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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-05-20

Teachers: Inner Voice

T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, Divine Father, connect us to your circuit of
love, circuit of wisdom and understanding. As we reach out to connect with
spirit we leave behind all agenda, all conceptions, become open, become
humble, become ready to connect, to perceive some slight nuance of your
spiritual capacity, your spiritual presence, and your spiritual brilliance.
We ask all of this in your name, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Henry] This evening I am here, I am the Inner Voice presence.
I am that which is being discussed. I come in peace and love. As yourself I
come also in understanding, understanding of the human nature of how the
human being in its natural environment becomes tremendously preoccupied and
challenged. Very few fully experience the potential which awaits them within
the dynamic relationship of a human mind attempting to contact and gravitate
towards a divine nature.

The argument is not whether I am real or not, but the concern is how real is
the human? How determined are you? How trusting are you? Are you just
trusting enough to receive what you want or are you trusting enough to go
the extra mile to receive the full measure of what is your spiritual
heritage. Are you capable of holding fast a faith based on the belief of a
reality you are yet to fully experience? You know, electricity always
existed on your world but until a certain intelligence came forth and
evolved did that intelligence find a way to harness and use this great

Even though I am much more and yet nothing less than an energetic presence
within you, until you begin to turn your focus and attention my way,
allowing me the voice, allowing me correction, allowing me guidance,
allowing me to steer, allowing me to carry that burden, allowing me to
completely forgive your humanness, to just accept the somewhat feeble
attempt, some chance happening that you may turn your focus in my direction,
face the echo so to speak. What we are talking about here is relationship
and communication. We may be very near each other but the communication has
to go through a quantum time/space zone into eternity so that to receive
acknowledgement and recognition in the communication it is necessary to both
be persistent, to be patient, and to be conscious, to pay attention. It is
true that a lot of my healing and correcting has to do with the metaphor of
looking in the mirror, of examining what it is with you and about you that
can be brought to a greater resonance.

Yes, there are things about each individual, the way that they are, how
they....that remain consistent throughout their journey, like a fixture or a
personality. I am just a hedge trimmer. I am constantly trying to trim off
what you do not need. After you have experienced something that truly yields
nothing it is foolish to keep up the same behavior. It is wise to examine
what goals you want to achieve and examine the method and process that one
uses to get there. This is where I come in especially handy with guidance,
with the ability to direct you and at times the ability to enlighten you.
Enlightenment has to do with you [being] able to grasp the higher concept. I
am constantly barraging your mind with higher concepts. A lot of times a
humans focus is outside the radar of my concepts.

It is gentle, it is subtle, it is kind, yet it is persistent, my presence
within you. Yes, it would be easier if I just broke into your mind and
started speaking or if I tripped you and made you go the way I wanted you to
go. But that interferes with your life. The way I work insures that you will
discover me on your own. It is like a seed receiving moisture through its
shell which germinates the potential held within that shell. I am the water,
you have to soften and allow me to permeate the hard shells of your heart,
the hard and narrow shells of your thinking, and the forbidden places of
your soul.

The human endeavor to contact my presence or to contact my working within
you results in a gradual understanding of my omnipotence, my ever-present
nature, my tremendously positive and uplifting demeanor, my precise
appointment of how I work within you, that your mind within your knowing and
understanding, within your ability to perceive me to also perceive that all
of me is like an hourglass eventually becomes all of you and all of me.
Grain by grain through the eternal sands of time I will drop one grain at a
time into you until you are completely one with me whether it is here in
this life or through the door to the next life.

Once the journey is begun it is destined to succeed. All of your feelings
towards me are correctly registered. I am totally in synch with your
intentions. Many times, all I have to work with are your intentions, not
your momentary [gravel you] tread but the goals you are attempting to
achieve, the intention to have a greater revelation of love within your
being, your intention to respond with a greater love and compassion for your
fellow men. Your intention [is] to want to get to know me but may be too
busy at the time. It is not so much the time as it is just a focus of

A humans focus on me should not always be somber and serious, but should
also include light and freshness, joy, jocularity. I truly intend to
experience fully and I can also say that on this world the experience is
quite full. So it is not fair just for me to fill my cup but that you also
endeavor to fill your cup. In the days in which you find yourself now and in
the present time in which you live it will increasingly become necessary to
know who you are, to know what you are doing, to be flexible to the demands
of negotiation shall we say, to be able to become fluid and to bend, to be
elastic if need be, to stretch between distant things, to be able to mediate
between opposing factors and factions, to be able to represent me in all
things. I intend to truly run the show here on Urantia one day but I must be
invited and I must be incorporated. I do not arbitrarily take command or
interfere. I want to truly be a guest on the world in which you live.

