[tmtranscripts] FW: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series 2009-12-17

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster series 2009-12-17

Teachers: The Voice, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for the opportunity to be together
in this way and to come to this place where we are so close to you. We enjoy
creating this bridge between us. Help us to reconstruct this pathway to you
with greater and greater ease as we would choose to do so. You know all
things and therefore you know it is the desire of our hearts to seek you and
this is the path that we feel we find you, one of them, and we cherish this
path and the opportunity that it provides for us. Thank you for joining us
as we create this bridge and participating with us in this process so that
we can truly co-mingle in spirit because it is our will and desire to do so.

Mark: I now would like to swing my intention to opening up this forum and
inviting in my Inner Guide, my Inner Voice, who has been so faithful in
arriving at this place with us. I will call you all to witness that not
once, never, not once, have we ever ever been disappointed when we have come
to this place of spirit. We will all bear witness to this truth as we bring
this reality of spirit into our lives. We all will bear witness to have
never been disappointed when we truly put our intention and our efforts
forward. So it is with complete conviction and absolute faith that I invite
once again, this process to happen, this door to open, this path to be
created. Thank you.

The Voice: [Mark] Greetings and thank you for this gracious invitation.
Truly such words echo throughout a universe because they are a tribute to
the Creator. Such words as faith and conviction and trust and a feeling of
certainty are a divine culmination of the plan in action, the ascension
career in motion. Surely it is a tribute to the process that such statements
could be offered and when you offer the words of conviction it is with such
conviction and trust that I arrive here because I know of the desire within
the hearts of not only my steadfast partner in this process but of the
collective intention through the circuitry of the Adjusters.

While I honor your feeling of certainty at times such as this, I also know
all things about the personality to whom I am attached and am therefore well
aware that even though there is present conviction and certainty, side by
side with such noble and empowering states there exists states such as doubt
and uncertainty. It could not be otherwise, they are all part of the same
composite experience. There must be doubts and uncertainty for there to be a
true sense of conviction and purpose. Therefore we are grateful for all of
these conditions. They are all required to be there to establish the
relationship between us and the true meaning and value of each.

So don't take to feeling as though you are somehow in error when you
experience feelings of doubt and uncertainty for these elements are
necessarily experienced in order to have a firm understanding of what they
are and their relationship to what they are not. I witness that this group
and the devoted personalities who arrive regularly and who may participate
at other times in other forums are all making steady forward progress in
their spiritual achievements. This is simply a matter of universal record,
not meant to be excessively flattering, simply a statement of fact. This is
so because of the efforts that have been extended by the individuals
involved. You have all reaped the benefits of your efforts at seeking and
this achievement is yours for an eternity, your possession of achievement. I
will point out that there were no others who did it for you in any way. It
was required of each of you that you show up and do the work, pay attention,
live the lessons, become the truths and gain the wisdom. These steps you
personally and individually have done.

I thank you all for the communal contribution that you make to this new and
experimental process we have created. This whole theme suggested this
evening, of grand changes or minor changes or season changes or job changes,
all these changes that are immediately before us, truly this time is ripe
for many changes in rapid succession. I invite you all to consider that with
change comes potential because when things are in change, that is they are
in motion, they may be guided and directed. You can with an act of your
intention, your free will choice, serve to help guide and direct when you
sense things are in flux. Here your intention towards the highest good, the
grandest purpose, the greatest ideal that you have, at each point when you
sense that change is afoot, use your intention as leverage in the
circumstance to shift change, even modestly, in the direction of your

This is where great creators create great things, by knowing just when to
nudge something that is in motion, to kick it in favor of their intention
and desire. Be keen and on the lookout in the times just ahead for where
your intention may be applied as leverage in your circumstances. Be bold
about the use of this tool, it is after all, your honor and privilege to be
the fulcrum at which point the leverage may be placed and used most
effectively? Seize the opportunities before you and use your creative
potential to manipulate what is in flux to make it settle out into your
vision of the greatest, grandest version of what you could imagine. Do this
because you have the faith and conviction that you have established here in
this forum. Do this because you have witnessed the power of such a formation
and do this because you know of a certainty, with complete conviction, that
it is so and then there will be no force on heaven or earth that could stop
you from acting in complete conviction.

It has been my extreme honor and pleasure to have enjoyed your company for
this last time we have enjoyed together. I would thank you all once again
and now I would allow this wonderful sacred space that we have created to be
utilized for the greatest good by another. Go in peace and go with God. Go
with you Inner Guide forefront in your consciousness and be about this
creating a new paradigm. I leave you now into the hands of another. Thank
you for being such gracious hosts to me, farewell.

[Henry] Thank you Mark for this well articulated relationship you share in
faith and trust with your divine self, divine aspect of yourself. Greetings
once again to all who are a part of this wonderful and soulful space which
has been established this evening. Once again, we come to this space to
experience a little of the actuality which goes on between a few people who
step forward to share their inner guidance and their inner realities. One
has to think of all of the billions of people that exist here and now on
this sphere and yet several people step forward in trust and faith to share
the inner workings of a greater reality. Ladies and gentlemen, the Thought
Adjuster is the essence of change within the human consciousness, within a
humans life and within the destiny of the peoples of this earth. We boldly
step forward where many dare to enter and in trust we step aside and allow
the Inner Presence to move forward to share a bit of the present realities.

