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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-11-18

Teacher: Inner Voice, Spectrum

T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mike DiMattia

The following is an offering by one of the participants:

If you are a parent you very well remember the first time that you
looked upon the face of your newborn child. It is a time filled with
great anxiety, emotion, fear and anticipatory joy. You watch as your
wife bears down in response to the latest contraction. The baby’s
head has crowned. It is time. The time has come. The time has come
for another little one to come into the world. Your wife clenches her
teeth and gives a final valiant push. The shoulders pass through the
birth canal and just like that the child is born. You are given a
pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. Then the baby is passed
to the bosom of it mother. The mother and father gaze with wonderment
at a new creation, their creation. A union of two souls has led to
this moment. Then it happens. The parents gaze for the first time at
their little one, blinking softly and adjusting to newfound light.

The first time that new parents gaze unto the eyes of their newborn is
a time of magic. For there is a bond created at that moment that
lasts a lifetime. From that time on, from the first time that they
see the face of their newborn, there is a connection that can never be
severed. Those of you that have witnessed the birth of your child and
the subsequent growth thereof are well aware of the speed with which
that growth takes place. At times it seems that the intervening years
lumber along so slowly, yet without warning that little newborn grows
up. Those of you that have watched your child grow up and graduate
from high school know what I am talking about. You can scarce believe
that this is the newborn that you just so recently held in your arms.
Is it really true. This little one is now an adult, a young adult
beginning their journey on this tumultuous earth.

What you did not know my children, is that every parents joy is my
joy. For long before the birth of your little one I was awaiting in
the wings for my assignment. My assignment brings me such joy
because it is an assignment of life. It is an assignment of another
precious one. Another life, another consciousness added to the One,
the One that lives at the Center of all things. The first time that I
saw the face of my child was a time fraught with great joy and
anticipation. I could envision my child before me without the aid of
literal eyes that you mortals need to see. I can see with the eyes of

I remember the time when my little charge pulled the wings off of a
grasshopper when he was six years old. His companion told him that
he was going to hell for doing that. Filled with fear he ran into his
mother and told her what had happened. He asked his mother, “Am I
going to hell Mom?” “Aw honey, she said, “you aren’t going to go to
hell.” Her reassurance mattered much to my little one. He was young
and foolish at times, like all little boys. But he was learning a
valuable lesson that day. He was beginning to grow. He discovered
that there are consequences for ones actions. Pulling the wings off
of a grasshopper does not rank as one of the all time crimes, but even
in that instance a new found conscience was developing.

When I look at all of your faces now I see something that you may not
be aware of. You have grown up to become fledgling morontia beings.
You may not think this to be so, but it is like you are all children
once again. You are playing in the sandbox of the morontial worlds.
The wonderment that you all felt as children, and may have thought
disappeared, is returning with vigor. You are all children again
watching as a tiny ant picks a crumb off the sidewalk hoisting it up
and carrying it back to its fellow ants.

There is something about the various stages of life that you are yet
to encounter. I am not speaking about the various stages of the
mortal life. I am speaking about the various stages of eternal life
as you struggle to become one with the your Father fragment. There is
no need for consternation or hand wringing. At whatever stage you
find yourselves in embrace it with joy. For you are discovering,
layer by layer, the Eternal Father. It is like you are peeling away
an orange to discover the delectable fruit that awaits you inside.
You take the first piece and squeeze the sweet juice into your mouth.
There is a refreshing feeling as the juice from the orange slides down
your throat and into your stomach. Each piece of the orange brings
with it a new experience. You think: “How can this be?” It is an
orange isn’t it?” Yet each time you eat another slice you experience
something different. Something new is added to you that you had not
discerned before.

My dear children, advancing on the road towards the Eternal Father
involves expanding awareness. When your powers of discernment and
awareness are enhanced you have taken another bite of the orange
slice. You have peeled away another layer. But what layers are you
peeling back that reveals yet more of the Eternal One? It is through
actual living. It is through actual experience. As you live the life
you discover that there is the voice of the Eternal One calling out to
you. The Eternal One says with joy and playfulness: “This way, this
way, my child.” The path that the Eternal Father has lain down for
you is paved with the gold of indestructible love. This is something
that you may not have considered my children, when you accept the will
of the Father as your own layers of mystery fall away before your feet.

