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> Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-08-12
> Teacher: Inner Voice
> T/R: Henry Zeringue
> Greetings this evening to all of you who have gathered on the call.
> I am the Inner Voice of the one [who speaks] and I delight in the
> human expression of the spiritual qualities of beauty, the
> qualification of beauty by the material fact of its created
> existence and the spiritual ramifications of such beauty as a
> metaphor of ones life, ones being and ones nature. From a divine
> perspective, all realness is beautiful and possesses inherent
> beauty. Life is not real if not beautiful. It does not possess a
> synchronistic response to eternal harmony, to eternal truth.
> It becomes tremendously difficult in a human sense to hold forth to
> such beauty with so much around that is not beautiful. It is not
> real in the eternal sense yet it is a propped up sense of reality
> that is mistaken for a dynamic life, one of progressively revealing
> the qualities of inner beauty. Like the fragrance of the rose, the
> quality of inner beauty begins to exude a characteristic aroma
> within your own spiritual nature.
> Characteristic of beauty, is its alignment with a greater sense and
> awareness of eternal beauty, the ideal of beauty, the wellspring of
> love which by its mere movement within circuits begins to transform
> the nature and quality of both the thought process and the resulting
> action within human life revealing the profound quality of love and
> its myriads of aspects within your daily life.
> The quality within ones life of seeking the inner guidance and
> Presence begins to reveal its quality within the life of the human,
> within the life of the mind which has allowed itself to come to an
> understanding of what needs to be decided and achieved to move
> forward in life no matter in what situation. A person which has
> abused something to the point where it has become a problem in their
> lives, when they begin to get control of their behavior and their
> thought patterns, there begins to emerge a direct response within
> their lives.
> Sometimes beauty is tremendously subtle. It may not be the majestic
> flowerhead of a rose but may be somewhere on its stem. Nonetheless,
> many aspects of the flower go into making its beauty just as many
> aspects of human life have to be traversed to have an understanding
> and perspective of growth, of what is beautiful, what brings the
> necessary changes within ones life to move in a greater direction.
> The greatest aspect of beauty though, in a human sense, is to access
> this wellspring of love within, to have a grounded sense and
> knowingness of this love, almost to the point of being intoxicated
> by the immense understanding of this greater love and its dynamic as
> it works within your life, as you begin to access levels of love,
> the receiving and the giving parts of love, the non static parts,
> the movement of love. The transference of love creates more love, an
> interesting dynamic when you consider that loves grows greater the
> more love is spent, the more love that is given begins to increase
> in dynamic.
> You ability to begin to negotiate the space around yourself, the
> people that you are involved with, that you can move within a trust
> and a knowingness and not be overwhelmed by sudden and unfortunate
> things which may come up to be dealt with but having a grounded
> sense and a nature that all things are revealed to be worked out,
> all things work out for the greater good, to be able to accept how
> things must move to work out.
> Many times within ones life, the Adjuster is grappling for attention
> within the human consciousness, giving on every thought, every
> mental place that the subject goes just to initiate awareness,
> initiate awareness of presence. The divine beauty in the concepts
> and the actual reality of an aspect of the divine residing within
> the lowest form of conscious creation, to live and work within that
> creation, to reveal an aspect of divine eternity within the
> momentary life of the subject of indwelling, that this subject may
> glimpse this great opportunity that exists within; seize upon this
> and grow into an ever ascending order of perfection. Again, an
> aspect of divine beauty.
> In your meditations and quiet time throughout the week, begin to
> focus on the positive qualities of how your life has changed as a
> result of your contact and working with spirit. Begin to see where
> you have made progress, what spirit has brought into your life or
> has directed you to bring into your own life, the opportunities, the
> clarity, the way in which you see things a little differently now
> that you understand this experience with spirit. So look a little
> into what you can identify in your life even if it is tremendously
> subtle and you can't quite pinpoint what it is but there is
> something about the certain qualities within your life that have
> changed. And as you focus on these things, sit in a stance of
> acceptance and thankfulness of spirit which have helped augment your
> life in the ways in which you have discovered for yourself.
> Thank you for this opportunity to speak a little this evening and as
> you go about your way this week, go in peace and go in cheer. Thank
> you.

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