[tmtranscripts] Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2010-02-25

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Subject: LIghtline Teleconference Adjuster Series 2010-02-25

Teachers: Voice Within, Inner Voice, Monjoronson

T/R's: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: I would now invite spirit into the process and in particular, spirit
from within, to differentiate this from the spirit beings that make
themselves available to us, that have their own distinct personalities and
are their own individual identities, our spirit helpers that we have come to
know and enjoy and lean on in this process. At this time, if we could focus
the experiment on the spirit presence which is within each and every one of
us, an onboard partner and I invite this element of my being at this time to
come forward and access this classroom with us. I trust and have faith that
this can be so. Even though I experience personal uncertainty as to the
outcome, my faith blankets my uncertainty with the conviction that it is
real and that it will happen. And now I would make it so.

The Inner Voice: Greetings, I will identify myself as the term currently
used by my partner as his Inner Voice, his Voice Within. I am not of course
concerned with names or terminology whatsoever, I am concerned with intent
and purpose and I honor his act of formal invitation by responding. I also
acknowledge the reality of the statement that it may be so simply because he
has chosen it to be so at this time. In fact, it is always that simple. Each
time and every time that you attempt and succeed in contacting spirit it has
been as a result of your independent individual choice and the subsequent
action that your choice helps to facilitate.

You all are in a very real sense, the gatekeepers to this entire process,
the switch controller. It all rests with you, your freewill choice, your
desire, your intention, are what activate potentials and create pathways and
circuitries whereby spirit may then access and flow because as you may well
comprehend, spirit is always present, always available. It exists regardless
of your awareness of its existence and so the key to accessing the spirit is
the switch that you throw when you focus your intention and desire to do so.
It is not as though spirit has to be summoned from afar or somehow created
out of thin air. What is created is your point of access, your point of
choosing and when you have aligned yourself with the choosing and followed
through with the action to make it so as was just demonstrated in this
preamble, then you have brought yourself to spirit, you have made yourself
the interface between the spirit and the material.

Truly it is possible for you to have one foot in either realm. You can
function solely as a material being or you can choose to associate with your
spiritual component and act as a dual natured creature, part mortal and part
spiritual. This is the unique position you hold at this point in your
individual ascension career and in this beginning life that you have here on
this world. At no other time in your ascension career will you exist on the
cusp as you do now. Each subsequent incarnation will bring you closer and
closer to your spiritual dimension and eventually you will phase out
entirely your material dimension in favor of your spiritual component.

But for now in this rare episode of what you call time, in this incredible
classroom that you refer to as the space that you are in, you are in a
unique position to come to spirit from your mortal perspective and in so
doing you bring spirit into the farthest reaches of material mortal
existence. As I said, it is not as though it is not present, it is merely
that those in the material mortal dimension are largely unaware of its
presence and therefore this unawareness dictates that they do not know about
this interface or how to create it.

You who are here now have taken necessary steps in your lives to expand your
consciousness, to raise your level of awareness to include and even to
embrace this other dimension that you brush up against from time to time.
You are here now pursuing a greater connection to this aspect of yourself
and you are to be recognized and honored for the efforts that you have made
which have brought you to this place, for the intention which you have
directed and the actions which have been as a result of your intention. No
one else is responsible for this attainment, it is yours and yours alone.
Likewise, you cannot do it for another, you can direct and urge and guide
and coax but in the final analysis it is strictly an individual decision to
pursue spirit, to embrace it as a natural part of your being, to allow it to
permeate your mortal experience as you do even now.

I would make one comment in regard to your discussion prior to my entering
the classroom. It is observed quite frequently that certain individuals who
are bold and possess the tendency to explore these boundaries become notable
and are a source of inspiration, guidance, suggestion, and this is certainly
a normal and natural part of your observation of many varieties and types
even among your family of man, the mortals of the realm. But I would assure
you that each and every one of you are far more like such notable
individuals than you are unlike them, that is, you are not near so far
distant from any of these inspiring individuals that may come to mind than
you are remote from them. You share many many of the same characteristics
and traits and the differences are far less significant and have less impact
than the similarities.

