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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2010-02-14

Teacher: Elyon, Serena, Unknown, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Mary Rogers

Prayer: [Mark] Happy Valentine's Day. On this day, we're provided with the
opportunity to examine and enjoy the relationship of love that we have for
others. May we take this attitude of joy for the love that we have, for the
love that we share into our every day lives. May we do this in tribute to
you, those who bring us this love to be shared and enjoyed. Help us to make
it so.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings this morning my friends, I am Elyon here enjoying
your company, simply making my presence known in the process. I'd like to,
as usual, take a few of the pearls of wisdom that you bring to this forum
and share so lovingly and string them together to make todays accumulation.

As you observe in your earthly life, there are a number of influences which
serve to condition the mortal as they are growing and developing. You have
parental influences and intentional guiding of the parents for the young
ones to get them sent off in the right direction. As well you observe there
are many many life forces at play which have an influence, some positive and
others negative on the developing individual. So as you develop from the
beginning you are being guided and you are reacting "to" all these various
influences in your lives and in so doing this accumulation of reaction to
this conditioning make you the individual that you are. They determine how
you interact given your understanding, awareness, and exposure to all these
relative factors.

At some point you declare yourself adult and finished growing so to speak
and it is observed that from some point as this to very late in your life,
many adult individuals continue to follow the same patterns and repeat the
same actions as they have been so conditioned. I observe in your weekly
meetings and discussions that you are embracing the opportunity to have
willful intention about your conditioning. That is the greatest opportunity
and option that a mortal of this realm may exercise and yet so many don't
realize that such conditioning may be altered or changed by any willful
pursuit. But you are learning that all things are possible with willful
pursuit and that your intention is paramount in this process in determining
who you are. You are not settling for being the result of conditioning from
the past. You are engaging and pursuing conditioning for the future and
literally rewriting some of your past influences in your lives.

This is one of the biggest gifts of grace to you as a mortal of the realm.
This is how you literally change your standing as a mortal of the realm,
merely by swinging this awareness into place and making choices and
determinations based upon your awareness that you have this ability to
choose anew and become afresh and deciding that you will be bold enough to
choose that and do it. True enough this world shapes the individuals on it
but it is not necessary nor required that you stop there. You may move
forward, past, and beyond what your environment would bring you. You may
decide to move into the spiritual dimension and thus alter the material

This whole pursuit is done in faith with your trust and I commend you all
for following your heart so certainly and steadily as to be brought to this
place of awareness. So, on this Valentine's Day where your local culture
promotes the awareness and appreciation of your loved ones, I bring you my
gratitude for I have awareness and appreciation for my loved ones and you
are among them. Let's follow the inspiration offered and choose to bring
this awareness and appreciation into each day and every day.

If you were to truly consider what is the most one single important thing to
anyone or to everyone, and if they were to seriously and earnestly consider
this question, it would all come down to love for love conditions all else.
If you have love you have peace, grace, beauty, goodness, and truth. Yet, as
you have mentioned, this loving is unable to be measured in earthly terms
except by its fruits; its presence is known by how it alters the equation
and changes the circumstance. Its absence is witnessed in the ungodly
pursuits so clearly evident on this world; therefore let us appreciate every
day as if it's Valentine's Day honoring this unseen force of love which then
becomes so evident as it changes and colors our lives.

Thank you for bringing such pleasing concepts into the arena for discussion
this morning. I would now like to open up this gracious opportunity for
others. Thank you and farewell.

Serena: [Cathy] I am always looking for opportunities to uplift your
experience on the planet, to take your experience to an expanded level of
love and engagement. Your comments concerning the freedom of choice that
accompany a vacation, a vacation involves intention to explore new
possibilities. You make a conscious choice to change the habitual direction
of your activities and this expansion of possibilities leads to activation
of dormant talent, abilities, and energy. This is the power of reversion, to
let go of habitual action and relax into a new frame of mind. Your mind is
integral in creating your reaction to events you encounter. It is beneficial
to take a time apart from your routine and a habitual reaction you have to
it. Sometimes it is advantageous to take a step back and view your situation
from a different position. At any moment during your day you have the
capability to step aside and realign your perception and the responses you
display to the situations involved. Always the power to choose is yours;
always the response is changeable. I encourage you to take advantage of the
ability to choose your direction.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Monjoronson stepping forward to
avail myself of this gracious opportunity. Let's play a little more with
this idea of going on vacation since it is the act of choosing something
alternate to your regular activities and since it is typically a rewarding
activity and since there are usually lasting benefits to a vacation, then I
observe that what we do here now must be a vacation. We all make the choice
to engage in an activity that is not frequently pursued, an activity that is
typically alternate from our other activities. We all come to this place
with some sense of openness and willingness to take in the experience, even
a new experience. We all show up here ready to engage in the activity of the
hour and we all eagerly contribute to the process, sharing back and forth
and enjoying each others contribution and simple presence.

We all then come away from this experience every time with some feeling of
having been rewarded for our efforts, some enrichment to our experience as a
result of our effort. After having chosen and done this activity, we then
are conditioned and changed by it in a manner of our own choosing. This is
how we condition ourselves for future experience. You see you may be
conditioned as a result of your past experiences or you may be the
conditioner of your new and future experiences by bringing your intention
into the process.

And so I suggest that we all engage in these vacations from our other
routine activities with great joy and anticipation that we will get what we
came to find and that it will be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience
which then serves to condition our next experience and in fact everything in
our individual experience is flavored by the conditioning we do day by day,
even hour by hour. This is how a group changes, an individual changes, a
nation changes, and a world changes, is this conditioning yourself anew, not
simply being satisfied to repeat old patterns but to create patterns of
choice, patterns of intention.

In keeping with the topic discussed of chemical or even cellular reaction,
perhaps this whole topic provides much food for consideration when
considering what you might wish for or pray for when utilizing your
intention and creative process for another or even for yourself. It's one
more perspective that can be employed to direct this intentional energy, one
more arrow you may pull from your quiver and take great aim with and then

It is once again as it always has been, my great pleasure to be with you and
be provided this opportunity to communicate with you in this unique process
that we have developed where we have taken a vacation from the norm. I too
have much affection for all of you in this process that we are in together
and I bid you all a wonderful Valentine's Day and every day. May it be
charged with the awareness of love. I take my leave now; thank you and

Mary: [unknown] Well I'm getting someone who is saying in my ear: Well hello
my friends who happen to find themselves sojourning on planet earth,
Urantia. Why not as you move into your day, skip along today instead of just
walk? Why not dance through your life? Take a moment and as you are walking
down the hallway, down that aisle out in your yard, wherever you are, why
not skip, dance, frolic a little bit here and there? Lighten your movements
and your attitudes. Thank you for hearing me.

LIght: [Mark] Hello to all, I am Light and by the grace of love my request
has been honored to bring you my heartfelt message of love for you all are
some of my closest family and I cherish the relationship I have with you. On
this day of observing your loved one, I was overcome with the desire to make
my feelings known, make my intention into words so that I may bring greater
expression to them. Thank you all for the part that you play in my
experience and I desire you to know that I have such great affection and
love which I direct to you. Please drink this in and know that it is from

Unknown: [Mary] I'm getting come to the light, come to the bright. My
children drink in the joy that is available. Bring your sunny dispositions
even into the grey day. Bring the sunshine through your choice. Turn to the
light, turn to the bright. Thank you.

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