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DATE: December 6, 2009

LOCATION: Rio Rancho, NM

T/R: Gerdean

TEACHER: Trieste, Adrian, What-About-Bob, Lady, David, Verona and TOMAS

TOPIC: The Value of Associations; the Best Exercise; a Real Estate Situation; Ego/Personality Expression; Believe in Me; To Develop a Relationship; Baby Steps; Disciplines

TRIESTE: This is Trieste. I am Gerdean's personal teacher. (Hello) Hello. I am coming in first because I feel like the most accessible for her at this moment. I live quite intimately with her as a mortal and so I am easier for her to access than some of the others who are, for her, far removed from where her consciousness can go. Not that it has not gone there in the past, or will not go there in the future, but today -- now - it is impossible for her to reach the far-reaching spheres that once were her milieu. There are many reasons for this.

I will not spend the day discussing Gerdean, although there are qualities in the caliber of growth lessons that Gerdean experiences and is willing to share that are also those being experienced by others and so, to the extent this will be permitted by her, we can utilize her experience as an illustration in certain lessons or points to get across. The truth is she is feeling limited. And while feeling limited is a state of psychic frustration, it is also an indication of a yearning to break free into less restrictive methods and so they are to be pondered.

Pondering, in fact, seems to be part of the mortal limitation. You think a great deal, but not necessarily about the right things. Your mind is always busy, like squirrels or chipmunks, they are at work chattering and jabbering, as a part of the natural expenditure of energy. And yet the tone of your ponderings are often heavy, even morose, or critical, and perceived as negative when they are a large part of your character, and, in particular, when these ponderings are done without benefit of others present. Thus the value of associations, and particularly like-minded individuals who are on more or less the same wave-length. This gives you greater latitude of thought. You are not so pinched and limited as when you find yourself in the company of those whose minds are not expanded, or are fearful of anything "outside the box." You are creative; religionists are dynamic. It is hard to put such a light under a bushel.

I will respond to the pull of Adrian, who would like to speak.

ADRIAN: I am Adrian. (Welcome) Welcome to you. I am also Gerdean's personal teacher, partner of Trieste. Similar to how the seraphim work, we have our sphere of influence. One comes forward and dominates at a time. We don't gang up on our students. We are more like right-foot, left-foot, and you notice when you do take a step, you put your right foot forward, your left arm swings forward; and so when you've got a good gait going, the opposite of your arms and legs movement is really a synchronizing of its parts, such that the body organism moves fluidly through its environment and this, of course, is the ideal - the involvement of all your limbs and your faculties. This is the best exercise -- physically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually.

I understand you've got a real estate problem on your hands.

Renault: Well, it's become sort of an albatross that I sort of rely on to help make the mortgage payment, and also, it's a beautiful little space for someone to live in and it needs a loving person to live there and love it and enjoy the space and the yard and be a good neighbor / person for me to have live there, in the house - dependable and - you know what I mean? So that I would feel safe and comfortable having someone live there, rather than keep the place all by myself.

ADRIAN: The scene is very clear, from my perspective, but I think you need to modify your attitude about your property and your prospective tenant. You want an intimacy that they may not feel good about renting. The reason a person would go to a place such as you have is because it is an independent structure, independent address; it does not belong to an apartment complex. They can feel self-sufficient, independent, and not have to answer to anyone. Your history with your own property there has been that whoever lives in the house is simply an extension of your world

Renault: It's been that way for 25 years, yeah.

ADRIAN: And while that may be true, these are different circumstances.

Renault: I try to remember that.

ADRIAN: You need to establish a wall between yourself and the rental portion of your property -- psychically, socially -- and give these people freedom to function independent of your tendency to hover and nurture and cultivate even that which is not yours, such as tenants. You have to start thinking about the caliber of people who live close to you, and whether they are trustworthy, but beyond that you need to let go of them completely.

Renault: The neighbors?

ADRIAN: Yes. (Okay) They are not your extended family. (No) You might also think in terms of advertising outside your local environs. Santa Fe, being "the city different" that it is, you might consider advertising in the Los Alamos paper, the Taos paper, and even beyond, into Colorado or Texas or Nebraska or New York. (Hmm) Open your perspectives on your asset there and, instead of thinking of tenants as filial connections, think of them as attributes.

