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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-07-01

Teachers: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zerinque, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Father, we have come together, we have all gotten in the
raft together, our oars are in the water and we await your guidance.

[Prior to the transmission, Mark Rogers recounted a recent two day rafting
trip his family took down some class 4 rapids on a river in Idaho. He spoke
of an experienced guide who taught them how to properly use the gear, how
safely wear a life vest, how to paddle in unison on command so as not to get
thrown in the water and all the safety concerns one has to follow to
successfully navigate the river's rapids. He then drew a parallel to our
teachers and the upcoming events in the Teaching Mission. The teachers
picked up on the cues, hence the reference to rafts, and rapids etc.]

Inner Voice: [Henry] My beloved children, I thank each and every one of you
who have stepped into this circle of courage, intention and focusing your
energy to the task at hand. The boat, the raft is your life. We all are in
the middle of life. We are intending to direct the confusion which exists in
life into a still point where this still point is able to coalesce, gather
the necessary resources around it to shift according to the intention. The
paradigm, the example of the raft down the river and the concerted effort to
guide the raft safely through the rapids which it encounters in the river
can be applied to daily life.

Many times one forgets that they have access to a guide that is clearly
aware of what is ahead, how to surmount, negotiate, transcend and overcome
the conflicts, the difficulties, the misunderstandings, the assumptions, the
taking of things too personally in all of our lives. Life is a series of
problem solving, of taking resource within your domain, within your grasp
and through intention, focus through trust to negotiate a correct passage
through this isle of conflict which we encounter almost daily, weekly,
monthly, whenever it is encountered.

We are totally not in control. The control is a much deeper recognition of
who is really in charge of directing our lives, of preparing the
opportunities, the information,the resources, to deal with whatever life
throws at us. The practice of stillness helps center one in a stand of
resource in the ability to hold and direct and focus energy. Stillness
allows one to clear the mind, clear the mind of the temporary static, the
confusion, and helps us therefore to focus more correctly, to get ahold of
ourselves to have a sense of what is real, what will work, and how we are to
move through this.

This technique works through all manner of things. In a sense it is about
relationship. It is a relationship about man and man's Inner Presence. The
ability to trust this Inner Voice, this Inner Guide, to trust in the sense
of intention, to trust in the negotiation and to trust in the resolution.
Many times one does not know the moods, the direction. We all need to be
guided. Seeking within helps us on a mental level to resolve the conflict,
to have an inner peace and inner mental stance which allows us to be
neutral, it balances us. No matter what the situation is, whether we are
thrown from the raft into the water, we can come back up, we can negotiate
getting to the shore where it is safe or hold onto that branch of the tree
which is floating near us.

Many times humans overreact, think the worst, are too concerned about what
everyone else is thinking rather than trusting in their own thoughts. This
ability to remain neutral, to stand firmly on the ground, to know who you
are and what you are doing is of great importance in negotiating the
turbulent waters which will be forthcoming. LIfe is about change. The
changes which are to come will affect each and every one personally on a
very large scale. It will become necessary for people to group together. It
will become necessary to be able to help within the group, help the group
become centered in their own inner consciousness, their own Inner Guide,
their own inner peace and tranquility, their neutrality, to avoid creating
more conflict.

It is good to know that there are more and more individuals who are
beginning to trust, who are beginning to seek the inner guidance, who are
beginning to reflect within their lives this neutrality, this balance, this
tranquility to meet the tasks at hand. Always know that as an aspect of
yourself, I am always in the middle, in the center. I am perfectly balanced,
I am perfectly neutral, I am patient, and I extend these qualities to whom I
indwell. So allow these qualities to express themselves in your life.
Practice stillness. It is not necessary to sit in stillness for hours and
hours for this to work though that may be helpful for some people. It is
only important that you gradually glimpse this state and more and more it
becomes familiar.

You begin to seek this state because it does balance you, it helps you to
remain neutral, it helps to clarify, it helps you to see and as we have
shown, it helps you to go one step further, to be able to take charge as you
see a situation and to visualize it as it should be. Just like as an
Adjuster, I visualize how each person I indwell should be. I see them as
perfect, as one with me. In all of this, once you discover the divine within
you, you will begin to discover how to become divine yourself, how to
correct what is around you after you have corrected yourself, how to move a
larger group together as you have moved yourself.

