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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series - 2009-11-19

Teachers: The Voice, Thought Adjuster

T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Preamble: [Mark] I come equipped with a tweak to start off with, at least in
my universe of awareness, about this idea of forgiveness. Of course we've
all discussed dimensions of this at different times and different aspects of
it but I can't help but notice it is a prevalent theme and what's going on
in me, around me and in my circles. Just the word started going around and
around my mind and I started looking at the word forgiveness. It didn't
designate much more than the word forgiveness, to forgive somebody, but it
stared coming apart as it went around and around in my mind. 'For'-giveness
is like in advance of, preconditioned, for-giveness, generosity,
willingness, the ability to bestow and give.

So it started to make sense to me that this forgiveness is the
predisposition to be generous and giving in your assessment of whatever it
is before you that needs some form of recognition, usually involved around
somebody doing something that offends or disturbs and then there is this
"need" that arises for this forgiveness, for a predisposition to be generous
in understanding and relating. I happened to be reading the Urantia Book in
the section about the default of Adam and Eve and there is this great
sorrowful thing that happens when they default from their original mandated

Certainly they have to suffer the consequences of their actions and their
choices but the universe has already forgiven them and proved to be a
friendly place to them in advance. Before it was even necessary, the Father
had forgiven them. I got to thinking about that whole thing and if
everything is forgiven even in advance from on high there is that much
predisposition to be generous with an assessment of us. If we could just
realize that is happening to us, it is happening all the time, then
certainly shouldn't that be the way we should be to others when they are in
front of us and in some "need" of forgiveness. If we are in need of
forgiveness, wouldn't we want those who we have offended to have a
predisposition to be generous in their dealings with us.

So I offer it up as a manifestation. I had the 'thought,' I expressed in
'word' what my thought was and brought it from solely within me now out into
our collective awareness and now I offer to follow up with the 'deed' of
positioning myself and creating the scenario to facilitate the manifestation
of this desire to know about forgiveness and anything else that the
celestials would like to offer.

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, thank you for your generous dealings with us,
for your forgiveness of our many missteps and many deeds that we are in
ignorance that we have even done. Certainly missteps are required for us to
learn and grow and establish the conditions that we believe to be right. And
so in this process we stumble and fall and you never judge us harshly, you
never offer criticism of us; rather you are always there for us, to
encourage and to gently support and nourish us throughout the process
because you see us as not in error but merely in growth. Thank you each,
thank you for your loving watch care. We adore you and love you as well.

The Voice: Greetings, I will open the door and walk through this door that
you have created just for this occasion. I would enter into your sanctuary
that you have built for this purpose. I am this one's Inner Voice as I am
referred to. But of course word symbols are only symbols meant to describe
and portray, but only gestures towards the real thing. I welcome the
opportunity to pick up the baton, as it were, and to talk for a moment about
this whole notion of forgiveness.

My dear ones, I cannot impress upon you the magnitude of the significance of
this realization and awakening in your awareness. There are many factors
which are involved in the conditioning of your ascension career and your
growth of course, but few are as paralyzing and debilitating as this
phenomenon of holding on to past traumatic events because there has been no
internal reconciliation, no mechanism by which one can release the trauma
from impinging on their current reality.

As long as you continually are tied to traumatic events in your life you are
not free to move about freely. You have these cords attached to you which
act as an anchor on you as you try to navigate your way and such a drag on
your forward momentum prove too much for many in this mortal existence to
overcome because they simply have lacked the mechanism to cut themselves
free from these cords which bind them. This idea of the need to forgive is
the key to freeing yourself from the bondage of your past, from the time
before where you weren't who you are now. You were who you were when these
events occurred but you are a different, fuller, more complete person now
and you would grow and become a total complete fulfilled human being if you
manage to sever those ties which bind you to certain times and places and
condition your ability to move forward.

The act of forgiving is not done for the one who has been of offense or the
circumstance which was unacceptable for these things may never even become
aware of your forgiveness for them but as long as you cannot forgive they
have a hold on you. You cannot stray far from them, you are tied to them and
it takes a conscious act of will to engage in the sincere process of
forgiveness in which you may literally envision cutting such cords and
allowing such significant events in your life to drift away from you and
give you space and the opportunity to expand your life experience.

And so I am encouraged that this topic has taken some root and will provide
some wonderful opportunities such as this to illuminate the importance of
the gift one gives them-self when they forgive another or an event or a
sorrow because these things must be let go with intention and this letting
go is what happens when there is sincere forgiveness. Then there may be
forgetting as well as forgiving. This is not easily undertaken by some
without some directed efforts but this pursuit is one of the most worthy
pursuits you may strive for because no man can be free until they have
severed all of these ties that bind them to their position. Then they may
move freely in spirit, unencumbered by these connections to a place or time
or person.