You know that your beloved Creator Son has told you that when you feel
your mind is failing you then all you need to do is substitute your
mind for his mind. Well I tell you my children, I offer the same
thing. In this world when you stumble and fall scraping your knees,
substitute my mind for your mind. You may well recall, when as a
child, you may have scraped your knee. You run crying to your mother
to make the pain go away. She gently cleans the wound, dries it, then
applies salve to the wound. She then applies a bandage and wipes
your tears. She kisses your booboo and tells you that everything will
be alright. I know that you are no longer children from a mortal
standpoint, but you will always be the children of the Eternal One.
The wounds of this world can be overwhelming at times. You may think
that you can never see the Eternal One. The wound is too deep and the
pain is too intense. How can you advance to the next level when you
are stuck on this present one? If you simply say: “Precious Father I
am your dear child, I have scraped my knee and there is no salve
available.” I will kiss your hurt knee and I will apply the salve of
my unconditional love.

Don’t you know my children that when you acquiesce to the will of the
Eternal One you are peeling away that delicious fruit that you have
always wanted to try? The secret to a successful life is to accept
the fact that I bring with me infinite knowledge, wisdom and love. No
matter what stage you find yourselves on in the eternal journey my
will ever stands before you like a piece of fruit that you just have
to have. You are now playing in the morontial sandbox, but the game
remains the same. Each step along the way you will find paved with
the will of the Eternal One. As you step upon each flagstone you
stop, stoop over and overturn the rock to see what is lying
underneath. As you do you will find me, you will see my face.

One day you will see the face of the Eternal One. When that momentous
occasion occurs it is something that you will never forget. Over eons
of time you will have played in the sandbox of infinity and you will
have discovered that deep inside, hidden away from your sight, the
will of the Father lay hidden awaiting for your discovery. Imagine
the joy of your Father as he gazes upon your face as if for the first
time. Why, here is a child of the dust standing before Him as a
mighty spirit person, a perfected being of beauty and elegance. When
you make that passage onto the shores of Paradise you are on the final
stage of your journey. At the end of that journey is a new birth.
Because you were not really alive until this day. Until this day that
you stand before the Eternal One. With wonderment the Father will
gaze upon your face as if it is the first time that he has ever seen
you. You will have peeled away all the layers of that delectable
fruit and here you are, here you are. You have will have quenched
your thirst with the sweet slices of your Heavenly Father’s will.

My dear children, I am a piece of the Eternal One. I have been sent
here to guide you home. Will you take my hand and walk the eternal
walk with me? For my will is the love of the Infinite One. If you
take it into your mouth and eat it you will discover it, discover it
for yourself. When I saw you emerge from the birth canal I knew it, I
knew it. I knew that this precious child would look up and see me
gazing down upon him. The first time ever I saw your face I knew , I
knew that we would be one. If you enter the eternal sandbox be
assured that endless joy is ahead. You will take that juicy fruit
into your hands and watch as its contents soak your hands with
sweetness. Then when you stand before the Eternal One you will say
that from the first time ever I saw your face I loved you.

Paul Conklin

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Father, we are here tonight to hear a little of
your wisdom and to help further understand the dynamic which goes on
between the Indwelt Spirit and our human minds. Connect us in the
spiritual energy of the universe, the love.......are constantly
available to us and Father, thank you very much for the gift of your

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening, I am the Inner Voice of
this t/r. This evening, I would like to focus some thoughts around the
relativity of truth discernment and the personal relationship between
the individual and the Adjuster. I was thinking this evening, there is
a reason and this reason can be seen on this planet, why the dynamic
of the Indwelt Spirit Fragment of the Father and the human mind, there
is a reason why this dynamic is designed this way.

For example, you live on a world that has a history of default, of
various spirit personalities from off planets visiting here; you even
as a planet have played host to a universe Sovereign Son from Paradise
in His final and sovereign bestowal. On a world such as Urantia,
humans learn truth early on in a very personal fashion. There are
books, there are preachers, there are philosophers, there are writers
of truth, yet all of these fall short of the personal experience only
an individual and their spirit fragment can understand as truth. There
is no thing short of Paradise that is perfect.

