[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-06-17

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-06-17

Teacher: The Voice, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents and divine guides, thank you for joining us at this
time. I know you hear my petition in words and I know that it is not
necessary for me to express these words aloud for you to have heard me and
register my petition. I thank you for joining us at this time. We are
gathered once again in the exercise of seeking and exploring all of these
dimensions that are around us, that are part of us and that we are a part
of. Please help us to expand our capacities to fully embrace all that we are
in this process. It is our desire to grow in this way and we are certain
that you will bring us that which we have need of for our growth. Now we
simply move forward in faith and be about this process of growing and
learning at this time. Thank you.

The Voice: I am here to accept this invitation to take up this call but as
has been mentioned, it is not as though I have been absent up until this
time, it is merely that I have been behind the scenes offering the prompts
and making every attempt to promote the activities that are worthy. This is
my role, this is the role I play speaking now for your Inner Guides, this is
the role I play in your lives. I Am always there, never do I forsake you, I
Am always awaiting the opportunity that only you can provide.

As you have been told through your text, we have a journey to travel
together. I am well aware of who you are even before I signed up to be your
partner and I have pledged myself to be faithful to you for as long as you
will have me and for as long as it takes I have pledged my service to you to
ever so gently and reassuringly guide you and direct you as you are the one
who decides the when and the where and the how to be in motion. I am
thrilled when you receive my input and register those tweaks or aha moments
that let me know that you are paying attention and listening. I observe that
this occurs more and more as you are in pursuit of your spiritual dimension.
This movement in this direction brings me such great joy because I know well
in advance of its arrival that one day we will be together as one, even
becoming one as a result of both of our choosing.

Such an act constitutes the greatest gift that we may give back to those who
have created us and our journey before us, to simply follow faithfully where
this journey may lead and be willing to share this journey with each other.
I Am, as was stated, a chip off the Divine Block and as such I belong to
divinity. But you were created by this same source and therefore you too
belong to divinity. The two of us are enjoying this gift of grace we call
experience and I have certain elements which will bring great peace and joy
and comfort to the equation.

You have certain unique characteristics and traits which promise to make our
journey a unique one in all of the universe. This gift of personality that
you bring to the equation is another gift of grace which conditions and
creates our pathway home. It's quite literally true that you will choose
every step of the way to becoming divine. You will activate your intention.
It will be your effort required for motion to occur and that every turn at
every step of the way I am there to assist, to guide, to foster the right
direction, to promote your becoming who you are destined to be because this
destiny includes me. By the time we arrive we are as one and no longer will
there be any distance between your gifts of grace and mine. So, knowing this
and coming into awareness that this is your relationship to the whole, the
journey is made easier, the steps are taken lighter and we begin to truly
settle in to who we are as a sacred individual among many.

I observe that there is a renewed interest out there among those who are
seeking connection and it is easy to see individuals who are making
connection and desire to join with such individuals and in a sense ride on
the coattails of others who have blazed a trail. This certainly has a place,
it may be comforting and may bring you as individuals to a closer awareness
of what you are pursuing but I must make the distinction between following
another who has developed their own methods of approach and being willing to
develop your own methods of approach for nothing but this will be sufficient
in the long run.

You may hear from those teachers and those t/r's and those wise sages
throughout your experience but they are no more than you are, individuals of
the realm who have found a path, a method, a means to escape the limitation
of material imposition. While you may look to them for guidance and
suggestions, in the end the only real and true connection worthy of
attaining is that of developing a place of no distance between your distinct
individual personality, who you think of as you and that Fragment Within who
is associated with all that is.

The good news is, it is available to all, to everyone who seeks it shall
find it. It is even already a part of your composition, you are already
functioning in partnership, it is only your perception and awareness of this
partnership that may be enhanced and augmented. So while there are many
worthy pursuits of things you might bring into your consciousness to foster
your awareness of spirit and your relationship to it, I encourage you to
spend time in exploring this dimension of self for all you really need is
contained within.