It is one thing to talk so easily about these tremendous steps within ones
life yet from my standpoint, that's what they are, steps one must take and
as your footing becomes familiar and confident, then surely you will possess
the ability to move forward with less effort, greater ease and more success.
I speak to the individual within each of you. I speak to that part of you
which yearns to become greater, to get ahold of yourself, to move forward in
life in a correct manner for yourself. That's why I indwell each and every
one of you because you are all individuals, unique, you need personal
guidance, you need someone that is there in the boat with you, someone who
knows the river, someone who knows its condition, someone to help you

These thoughts are to go with you this evening to your own stillness, into
your own focus, into your own inner works. I thank you for the opportunity
in which all of you have come together to see how and experience real life
situations in spiritual terms. Thank you and good evening.

Inner Voice: [ Mark] I am here to continue to float along with this thought
stream a little further and to offer the experience of both the differences
and the similarities which are , noticeable in this avenue of expression,
which interestingly enough I refer to as my voice while my partner would
refer to me as his Inner Voice. But without his actual making an effort I
have no method nor means to communicate with you so I rely on his physical
voice while he may want to rely on my guiding voice within. So while there
is a noticeable difference owing to the personality differences, there is
also a distinguishable similarity for the guides are always stable,
balanced, and well aware how to navigate the river throughout all it ways.

You all are aware that even though you may gain certain experiences and have
true knowledge and possession of wisdom as a result of your experiences,
there is always the potential that your next day out will bring you new and
different circumstances as the river may rise during the night, the flow may
change and the characteristics of what you may have come to know may look
different and act different and seem quite different to you as you go to
repeat what you are assuming you have command of only to arrive at a place
of uncertainty because conditions have changed and now there is a feeling of
not knowing. As you felt so certain before, there is then the experience of

Once again, the guide may always refer to his guide within to gain that
calm, strength, and peace that is required for you to remain clear, focused,
conscious, and fully aware so that even though everything may look
different, some things will remain the same. Your certainty and security in
the overall journey need not be shaken by the changes that you will find
yourself encountering. You all know you are loved and cared for, that the
river has been created for you to have a journey upon, that you are a member
of both an earthly family and a divine family, each of which care deeply for
you no matter what leg of the journey you find yourself on.

To those who have had your spiritual eyes opened, you are fortunate enough
to know that your eternal destiny is quite secure, that the route you take
is only the route of the moment, it is only as significant as that moment is
to you and then it is part of the past with everything else and you arrive
at a new moment of focus, attention, and awareness. As long as you keep
these constant in the forefront of your awareness, the details of the day or
the hour or the next turbulent encounter before you are only that, details,
small aspects, tiny steps, challenges to be encountered and overcome, steps
to be taken in the process, opportunities for experience and learning.

As long as you maintain this attitude, your heading will be true and sure
and you will navigate more easily through any unsettled encounters. That is
the training of the guides to seek the guidance within no matter what the
conditions of the day may bring, to have your center and your balance firmly
in place each and every time you shove off for the days journey and hold
true to your purpose and your direction, trusting that you will make it
through every challenge before you and arrive in tact at your destination.

This does not mean you will not be perhaps thrown out or soaked to the skin
or have difficulty throughout your days journey, but just as you are
learning to create your reality ahead of its arrival, so you create your
safe arrival at the end of every days journey with intention and purpose.
You see yourself having arrived at the end of your journey richer with
experience and privileged to have had the opportunity to gain such
experience. If these things remain constant, then all else are simply
details, matters to be navigated for as you have been sensing and even
hearing from your guides, the waters are rising dramatically and the
landscape will not look the same.

The rapids that you manage today will change, become new and different and
you will not simply be able to rely on your past experience of having passed
through todays encounter but you will be confronted with a new set of
circumstances, a new landscape to navigate, new rapids before that were not
even there until the water rose. But the same techniques should remain
employed, the same approach should be taken and there should always be a
present willingness to learn something new, to have a new experience.

If you will remain open to new experiences, then you won't be thrown when
things don't look the same or feel the same or respond the same; rather you
will have the eagerness of a child seeing it for the first time and the
willingness to embrace what is new and different. This is how you transform
from being part of the old, part of the problem, part of the issue, into
part of the new, part of the solution, part of divine ideals. Be ready to
let go of how you think the river looks just because it looked that way last
time. It is ever changing as your life is ever changing and be willing at a
moments notice to see it with fresh eyes, not expecting that is will look as
it did but rather willing to see it as it is for in a short time; nothing
will look as it did. Everything will be in need of seeing it with new eyes
and new perspective and it will be required of you that you be flexible in
your abilities to size up the new landscape, to see the new rapids before
you and at the same time navigate them with the tried and true method of
spiritual balance and discernment.