Renault: We've put it on Craig's List, which is an nation-wide Internet availability [that] a lot of people check out, apparently, but its updated daily and your ad sort of gets pushed down . down, down, down . and soon disappears into the abyss of other people's ads.

ADRIAN: That is because they are more aggressive promoters (um-hum), and that's what you need to do, or your agent needs to do, is be aggressive in marketing this property.

Renault: Okay. I'm going to have a meeting with her and talk to her about expanding our reach.

ADRIAN: Perhaps you need to think in terms of business men/women, corporate executives, professors, someone on sabbatical from their home university. Santa Fe would be a nice place to reside for six months, or a year. Find out who they are and what their circumstances are before you start telling them what your needs are. Do not depend on them to be your companions, or your neighborhood watch. See how these work. See if this doesn't open the door of possibilities.

Renault: Okay. I've been thinking about having it be some kind of corporate apartment, like the travel nurses that come through who want to have a dog or for some reason don't want to be in an apartment.

ADRIAN: Professionals.

Renault: Right. St. John's University or College of Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Santa Fe Institute, all that.

ADRIAN: Yes. There is no reason why you can't set your sites for professionals who will run less of a risk to lose their job, or to have problems with custody, or even with pets.

Renault: More mature people.

ADRIAN: Professionals. There was a question earlier we found interesting, in fact, What-About-Bob and Lady have requested an opportunity to delve into that. Let's take a little break for a couple minutes and come back. [Pause]

WHAT-ABOUT-BOB: It's been so long since I've been here, I almost couldn't find your place. Yes, I joke. I can find you. I know how to get in this place. It's on the circuit. It is a bit of an outpost, however; and without the group meeting regularly and drawing "juice" it's a weak circuit, sometimes barely perceptible. I am glad for the opportunity to invade this space, with Lady also happy to enter in.

There was some discussion about a supposed conflict between ego expression and personality expression, between ego needs and personality needs. I almost feel like Jesus saying "Nathaniel, Nathaniel, how many times do I have to tell you," because no matter how faint your light is shining, you are certainly well apprised of the difference between ego and personality. I am not going to waste time reminding us all that when you start out you should not worry about how far you have come or where you are on the journey but rejoice that you are on it. As such, you can quit worrying about your ego because it has been relegated to the backseat. By experiencing rebirth, by whatever terms you want to use, personality expression now represents the soul - which is both you (including your ego) and God (including your Thought Adjuster) and so the personality expression that you seek to engage in, is a wholesome activity, not to be eschewed.

The ego clamoring for attention is the state of mind that exists before God-consciousness enters in. It is the attitude of the singularly selfish, self-centered, self-seeking individual. You are not that, neither are your associates, nor is your family. In fact, virtually everyone you know is engaged in a degree of personality expression. Just because people are not experienced in the spiritual dimension that you consider your home does not make them godless. You have no way of discerning one from the other. Put your mind at rest regarding the former and trust that you are making progress in the latter. It just saves you so much time and energy to not have to doubt yourself and question your standing every step of the way. Lady will add her comments.

LADY: Blessings on you, children. (Thank you. And on you.) Oh I am indeed blessed. And participating in the process to which I am assigned. And since nothing is more important than the work of your realm, I know I am doing important work, and that feeds my sense of self-esteem. I respect myself for being true to myself. And in that state of mind and being, my partner respects me also because I am putting myself forward as a person of integrity and consciousness. Many people attempt to perform this by being busy, but being busy is not the same as participating. It would be an ego tactic to simply go down the list of things you need to do, people you need to see, but it is organic that you should participate in the circumstances that you find yourself in, surrounded by.

It did not go past our notice recently when you let it be known, Gerdean, that you were inviting your entourage back into your consciousness. It is difficult for you mortals to live without beliefs. They indeed are the scaffolding upon which your faith ascends. And so I am glad that you believe in me and in us. We have spent so many precious hours communing together in meaningful ways it would be a sure loss for us if this reality were cast aside as imaginary or irrelevant. Beliefs are and faith is the armature of your ascension career. It is what gives you agondonters propulsion; otherwise, you would sit inert and wait for life to happen to you. And that, unfortunately, is how so many people do live, and then they wonder what happened to them. When that happens, they have not utilized the will; they have not found the proper use of the will that is a choice that is made with the eventual cooperation and support of the ego. And so it works for you and with you, not against you.

