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Subject: No. Idaho Team - Easter Sunday 2010-04-02

Teacher: Elyon, Michael

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Elyon: [Mark] Hello again my dear friends, this is Elyon here to join you
once again and to bring my contribution to this glorious pot-luck banquet
that you furnish when you agree to all meet like this and bring your
spiritual nourishment to be shared amongst all. More and more I find myself
coming to a banquet such as this and simply enjoying sitting back and
sampling the nourishing contributions that you all bring, to my great
delight. Truly these offerings that you bring represent spiritual truths
which have become flavored and augmented in their representations of the
principles that they would portray. More and more I find myself desiring to
reflect on some of the offerings brought to share as I believe these
contributions represent active and meaningful current thought patterns which
may be embraced and expanded upon as I would add a side dish or salad to the
main course.

So I will pick up a helping of what was offered and reflect on its portrayal
of spiritual values. This whole notion you have brought to the banquet today
of 'normal', what 'normal' is, how 'normal' changes, what 'normal' evolves
from and into and how you would even attempt to define such a concept is
indeed a very valuable train of thought for as you have explored in your
discussion, this whole idea of 'normal' is rather a myth; that is, it is
only representative to the one making the observation and only current in
the time the observation is made. That anything could be considered 'normal'
is only in relation to all that exists out there.

In fact you have seen normal constantly morph from one definition to
another, sometimes taking years or a generation and sometimes happening
instantly or overnight because as you are determining, it is all based on
the perception of the observer. No two peoples strict definition of what
normal is will be identical as the information that they have which
conditions this interpretation will never be identical. What is a constant
thread running through this whole idea of normal is that it is in flux, it
is a rather moving target so to speak; it is bound to change as your
capacity to understand it changes.

So if you approach this whole idea of the consideration of what is normal
with the idea that it is only a snapshot in time and space that you
consider, then you will realize the transiency of any attempt to nail down
any strict interpretation or definition. Rather I suggest that just like a
meeting today where we have gathered for this 'pot-luck' to share spiritual
ideas and ideals, what we have in this very moment of this snapshot of time
and space is quite normal and yet as you have even discussed, what happens
here and now while being routine or normal to those of us who consider it
so, would certainly be outside this definition by many others who do not
embrace the current reality that we share.

Nevertheless, I submit to you that what we do here now is normal and to
others, what they do in their moments in time and space will be normal for
them and there will be no contradictions in both of these truths. This
realization should help you embrace with greater capacity, the relative
nature of normal or truth or even beauty or even goodness when all of these
things are conditioned by the observer, by the one who wields the will to
declare it so. Many a hardship has been endured on your world by those who
have been declared outside of normal and persecuted for their differences in
belief or action, when to the more evolved spiritual being, all such
variations on reality are part of what constitutes the whole which in the
grandest definition is truly normal.

Normal must be enhanced to include all that is for if it were not part of
the gigantic plan created by the Father, it would not exist. So I encourage
you all to, when in consideration of what normal is or might be, view the
broadest possible range of perspective to interpret such fleeting conditions
as you might consider normal in one time or in one place, realizing that at
no other time or place would these conditions appear in the same light and
be observed under the same circumstances. I found that offering at the
pot-luck today quite tasty and useful.

Another one I would comment on, since you have graciously offered me this
opportunity, would be the very useful idea of using the different forms of
'presence' in an attempt to have a quick method of orienting yourself to
provide you quick access to your spiritual plane. I will borrow these terms
in faith that they are offered for this purpose. When I refer to these I am
referring to the idea of first:

Coming into the 'present.' This is often accomplished as a step of stillness
or meditation where one focuses on the present moment, often using the
breath or the body to bring the mind into focus and consideration of the
exact moment at hand or the 'present.'

The next step would be to allow the mind to focus on the 'presents,' that is
the gift provided of this life and all the opportunities that abound, and
establish a connection to spirit with the attitude of gratitude for all the
'presents' you have received in your life.

The third step is to relax and let yourself drink the cup of spiritual
'presence,' the 'presence' of your Divine Parents, the 'presence' of God the

These steps illustrated here today and brought to be shared at this pot-luck
are a serviceable method that may be employed to be used as stepping stones
in the process of gaining spiritual alignment and access. I found this dish
quite tasty as well and I just thought I would reflect on the offering and
bring it more into the consciousness of others by use of making it part of
this official record.