Maintain the wisdom you have accumulated in your methodology but be ever
willing to survey the landscape before you and make these new observations
current and relative to your wisdom. Always trust that the river will always
take you downstream faithfully, regularly, and that it is your journey that
is at stake for the river is not concerned with your individual journey.
That is for you to create and make out of what the river brings you.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to float this section with you. As
you have discerned, there are times when you are deeply engaged, paddling
hard in order to make your way through, and then there are stretches when
there is calm and time to relax and reflect. Take advantage of these spells
of calm reflection and be ready when the call comes to dig deep and to put
forth the effort necessary to take command of your journey and make it into
the journey of your desires. Thank you for the opportunity you provide this
evening for this communication, all of you. I now open this forum for use by
others, farewell.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to take advantage of
this opportunity you provide. I have been most pleased to work with this
group and even refreshed to see new members heeding the invitation and the
call to join in for work is plentiful and the workers are few. I would talk
plainly with you at this time about some very rough waters which are
immediately before you, before us as it were, since I have signed on to be a
part of this crew and a number of others who will all of necessity have to
navigate the rough waters.

You have been informed for some time that major changes were in store for
this planet. Such information has been so throughly provided for you that
there may be a sense that this has been repeated so many times [that] it has
lost, perhaps, its effectiveness. But I come before you tonight to report
that we are running out of time in the old paradigm of things as they have
been. This too has been forecasted for you and foretold in time and still it
is impossible for you to grasp, and this is not your fault for as much as
you are informed you have no direct reference to what is being referred to
when we refer to great changes on the earth and among the family of man.

But time is now short and the events at hand are approaching rapidly. The
events transpiring having to do with the contamination of the oceans will be
of epic significance and no one on this planet will escape the effects which
are now being encountered even as we speak. And so there is this matter of
preparation that we have been engaged in because the old paradigm of things
as they have transpired thus far must change, it will change, and it will be
through conduits such as yourselves that such change may filter its way into
your world.

Abandon hope, if you have any, that you are to be rescued by some grand
force who will sweep away your problems and bring you to the promised land.
You are the ones who must do the rowing in the raft. You must gather
together into teams and work together to navigate through the rough waters.
Your guides cannot do it for you, your teachers are unable to assist except
from the sidelines. I myself, even though I am committed to one day be among
you even in the flesh, am only one man at that point and certainly cannot
remove you from the natural consequences of the acts which have been
committed and the results which correspond to these acts.

But I do promise you that your guides will go through every stroke with you
and will help at every turn to bring you back to center but I myself have
signed on to go through this trying and difficult journey with you and I
will be there but I will not bring grand armies from on high to change
everything for you. I will continue in my mission to inspire, inform, and
bring you to a place of awareness so that you have the tools, perhaps even
the wisdom to navigate these trials for yourself. I offer my will and
intention as you will offer yours into the combined pool of will and
intention we will create and wield to help in all that transpires.

But, like with any crew, I will need you to row and there will be times
where I will ask you to dig deeply and work hard and make it happen. I ask
this of you even now, that you prepare, that you be well rested, to be
mindful of your health, that you do those things which you think you should
do for yourself, not just think about them, not put them off for one day
later for you are the ones. We are here now, together and so I ask you, will
you be ready when the command comes to pull together or will you be
distracted by not having found your center or balance, not having devoted
yourselves to finding this through stillness.

Will you be encumbered by poor health or the distraction of chemical
substances? Can I count on you when the call is made to hear it and to
arrive ready to go? I trust I can. I trust you will take seriously these
requests, for now is the time. The waters are rising, soon we must load into
our rafts, pool together our resources, work hard for the sake of each other
and ourselves and trust that all that we do will be good and worthy in the
sight of our Father. If all these things are present, then surely our
journey will not only bring us to our grand destiny, but will provide us
with a wealth of experience that can only be had by those who are willing to
do the work, to pick up the paddles and to donate their energies to the
cause. And so be it.

I pray Father, that as we come together at times like this and at times in
the future, that we are all graced with the strength, the conviction, and
the purpose to not only come together but to pull together and work together
to launch our boats in the direction of our inspiration, trusting that this
will also come from you and to maintain our heading in that direction for as
long as it takes to arrive at our destination. Grant us the strength to do
this even when the waters are filled with obstacles of doubts and
uncertainties that create such turmoil around them, such rapids that must be
navigated. Help us to use the natural flow that you provide Father, to carry
us along sleek and smooth because we are in the flow with you Father, we are
centered. We are peaceful with you and struggle will not be part of our
journey but effort certainly will. Let it be so; let us make it so; let us
have the conviction to make it so. Thank you.

