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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2010-05-23

Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Prayer: Divine Parents, we petition you to join us as we do here once again.
I am struck with deep gratitude for your presence in our forays into the
spiritual realm, for the presence of all your ambassadors of light that make
themselves so willingly and freely available to us as we attempt to bounce
on this trampoline between mortal and spiritual: as we apply our efforts and
reach up we so invariably find you there. And while I know that this is not
an extraordinary circumstance for you are there whenever we reach up,
whenever we put effort into bouncing up to find you, still it has been so
significant in our growth and in our evolution to realize this truth, the
reality that you are always there to greet us if we will but reach up and
put in the effort. Certainly you are the definition of reliable and
steadfast for your reaching out to us and we are learning that it is our
ability, willingness, and devotion to reaching you that completes this
circuit. We have learned this at your loving and tender hands. Thank you for
all the designs of this plan which insures that when we seek, when we reach,
we certainly will find and grasp. Thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here once again to enjoy the fellowship and the
communing between us and among us that I have come to enjoy so immensely. I
am like you, a privileged participant in this grand plan that we both enjoy
and benefit from. I am not the creator of the plan, I am not responsible for
the mechanism that is provided whereby we may come to know each other and be
involved with each other even as we have developed friendships between us.
The plan is by grace and as this prayer has suggested, we are all in
gratitude for such a plan, such a structure in place which enables us to
access it and utilize it to close the gap between us and come together.

In so doing we are, all of us who are involved, taking the inherent
possibilities contained within this divine plan and making them real by
choosing them and activating them. Again, we do not create the circuitry, we
simply choose to access it and in so doing we are taking what was a latent
potential, a talent as your Master has referred to it, and building upon it
and breathing our energies into the equation, those of us who breathe, and
in so doing we are multiplying the effects that are resident within the
equation. We are tending the vines in anticipation of producing greater
yields of fruit. And so when we take this action, when we are applying our
intention and follow through with our deed, we may expect that the fruits of
our labor will become evident and I call you to witness, we have not been

And so it is we have grown this connection between us, we have tended these
vines and they have produced much spiritual fruit in your own lives and in
many lives which have been touched by yours even ever so briefly. It is not
given you to know the extent of the cross-fertilization that has occurred to
all those who have contacted your well tended vines but trust that certainly
many other vines have been impacted in coming in contact with yours. All of
this growth and flowering and fruiting of your vines has indeed brought to
you a greater sense of certainty and conviction and the truth of this
process and the universal principles that apply, and you could say, it has
emboldened your faith; but my friends, I must point out that were it not for
your faith you would not have so dedicatedly tended your vines and so
lovingly been patient as your fruit has so certainly ripened.

It all begins with an act of faith, an act of trust, a belief in the truth
that faith is mighty and is a powerful force which must be present in order
for you to take the steps necessary to have developed a knowingness, an
awareness, and even some command over the universe principles which exist,
the talents which have been given you. There is a phrase on your world, a
question posed, "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" I would use
this same analogy to substitute faith. Does faith come first or is it as a
result of experiences in your life? It is of course, both, but if one never
has the initial faith to get started, it then it is not possible to build
even a greater faith upon that faith and so there is in this analogy, a
definite starting point. One does not come to faith all of a sudden because
they have been wowed by it or so impressed by life that they will all of a
sudden possess faith that was not there before because it takes an inherent
capacity to have and demonstrate faith before you can grow that faith as a
result of your initial investment in it.

In your Fifth Epochal Revelation there is an episode where your Master
performed a great feat to the occupants of a city and He spoke saying this
act was a result of the faith of the people of this city, not to bring them
a faith that they did not possess. Of course such an act helps to bolster
and strengthen ones faith but still, the foundation of faith must be present
before more can be added unto. Many people on this world today have yet to
fully embrace their capacity to have faith, to act in faith, and to
demonstrate their faith in action.

It most certainly is a characteristic able to be developed in any who will
choose to develop it but many have been dissuaded away from developing faith
thinking they are developing a blind allegiance to others in so doing.
Having been conditioned that they must adhere to certain principles of
church or support group; they fear that developing faith will then diminish
their capacity for choice and their ability to see truth. This is a noble
concern for the individual. One does not wish to give up their sovereign
state of being over to any structure of authority and blindly follow where
others tell you you should go.

But it is necessary that one have faith in who they are as a child of God,
in the inherent capabilities of what that means as a child of God and in
their overall direction and purpose in progressing towards and finding God.
They may even resist this idea of following God because to them it may mean
again, the sacrifice of their individual will and sovereignty. Those of you
who have exercised this component of yourself, who have trusted in your
faith, who have leaned on your faith when in times of doubt and uncertainty
and have even used your faith to propel you to explore new dimensions, have
certainly realized that you are sacrificing nothing and that your choice to
explore in the direction of your faith is indeed a most personal and
sovereign choice and that you make this choice willingly and you sacrifice
nothing in the process.