Though you have heard these words many times from many sources, they are
nevertheless your key to full spiritualization of your being. There is no
particular rush however, there has been laid before you an eternity which
you may take if you so desire to develop your being and grow your spiritual
awareness but I sense many here tonight are eager to engage this process and
to be about this business of becoming who you are. If these words speak to
you then you are on the right path, you are here. You have listened to your
Inner Guide which has brought you here. You have on innumerable occasions
responded to the prompting of your Inner Voice and now you are simply
learning to flex these muscles and exercise this skill. So be it, you have
come to the gym once again this evening to bring yourself this exercise and
you will no doubt benefit from your intentional focus in this direction.

I would conclude my prepared remarks there and allow this space for use by
others, perhaps a celestial personality, perhaps questions which may be in
the hearts of those seekers present.

Q: Yes, would you speak to your experience of our circuitry here tonight,
the recognition amongst our Inner Voices in this particular setting?

Inner Voice: Indeed, I register that we have two altogether different
perceptions of the same event and so I will shed some light on what I see as
one with no eyes. My experience of this connection here tonight is to
formulate a useful analogy; I will go to the analogy of an electrical grid.
You are all aware that there is something great that transpires outside your
home. There are great power generators, there are massive lines to bring
energy to different locations, there are substations which are provided to
increase the energy available, there are storage mechanisms in place, there
are transformers outside your home. All of these are in place and yet are
not taken into consideration in the least by those who are in the home and
merely desire to plug in the light and to turn it on.

To them, that circuit is sufficient, that circuit is enough. They are aware
that it exists; they are unaware of the greater dimension of it that make it
all possible. These are the different layers I witness when we get together
at a meeting like this. You all are engaged in the very rudimentary end
results of the energy circuits. You are turning on your lights and plugging
in your various appliances to the grid that exists among you and between
you. This grid is of your making much as the builder of the house has
designed the wiring and installed it to access the greater power grid.

You, by coming here tonight, have created this circuitry which then may be
infused with power. That is where those on my level of existence come in. We
are the ones who are out there to be tapped into, the greater energy grid
that may be channeled, focused, and harnessed into the individual grids of
your creation and in this way we are the same and yet different, both
operating on the same current from on high and yet it may be said that we
operate at high voltage and you may operate at lower voltage, nevertheless
it is the same power. I hope this analogy might prove useful to you. [Thank
you, it does.]

Q: You mentioned that we have eternity to achieve the journey. Does it
matter at the end of the journey how much time we need to explore the
journey, in other words, would it benefit us more to take the time to
experience all that we possibly can within the journey?

Inner Voice: Thank you for this question. I mentioned that you have eternity
and I mentioned that there is no hurry. This is referencing the point of
your question I believe. The journey is timeless, that is to say, this whole
notion of how long or how short a journey may take is strictly a notion that
is had by mortals of the realm who are confined to a time/space reality.
Such a condition does not exist after you have transcended this time/space
experience and so therefore in a strict sense does not apply to any other
portion of your journey but this one.

Having said that, there is also the consideration that you point to of
desiring to make the most out of your experience and not to rush through
anything because there is nowhere to get, nowhere that you need to be that
you are not. So if you could realize this early enough on in your ascension
career, this can bring you great peace in your journey. You are exactly
where you should be, nowhere else. It is not possible for you to be in the
wrong place in your individual ascension career. It is not necessary for you
to hurry up for you have not been left behind. It is not required of you
that you do something and be something that you are not and have not done.
It is merely for you to enjoy the ride and so in that sense, take as long as
you like for there is nothing to rush towards that you will not receive in
due time and there is great value to be gathered and harvested in having a
long and thorough experience in the different stages of your growth.

I hope this conveys the idea that you really cannot do wrong. You are
proceeding in faith towards this unknown destiny and every step that is
taken along the way is required for you to traverse the distance. You never
get to jump ahead and likewise, you don't fall behind. You may choose, as
many have, to go around the block again regarding a certain experience or
condition and yet you need nothing in this process. Many of your teachers
have volunteered to take time out from their ascension career to tutor you
and be available for you and one in your position, being conditioned by
time, might think they are wasting their time or using their time unwisely
in deciding to spend time with you but such a valuable experience is well
worth the effort and the time as you refer to it.