As you see, you have provided the nourishment here today, you have brought
the concepts to bear in this arena. I have merely made them public, I have
merely borrowed from you these spiritual truths and principles and reflected
on them in a more public forum but they came from you, they originated from
the participants in this group and I only access this forum and accept this
privilege to elevate these concepts for consideration for those who have
ears to hear. Thank you for the opportunity to share this bounty with you,
to receive this spiritual nourishment and to be a part of this group. I now
respectfully step down to allow this forum for use by others. Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am here to come among you. I am your
Father Michael and I offer you my recognition of your observation of my
service to your world which you observe on this Easter Sunday at a point you
all remember as the point where I rose from the tomb and for all time
changed the world. Before my act on this day so many years ago, it was not
part of mankind's thinking that one could die a mortal death and then rise
from such a state. But after this day, the entire world was made aware that
there was a new 'normal,' a new state of being. You well recall, in my life,
my statement to all those of my time and even to you now in this time, that
you would do all that I have done and more. I stand by my statement.

You are indeed rising, even now, from the slumber of ignorance and
inexperience and before my very perception, rising into your more complete
self, exhibiting your spiritual awareness and your spiritual presence as the
spring flowers that rise to bloom at this time of year. Likewise will you do
exactly as I did on this day when you rise, from your tomb of slumber at
your time of transition to begin your work anew, to strike out on your new
spiritual progress. Likewise will you be born again of the spirit as I was.
So it is ever true that you will do all the things that I portrayed to you
in your own time and under your own circumstance. What was natural and
normal for me to do in my day, in my snapshot of time and space will be
different for you. Your normal will be conditioned by your snapshot in time
and space; nevertheless my statement remains true; you shall do all that I
am able to do in due time.

And so on this Easter Day, when you consider my service to your world and
how it must have been amazing and exhilarating to discover that I had indeed
risen and left the tomb, consider that this is what is transpiring to you
day by day, hour by hour, as you rise from your unawareness into your
awareness and as you are reborn in spirit day after day. Take this awareness
with you that this is an ongoing process, the laying down of one 'normal'
and the picking up of another. And so it shall be and so you shall make it
with the exercising of your gift of freewill and the choosing that brings
you the opportunities and circumstances to rise again, to be reborn, to
strike out anew.

Every year you are graced with such signs as your trees and grass coming
into bloom and your flowers rising and blooming to remind you of this
cyclical nature. Think of me when you see this rebirth and re-growth and
even more, think of you for you are as well being reborn and having new
growth season after season and in this way you become strong with many good
and strong roots and many a flowering bloom to demonstrate to the universe
your fruits of your spiritual growth. It is so. Drink this cup with me, of
joy that it is so. Live your lives in the full awareness that it is so and
even use your co-creative capacity to guide this inevitable spiritual
principle to its best fruition.

Thank you Father for the creation of this constant renewal that we see and
feel in our lives, in our experience. May we never fail to appreciate the
significance of the opportunity and the chance that is presented to us each
time we observe this change in season, in orientation, in direction. May we
ever be attentive in this process and may we ever use our will as fulcrum in
this process to guide and direct in your direction Father. May that be the
instrument of our will, may it be our will that this be so. May all those
with spiritual eyes perceive what has been offered here and all those with
ears to hear feel in their hearts what has been offered here. My peace I
leave with you, the Father's love I share with you. Thank you, farewell.

Cathy: I wish that we could send the peace of this moment to the whole of
our world.

Michael: [Cathy] Rejoice in the connections we share. In all the steps of
your day I am with you. Always will my Spirit of Truth lead you to new
parameters of living. It is the intended purpose of the Spirit of Truth to
infuse you with insight and guide you into new revelations of your spiritual
capacity. As we gather today to commemorate the end of my mission on this
world, be looking forward for the new opportunities for you to act as my
ambassadors. I will uphold you in the expression of your new vision of truth
for this world. Always am I available to assist you in this activity. As we
actively live in the brotherhood of my kingdom on Urantia, I will be step by
step acting together with you in the daily action of your ambassadorship.

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