Q: You have talked about the time getting short now and I guess we've been
prepared but sometimes when it actually comes it is actually hard when in
the moment, you wonder how you're going to react to the whole thing. I know
you've prepared us for what is about to come. I'm not sure what our role is
going to be in all this, we're scattered all over the country and I wonder
what might be expected of us in specific if that's possible to say?

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson, I would be happy to field your inquiries.
Continuing the analogy we have been using tonight, it is one thing to be
prepared with your gear and be told what to do in the event you are thrown
out of the raft and you may have knowledge of what to do and understanding
of what to do, even perhaps some experience of how to go about doing it but
I assure you that if you are at any point thrown out of the raft the water
will be quite shocking and there is no way to prepare you for that. You can
discuss it, talk about it, refer to it but until you have personal first
hand experience, all those things pale in comparison.

You ask, what is it I would ask of you and I will tell you plainly at this
time, I would have you anchor the light grid to your world. Each one of you
is a conduit whereby spiritual energy may be infused into the equation, the
equation being the living condition that is going on, on your world. If you
maintain as a solid "light anchor" as I have referred to them in the past,
then you provide a valuable function, a tie point where the grid may be not
only built but then fired once it is built. I rely on each of you to be one
of these contact points, one of these spark plugs that is between spirit and
material, that will take in the energy and transfer it to your material

This is how I, we, all of us on my side of the equation may readily utilize
you where you are in the moment we have need of you. We are building this
light grid around this entire planet and you are critical points which we
may attach to from the spiritual realm and use you to transform our
spiritual energy and connection and make it into material reality. This may
be with infusion of inspiration, thoughts, ideas, it may be with infusion of
energy, literal transfer of power. It may be an avenue for the
implementation of healing. It may simply be the bringing online of those who
would volunteer to be light anchors and those who are influenced by the
actions of these light anchors.

There are many ways we may use you if you are in position, if you are
standing firm in readiness, if you have volunteered your services then you
may be part of the grid that we are building and that we are firing. This is
how we may make great energy transfers to great effect if we have the
contact points in place, those willing to be used for this purpose, those
given the opportunity to be used for this purpose. So it may be a grand
thing we ask of you at any time, it may be a small thing that we ask of you
at any time but the grid must be in place, the contact points must be
available. The points at which we will be transferring from the spiritual
dimension into the material because you have given us a way, a means.

And as well you are sensing certain groups are being rallied to come
together to perform specific tasks and that is another outworking of what we
might ask of you, is to combine and work with other light anchors for
specific purposes. But trust that if you are in place and that if you have
volunteered, and if you are in fact ready, then you will be used. It is only
a matter of right time, right place, right circumstance, and you will see
that everything has come together to be just right for you to be used as a
conduit. You will marvel that everything has manifested for this to be so
but it is you who have manifested it, you who have created this opportunity
to be used by the likes of me and the universe at large.

So without your consent, your will, your intention, your purpose, we are
left without the points of contact and we are disabled in our mission but
with you we are enabled to make these transfers, these leaps of
transformation. I hope this answers your inquiry.

Q: That was certainly very enlightening Monjoronson, I appreciate that very
much and certainly understand a lot more, just being ready and that we can
be used, about being a light anchor, and grids being put into place which I
hadn't really thought of before. I appreciate your thorough response. Thank

Monjoronson: It gives me great pleasure to address your inquiry because then
I know you have been paying attention and you have questions and you may
observe that every time there are questions, the answers may be provided for
we are restricted in what we are able to impart to you if you are not
interested and if you do not ask and if you do not know we cannot often
bridge that gap. But if you are engaged, you are in position, you are
serious, if you do ask, then all the resources of the universe can be
funneled in your direction. You literally open the door and we may walk
through and so I encourage you all, once again, that this is a participatory
endeavor and feel free throughout our journeys together to offer your
contribution and your questions so that they may be used as a springboard to
bring you greater illumination because you have asked.

Once you ask we may bring you all that your hearts desire. This is a key to
your entire ascension. Be curious, be willing to ask, be willing to see
things from a different perspective. This provides us with great latitude to
bring you that which you seek, so thank you.

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