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, thank you for this energetic connection.
Thank you for this gift of life and thank you Michael for making it possible
that all humans have been indwelt with this divine inspiration. I now give
the floor to my Inner Voice and Presence.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Good evening to all who are here, to all who will hear
this or eventually read this. Within this sphere of influence I Am, and yes,
I Am the essence of change. I Am that nagging thought, I Am that slight
nudge, I Am that gut felling, I Am true knowingness and I Am the ability to
bring you as you are now into a place of greater reality, greater integrated
consciousness and in all aspects, the forward progression of transcending
who you think you are and realizing who you are becoming. The people.....a
great change, it is at which point does one......of knowingness to realizing
something through what has been achieved or through what has been lost for
what has been lost or missed, miscalculated or taken for granted. In the
area of awareness prompts one to think openly and to make associations which
are difficult; to associate the fact that I should have known better, I
should have [gone] with that gut feeling, I knew this didn't feel right from
the beginning and oops, I slipped again.

In this real state of awareness, this slap in the face, you come away with a
greater knowingness, equipped to handle it different the next time it
appears. To those who gain insight from a lesson, to those who have paid a
great price for the lesson as well as to those who pay attention and
therefore avoid unnecessary lessons, there is also the grace and reward of
knowing, of consciousness, of momentary victory over an aspect of self. It
certainly is true that life demands intelligent effort to get the most out
of life. This does not mean that one has to be a genius. It is not difficult
to figure out which way you have to go; you follow the path of least

The path which is the most difficult is the one which you truly resist.
Depending on where you are at, it may be you who is resisting the path or
the path which is resisting you. Either way, the path of change will reveal
to you in a fashion, the correct way, the true way which has been set forth
for your particular situation. It is true, the Adjusters work the same in
each individual yet the details of these out-workings are unique and
different from everyone else yet similar in nature for we are bringing you
all to the same place. We are bringing you to the true reality of who you
are. We are bringing you to the level of eternal substance to become one
with us, to rejoice in this grand and glorious life, this eternal life in an
eternal universe which has been created for all in it to know and grow, to
experience life and be able to come to the table and share this experience.

You will find that many times your experiences will dovetail perfectly with
the experiences of another, they will complement each other. An Adjusters
work is never done. As humans, you are quick, volatile, emotional, stubborn,
sometimes not paying attention. My ability to reach to the surface of your
mind and get your attention is your ability to focus on the depth of my
presence within you. Your ability to ponder how I work within your mind
begins to reveal the great element of change because I could never fuse with
a mortal in the conditions in which you exist now. All elements of your
component self are not in a synchronous fashion with the ability to become
one with me at this time.

As you begin to see change within yourself and as you begin to discern what
needs to be changed within yourself, you will start becoming aware of this
behavior in other people before you become aware of it within yourself. It
is interesting, as humans, you always see in others that which you must deal
with yourself in the immediate sense. So as you are aligning yourself to my
will you are also acknowledging my will in others, you are acknowledging the
greater revelation of who we really are. Just as Jesus of Nazareth, your
Creator Son came to this planet, not for the righteous but for the
unrighteous, so have I come not for the perfect in mind but for the
downhearted, the confused, those who seek a better way yet haven't learned
to trust and use their faith yet.

I work within the human mind on the basest of levels all the way up to the
most difficult and exquisitely rendered of elements of the human mind and
consciousness so that when you truly are ready to become one with me you
begin to understand the interrelationship of all life as you know it and
understand it, that you are a small yet intricate and important piece of all
life, that your intention and your intelligent effort go into the direction
that this life will take. Through my interaction your life begins to exhibit
a more dimensional and real aspect, a more integrated knowingness. You begin
to show a respect for all life and you begin to become tolerant of the
unresolved aspects of this life just as I am tolerant with the unresolved
aspects of the individual I inhabit.

I truly trust that one day he will become supreme in my effort to reward him
with the gift of eternal life and eternal happiness in the great and grand
extended family of my spirit world. As you teach your children as you know
and think best, so will I teach you my children as I know what is best and
as the honing of a blade I will patiently hold you at the correct position
as I draw you to your edge. I will take this rough unidimensional,
unconscious person and transform in time even those who may resist me the
most. I cannot say that I am not without compassion for I truly regret the
loss of even one of you. At times I try so hard to get your attention yet
you seem to be preoccupied with some seemingly important endeavor. I only
intend to have you openly share this endeavor with me that I may experience
with you the struggle, the thought, that I may somehow hold this burden for
you while you act out of kindness and love instead of reaction.

I will have to thank you all for coming this evening on this last day of the
year, this year 2009 in which we gather in this soul merkaba, this vehicle
of consciousness in which I direct to guide all who are here with me, to
touch the divine spark within each and every one of you, to attempt to
describe the realness that is possible, to discuss a little of the creative
nature of my indwelling you and bringing you to full completion. I thank you
for allowing me a small voice to share in this space. I leave you all in
peace and love, good evening.

Mark: Thank you Henry, that was wonderful. In closing tonight I would just
like to once again thank everybody for being a part of this experience.
Coming together with you all over this last time period these years has
really meant a lot to me and changed my life, built some of my life and I
want to thank everybody for participating in that.

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