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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2011-01-27

Teacher: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Parents, Mother and Father, we thank you for connecting
us in this eternal circuit of love, this circuit of wisdom and
understanding, energy, knowledge, and love. We come here tonight to
open our hearts and ground ourselves in the universe energies of love.
Thank you.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening, I am the Inner Voice.
Welcome, all of you this evening. I would like to say starting off, a
few words about the Spirit of Intuition. It is tremendously difficult
to point to one moment or a set of conditions and say that one aspect
of spirit is more important than another, but in the case of the
Spirit of Intuition, it is a spirit which is lightly used by many and
rarely used by most. This spirit has a direct consequence to its
action, for example: You get the sense that you need to do something
specific because you're doing something else and you want to make sure
that this is taken care of. Then someone comes along right before you
leave and says, that's okay, I'll take care of it, you don't need to
do this. Because of your sense of wanting to have trust and faith in
them you say, sure. Later on you find out that they didn't quite live
up to your expectations and you may have suffered some consequences
because of this. Certainly you felt sure that your sense was correct
yet you allowed the knowingness to have second seat to wanting to
trust this other person. This is not to say that you should not trust
people or have faith in them for certainly trust and faith goes a long
way in the spirit world. On the human plane one must be cautious about
trusting and placing their faith in others.

Intuition opens up the notion of a sense, an unforeseen knowingness
that allows you to trust your instinct. Sometimes it is a gut sense
feeling, sometimes it is a notion, it may be a bump. Intuition is
usually subtle, it is not a very dramatic thing like an aha moment or
an understanding. It has to do more with a projection into the future.
It has to do more in the time which comes after you make a decision.
Yet this little sense, this little knowingness can sometimes save a
lot of time, a lot of effort, can even sometimes avoid very difficult
and compromising situations, yet it is one of the aspects of spirit
which attempts to help guide and direct you to what you would benefit
as a consequence.

In this sense, spirit is working with you always, your understanding
and openness to it can compromise it yet it is always there. If you
have any doubt that it is there, just open and become aware of it and
it will show itself to you. This knowingness has no reference to time
and space. You can know something about something thousands of miles
away, like another person. You can have a sense about an event that is
far away in both time and in space. This aspect of spirit is a direct
connection to your physical presence and well being.

Many times the intuition is not specific, sometimes it is specific.
The important thing is to realize that intuition is a tremendous
resource that works for you, never against you, in your best
interests. It is said that all aspects of spirit work is one and this
is certainly true. In that sense it is not so important to detail
which aspect of spirit, knowing that it is from spirit yet this
certain detail, this certain aspect, this intuition, touches to a very
deep place within you. It has no reference, it will just make its
presence known to you and in that respect, again, it is quite subtle.

So also this evening, I would like to talk a little bit about the mind
of Christ. It is said that if your mind does not serve you well, you
can trade it in for the mind of Christ, Christ consciousness as it
were. What does this mean, to have the mind of Christ? A few things
about this concept: First off, having the mind of Christ is not Christ
Himself. There is the Spirit of Truth which is the personal presence
yet the mind of Christ opens us up into a conscious relationship with
our Inner Guidance and Indwelling Spirit. One of the aspects of
Christ's mastery on earth was His unbroken communication with this
Indwelling Spirit, this correct consciousness and that aspect of the
Universal Father which indwells all humans.

Another aspect of the mind of Christ was its nature. Christ's nature
was tremendously nonjudgmental, full of compassion, a concerned and
loving nature, empathetic to the human plight and human error, in
injustice, in poverty, and the general discrepancies within human life
on this planet. The most important aspect of the mind of Christ was
His consciousness. Christ was fully conscious and totally alert, never
ever thinking of Himself first, always making Himself available for
others in their understanding, in their quest for knowledge, and in
their need for a human role model, an example of a moral and upright
human being.

Christ knew how to separate the human from their behavior. He truly
loved the person. At times He might not have been excited about their
particular behavior, nonetheless, He treated them with respect. He was
firm in His belief. He always consulted His Inner Guidance concerning
decisions. Actually, when He had to make major decisions He would go
off alone to wrestle these decisions one on one. So as a human,
accepting the mind of Christ, the consciousness of Christ, is an
attempt to focus more clearly on being conscious, of accessing the
spirit which is within, and in general using all that spirit has to
offer for your benefit and the benefit of others, having a
nonjudgemental nature, a childlike ability to meet all situations with
a fresh heart and open mind, an eagerness to understand. It serves
humanity in this particular time, nowadays, to have a few people
carrying Christ's consciousness around and trying to exemplify the
moral nature and character of the human spirit, to be an example which
others will want to emulate.