Thank you for the opportunity to have a few words with you about such an
important topic. In the very near future, this forgiveness muscle will need
a great amount of exercise as more and more will be presented which will
require forgiveness in order to move past, move beyond and grow away from.
So let's make it so, let's be the age of forgiveness where generosity rules
and every man is predisposed to be so generous as to be eager if not willing
to forgive their neighbor. Thank you and I now turn over the floor to
another, farewell.

Preamble: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening and those who are here on
the voice line conference call Monjoronson.com; those who are visiting here
through streaming audio, a good evening to all of you. This evening I am
going to continue in the vein of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a tremendous
tool in the operating of the spiritual circuits of life. The spirit and
spiritual life of a human is moving down a stream and this stream has trees
falling across so that you are not able to pass. Forgiveness removes these
trees out of the pathway and opens up the river to continually move forward
in spirit.

In my personal life I think one of the greatest moments of making a
tremendous difference in my awareness towards my life and people I dealt
with and things that I held on to and identified with was when I was able to
forgive and let go in forgiveness, let go of the anticipation, the
assumption, the expectation, to let go of the area of defeat, to let go of
lost time; that in the spiritual moment there is a tremendous clarity that
comes about because you are unencumbered by the weight which pull us down
and want to sink us in this river of life when we want to float, move with
the water.

So there isn't a tremendous amount of spiritual insight that I can
personally add to this valuable act in which we encounter our true selves so
I am going to prepare the way for someone greater than me to speak.

Thought Adjuster: [Henry] I thank you for this opportunity which is made
ready and available for me to speak and share a few thoughts this evening on
this idea of forgiveness. It is certainly true that the Father has already
forgiven your misdeeds, your shortcomings, your mistakes, your lack of
recognition and attention to love. In the Father's greatness, there is a
character trait which precedes all actions of the Father in relation to the
time and space creature which house the fragile Fragments of the Father.
Even the presence of the Father is preceded in forgiveness. The Father is
able to completely accept the subject of His indwelling. No matter who that
person is and what that person has done, the Father in His infinite
greatness precedes in forgiveness and embraces a stance of readiness and
love for this soul He indwells.

Partly it is to show us that forgiveness takes on a humble stance, a stance
of acknowledgement, a stance of love and a stance of trust that we would be
willing to forgive another of their humanness, their shortcoming or our own
shortcomings as humans are concerned and to move forward in greater working
relationship with each other with an element of confidence and trust and
renewed interest. Forgiveness is a conscious act, it removes all doubt from
a believers mind that in being able to forgive ones own self, ones own
humanness, one can the further begin to grasp the concept of sonship on a
greater level, that you truly are God's children, His sons and his

As a loving Father forgives the deeds and the relationship of the children,
so too do we learn in this trust of inner love and inner faith. We begin to
see a greater need to expand in our awareness of what spirit has in store
for us as our part and bounty in spiritual life. We free the way for ourself
to enjoy a greater contact with spirit because it is not interrupted by the
ill feelings which one either harbors for oneself of towards another.
Forgiveness is the ability to find the commonness of God within the soul of
each man and woman and that acknowledgement to concede to their humanness.
It is not necessary to ask that they be forgiven but that you yourself, in
your dealings, forgive people for the shortcomings you've experienced
dealing with them.

It is a conscious letting go, not getting attached to these feelings.
Forgiveness prepares man for a greater stake in the greater spiritual
potential which is manifesting within mankind at this time. Elements of
faith and trust appear with a greater and stronger recognition which comes
with the understanding of truth and goodness, of being able to distinguish
between a person and their actions because truly all are worthy, are worthy
of the greatness which spirit holds in trust for them.

It is a long journey for some people to come to the understanding that this
greater trust and faith cannot be held while you are holding on to the
un-forgiveness which lies within your heart which you think you deserve,
which you have rationalized that you own, that for whatever reason you may
have a right to have a grudge or have an attitude about the way that your
brothers or sisters may treat you. But this certainly is of an ego nature
and not from a spiritual quality can you find a greater understanding by
holding and standing to this distrust within yourself, this doubt, this
fear, this need to get even or to uphold the pattern of behavior which has
been handed down and taught to you; to find the non-sacredness of its outer
surface and as you handle it begin to sense how even the feel of it is not
very comfortable.