Even the greatest of established traditions of the universes fall
short of perfection. Everything in the time and space universe falls
short of perfection. Yet, to the lowly born in creation, indwell that
you may know personally, a truth, a truth to stand on, a truth to grow
with, a truth to call your own. This is your birth right. At best, man
collectively through knowledge, through experience, bring together
these truths and try to establish systems of government, rules of
conduct, ways of living, ways of raising a family, developing of
communities, growing spiritually. On this level alone the variables
are tremendous.

The inner personal reality that exists at any moment on the planet is
an unimaginable figure, yet these eternal Fragments of the Father are
designed to coordinate and dovetail all personal truths so that there
is an understanding between humans who understand their own truths. It
is very good to study recorded truths, to study the Bible, to study
philosophy, to study your Urantia Books, yet the truths in these texts
fall short of what you will experience. For example, you may have the
most incredibly detailed map of how to get from Maine to Southern
California but there is nothing in that map that will show you or give
you any indication of what kind of trip you will have from point a, to
point b, to point c, and so on. The details are personal yet the map
can be impersonal and general.

Much like a book, at best the Urantia Book intends to bring man to a
better awareness. Much restraint was exercised not to take mankind
further than where it was in 1935. This was not the purpose of the
book. The purpose of the book was to show mankind how they fit in the
Grand Universe and that their lives are personable, meaningful, and
not in vain. The Urantia Book does not contain all of the information
that you will need to know as you begin to traverse to the center of
the universe, but like the map from Maine to Southern California,
there will be points of interest from time to time as references, yet
again, this does not take the place of the personal experience, the
journey which each of you will take.

The human mind is designed for discernment. The Universe Mother Spirit
Third Person mind adjutants, especially, are designed that the human
eventually uses such discernment to make better decisions, to exercise
wisdom, to use the intuition, the knowledge and the ability to
communicate with others in solving social problems, community
problems, family problems, and personal problems.

Discernment, like truth, is a personal relativity, it is relative to
you personally. Through spirit it is synchronized, otherwise you have
what you have on the planet now, tremendous chaos, misunderstanding,
assumptions, people taking things way too personally, a lot of fear,
less laughter. Try to understand that because something is not perfect
and not complete, [that] does not disqualify what is good and true and
correct about it. It like a human, you are not condemned by spirit
because you make a mistake, yet all too often people want to support
those that lead them, they want to support people who have tremendous
self control and make little mistakes. Yet even here, one must
exercise great discernment in balancing out what one does and what one
says for in a planet such as yours, this Urantia, not all is in
balance, not all appears to be what it is.

This is one of the parodies and juxtapositions of life on this level
and on this planet. It is designed to keep you earnest and curious. It
is designed to be difficult and it is designed for you to learn and
grow. All values, all beauty and all systems are born from an
understanding and an experience. They are not just given, they must be
earned in value. The dynamic of spirit working within the human mind
is such that it caters totally to the human for in spirit there is
tremendous compassion for the human element and the human endeavor.
You are never coerced or pushed beyond your capacity yet sometimes you
are brought to the capacity you didn't realize that you had.

So again, just to go over the important parts, the relativity of truth
is personal. The spirit led mortal begins to recognize other spirit
led mortals and pretty soon there begins to develop the sense of
greater awareness, greater balance, greater understanding, greater
compassion, readiness of service. There is nothing that can take the
place of the personal experience, the awareness and the knowingness
from these experiences. Life will show you what you need to learn. It
will do whatever it can to insure that you do learn. It is up to you
to allow yourself to grow, to learn, to be adaptable, to willingly
accept change, your willingness to admit failure, error, misjudgment,

Once you begin to admit and look at yourself and your behavior and can
begin to adjust this, your ...and full awareness will be thwarted,
will be confused because you refused to look at yourself. To look at
the Adjuster you must look at yourself because you reveal the Adjuster
within you. You begin to reveal the work which you have done through
the Adjuster prompts, through the knowingness the understanding the
sense and feel that you have about who you are and what you must do
next as well. How many times do you want to deny your feelings only to
admit in retrospect that these feeling were correct, that if you had
listened and acknowledged these feelings, quite possibly the mistakes
would not have been as severe.

