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Southeast Idaho TeaM
November 15, 2009

Teachers: Daniel

Prayer: Dear Father, we would pray that You would help us to
appreciate Your plan. We don't always fully understand why the day happens
the way it does but we would pray that as we keep our face towards You that
we might be able to set aside the doubts and the obstacles and cause us to
walk forward towards You and with You. Thank You for the teachers that
inspire us to become better in what we are. Help us to believe that the
tears that each and all of us have, only provide us with the rainbows that
You help us to see. Keep us inspired tonight as we listen to the teachers,
whom ever that might be, and help us to love and to be kind, that which you
want us to be. Amen.

DANIEL: Greetings my children, my friends, my teachers and my
cohorts, it is Daniel once again here to be in your presence. I am
delighted and inspired to be here this evening. It is of great importance
to meet together regularly. You have developed strong camaraderie. You
have developed trust. You have developed friendships. You may not realize
it but you inspire each other, support each other and have truly started to
love each other in a brotherly, supportive fashion. Know that this is most
unusual on your planet, most unusual outside of a family unit. It is most
unusual to continue on no matter what, no matter who shows up, no matter who
walks out, you have kept your focus, you have determined to be faithful in
your quest of knowing the Father and your desire to become like Him. And
this is something wonderful to behold. We appreciate you, your teachers,
and we want. (lost 3 minutes of recording)

.an example: staying the path, of focusing on what is important and adhering
to your beliefs. Bring in anything that is a puzzlement, an inspiration,
for all of it helps you grow. You have your guide inside; you have allowed
him to lead you, to inspire you and to bring you back on point. We aim to
work with you, your Thought Adjuster and all the many other spirits that
help you. I know it seems confusing, how can all these beings be
integrated? But my children, my friends, they certainly are and you seem to
be getting the message just fine.

This is my talk, my conversation for this afternoon. I would be delighted
to answer questions from the lesson you read or from anything else.

Question: I have a big-time curiosity question. We as Agondonters,
as we progress towards Paradise will there be like a special group. will we
"hang out" together. will we take the same courses or is it just all mixed.
will we be with beings from planets that are settled in Light and Life and
also beings from rebellious planets?

DANIEL: Thank you my dear. This is indeed a very "curiosity"
question but at the same time will demonstrate what it's like, what your
pathway will be like. As Agondonters you will be recognized. Imagine a
button on your lapel or a certain color pair of shoes that you will have,
that you will be known. You will, for most of your journey, be with any and
all of Father's creatures. You will know them by a button or a color of
shoes by what they have experienced and what they have achieved. You will
be thrown in with all kinds of beings to appreciate and learn to love.
There will be times when you will be in separate groups with your Agondonter
friends, to enjoy each other and understand each other's experiences. But
you see Father wants all of His children to know and love all His other
children, a huge mix. He wants them to appreciate their individuality as He
does. as He does yours. You will teach others and they will teach you. An
Agondonter will be one of your special buttons. Does this answer? (Yes it
does. Thank you very much.) You are very welcome.

Question: Okay, one more question. How are we doing on our
assignment from a year and half ago on family?

DANIEL: Thank you for asking that question. One of the reasons that
we talk about family is for you to be aware of the levels of family, first
the human level, planetary level, all the way to Paradise, and so planting
the seed, the basic understanding of family, for you to be aware, to grow,
to recognize that each child of God is in your family. This goes back to
the first question in some ways. And so your recognition of who you are and
who they are is indeed growing. And I think you are doing fine. Does this
answer? (Yes, thank you.) You are most welcome.

My dear friends, it looks like there are no more questions. It has been a
delightful afternoon and I have enjoyed it immensely. My love to all of you
and the teachers send their love and now let's stand for the final prayer.

Father-Creator, we come to You as a large family, the humans, the teachers,
and all the spirit beings, stand around them with our arms around them and
each other. We come to You in delight and in love and in great thanks. It
is our privilege to be their teachers, they are a delight to us and we know
that we are a delight to You, as You are a delight to us. We are
overwhelmed with the love for You. We are overwhelmed when we feel your
love for us. It is unfathomable. .. But then that is who You are and we
appreciate and admire You for it. Until next time. Amen.


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