[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-05-06

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-05-06

Teacher: The Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

Mark: What an incredible world this is, what an incredible life we have to
live. Welcome to all those who may be coming online to join us at this time.
You've missed the most splendid conversation of sharing between a group of
faithful seekers that has been so significant and so meaningful that I
question whether much more can be added to that mix but I act in faith that
we will proceed forward and that there will be more to be added unto. I am
moved to offer a prayer of gratitude of such grace as I have just witnessed.

Prayer: Divine Parents, hear through my ears, see through my eyes, enjoy
with me the grace and the beauty I have just beheld. The fruits that are so
evident because of the spiritual search and pursuit of all those seekers who
have gathered for a meeting like this. I have been touched and overwhelmed
at the significant contributions offered. I realize that these experiences
which have been shared have been donated to the collective consciousness,
even to the Supreme and they have benefitted me as they have passed by. Help
us all to realize that that is one of the gifts of grace that we have to
give, to simply share our truths, to share our experiences, our observations
that have brought us to this place of awareness. These surely are spiritual
fruits; they are meant to be shared and it has been my pleasure and yours to
enjoy the sharing of these fruits here this day. I would ask that all of us
be granted a greater sense of awareness that this is so and that we may be
useful in the simple statement of our truths and our experiences and our
perceptions. It seems little to give at times but it is so very significant
because these are the real things in our lives; these are the treasures we
keep and will hold. This accumulation of experience and wisdom and insight
is what we will bring with us, what we will carry with us all the way
through our ascension career, these will be our treasures and gifts that we
will give willingly to the Supreme. Help us to understand our position, our
role, our function in this purpose to both be the receivers of all that
others would share and as well to be bold enough and secure enough in our
truths to share them freely. Help us to make this so, even in this life.
Thank you.

Inner Voice: I greet you now dear ones, who offer me this opportunity to
greet you. I will identify myself but even before doing I have a sense you
know who I am. I am the one who has been invited and given this opportunity
and will see through to accepting it. I am this ones Inner Voice and as I
have discussed many times, this name is only significant to the one who uses
it to reference me. I am that relaxed sense of knowing and I would offer
some words regarding the value of this sharing which was just acknowledged
in this prayer of gratitude.

If you consider what your real function is while you are undergoing this
experience on this planet at this time, surely you would come to consider
that you are here as a student, you are here as one to learn, you are here
as one to gather to yourselves experience, truths, and to through this
learning process, develop a sense of wisdom about such experiences even to
the point where you may be able to identify and discern the values contained
in the many experiences that you enjoy.

If an individual were to be solitary in this life, you would have a very
very much diminished capacity for experience for so much of experience is
shared and you have the unique connection and ability to join with others
who have had other and different experiences and by virtue of your
willingness and theirs, to share their experiences; you not having had this
experience directly can still benefit from your having been exposed to
someone else's experience. Much like when you watch a movie, you are having
a mini-version of what the actors involved in the presentation are
attempting to portray which is their representation of perhaps some real and
genuine experience that someone did in fact encounter. But these different
methods of passing on these significant points in your lives are able to be
grasped by others and as such they are valuable contributions to be made
when the overall objective is to gather to yourselves as much that can be
experienced as you can in this one short life, in this one brief time.

I bear witness to the fact that such sharing as occurred here prior to the
recorded portion of this meeting, contained so much valuable experience
which was shared and experienced by those involved, even if briefly,
nevertheless, these brief encounters with the truths of others adds so very
much to your life experience.

There was a phrase recently in my associates reference, something to the
effect of: "Life is to be shared, you can't possibly make all the mistakes
by yourself." I would turn this phrase around slightly to a more positive
interpretation. Life is meant to be shared, you can't possibly have all the
experiences by yourself. You benefit so much when you are willing to come
together in a sincere desire to share and to learn from each others
encounters and interpretation and station in life. One of you may be
involved with health issues in a hospital while another may be fortunate
enough to be throwing a party and the combination and willingness, being
able to share these experiences, cross-fertilizes and enriches your lives.