In your life you really cannot have adequate reference to this whole
phenomenon you refer to as time. Surely you are bound to it in this earthly
existence as the sun rises and sets and as you count time by this
measurement of rotation, but as a spiritual being, time will not apply.
There is an aspect of you even now which is timeless, which has access to
another dimension beyond time. This phenomenon is glimpsed occasionally even
in dreams or flashes of awareness where there is some registering that there
has been a shift in time. That is altogether possible even while you are
surrounded in this mortal dimension because you are a composite being and
there is a part of you which is not conditioned by this time and the mortal
material part of you which is will fall away but the rest of you which is
not conditioned by time will simply move forward. I hope this helps
illustrate your question.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson pleased to access this opportunity
once again and I would like to make reference to my arrival here at this
meeting as having come on a different circuitry altogether. I have observed
this discussion of the energy grid and how they are connected and yet how
they are distinguished and separate. This is ever true when you are
referring to that divine component within your being and your being itself
and how you wire yourselves to use the energy that is present and how the
energy arrives at you through similar energy grids.

My arrival here has come "over the telephone line." I come in from a
different angle altogether, another circuit that has been laid much as your
house is wired for electrical appliances, it may be also wired for telephone
and internet access, perhaps even cable tv. All these are different methods
and means for you to be wired and connected and such is the case that allows
me to arrive here by a different circuit via this process of t/r engagement.
In this analogy, the telephone has been picked up and set on the table and
now I may speak to you.

This is altogether different than the circuit we have been referring to in
this meeting and I simply arrive here at this time to provide this
distinction and offer this contrast to you so that you are aware of the
different methods and means that you are connected. As we have stated, there
are as well others. You may be watching tv while you are listening to this
message, all the while while you are interfacing with your Inner Voice,
circuits layered upon circuits. The Father has designed all these methods
and means to have you connected, to have you plugged in to make sure that
you are a part of this gigantic enterprise, fully connected so that we may
move as one in the direction of enlightenment. As we move together in this
direction we may employ any and all methods.

I observe in discussions I have been privy to, that there is a great desire
to take steps towards providing for others what you may have gathered in
your spiritual exploration be it teachings of books, or teachers, or this
very process we engage in now. There is a great desire to promote such
things abroad so that they may be available to others as a form of service
and this is a noble and just direction. However, I will put a slight spin on
it and that is that you will invariably draw those individuals to you that
are interested if you become the flame that will draw in the moths.

It is one thing to send a message out and hope that others resonate with it
and are attracted to it. It is another thing to be such a message, to be the
flame that will naturally and instinctively draw the moths. It is not so
much a forced effort as it is simply a natural progression when you use
these universe principles and devote your energy rather than bring the
message to others by every conceivable means, to rather being the message so
much so that others are invariably drawn to it.

You can all identify with the fact that you can try to help someone, try to
tell someone something all you like but until they are ready they will not
have it, they will not hear it. When they are ready, there is nothing that
will stop them from having it and hearing it. So count on this universe
principle being in action and merely maintain your readiness as one who is
ever willing to share their light, to light their candle from your flame. It
is a passive process and ever faithful.
I offer these words of partially solicited advice to those who would be
motivated to become active and feel as though being active is somehow taking
your work to the streets when in fact being active may very well be building
your own flame and being secure enough with your own light that all those
who become ready may see you and may find you and may have their candle lit
as well.

Thank you for hearing my words tonight and for gathering and making it
possible. I feel as though there has been much offered this evening to be
digested. I would contain my remarks to those unless there were any further
inquiries of comments at this time. I have most enjoyed the feast that has
been presented here as I sense you have as well. I bid you all good evening
and farewell. We will meet again, good bye.

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