Spirit does not have one channel of operation. Spirit is capable of
operating on all channels, in all areas, in every instance. Spirit is
adept at making its presence known. It is your discernment which
reveals this awareness. So do not become overly cautious or overly
exerted with this truth concept and this discernment concept for a lot
of times as humans, the way that you learn correctness is to learn
what not to do, and slowly but surely, what you learn not to do, there
is a better chance that you will narrow down what it is you must do.

And do not be overly confused about the will of my Father. The will of
the Father is more general than it is specific. Acknowledge the
Father, acknowledge the Spirit, and acknowledge each other in spirit
as brothers and sisters. Be willing to be a voice, be willing to be
the sense of spirit on a human level and if there is anything specific
that the divine ordains for you, you will know, for it will be
revealed to you. Such a wonderful life on such a wonderful world and
such a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn truth,
unadulterated truth, pure hard earned truth and in what is to come,
you will look back on your experience here and cherish the trial and
hardship and suffering which you experience now, will become a
platform far above the clouds for celebration.

I thank you this evening. Go in peace and continue to go in stillness
and contact the Spirit Within. Good evening.

Spectrum: [Mike] I would step into this forum, this is Spectrum, the
Thought Adjuster of Mike. I would just for a moment bask in the
beautiful offerings that have been given tonight from both Paul and
Henry, from the truth which they perceive and which they reflect
through their personalities. This is truly a joyous occasion. We all
experience the truths that lay within. We all experience it from a
very personal perspective and we in turn, can lay these gifts at each
others feet. It is hard for me to explain, as an Adjuster, how
glorious it is to witness such fragmentations of creative devotion,
for as a piece of the eternal infinitude of that First Source, nothing
surprises me. However, what I attempt to convey to you is something of
great joy as was stated, as a father sees the child take his first
breaths, open his eyes, and experience reality.

There are things that I am overjoyed to give to you, to bestow upon
you. There are gifts that will boggle your mind, even as a morontia or
even as a spirit, and so I would tonight briefly discuss or remind
you, that of which has been touched upon already and that is the
concept of infinity, for this is where you live and this is where you
are destined to explore. Please understand or attempt to at any rate,
that no matter how far you reach, no matter how high you stretch, no
matter how much you learn, always will the cup remain half full. This
is and will forever be a joy for you. It should bring you great relief
to know this truth for there is no pressure, there is no obligation.
The farther you stretch, the more room will be created.

And so, you can take your time with all of these truths, you can
strive forth, in the knowledge that Father has all the time in the
world for you. I can speak now on behalf of Mike here, that sometimes
he pushes too hard and I know that many of you sometimes also push
hard. It is part of life's gravity, the attraction to gain your
footing, to figure it all out and that is okay for it is this gravity
that progresses you, that grows you, and that evolves you. But always
make sure to take the time to smell the roses, to reach out on your
given paths, to smell the fragrance, to view the stars, and to enjoy
each other as we enjoy you.

It will forever be impossible for me to explain to you the
overwhelming thrill I receive to be in a position to witness this
fragmentation of life, this segmentation of infinity, of eternity; yet
this is our dance, this is what we have been designed to do together
and so forever will I pull you up and forever will you show me,
display to me your perception, your quantified perception of the
incredible experience we both call life.

I thank you for these moments for although tonight we have heard much
truth and lessons, the largest truth, the most incredible experience
that we can all be a part of is the experience of each other. And so,
as you go out into the world, as you mingle with all the other
infinities that exist around you, always realize that such
collaboration, that such love and devotion is all a part of the
Father's plan. You are all as precious as individual snowflakes that
fall, non-addable, non-duplicatable, and such is the divine plan
unfolding in your very midst. Us Thought Adjusters are proud, are
thrilled with this assignment and forever are we awaiting your
invitation, your contributions, and your individual perspective. We
love you beyond words and forever will we be devoted to you. Good

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