All this is on a strictly mortal and material plane. You are not doing
anything more than being willing to share and being aware that this sharing
and this experiencing has some relationship to your spiritual dimension.
Now, I ask you to take one step back so that you can see a somewhat larger
perspective on this equation. Here you have the picture of individual
seekers in fellowship and sharing and now through stepping back and your
awareness of spirit and it's principles, overlay the fact that all of the
attendant Thought Adjusters, Voices Within, I Am Presences, are also in
attendance at such a meeting, are also in awareness of this association to
your spiritual component, even more-so than the mortals of the realm. These
Divine Fragments enjoy their own circuit of interaction and where there are
seekers together using mortal words and concepts and thought patterns, there
are as well Inner Guides seizing the opportunity to lodge the point, to
bring home the experience, to make it real for the individual.

This is ongoing and the value of your bringing to yourselves, data,
information, is paramount because when you read inspiring wisdom, when you
come to groups such as this, when you engage with spiritual ideas and even
more so with ideals, then you are bringing the building blocks that your
Inner Guide can use to pull together, to weave into a tapestry for you to
understand, for you to work with, for you to own and become. Therefore when
you go out and you speak your truths, your Inner Guide and you may work
together to draw upon these resources that you have accumulated, draw upon
this awareness, this understanding and bring it into the real world at the
moment of opportunity.

So read your spiritual books, seed your minds and hearts with spiritual
ideas and premises. Be ever seeking and searching and acting as the child
willing to learn and trust and rely that there is one with you acting side
by side with you to help you coordinate all of this information, all of
these experiences, all that you have gathered to yourself in your seeking.
Use these things to build your foundation and to rise upon this foundation a
glorious citadel of awareness. This is something that is impermeable to all
who are on the outside. This is yours within, this is your accomplishment,
what you are building in this life. This goes with you, this remains as part
of your being so that no other outside influence may call into question the
sanctity of this inner knowing.

It is very true that all earthly things may crash and it still would have no
significant bearing on what you are building today, here and now. Rest in
the assurance that these are the real things in life. Experiences come and
go, reality shifts, times change, patterns vary. You are aware that the only
constant thing in this entire universe is change. Therefore let the changes
happen, let the experiences occur, let the understanding grow with each
brick you add to your foundation of awareness within. You become more secure
and more certain as time goes by, even given the wider and wider diversity
of things that may happen out there.

I hope these words may bring you a greater understanding and appreciation
for what at times may seem to be casual action, sharing your thoughts, your
experiences, and the resulting wisdom that you have gained from them with
others. This seems to be the stuff that you do in passing, as you pass by,
it seems to be so natural and free. And so it is, freely you have received
it, freely you should give it. But perhaps from this point forward you would
do so with an increased awareness of the significance of these acts because
they come from one who has well earned them. They come as a reward for the
price paid for having lived this life. They are truly the significant
things, the meaningful and enduring qualities which have been harvested from
this life.

So when you are out and about and you sense that flush of spirit and you
feel privileged to share the fruits of spirit with others, carry with you
the sense of purpose, speak your truth with complete conviction. It is your
reality, it is your truth. You have come to it by virtue of your own trail
and it is absolutely true and right for you. This does not mean that you
forsake the attitude of desiring more or wishing to add to that which you
have accumulated, to learn with the attitude of a child who knows they do
not know it all but after some amount of training and schooling and learning
and growing you come to a point of realizing that while certainly there is
much more to be learned, you have assembled a few truths, a few experiences
that are meaningful and valuable in your life experience and those are the
gems you have to share. Those are your privilege and honor to share with
those who would listen. Likewise it is your privilege and honor to receive
from others who would share meaningful episodes and significant passages in
their experience.

I am motivated to offer a few words on behalf of the individuals gathered
here at this time. Father, please join as we collectively witness the
gathering of a group who would seek you and follow in whatever direction
they think you are. Truly they have shown their dedication. Truly they have
gathered to themselves much experience as a result of their self imposed
journey. If it is your will Father, perhaps each gathered here today may be
endowed with but a little more of your grace and come away with an enhanced
capacity to perceive your presence and our presence as your representative
in their lives. I know it is their will Father. They seek you and they may
be uncertain at times as to exactly how to approach you but I am certain you
would make every effort to greet them as they attempt to find you.