We will help you keep your perspective. Thanks for inviting us into your life again. We have not missed much in these many months of non-communication but we have missed you.

Gerdean: Thank you.

ADRIAN: Adrian back. I heard you, Renault, ask about your own personal teachers. Yes, you do have accompaniment. I am not skilled at this part of the T/Ring process but I will venture to develop the skill if you will bear with me. I would like to study your aura, your package, and discern the presence of your personal teacher (or teachers if you have two) and call them forth, find out their names, if possible, and then perhaps have a conversation between you and one or two of them, but this will take some time. Do you have time?

Renault: I do, yes, thank you. [Pause]

ADRIAN: There is someone here named David who claims to be your personal teacher. One moment.

DAVID: Hello, Renault. This is David, your personal teacher. (Hello) Hello. It is good to have an opportunity to contact you, to make a connection this way. It will take me some minutes to familiarize myself with the process. [Pause] It will take us some time to develop a relationship. You need to know more about me. I know much about you. Between me and my partner, your other personal teacher, we know you quite well. I love your openness, your heart is big and open to all the goodness the universe provides. You are without defense, and this is endearing. This quality has caused your guardian angel some extra work but if we didn't have work to do, what would be the point? We love our work, all of us in the spirit realm, as you enjoy your work, for the most part.

I have been quite active with you in your very active life. The aspect of you that is assertive, a go-getter, that gets bored easily, that wants to take risks, that wants to change jobs, that wants to take on what maybe others don't want to -- this is an area where you and I have had a great deal of interaction. I am the reflection of your extraverted nature, part of your adventurous spirit.

Renault: My David, huh?

DAVID: When your furnace goes out, I am generally the one who works with you on discerning what to do about such an issue, who to call, what investment to make, or what problems to avoid.

Renault: Thank you.

DAVID: My pleasure.

Renault: So you have been with me through the remodel phase and .

DAVID: Oh, my, yes.

Renault: (Laughing) Thanks. I need help.

DAVID: From way before that.

Renault: It's an on-going thing.

DAVID: Yes, you do need help. You do have the good sense, though, to let it be known. You don't suffer in silence overmuch. My partner would like to address you.

Renault: Okay.

Gerdean: I am studying her name. I can't find her name. It looks like Verona. It's not Ramona. It looks like an "--ona" -- Verona maybe. Vivian is too - I don't think its Vivian. Anyway, we'll call her Verona for now.

VERONA: By contrast, I am quite introverted and very smart. I'm not saying that David is not smart. I am saying that I am quite competent intellectually, and in diplomacy also, although you are slow to learn my lessons. You have a rebellious streak, a defiant streak, that I find difficult to work with sometimes and so I too can claim that your guardian seraphim has her work cut out for her, but again, this is what we do. Is it not remarkable that the Father has assigned to you so many helpers?

Renault: Yes! And yet still we stumble.

VERONA: In the hospital, where you work, there are many nurses on duty, different shifts, different specialists who come through, student visitors, aides and the like. Between them all, the job gets done, the infant grows strong, goes home. That's what we're doing here. We're working in the nursery.

Renault: (Laughing) Waa! Waa!

VERONA: Indeed, we listen to you whine and cry. We feed you and change you and cuddle you and nurture you and send you out the next day to meet the needs of that exchange with your environment.

I enjoy working with you. You are magnanimous in your regard for your fellow human beings . your patience, not exclusively. I tell you all these lovely things because this is the first opportunity I have had to tell you these lovely things about yourself. You need to learn to love yourself as much as I love you, and perhaps to see yourself more clearly as I can see you. Therefore you are also encouraged to spend more time with your personal teachers, your spirit guides, your heavenly helpers, for the perspective they and we bring, just knowing you are being upheld by legions of angels, that many hundreds of orders of angels are dedicated to your uplifting. In time your appreciation for what this means and how they work in your mind will be made more clear but our baby steps here have proved to be quite beneficial overall.

Renault: Good. Thank you. I'm also enjoying the new group with Rabbi and our Bible study group which is wonderful enlightenment. I hope you will join us, and enjoy us.

VERONA: I will be there because of my association with you. You might want to also invite some of the visiting students or midwayers or cherubim or other entities to add more "juice" to the circuitry.

Renault: And the others' invisible helpers, as well. The room is very crowded, it seems.

VERONA: You know how many angels you can get on the head of a pin. (Right) You need not worry about crowded conditions.