The inner workings of mans mind presents a panorama which needs a depth of
observation, that you can truly begin to distinguish between the varying
energetic and spiritual presences within your mind such as the Mother Spirit
Adjutant presence, the spirit of worship and wisdom. All of these eventually
lead to my presence because all of spirit is a concerted effort within and
without. All is...available in understanding and knowing that you are a part
of a greater spiritual brotherhood that is attempting to land on the world
in which you live.

It is also hoped that at some point you begin to sense the essence of the
eternal presence I bring, that more and more your life becomes a reflection
of a quality this presence begins to exhibit within your life, within the
way that you hold things, the way in which you do things, the way in which
you begin to take control, begin to prioritize and focus, and begin to grow
in a truly genuine spiritual experience along with living your life because
it is always necessary to include spiritual living with the life you live
now, not separated but to incorporate and blend both of the experiences into
one. A much greater enhancement of all of your human capacity awaits within.
The greater the ability which a human puts forth, the greater the spirit
response, the more understanding, intuition, knowledge, courage, counsel,
wisdom, and worship [you actually] begin to attain. Don't waste a minute.

Thank you for allowing me a voice. Go in peace.

Inner Voice: [Mark] I am in readiness to greet you this evening, I am the
same in essence and I am different in essence by virtue of using this ones
voice as he attempts to project mine, if you will. I only offer a few more
words as a contribution to the thought stream here today and in reference to
the discussion prior to the recorded portion. I would offer the analogy that
the distinction might be recognized between belief being your mind accepting
certain facts which correspond to certain other facts that you have
accumulated and therefore you make sense out of things that are heard and
discerned and these things stand as your beliefs until they are somehow
augmented into different beliefs and this is a process largely of the mind.

Your faith, as you have discussed, is the bridge that permits you to go
beyond the confines of the mind and accept that there is more out there than
your mind has individually had the opportunity to gather and possess. There
is greater wisdom to be had and found, there are untold dimensions beyond
yours and somehow you have connections and access to these. This creates
your portal, your faith is opening the door between your mortal and limited
state of comprehension and understanding and awareness and your unlimited
spiritual dimension. Through this avenue of faith you open a door and then
you allow this process to be a greatly expanded process of awareness and
understanding and wisdom. When you receive a flush of conviction, a sense of
absolute certainty as was mentioned previously, these are the times when you
have worked closely with Me. These are the times when I have brought you
such a sense of conviction. I have confirmed your simple beliefs and through
this act of faith of allowing interface with me, I have added unto your
beliefs and augmented your understanding to the degree that you do feel a
sense of complete conviction, that you have found a certain truth and that
it resonates with you deeply.

This place of certainty and conviction is where we meet, this is where we
come TOGETHER. This sense of complete certainty is only arrived at through
this experience you have created for yourself of expanding your capacity
using this portal of faith. In this way you have transcended the limitations
of your mortal, material experience and now you are accessing your potential
of spiritual experience. Again, this is where we meet. This represents a
great leap on your part to move beyond simple beliefs and understanding of
facts and principles through this portal of faith so that there can be
ultimate realization and expanded awareness to get you to a point where you
are willing to receive this knowing and expand this awareness to encompass
what you then claim as your own experiential truth. So all of these
processes are indeed tied together and I bring this up tonight only as
another means to underline and illustrate when we are working together, when
we are as close as we are known to be in your experience.

So I thank you for the opportunity to offer this analogy and hope that it is
serviceable in your understanding of the three dimensions discussed earlier.
I think you have had plenty offered at the banquet tonight so I would not
overburden you with more to digest, I would simply follow the lead and
suggest you go in peace and go with God. As always, I am there with you as
you are here with me. Let's make it so with more intention and more purpose.
So be it. I take my leave and you may go in peace.

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