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Lightline Teleconference 2011-02-10

Teacher: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Father/Mother, we trust in the light and we ask the
light to come into a healing mode within our brother Mark that he be
made whole again and complete, that he may continue to do his work and
again return here in a healthy state, thank you. [long pause] Thank
you very much Father and Mother for the opportunity to infuse our
brother with the healing light of Nebadon. Thank you again.

Father, we open up our hearts and minds to be interconnected to your
presence, your reality, your love, for all life, for the healing of
our brother, and for all who are here. We humbly seek your guidance
and wisdom and the light which you will shed within our minds. Thank
you this evening.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening my friends, I am the Inner
Voice and yes, this evening I would like to address the act of
manifestation, manifestation as the ultimate in co-creative activity
between the Indwelling Adjuster and the mortal of indwelling. I say
the supreme act because this is purely the ultimate in co-
creativeness, the ability for the mortal to identify and specify and
visualize what it is that the mortal needs, either for the now, for
the moment, for the coming life, for the greater manifestation of
spirit, and the greater reality of connectedness on this planet with
his brothers and her brothers and sisters.

It is important in understanding manifestation to understand the
specific nature of such an idea, the ability for the mortal to specify
specifically, even in terms of visualization, not so much in actuality
or detail but visualization and specificity of intent is extremely
important. The Adjuster working with spirit is better able to bring
fruition to an intention in a timely manner through the effort of the
individual, not only to specify but to assume the responsibility for
what he or she will have to encounter to be responsible to bring this
manifestation into reality. In actuality, all effort is mostly on your
part, spirit just accommodates. You think and you intend and you bring
forward the necessary responsible effort towards this intention and as
a son and daughter of the Most HIgh Father of us all, it is within the
desire and order of the Universal Father that all intention and all
true desire and honorable intention be made manifest.

Again, in this process, visualization is tremendously helpful, not so
much in the actuality but in the ability to allow the manifestation to
unfold in its own way, not to put any conditions or restrictions on
the manifestation but having the patience and the conscious intention
focused on perceiving the necessary guidance which navigates you
through the negotiating process of your requested intention, your
manifestation of an idea into a real and actual situation within your
life at this time. This is not something that is magical or
miraculous, this is a true co-creative endeavor between spirit and
man. Once a human has specified the intention, it is easier for spirit
to begin to bring choices into alignment, to be able to direct and
redirect situations to come into play to accommodate the very need
which you intend to manifest.

Again, manifestation works on all levels. It is so creative that it
can accommodate all honorable intentions and thoughts. Even seemingly
complex tasks or seemingly insurmountable feats of achievement can be
achieved through the help of manifestation. There is no assumption and
there is no expectation here, there is only desire of intention and
the willingness and ability to provide the necessary responsibility to
meet the tasks which will bring into fruition the desired results. In
that way you have truly accessed one aspect of the divine gift which
lies within, the ability to truly change who you are into who you can
become and are becoming in time.

It is folly to think that you have no choice, that you are in a
situation and in a position which imprisons you, blocks you from
moving forward or denies entry. You live in a time and a place in
which if you can think it you can also make it happen. That is one of
the ramifications of your ability to think something into existence.
This is why it is said that all things begin as thought in the mind of
God and made manifest in reality which is the work of the Father, the
work of the Paradise Trinity, and the grand and great Isle Itself. To
bring reality into existence is to give a material counterpart,
identity to thought, the ability for a lowly individual as yourselves
to achieve inner and outer greatness, not in terms of notoriety but in
terms of true evolution, change, and genuine endeavor to manifest the
will of the Father within the lives of you and your brothers and

It is this co-creative act which distinguishes human life from animal
life. Animal life can reproduce for hundreds of thousands of years and
it will be the same yet in one human lifetime you can transform what
you have become through the internal and external influences of life;
through the divine connection you can become something new, something
never before experienced within your own life. It is the intention of
the Divine Spirit within to guide the human mind into a greater
understanding of its capacity to function in a greater relationship
with spirit and Deity in a co-creative manner. In this respect two
things will happen. One, is your faith and trust will be tested and
through the process of manifestation, secondly, you will become aware
of the veracity of which I speak. You will become certain beyond a
shadow of a doubt that I am real within you, that I truly love and
have your greatest desire and intention as my honor, to help bring and
manifest in your life.

Even though you do all the work, I am the key ingredient, I am the
catalyst which solidifies your thought and action into a reality and
as the knowingness begins to reveal itself within your consciousness,
a surety and a certainty will follow, a greater acknowledgement for my
presence, a greater desire to seek and be fulfilled with my love and
the dawning of an age where collectively conscious human beings can
begin to manifest a greater society in which to live. But before you
can change society you must be willing to manifest this change within
yourself. This is the challenge, to take that grain of sand and the
delicate muscle of faith and trust and hold and honor it till it
becomes the pearl, till you truly begin to believe by seeing results
within yourself, by seeing seemingly impossible tasks incrementally
becoming possible and reality within your present day life.

It is a wonderful and important day when the human begins to make a
conscious effort to work within the knowingness and consciousness of a
co-creative endeavor. This is what it is all about; the eventual
fusion of the mortal mind personality with the Indwelling Eternal
Spirit Guide begins by accepting the challenge to move from the animal
status toward the divine and spirit status, to move beyond the human
condition to the quality of mind which acknowledges achievement,
ability, potential, actuality, manifestation.

In this arena, this space where the human and divine meet, there is a
sacred trust, a bond which develops. There is no condition placed upon
the human from the divine source for the divine source is totally
capable of bringing the human consciousness of intention into
alignment to embark upon the personal and specific plan which is
designed for each and every one of you inhabited by the Spirit Guide
Fragment. It is not the divine which places the condition, conditions
come from the natural reaction of the ego-mind which is the result of
the physical animal mechanism to sustain and satiate itself, where the
divine part of consciousness is moving you beyond the mere satiation
of human desire into the satiation of divine intention, divine
insight, into that aspect of wisdom which sees perfectly even as you
are imperfect.

Only that spirit visualizes the true and correct path towards your
eventual perfection, your perfection of will, your perfection of
intention, your perfection of responsibility to duty, the duty of
knowledge, understanding the responsibility of intention, the
responsibility of awareness. All too often this is why many minds
continue to remain unconscious because consciousness carries with it a
responsibility, a responsibility to decision, a subsequent
responsibility to action. Yet if you are willing to accept this
challenge, it is like a plane lifting off the ground; you can point it
in any direction you wish to go, it is that creative.

This evening, I hope that I have shed a little more light to the
actuality of the Divine Presence living within the consciousness of a
human mind. It is my intention, as it is the intention of all
Adjusters, to guide the indwelt mortal to the greater capacity to
recognize, understand, choose wisely, and eventually change your life
to become as I am, unfettered by time and space, conditions of the
flesh or conditions of the mind, completely free, fearless, open,
energetic. We honor all human intention, all human desire, and in this
light we empower you to move forward from this moment on into the life
which you truly intend and desire for yourself. Thank you and good

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