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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2010-01-31

Teachers: Michael, Elyon, Monjoronson, A Visitor

T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Michael: [Cathy] I am with you today in this discussion of prayer, I am
Michael. In my life on your world I found great strength in the communion
with my Father. I would go into seclusion and make that connection in
stillness that you are familiar with. I was able to invigorate my service by
connecting with the higher spiritual plane. The act of prayer was to me more
of an act of turning my will in the direction of the Father's will. It is
indeed true that what the Father desires and what you request will be
completed. In this process your participation is needed as the connecting
link. You act in this situation somewhat as a plug that is connected to the
wall socket to power a tool that can be used to promote a creative activity.
Your connection is linking the existing power with the power ready project.
As you make connection it redirects the power to be used in a waiting tool
for a tool ready project. All projects are available and the energy is
ever-present. The important aspect of this is action, making the connection
with the intention to participate in this project. I am with you always and
am waiting for you to choose the project of the day. I am eager to
participate with you at any time in the project of your choosing. All of the
projects laid out before you have value and impact on our overall project.
You have the free will choice to participate and to choose the project. I am
with you always.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello dear friends, it is my pleasure to once again join you,
I am Elyon. Like you in this moment, I am enjoying the space that the words
of your Master have brought us to. I honor once again the direction of this
conversation and will be happy to discuss further the nature and
implications of prayer as long as it takes and to the glory of Father in
heaven. You have just heard from Michael that he himself has engaged in this
process that you are attempting to describe and define in your discussion.
He knows what it is like to swing his will to be oriented with the will of
his Father, our Father, and in this way he has demonstrated that this
process of using your will to act as a switch and to align yourself to be
plugged in results as you have witnessed in the directing of great energy to
be wielded by one who is in complete alignment and conviction of the

Michael spoke of the many many projects which are at hand immediately before
us and how we are of great value to the universe because we are in a
position to choose our project, to swing our will into alignment with his
and the Father's, to plug ourselves into the vast circuitry that spirit
represents and to be the one responsible for channeling or focusing this
great resource of energy to a desired focal point. In your discussion prior
to the recorded portion, there was the question: Where does this energy go
and how does it get used, what happens since prayer is energy and energy is
donated by the prayer, who collects, stores and transfers this energy?

I say the answer may very well be you. They could very well be anyone who
chooses to so engage with the process. Certainly you witnessed great acts
that Michael was involved with as Jesus, in his time seen as miracles or
extra-ordinary accomplishments. These acts were no more than demonstrations
of faith and portrayals of energy in motion as a result of one having made
the choice of a project, having consecrated his will to the will of the
Father, having made his connection to spirit and having thrown the switch
and activated the circuit as a demonstration of his faith. You all do this
on a regular basis as well. You grow your garden, you foster spiritual
growth in your discussion, you reach out in service at a moments notice. All
of these are acts of swinging your will into the alignment of the will of
the Father. When such alignment is established and such connection is made
by virtue of the desire to do so, then truly the power in the grid may flow
to your end, to the end that you may direct because you are in a position
unique to do so.

These are in truth not miracles at all but demonstrations of universe
principles in action. Your Master said: "You can do all that I have done and
more", and he spoke the truth. There is no special access that any one
individual is granted to this universal grid of energy, rather it is wholly
dependent on the individual to engage with the process and hook up to the
grid and then in the greatest triumph of all, the sheer act of faith
powerful enough to manifest in deed. When this combination has been
satisfied, all power on heaven and earth may be seen to be wielded,
directed, focused, altered or somehow conditioned by ones in such a focal

So when you wonder: What happens when you pray? and you know that this act
of prayer is an act of creation and this act of creation goes out as a
charge into the universe, the next time you find yourself in a position to
be a conduit for such energy you need not be surprised that it is wholly
present and ready to be directed to your point of location. Certainly you
recognize that this is the case as you feel a flush of energy come over you
in such circumstances or when you are having a dynamic spiritual expression
with your brethren, there is a flush of energy that you have just plugged
into, turned on and are now in the process of directing and focusing.

