomes fixed and certain within your mind is when you have truly
embarked on becoming perfect even as the Father in heaven is perfect.
Eventually, without the Father, all things fall short, dreams,
intention, needs, wants. All of life is designed to accommodate the
Father, the guidance within, the awareness presented within your mind,
the aspect of quality which is revealed to you. And as the Master
said, "Amongst you who would be the greatest, let him be the first to
serve," for it truly is within the realm of service in which the
greater essence of reality lies. It does not lie in the ecstatic
thought patterns for those are meant to stimulate you and to motivate
you. The true essence of reality lies within the grit of life, the
challenge of life, the idea that little by little you can help make it
better for someone else.

This is the story of the Buddha of compassion. One day the Buddha goes
to God and says, there is too much to do here, there is so much need
and I only have two hands. God said, we will take care of that so He
broke the Buddha into pieces and rebuilt him with four hands. After a
while Buddha comes back to God and says, there is so much need, there
is not enough time, I have no helpers and all I have is four hands.
Again, God disassembles Buddha and remakes him with six hands. The
ancient story eventually goes to the point where God has created the
thousand armed Buddha. At this point God is not demanding more than
you can perform. He is just intending for you to perform to your
capacity. To go beyond your capacity as a human is to dip into the

I thank you for your patience and diligence to hear my words this
evening. I wish all of you a blessed week, good intentions, peace and
happiness. Until next time, may my love enfold you, may my love
empower you to well up with love yourself and to love others. Thank
you this evening.

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