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ArcadiaTeaching Mission

Arcadia, California , USA
Monday, May 24, 2010

TR: George Benevides

Topics: God’s touch on our animals and plants
The profit motive and consequences when
gone amuck.
Ambassadors of God will be essential to…
Hopeful opportunities abound

Questions/Comments: Should we eat animal flesh or
not – become vegetarian?
Comments re our treatment of
animals/factory farming.

Prayer: Donna: Dear Father,
thank you for this evening, thank you for this time, thank you for our
Transmitter/Receiver and thank you for our teacher, JarEl. Please
help us to hear what we are meant to hear so that we can understand his
words and grow, continue to grow spiritually and come closer to you. Thank you for your many blessings. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George: Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. (welcome) It is good to be back again.

I would like to discuss with you the aspects of being spiritually aware
of everything that you do and everything that you come in contact with. It
is true that there are mind spirits that interact with the animals of
this planet and so you should be mindful of the touch of God upon them
as well as your plants on this planet. There are
a limited number of Adjutant Mind Spirits that indwell the world’s
plants and so you must also be mindful of this interaction from God.

But it is you humans who have the most Adjutants available. So it is your responsibility to take care of all that God has provided for you on this planet. It
is your duty to be aware that the things around you flow in the energy
of God and when you are in concert with God’s energy, there is a great
harmony that arises throughout the planet. But
when you are against that which God has created for you, and you put
forth profit over everything else, then the things that are around you
will be destroyed. For you are ignorant of the
gift, you are blind to what’s in front of you and you do not value the
things that are true and real. Rather, you value the speculations of man’s own imagination.

is true hubris to believe that you are the Creator of this world and
that you can profit off of it regardless of the consequences. You are all part of this world. You are all in it to make it better and to make your lives better, to learn from each other and to grow as brothers and sisters. But when one brother favors his own profit over the rest of humanity, there are dangerous consequences which ensue. There is nothing inherently wrong in someone trying to make a profit. Ambition drives humanity forward towards a new age, a better way of life. Profit entices man to continue forward. But
when the profit motive is the all powerful god that one strives to
achieve, then humanity is lost, for it no longer sees what is true and
no longer recognizes the true reality of the universe.

Your profit motive has worked for the short run, but it will not always work. At some point humanity will have to change its ways of dealing with one another. Your trade and commerce will evolve to a higher understanding of human needs. At the current rate the way you make profit off of each other is unsustainable. At one point or another it will all come crashing down.

will be a hard road for man to realize that the true need of humanity,
the essentials to survive, are things that one should not go without. And that everything else that falls under commerce is fair game as far as profit is concerned. But you cannot tax the air nor the water or anything that man needs to survive. Otherwise you will create a society of resentful people that will strike back with terrible vengeance.

But if all this does come to pass, then perhaps it would be a hard lesson learned by humanity. And
it will be worth the lesson taught for when man emerges from this with
this new found knowledge, and comes closer to his brothers and sisters,
then, yes, this lesson was worth its weight in human life.

But that is not the road in which I, personally, would like to see all of you travel. From our vantage point we see that this is inevitable. There are things that even we cannot understand. God has seen the entire plan and trusts in what He has for us.

There are those of you on this planet who see the light, who are ambassadors of God. And you will be essential to carry forth humanity in its darkest hour. This is not a prediction of things to come, this is simply a warning that many travel on this road of destruction. But
there are also many redeemers, such as yourselves, who will bring forth
this world into a better place, a better mode of existence. There
are those of you here that sound the wakeup call to humanity and warn
others of the dangers of hubris and that give hope to those that have
none. You ambassadors of God have seen the light, have known the truth and lived with it for such a long time. You who are not afraid of death should usher this world into the new Age of Light and Life.

There is always an opportunity to survive the machinations of human mind. There is always an opportunity to move forward beyond the destruction that you have caused. There is always an opportunity to rebuild that which you have lost. Do not ever abandon this hope for it will always be within you to bring hope for God is within you. He is always with you. And there is always a plan, a grand plan that you and I do not see, but we must trust for it all eventually works out.

Are there any questions here tonight?

Donna: JarEl,
you were mentioning at the beginning of your talk, about some of the
mind spirits being with the animals and even some of them being with
the plants. And it has become sort of a topic on
our world here, the idea of whether we should eat animals, continue
eating animals, or whether we should become vegetarian or vegan? I am just wondering, what do you have to say about that? Do you have any observations or recommendations?

JarEl: TR, George: I am certainly not a Life Carrier that can give a proper assessment of your biologic fitness on this planet. My only concern has to do with the way you think and how you reach God.

it is always a good option to live a healthy life and to bring your
body into a higher vibration of health that allows you to connect to
the higher thought streams of God. Animal eating sometimes gives a negative sort of energy to you by the way it was slaughtered. But that is not to say that man should change his ways altogether. Man
is evolving and needs to eat of the flesh of animal and his evolution
is a gradual process that will continue for centuries to come. You might not see a complete vegetarian society in a thousand years. There is no sort of recommendation that I can do for any of you. On a personal level, you can certainly try to become vegetarian, or even vegan. But that is your own choice. The ultimate goal here is for you to raise the vibrations of your body so that you may connect with spirit and with God.

Donna: Thank you JarEl. I
do believe that one thing that our society could strive for, and that
we would probably all agree on, is to certainly treat our animals
better and have more humane practices occurring within the factory farms and to have some of their current practices outlawed or have some of
the rules and regulations changed so that we can, indeed, be kinder to
our animal friends and our animal food supply. And I think it would raise our spiritual vibrations just to accomplish that. Those are my comments.

JarEl: TR, George: It is a hard road to travel when man attempts to be ethical and just. There is always an obstacle involved. But that does not mean that one should give up the task of becoming ethical. The
harder it becomes, the more struggle one should give, for it is a
worthwhile battle for man to come out of this drudgery of industrialism
with a clean heart.

Are there any other questions?

Very well, it is always a pleasure to come and talk to you all. Until next time, goodnight.

All: Goodnight, thank you JarEl.

Transcribed by Donna Whelan.
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