So while it is good to use the achievements of others to motivate yourselves
to try harder or be more or experiment with greater and greater intention, I
would encourage you that you all share the same basic drive. The drive that
brought you here to this place is the same drive that propels others of your
brethren to move in their own individual direction and to have their own
individual accomplishments and successes. But certainly you have yours and
they are no less significant. There is the downside of elevating individuals
to a special standing and that can be that you then think that bar is
perhaps too high to attain since so few apparently seem to attain it. This
can be de-motivating and I encourage you all to rather see it as
motivational and inspiring because there is nothing that another mortal of
the realm has done, can do, or will do, that is outside the realm of
possibility for you to do if you so choose.

That of course is easy to say and hard to embrace as the truth because you
see yourselves as so distinct and different an individual, but you are all
in a very real sense, chips off the same block with the same potential
inherent in your nature and in your being. It is only the degree to which
you choose to actuate these potentials that determine the apparent
differences that you observe.

Thank you all for allowing this interface at this time. It is truly, as has
been said, an experiment in progress where each time, every time, we come,
we invest ourselves in the process and we come away having grown and learned
something. That is the process of life and I am exceedingly glad to be
involved in that process with you. I now would step back to allow this forum
to be used by others. Thank you.

Henry: Thank you Mark and also your Inner Voice for the clarity and its
appropriateness in helping us understand how each of us can access this
inner dimension within through faith and trust and persistence. This evening
I intend to follow in a similar vein to allow the process to unfold, to
invite spirit to come and share it's quality of working within a human mind,
even one that at times is as stubborn and arrogant as my own. Nonetheless,
to have access to this tremendous resource within has been an overwhelming
revelation and overwhelming awareness in my own life personally. All it
really does is keep me in synch with spirit and what spirit has in store for

Prayer: Thank you Father. You are such an awesome God to have brought me to
a place where I can see and understand that I can have a direct and personal
relationship with you within the privacy of my own mind has been one of the
most astonishing revelations in my life. I apologize that for years I had to
test and make sure that you were real, to make sure that you were there and
I can honestly say that you bat 100% Father, even greater because sometimes
you have met me in places where you have gone beyond the 1/2 way mark. I
thank you for those times when like elastic, you stretched the ends of
reality to meet me. I thank you for the certainty and knowingness that you
are real, that you desire to have a relationship with the human you indwell,
that you are capable of taking us further than we ourselves can go. Father,
you truly are the light amidst the darkness. You are the map through the
roads of confusion, you are the solace for an aching and weary heart and you
are the comfort, knowing that I can trust that all things work out for a
greater good as I go about doing my daily part. Thanks for showing me that
greatness is not a reward. Greatness is knowingness, it is certainty written
in the heart that I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am your son and
you wish the best for me, for all your sons and daughters, that you long for
us to come in step with the rhythm and beat of your presence. Father I
invite you to come tonight and share what you will with us. Use me as a
piece of clay Father to demonstrate your exquisite and artistic abilities to
create form out of a lump of clay. Help reveal how you mold us to your
exquisite nature that we too may begin to glimpse the future mind estate
which you are preparing us for. Thank you.

Indwelling Spirit: [Henry] With an introduction like that it will be
tremendously difficult to not share with you the opportunity which you as a
human present to the Indwelling Spirit to share part of your life to be of
help to be realized as the one who is the guide, to be acknowledged who is
in charge and to be given a free hand in guiding a humans momentary destiny
and creating that human in a greater capacity to accept a part of their true
nature. This notion of whether spirit is real and how does spirit work
within the mind is shrouded in enough mystery to keep the human on his toes
for a tremendously long time.

It is not a very easy thing to remain committed and focused in desire in an
intention, in a belief and trust to know something greater, to believe with
all your heart that you can actually begin to pay attention to the prompts,
the inner nudges, the leading of word choice, the word sequence, the
actuality of having presented to you in a very natural way that which is the
substance you are to partake. Not all the time do you have to really go
anywhere to figure out what it is to do. Just look about you. There is so
much to do right around where you stand that it will truly boggle your mind
and the more that you begin to do with those right around you, the more
people will come to you, near you, they will pass by you.