This is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles to so many on this world who
are in fact seeking to find greater truths, greater values, and more
significant understanding, but who may errantly believe that the path to
these things is certainly not derived through what they may consider to be a
blind faith. You will stand as examples in contrast to this belief because
certainly you are anything but blind, in fact you my consider you have had
your horizons widened and your vision enhanced as a result of exercising
your faith and I believe you would all witness to the fact that you have not
sacrificed any aspect of your being but rather have gained a whole other
side of yourself.

This is your experience and your privilege as mortals of the realm, to have
first hand experience with the use and application of faith in your lives.
Once you have this possession of course, it is unassailable by any who are
on the outside. Stand firm in the demonstration of your faith even as it is
a passing attribute in your normal everyday lives, simply a component of
your being which you have become familiar with and in which you trust and
you will use with intention to propel you in directions of uncertainty and
all those around you will wonder what force it is that brings you this
conviction and by what avenue of approach have you arrived at these places
of awareness. There will be this one word response, it boils down to faith.
Faith in the goodness of the process, faith in your membership in this
family of man which is in turn in the family of God, faith in the overall
goodness of this entire plan before us, faith in the certainty of success if
you simply will apply yourself. This building of faith that you have done
will carry you through in good stead no matter what may transpire in the
interim step, this faith will provide the scaffolding for you to build a
path between where you are and where you are going. Such is the power of
faith, it even brings us together here today and I honor the fact that you
have had the strength and the courage to explore this dimension of
yourselves and to find comfort, even strength and peace while being engaged
in the exercising of this faith.

I am forever grateful for this opportunity to come together with one who
would extend so far in faith that while jumping up, as it were, from the
trampoline of materialism, they appear to be suspended momentarily by this
act of faith and are not quite as encumbered by the natural laws as are
others around them having gained some measure of control and command over
these natural laws through this avenue of faith. Thank you for allowing me
the opportunity once again to fellowship with you and co-mingle thought
patterns into the tapestry that you weave. I now step back and bid you all
happy trails. Thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] I am most pleased with the progress of the group discussion
this week. I had been hoping for a framework to develop that could be
expanded for the purpose of focusing your effort in an expanded range of
action. As students you learn from this curriculum but the basics are
attained and you are in the position of moving to enlarge your own scope of
action. It is a time to reach a hand backward to help those who are
searching for a way to enlarge spirit in their lives. I am always available
for questions but am most encouraged with the discussion of ways to contact
spirit without a structured t/r experience. I encourage all of you to look
for ways to help lead the seekers to a new level of understanding. Each is
able to give a hand up to those who are seeking. In times like these, of
change and destabilization, you can be the beacon of light that shows the
way to relationship with spirit. Be calm in the assurance that you know the
way and that you can provide the assistance needed by your "students," the
ones that are beginning to seek God's contact and truth, and beauty, and
goodness in the time of instability of the institutions of this life. Help
is always available, just ask.

Monjoronson: Greetings to my friends and even to any followers who come in
contact with these words. I acknowledge that there is being sensed by a
number of individuals a shift which may be unsettling to many who notice it
but are unaware if its implication. Fear not my friends; if there is but one
lesson which I will never tire of repeating, which your Master never tired
of repeating, it is this message of 'fear not.' Certainly things are
changing. Certainly you have been told of impending changes. Certainly you
yourselves can witness on your world a collective state of flux with much
that you might consider to be hanging fire. Many systems on the verge of
strain and collapse, many problems seemingly insurmountable from the
material perspective.

For some time now you have been alerted that there would be such a crescendo
of activity culminating in a vast amount of potential which then may be
utilized and directed to settle out and materialize in this realm of
materialism into new shapes, new design, and new form. So none of this may
be new to you however no amount of mental warning or preparation may be
adequate when change does materialize and many shifts do happen. What does
not change and what does not shift is of course your position and standing
as children of loving Divine Parents, your ability to access through your
faith a higher dimension and the reality present there and your eternal
career of course is not to be significantly interrupted or impacted in any
way. All of these things are still true about who you are, how you are
connected, and where you are going.

Everything else about your lives is subject to change and though you know
mentally that change happens and is a normal part of the growth process and
is perhaps the only constant in your ever changing environment, nevertheless
it brings with it unsettled footing and the doubts and uncertainty that
accompany being thrown off your stride or knocked slightly out of your
comfort zone. But to one who has developed a foundation of faith, even such
things as these come not as disheartening shocks to the system, but rather
as signs, indicators, and opportunities arising, for with strong enough
faith you are not concerned for your survival, you are not concerned about
your position as a child of Divine Parents, you are not concerned about your
arrival as a divine being after a thrilling career of adventure. All those
things become your stability, become your certainty, and all other things
simply present themselves as opportunities and steps to be taken and
circumstances to be navigated.