And so it is with this certainty that I petition using these words and the
grace of this opportunity to have this realization of this expanded
capacity, that when they are uncertain as to your presence Father, may they
invoke this feeling with you perhaps through a single thought, a single
word. Let us say that this word will be "together." This word - together, if
they will but recall it, remember this moment associated with this action
and refer to it when it is their desire to be together with you even through
me Father, so be it. This word "together" can be a meeting place, can be a
significant action which when taken up by the mortal counterpart, will be as
a signal to me and to you Father to join at that moment to meet at this word
of together.

I have no doubts in your willingness and your ability Father to join us as
we build this connection with you. I only ask in our name Father, that we be
granted the strength and the wisdom to recall, to rebuild this moment to
return to you once again through this portal we would create with our will
Father, right here, right now, this portal of together. I pray we may all
work together to make this so and I am pleased to have the vision even now
of the success of this petition. And so I will go the next step and thank
you Father for hearing this petition, for honoring this request, for
demonstrating your willingness to meet us wherever we will choose to meet
you. Thank you for hearing these words. May your will be done; may it be our
will that your will be done, may we work together towards this end. Let it
be so.

I now would ask each of you here tonight to take some few seconds here and
to confirm within your own individual desire and that you use your own
words, your own thoughts and make your own individual petition that this be
so, even asking your own Inner Guides to join you in this petition. Let is
be so, even now.

Monjoronson: Greetings to you all, I am Monjoronson. Wow, like you I stand
in awe. Like you, I am privileged to be here, like you I am in gratitude for
this process, for the participants, for the grace that allows this to occur.
I understand that your perspective is so short so as to not provide you with
what you will gain one day as you travel your road of ascension. But from my
perspective, I will offer you, just as you have been encouraged to share
your truth with others, now I will share mine with you. What I observe here
today, what I observe in the fruits that have been brought to this banquet
is truly morontia level experience existing here and now on this world. From
your perspective and even from mine it is miraculous, it is a wonder to
behold, and a treasure to be enjoyed how spirit can transform a life of
mortals in the flesh and bring the experience of spirit all in this first
life. This initial beginning of experience speaks to the miraculous nature
of the plan we all experience and enjoy.

Such as I witness here today makes me so very hopeful, brings me renewed
enthusiasm for I have agreed to undertake a gigantic project and all the
hopes and dreams of the success of such a project are pinned on individuals
such as yourselves, mortals of the realm who would seek to be immortal,
material who would move beyond that limitation and experience the spiritual
aspect of their being. I know that this can happen, I witness it here in you
and it is this that I count on to swing the awareness of mankind through
such as we do here and now, the creating of this circumstance, this
spiritual circumstance, even within this material plane. It is done, we do
it here regularly. It is a matter of course, it is reality and now it may be
shared, it may be expanded and grown. The seed exists, the concept is now
being made real in this material world and I know this virus of love that we
are attempting to spread will catch and grow and change so many lives as it
has changed yours.

And so we just move forward acting in faith just as you have here today,
moved forward and acted in faith. That is how my mission will succeed and
that is how your individual mission will succeed, is how it is succeeding by
your simply moving forward and trusting and relying that you are growing in
the right direction and things are happening as they should.

Those are the premises I operate under with my mandate and mission here on
this world and just as you are growing certain in this direction and
following it I as well am certain in this direction and will follow it
wherever it leads. We share the same approach and our projects are at once
so dissimilar and at the same time so predictably similar. Acting in faith,
growing in certainty, portraying love, these are the steps that we take
regardless of our mission. This is the direction we pursue regardless of our
awareness. This is the grace under which we operate and I join you in
gratitude for such grace.

I have nothing more to contribute to tonight's offering, rather I would
simply bid you all farewell through all your life experiences knowing you
are quite secure and your mission is on track to be quite successful. So be
it, let it be so. Thank you for hearing my words and good evening.

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