Spirit working within the human mind is a tremendously subtle and personal
experience. It is subtle in the sense that the human mind must be poised to
spirit's inclination, that you must be prepared in your mind to be open for
things to be presented to you. Spirit also works with intention, a firm and
clear intention is the pathway to spirit. Your persistence and conviction
will help secure your ability to get spirit to respond and work with you.
What exactly is it that spirit does for you? Spirit helps provide the
wherewithal, the choices. Spirit also helps to gather the substance about
you that your thought and intention can begin to manifest into a three
dimensional reality into your life.

You will notice that when you begin to follow spirit and spirits guiding
inclination, doorways and pathways begin to appear to you. These ways that
begin to appear for you are actually the ways in which you should navigate
and gravitate towards. This is one of the ways in knowing that spirit is
working with you and for you. In time you will get to trust spirit to the
point that you begin to almost discern that spirit has the ability and
capacity to begin to make things happen in your life in a way in which you
have no concept. The greatness of spirit is the ability to bring a human to
a divine awareness, not only of an indwelling divine spirit, but [that] a
divine nature awaits a human destiny.

The ability to move forward is available to all of you, the ability to
listen and discern. And you say how do I know if what I am discerning is
what I should be discerning? Well, this depends on where you are. Sometimes
things are difficult to test whether you really truly want that which you
seek because seeking great things demands great persistence, tremendous
focus and the ability to step aside and allow spirit to help to create with
you to bring the substance of our nature into alignment, that its actuality
becomes that which helps sustain and procures the kind of life which you

This is the only certain way of knowing whether spirit is real or not.
Persistence, it's like a kid going into an Easter egg hunt. The kid turns
over a couple of rocks or little sticks and doesn't find any eggs. Well, the
child doesn't run away pouting that he has not found any eggs. The child
continues to wildly turn over everything he sees until he begins to find
eggs. The persistence of a child is the ability to truly access spirit. You
do not give up because spirit is not answering fast enough or spirit is not
giving you what you need or the way in which you think you need it. Spirit
truly knows what a human needs and eventually spirit also knows that as
humans begin to come to a place of maintaining a form, of maintaining a way
of living which is in synch with what is right for you, you will begin to
experience beyond a shadow of a doubt, the greatness which you find within

This greatness is a little seed. It must be carefully attended to, it must
be placed in a warm heart and it must be watered with acts of love,
acknowledgement and consciousness. It must be fertilized with faith and
trust. The ability of man to consciously recognize spirit within is also the
ability of individuals to create a greater society in which to live for
spirit works within each one of us as a drop of water. Like water it cannot
exist just as a drop. It must be brought together so that all of these drops
become a large body of water. All water seeks its own kind and it collects.
This is the purpose and nature of spirit, to help you discover this drop of
water and help bring it to a large pool before it evaporates. We truly
desire you, your life, your dedication, and your willingness and ability to
act as strong men and women as you also walk hand in hand with the spirit

People say I am not perfect, why would spirit want to help me? Spirit is the
self esteem which man truly seeks. Spirit truly desires to help those in
which spirit indwells. Let not the demands of the modern world and a
struggling life compromise the spiritual nurture which is available to each
and every one of you. Truly begin to trust, I will say that aggravating
voice, because sometimes I have to repeat and repeat until finally within
the humans mind the human thinks of it as his own thought. It doesn't matter
when one comes to this but that one does come, that one does make it his
own, his own awareness, their own realization. This is how spirit works
within the human mind because man must first recognize within his own self,
the ability to be inspired or to be brought to an awareness of ones self on
a greater level of actually seeing ones self, ones behavior, seeing how one
can become more susceptible to change within their own lives and for the
lives of their families.

There is nothing magical, special, or anything of this nature which concerns
man and spirit. Spirit knows what humans are. Spirit completely accepts you
in the state you are in and the place you are now and spirit is ready to
take you further, if need be to take you out of the place you are in now
into a greater awareness to begin to accept the program which has been
prepared for you by spirit.