Renault: I figured. Thanks.

VERONA: Of course. Thank you. Let me return the discussion back to someone else.

Renault: However, before you go, is there some way you and David could link up with me?

VERONA: Yes. We are always at the ready in your proximity. Find us in your consciousness, where we reside in your consciousness, and when you need us, knock on our door and anticipate that we will answer.

Renault: Okay. Thank you.

VERONA: You are welcome and thank you. I look forward to getting to know you better, and you getting to know us better in the days to come.

Renault: Now that we can call you by name.

VERONA: Indeed.

Renault: Thank you, David and Verona.

TOMAS: This is Tomas.

Group: Hello Tomas.

TOMAS: I have been away so long and out of practice for so long, I feel rusty.

Group: We missed you.

TOMAS: I missed you. I have missed the long and steady career we enjoyed together. For several years I was quite well engaged. And while I am still occupied in the business of teaching, promoting understanding, I miss the format with which we had become so accustomed, familiar. I regret the group has floundered so. It is not anyone's fault. It's just that evolution marches on. Part of evolution is growing old. I won't ever consider this group as having lost interest, but rather as having lost the physical ability to participate as fervently as it was able to when it was younger, and I do mean this literally.

Having lost Esmeralda, our noble hostess, and the honeymooners having become immobile is a hardship and a handicap to the group. And yet I do not consider the group as being "shut down," merely being held in trust.

Renault: True. We haven't stopped having sessions. We haven't stopped learning. We haven't stopped T/R'ing. We're still here. Our circuits are still open. We are still willing.

TOMAS: Still reading the text and being of service. When the time comes, it will happen as if it were divinely orchestrated, as are all things.

I would like to speak briefly about disciplines. I have spoken many times about the value of beneficial habit patterns, exchanging old and inferior habit patterns for new and superior habit patterns. This generally comes with maturity, even almost naturally as you learn lessons and look for better ways to deal with problem solving. But the idea of a discipline is not to be forsaken simply because you become skilled at living. Disciplines are those good habits upon which your skilled living operates. Your good habits provide the infrastructure upon which your leisure can be productive, rather than inert or passive. Not following your established disciplines is like not exercising: you get soft, you get flabby, you get weak. It is necessary to exercise the will, and the mind, to keep it active and sharp so it can continue to serve you and others.

When you are young and engaged in the workaday world, your schedules and the demands of living superimpose disciplines upon you. You must go to bed early in order to get up early. You must eat on schedule to make sure you get proper fueling. You establish lifestyles around the job requirements so that you can attend to your home maintenance, child rearing, recreation and so forth. When you are independently wealthy, or retired, or liberated from the fetters of the structures that hold your world together, you are on your own as far as disciplines are concerned, and while there are those who do rather well without programming, even self-programming, there are those who do well to continue the regimen of animal training for your material bodies such as you would provide for your pets.

Letting go of discipline is an invitation to freedom, on one hand, but on the other hand, it is an invitation to flounder. When you no longer have to answer to someone else - a boss, a parent, a spouse, a landlord, a teacher - and have only yourself to answer to, you need to maintain your disciplines or call upon your spirit guides to be your coach, to oversee that you get done what you need to get done in order to be a fulfilled and well-rounded individual . able to operate within the constraints of time and space while also being able to soar beyond those limitations into the far-reaching distance of the universe, in terms of potential.

Yes, I am talking about disciplines, self-imposed disciplines -- those that no one else could or would or should put upon you, but that you, in knowing yourself, should-would-could put upon yourself in order to be the best that you can be. Be true to yourself and be good to yourself by following your own admonitions of establishing your own criteria for participation in the life that you live.

Question: Will we still need to use disciplines in Mansonia?

Yes, the disciplines that you used as a youth modify and change as you develop new patterns in maturity, and again On High you will trade up, but you will still need to have discipline. Mother Spirit will help you with these changes, as will your seraphim and spirit guides who work with you so personally, so that you are always connected, always feeling as if you were a vital part of the mechanisms of life as well as the spirit of life.

TOMAS: Are there questions?

Group: Not at this time. Thank you so much everyone.

TOMAS: And we thank you, so much, everyone for hearing our intent and being responsive to our efforts. It has been a wonderful gathering. The potential is great for advancement in all directions. Amen and farewell.

Group: Amen. Thank you!

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