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Subject: Lightline Adjuster Series 2010-12-02 [transcripts from 1995]

Teacher: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Know that you are loved and that this Love from me is the greatest
resource that any being can have.
This love can contain, correct, persuade, direct, involve, heal, help
and in all ways bring any being to
a much better understanding of self and Me. My love enfolds your
being, nurturing you as you seek in
stillness, my guidance. I am ever present in your heart. Open your
heart and allow yourself to being
my love and light to all whom you meet. I am there in every moment of
your living to bring all things
into alignment to my will, my being-ness. As you have sought and found
me, others will learn to do
the same. All actually seek me but need to properly direct their
search, for I am truly found within,
in the inner stillness of your mental presence, abstained from
thought. There at first you will hear
the faint echo of my voice. As your stillness increases and a more
direct connection becomes possible,
I am able to touch your mind more consciously as I am doing now.

All my children are important; treat them as you would recognize my
presence in them. It is not
necessary to correct or bring any thing in particular to their
attention. Your consciousness of my
presence in others is enough to engage me. This engaging is enough for
feeling acknowledged and
recognized. I listen for your thoughts to turn to me, for I am
constantly preparing your mind for advancement
in my work, (the next thing). Fill now your heart with my love, never
let it run empty, daily seek to refill;
this world can use all of my love to help being the human condition to
some resemblance of decency and virtue.

My voice is an echo of the primal person in whom I take my being-ness.
I am He who is perfect; ever to His duty
you are becoming more perfected. I am here to guide you, reassure you,
and to be your eternal companion in
the eternal adventure of the absolute quest in returning Home. For
now, keep this commitment to stillness, Be with me daily. T/
A 7/15/95

I am He who is within you as your Father, your friend and your eternal
companion, ever adjusting your thoughts
and bestowing my divine love to your growing soul and your uplifted
consciousness. Today as always,
you are challenged to do my will, to bring my love to embrace others.
What greatness for a mortal as
yourself to bring divine love to another mortal. Glory is this day and
in every way you are an earthly vessel
of my love. Live each day in joy and happiness knowing that I will be
with you in all things and in every encounter.

Know that your trust in me has given me great joy and happiness in
being able to impart my teaching
to you directly. You have truly entered upon an everlasting journey in
which all things will be revealed to
you and all shall be experienced by you. This situation of starting
your spiritual career on this world of origin
will enable others to comprehend the opportunity they have, 'not to be
left out' as you say. Man's nature at
best is imitative at first, then directed by me and sanctioned by your
effort and will. Doubt not that I AM HE
who is within you. You have steadily listened and heard me prompting
and have followed me. Now I ask you
to help my Son, your universe Father in helping uplift and interact
your fellows on this your world of nativity and
His world of Human Bestowal.

Trust that His Spirit is always with you assuring and confirming that
which you question and doubt.
This is not a normal occupation on your world, but for the spiritually
advancing, this is the most important
work in the universe; this bringing about a spiritual reality to a
material existence on a world as your own,
one void of the physical presence of Spiritual Brings. To believe by
faith is the most sublime and
dramatic confirmation of my presence within your being.

Be not dismayed at your seeming failure and lack of comprehension by
others. Water the starving plants
in my garden, as well the nourished. Some will take time to show the
effect of nourishing and nurturing.
May My Love embrace you, My Light enfold you and My work strengthen
you-- Be at Peace. T/A 7/23/95

It is the endeavor of the Spiritual Universe to serve everyone who is
brought into being. It is the desire of the Universe
Intelligences that the beings brought in existence would willfully
return this service at some point when the being is
brought to consciousness of Universal Brotherhood. It is the grand
family concept. Everyone working for everyone
else's benefit, love of service and desire to participate in this
grand family adventure. The universe is making attempts
to minister to this your world, Urantia. You are not forgotten. Truth,
Beauty, Goodness, all personal aspects of myself
as the evolving Supreme are present and at service on this your world.
We gently shower you with love and mercy.
We attempt to being some order here by our presence and our continuing
ministry to your peoples of Urantia.

No we do not interfere into your conflicting affairs, though doubt not
we are continually attempting the out working
of Peace, Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. We are truly saddened by
the cruel and harsh social constitutions
and conflicts on your world. Rest assured though, that all our
monitoring are purposeful of attuning this
enharmonic sphere. Our work as Adjusters is somewhat hampered by
neglect and lack of interest; confused by
personal conflict and improper instructing modes. We patiently wait
and continually minister our soothing echos
of greatness and love to all, we indwell.

Albeit our ministry is of a personal and spiritual nature, harmony
thru unification is our plan. We will succeed,
as a group, not individually. We are not hampered on our efforts by
the spiritual immorality / immaturity of the
individuals of this planet. We do enjoy the ministry of those of you
who have found us; helping others find us
as well. This is the Mission of my Sons and Daughters. Welcome to our
spiritualizing services to this world,
and to your self. Continue to seek my presence and take all the love
you can. Give it away.
Wherever you are, I AM!...............T/A.8/9/95

I am that adjutant in your mind, which being-ness of insight and
projection whose presence allows your free
use anytime, for any situation; you may actually view anything through
me. Allow me, Wisdom to intercede
in your stead. I am the discerner of the infinite mind of God. You are
the activator of His chosen will. I will always
allow your imagination precedence to my intuitive sense and I always
give you access to my secure channel
of unparalleled resourcefulness.

I am the 'eye of God'. The reflection of infinite mind and the source
of His Wisdom. I am the channel through
which God contacts you. Worship is the channel through which you
contact God. He has given you five more
senses (adjutant mind spirits) for yourself and your brothers and
sisters benefit. Open your mind to me, my
urging and my faithful insight. Harmonize your mind to the indwelt
presences of the Divine channel
to Mind Consciousness.......adjutant of wisdom....9/19/95

I daily wait for you to sit in my light. Enter my stillness and
refresh yourself with my presence and spirit.
Enjoy the new found stillness in Joy and Happiness. Let the daily
activities cease and join in a moment of
eternal essence, infinite peace and unconditional love.

Doubt not my sincerity to grant your needs and your prayers. I am
faithful ever to your needs, I am ever
bringing an enlarged vision of reality to you. I am the voice saying,
"worry not, continue in Joy and Happiness".
Bring ever closer your most intimate life to me; I will strengthen
you, assure you, heal you, and in all ways
work to bring about your highest good, your finer adjustments and your
truer self.

I thank you for knowing Me, worshipping Me, and loving Me. I am an
aspect of person, the ideal
and perfect person, the Extravagant Lover, the True Friend, the Loving
Father; the Persistent Teacher;
the Merciful Forgiver, the Attainable Goal, The Diamond's Brilliance,
the Harmonic Vibration the Never-Ending Story.
I AM the Beginning. Bring your thoughts upon my presence........T/A...

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