So in all of these exercises in which we share the inner workings within
man, be aware that this is being presented as a natural process. This is
being presented as something that sounds almost easier than it actually is
but believe me, it's not tremendously difficult because I am tremendously
systematic. Sometimes you must get one thing right to be able to go beyond
where you are. Eventually you find those little chains that tie you to
something that keeps you from moving in the direction you need to go. This
is where I come in because I point out these little leashes, these little
chains, these little boxes in which you are in, the tree to which you are
tied. So truly spirit can help you free yourself from the bondage you create
for yourselves by thinking that you can live your life without spirit, that
you know exactly what you are doing. Maybe you do, and if things are truly
working for you then you are truly working with the spirit whether you know
it or not for spirit has a hand in all that is good.

I thank you all for supporting this forum in which we participate in this
dialog with spirit in which humans open up themselves to be used as a living
example of spirit working within man; not to show you how great these
individuals are but to show you in their posture how ordinary it is to
experience such an extraordinary journey and relationship with a personal
divine presence. It is literally true what this one said; to be brought to
the awareness that man can have a personal and private relationship with
deity and spirit is truly worth the involvement it entails to embark on this
journey of relationship with spirit.

In this space I leave you this evening as one who will continue to guide the
human I inhabit so that revealed within his mind is a greater revelation of
himself. As all of you contemplate these words, go into a private space with
your own personal spirit presence and begin to share a love and a warmth, a
knowingness, an inquisitiveness, a willingness, to travel where no man has
traveled before. This is truly your last frontier. Thank you. I will step
aside this evening and create a space where others may come and share with
you. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings to all assembled here in this citadel of
spirit. I am Monjoronson and at the risk of super-saturation it is my desire
to continue this educational experience to the degree that I may assist in
further defining what has just transpired here. I invite you to recognize
that what has just transpired has been delivered at a certain frequency or
vibration or tone that strikes a certain chord within your inner being. The
messages delivered here, I call you to witness, were of a magnitude and
order that seemed to resonate with what appears to be the very core of your
being. This is because what just transpired is at the very core of your
being. When you are hearing from one Thought Adjuster or Voice Within you
are in connection with all those Thought Adjusters or Voices Within who are
in connection in turn with the First Source and Center.

In a very real way this direct line is accessed and can be received thus,
directly inward to your Inner Being. I myself, on the other hand, stand in
contrast to that process you have just witnessed. I am an individual of the
realm just as you are. I am privileged enough to attend this class just as
you are. I am humbled to consider that I make a worthy contribution to what
you have created in forming this space and creating this forum but any
messages or insight or guidance that I may be in a position to offer comes
from me as one individual to you as another individual, from the outside as
it were, and my words must gain entrance to your being through a whole
different portal. They must be interpreted or assimilated, or not, through
the process of communication, one individual to another.

The process we have all just witnessed would be more akin to communing,
where there is a rather direct line that can be used to assimilate such
offerings which originate from such places of spirit. And while I am
functioning in the spirit realm and you are hearing my words using your
spiritual muscles, we are still two individuals communicating as best we can
in this process. So I invite you to experience the difference, the contrast
of one who is invited to join the class and offer as a guest speaker any
insight that might be helpful, versus and in contrast to what you have just
absorbed through your direct spirit connection.

I don't know if this distinction or difference is perhaps too subtle but
since this is an advanced class I venture out in this direction to see if
perhaps such communication can make sense of such communing. You have had a
veritable feast laid before you tonight to nourish the soul and I hesitate
to even disturb the waters as it was such a magnificent display of grace. I
honor those who give of themselves in such a selfless manner and simply
portray the human nature with such simplicity and openness.

But I sense we have plenty on our plates as a result of this banquet and to
offer much more would simply be to the overflowing. So I would simply join
you with my appreciation of the class, the classroom, the participants, and
as one who is an observer just like you, I come away having learned so much
each and every time of what you are going through in your human nature. How
fascinating it is, what a marvel to behold. Truly, what a miracle to
witness. I am sure it is not possible for you to understand that there are
many a developed spiritual being who would gladly take your place for the
opportunity to be where you are at and learn what you learn from your

Thank you all for your participation and your willingness to provide such an
opportunity and forum. I now would take it upon myself to draw this meeting
to a close in gratitude and appreciation that I'm sure I share with you all,

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