This gigantic energy field from which you may draw such power is itself a
living and dynamic creation and it is very true that the act of prayer and
the demonstration of response to a prayer may well be separated by this
condition of time as you so perceive it, but in literal fact of infinity,
there was no lapse in time, merely the choosing of the proper time. I hope
this line of reasoning can further help you to grasp with the intellectual
arm of your triangle what is in fact a spiritual principle. You have
referenced the many triad steps to move from one position of awareness into
the next and subsequent position of awareness and this attempt that you make
to fully explain what is a rather wholly spiritual principle is a requisite
step to be taken in this process of completing the step towards your full
understanding and awareness.

Thank you all for such contribution in your discussion. Truly it is easy to
witness the advances that you all have made as it is reflected in the
calibre of your conversation about interpretations of spiritual principles.
It is my honor to join you in such times as this. I leave you with a deep
and profound affection, farewell.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings once again my friends, I am Monjoronson here
to throw my two cents into this wishing well of understanding. Words may be
used repeatedly to try to reach some sort of understanding about some
principle which is so spiritual such as prayer; but in the end this comes
down to a personal interpretation of what it is to the one who is
interpreting it and it will most certainly be personalized by each observer.
But Michael has given you his interpretation of what it was to him and
certainly among the family of man, actions speak so much louder than words
so many times. Even those who were with Jesus during his time on earth
marveled at the Master's discipline in always providing time and a space for
himself to commune with his Father.

As you know, life is busy, even frantic, and as Jesus, Michael was certainly
a very busy individual with many demands made and many extraordinary
opportunities being realized each and every day. And so his apostles
marveled that in the midst of all the outside demands, Jesus would
steadfastly maintain his devotion to the reestablishment of the connection
with his Father. But as a result of his steadfastness, he maintained an even
keel throughout what were very charged and emotional times in his life and
this was perhaps his greatest contribution to understanding the significance
of prayer in an an individuals life. Not what to pray, not how to pray, not
exactly when to pray, no procedures, no demands, merely observe the man who
would choose to make a priority of staying connected with his Father in
heaven. Amidst all the turmoil and hubbub he would go aside and spend time
with his Father.

Truly this life lived as a mortal was meant to inspire the lives of millions
and millions of his children subsequently, to see how calmly and evenly he
lived his life and how purposefully he wielded such great power by virtue of
his constant connection and his great faith. All humans could stand to learn
a thing or two from the life of the Master who showed all mortals for all
time, the way, the truth, and the life.

So today once again we have used a number of word symbols and attempted
different angles of perception and description, all the while we have been
engaged in the very thing we have been attempting to describe. Communing in
spirit form with each other and even with the Father because we so choose to
do it and we bring our faith with us and so we do it, it is done even now.
Thank you all for being such bright lights of spiritual truth. It is a
pleasure to work with this group. I now withdraw in appreciation for the
opportunity you have provided. Thank you.

A Visitor: [Cathy] I wish to add to this discussion of prayer. I am witness,
the power of this process on a developing world such as yours. In my mortal
life on a world as yours, we were aware of a different level of prayer
connection. Lacking the rebellion your planet experienced, our world was
connected to the power of prayer and the spiritual circuits. As was
mentioned earlier in the discussion, we on my world were aware of Urantia
and the bestowal mission on the planet. It was my pleasure to direct the
energy of prayer to you, my brothers and sisters, and the entire universe
has indeed focused on the renewal of your world and its return to the family
of our origin. Michael indeed has projects ready for participation, I
witness that this is always an option for you. It is my great pleasure to be
here and aid in any way I can. From our perspective, there was great power,
spiritual pressure coming to the planet, some of this is produced by the
redirecting influence of prayer.

Cathy: I'd like to take a moment to join our intention and direct prayers to
the troubled places in our world, to places where forgiveness is needed so
that we can change our world.

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