Another aspect of the mind of Christ is its consistency. Christ did
not exhibit a floundering, indecisive, stuttering, or stumbling
nature. It was consistent, it was consistently fresh, full of humor,
full of understanding, full of compassion, full of genuine love for
His fellow men. When I say fellow men I mean all humans, men, women,
and children. There are even times when a few thought to take the
Master to task but the Master was clever. He never gave in to base
human emotion, of reaction, of needing to be correct, needing to show
anyone up.

It is certainly true, being a God/man gave Him a certain sensitivity
to execute this consistency, even to the very end of His life, being
nailed and hung up on a cross. Even then, He did not give in to base
human emotion, rather He asked forgiveness for the deeds of
misunderstanding that His fellows were perpetuating. Yes, in the end,
He was tremendously sorrowful. He was not sorrowful because He felt
that He had failed in bringing His message. His sorrow was for the
whole human race because He knew what they were disregarding. He knew
they had no idea what bringing His message into fruition would bring
to the whole human race. He was sorrowful because they were not able
to rise above their base human emotions.

In a certain sense, standing in the mind of Christ is standing alone,
firm in faith, stalwart in your trust. As more and more people begin
to come into this consciousness there will certainly develop a more
social consciousness of Christ and eventually one day in the distant
future the majority of humans on the planet will retain a
consciousness of Christ. It is inevitable, it is the mind of peace, it
is the mind of negotiation, and it is the mind which reflects the
nature of that aspect of the Eternal Spirit which lives within, a true
reflection of the First Source and Center, God the Father. His ability
to live as He did live is a testament to His connection to spirit, His
knowingness of the Father, His acceptance of the Father, and His
desire in every moment to reflect the ways of the Father.

There have been great humans who also have lived on this earth
exemplifying many of the things that Christ exemplified yet there were
none except Christ who had the nature and the ability to represent the
primacy as well as the composite human and divine nature of God, the
co-creative aspect. There are many aspects of Christ's consciousness
which can easily fit into your life today. You can be more open to
receiving advice from spirit. You could help elevate your mind into a
higher consciousness which hovers above base human emotions. These two
things alone will dramatically change your life and those around you
and as all things which attempt to become spiritual, demand a
practice, a daily conscious effort within the human mind to surrender
that mind to a greater presence. You live in a time where the Spirit
of Truth is an active participant in all social situations.

The Spirit of Truth also acts personally but becomes more activated in
a social context. The Spirit Presence Within is a spirit presence
which you adjust your mind to personally in helping to elevate it into
a higher consciousness, into a greater understanding of who you are,
who you are becoming, and how all of this displays in human behavior.
It is not the intention that you imitate Christ, yet there may be
times when you certainly feel that you should imitate Christ in a
certain situation and by all means, please do.

Another aspect of the mind of Christ was Christ's tremendous awareness
and knowledge of who He was, where He had come from, and all of the
information that He refused to use while He was on the planet, keeping
it simple, keeping His mind directed to His human constituency and the
human plight on the planet. He was tremendously comfortable within
this single focus, His ability to focus to the task at hand. There
were many things that Christ could have been, yet He chose the one
thing which He felt needed to be represented above all else and that
was the perfect human being, the human being capable of holding a
consciousness and avoid reacting with base human emotions in all
encounters and all situations. Truly a Master among men, something
that all humankind should aspire to, not just being worried whether
you are saved or not, but being concerned about who you are now and
who you are becoming and unlocking the nature of your mind to become
as great as Christ. This is the challenge all humans face, whether
they know it or not, whether they accept it today or put it off until
tomorrow. It is tremendously [difficult] to move very far in the
universe without this consciousness.

Continue in your meditations and your practices. Continue to know and
discern my presence and continue to enjoy the tremendous resource
which resides within you. Thank you for allowing me to give voice to
these thoughts. Thank you and good evening.

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