Spiritual insight and spiritual qualities are quite comfortable to hold.
They almost melt to your touch. They satisfy as you hold them and you obtain
through their understanding and nourishment a type of spiritual clarity and
understanding which comes from the ability to put the animal constraints
beside yourself and to grow more one with the spirit and all that spirit has
to offer. I would have to say that in the element of forgiveness, one of the
most important things many people have to confront is forgiveness within
their own selves; to be able to accept themselves for what they are and what
they have become and to begin to grow into who you really are through an
understanding of this forgiveness; what it is about yourself that you need
to let go of to [be] forgiven.

You may be reaching too far, you may be trying too hard, you may be missing
the area you are seeking to find. The ability to be able to change demands a
certain sense of personal forgiveness to be able to move forward with a new
idea, a new mind, a consciousness ready to accept its spiritual destiny and
its spiritual inheritance. Forgiveness does not necessarily make the task
any less of a nuisance yet forgiveness gives you a greater understanding to
accept the nature of the tedious tasks at hand for certainly in the dealing
on a brotherhood level, on a spiritual level of association with your fellow
men, this certainly will become a tremendously tedious, at times,

One must have a greater foresight, an understanding of what is being
achieved and what is being qualified. Forgiveness is one of the first acts
of qualifying yourself that you are ready to truly begin this tremendous
journey inward, this soul searching, this heart and gut rendering
understanding in spiritual consciousness of ones place within the greater
chain of love and responsibility in helping understand the great gift which
has been given man and how this gift is unwrapped and used in the conscious
daily life and growth of men and women on your world today.

For how are nations to move beyond the racial, political and national
boundaries of forgiveness if individuals are not willing to move forward and
teach the group about forgiveness? It is truly one of the great obstacles
confronting your young race. As you contemplate the areas of understanding
and action may you truly grow in a greater understanding of the true light
which lights your world and the heart and soul of each of you. Thank you for
this opportunity to share within the nature of spirit and the outworking of
spiritual consciousness within your human minds. I thank you for allowing me
this time. Good night.

Michael: [Mark] Greetings my dear ones, I am Michael here to share in this
thought pattern with you about forgiveness. I hope that you know relatively
soon in your mortal career that you have been forgiven from me and your
Father above. We certainly have already extended you this grace and have no
other ideas about you having fallen short or somehow become deserving of
harsh consideration. We only know how to love you and loving you of course
enables us to forgive you. If you will follow our lead and love and
therefore forgive all those who are in your circle of awareness, then you
will be doing that which I would do for them. I would be grateful for you to
demonstrate that you have command of what you think I would do to them and
for them. I would love them unconditionally and I would have no need to
provide great amounts of forgiveness because I would be aware that they are
not in need of it. It is not required; nevertheless it is always there as
one more form of nourishment, one more avenue of comfort that I may provide
and it is my pleasure to do so.

Many times I observe that you are the hardest on yourselves and this saddens
me because I am unable to give to you that which you refuse to accept and
that which you would not give to yourself. In order to even have the
capacity to receive forgiveness you must act in love towards yourselves and
create this attitude of generosity towards yourselves and when you have been
successful in being gentle with yourselves you are in a position to accept
the forgiveness of others even if, I may observe, it was never required or

But you may have thought it was, it may have been a real issue for you and
so join me as we move beyond this stage of being stuck, thinking we need
forgiveness or finding it impossible to give it. Let us work together to be
so generous with our love that forgiveness is merely a manifestation of this
generosity and of this love. It is not hard when you come at it from that
angle. It is a characteristic, a trait of love to be generous and ever
willing to forgive as part of the demonstration of the profound love that
is. And so it will be in your lives, you may become this profound
demonstration of the pervasive powers of love. They will increase your
tolerance, they will redouble your desire to be of service even if this
service is to the self.

One of the greatest acts acts of service you could offer is this willingness
to forgive and to comfort those who feel they need this forgiveness by so
freely bestowing it thereby removing this obstacle from their experience or
your own. The Father loves you so much that His whole premise of your
existence is conditioned by this 'for-giveness' and yet there is still this
tendency to feel as though you need it and that you do not have it, that it
is somehow lacking. It is not lacking when emanating from the Father but
there very well may be a disconnect in your capacity to embrace this
forgiveness. This too shall grow and increase until you are able to freely
accept and freely give this attribute of love.

My peace I leave with you, my love surrounds you, my forgiveness if yours
before you ask as a condition of my love for you. Make it so in your lives
for yourself and for those around you. Let your peace be a gift from you,
let your love manifest in all these ways including forgiveness and let this
be your gift of grace as I would offer this gift, so shall you. Take my love
with you throughout your days ahead and never hesitate to call on me for
reconfirmation of this truth. I will generously offer that as well. Be at
peace and farewell.

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