This does not mean that there will not arise some rather significant shifts
that have to be navigated much as storms that arise out at sea must be
navigated through but every storm has an end and passes. Every hardship
endured passes and becomes an experience which may be cemented into this
foundation of faith. And so it is no surprise to you all when things begin
to shake up a bit and systems begin to show signs of strain because you have
been told that many changes will be upon us in these times and you have even
waited impatiently saying bring on these changes, we need a new paradigm
for this world but when such begins to happen it is normal and natural for
fear and uncertainty to creep in and for you to be concerned for such basic
things as your experience here on this material world.

As Michael has assured you, you have the tools in your possession to
navigate any such storm. You have developed the faith to make sure that you
will maintain your spiritual heading and all that transpires around you
merely become the chance and opportunity the moment presents. It can be a
thrilling ride to one who knows the wave is coming and is prepared to ride
it. It can be a devastating experience to one who is surprised that the wave
arrives and is unprepared to take advantage. You are the ones who have spent
years, season after season in developing your sense of when the wave is
coming and what to do and I have no doubts that you are aware of this
impending wave as well.

And so the ones who are prepared and aware will paddle out in boldness
awaiting the wave and being prepared to utilize the power within this wave
to propel them forward, and in so doing they will not be devastated by any
such wave. But there are a great many individuals on the beach who have not
developed this sense, who may even be vaguely aware that a storm rages at
sea and waves are approaching the shore but still have no foundation in
faith that they are to rise to the occasion and meet the wave and so they
will act in confusion and doubt and many will be overtaken by this wave.
Some will survive and be washed ashore and be eager to come to some
understanding of the principles that apply so that they may make some sense
out of this and so that they may have some future command over these forces.

That is where you will be ready to provide guidance and testimony and
direction to those who would seek to know how it was that you rode such a
wave out with such mastery. How did you know to go meet this wave and to
utilize the energy of the wave to ride safely a great distance? Then you
will begin to start from the beginning, start from faith, witness to them
what you know of this universal plan, of these principles at play, of the
connection you have to spirit, of who you are and in whose family you are
embraced, even to where you know you are going though you have never seen
it. You have faith to know that it is true that you will one day arrive
there and so all that transpires in between certainly becomes not an
obstacle but a challenge to be utilized, a series of waves that can be
ridden instead of endured.

Again, above all, 'fear not.' Fear is the paralyzing force that freezes you
in place as the wave overtakes you. Fear is the one force which tells you,
you do not know what to do, that you are lost, that it will all overtake you
and you are powerless. That is fear. If you succumb to fear, certainly you
will be buffeted about in a most extreme fashion. Whether or not the wave
directly overtakes you, the fear of such will have an equal impact upon you.
If you are trusting and in faith of the overall goodness and the positive
direction that you are headed, then you are resilient and buoyant and you
will pop up to the surface and not be overcome by any of life's

This is a difficult concept to instill in those who are running from change
and who will do anything to avoid it because it cannot be outrun, it cannot
be avoided and if this is the case, one should seek to find a way to utilize
these powerful forces to maintain their buoyancy and to have the conviction
that all will be well even if there are tumultuous waters to be navigated.
You are the boots on the ground in this exercise. You are the mouths, the
hands, the feet, the heart, to be used in bringing such words of comfort to
many who will flounder and it will present a challenge to each of you to
maintain a heading away from fear and without fear. But your foundation of
faith is so strong that I trust whenever doubts and uncertainty threaten to
overcome you that you will simply return to this place of faith and trust
and experience once again the conviction and certainty of who you are, whose
family you belong to, and where you are going. Who could ask for anything
more than the certainty of these things.

I assure you that whatever changes are impending, our mission and purpose
does nothing but grow stronger. In no way do we retreat from the challenges
but in many ways will we change and alter our course as well to accommodate
the new environment and to better address the new circumstances. I have
every faith that where I go in these days ahead you will follow and as I
have need of you, you will volunteer. This is another constant that will not
change as everything else appears to. Let it be so. I offer you my
commitment, as if I needed to, to be with you through the entire process and
to bring with me my conviction and certainty and purpose so that they may
support and embolden yours. I am quite dedicated to you and to this mission
overall and I have the same sense about you.

Let us be about navigating these seas no matter what weather may be thrown
at us, let us maintain our heading. We will navigate through anything that
this world has to throw at us and come out the other side still on course
and still together. Trust me as I share this conviction with you. Be with me
as I am committed to be with you. Accept this opportunity of grace before us
as I have accepted it and continue to demonstrate your faith and your
courage and willingness to follow in the direction of your leading and all
will most certainly be well, as it is now, and so it will be. Fear not my
friends, only believe.

I bid you all have a good day and a good week. Thank you for hearing my
words, farewell.

Cathy: I'd like to take just a moment to concentrate on sending light and
energy and love to our world. I feel it is my great privilege to share this
lifeboat with you in the storm.

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