[tmtranscripts] Light Line 11-12-09 on "Spiritual Assault"

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DATE: November 12, 2009

T/R: Gerdean

TEACHERS: Midwayer DANI and Most High Observer ANDROMADEUS

TOPIC: Taking the Kingdom by Spiritual Assault

Gerdean: Father God, I have been flitting around like a social butterfly and a wheeler-dealer all wrapped into one the last couple of days and I'm a little concerned that my electro-chemical system may be unstable, and so I ask you to bear with me and help my guides, my adjutants, my Spirit of Truth, everything that conspires to participate with my functioning, to be coordinated with your will as much as humanly possible . all the time, of course, but particularly when I am in this capacity as a transmitter/receiver of your agents. Send the one that will be most compatible and conducive to the energies that we find ourselves surrounded by this evening in this configuration. In faith of your over care and in sincerity, I pray this in Michael's name. Amen.

DANI: I am Dani and I am going to come in and lubricate the wheel, as it were, secondary midwayer here. I just want to come in spend a few minutes, sort of like the warm-up act in a comedy routine so that you are loose and ready for whatever might happen. Some of you come to these events, these sessions with such expectations and anticipations, that we wonder if we are in the wrong room, that perhaps we should have worn our hat or if we should simplify our procedures even more. When we gather together in a configuration - particularly such as this, which is distant and lacks the connection that you find in a group of mortals in the same room - there must be something to pull you all together and put you on the same wavelength. Generally, our personalities are enough to do that because you are here to hear from us, but until we hear from you, from your psyche, from your energy patterns, we are not completely sure how to proceed.

It seems the coast is clear and the rough waters have stilled. I think I'll move aside here and see if Andromadeus would like to come forth. We seem to be a good working pair these days. Let's see if he can bring some focus and some energy at the same time. I'll be back.

ANDROMADEUS: Yes, this is Andromadeus and, yes, I could feel an up-step in receptivity.

Thank you for attending and giving your ear, not only to what I would say but to what you would hear from On High. The fact that you are eager to know more about what your guides and mentors, even your spiritual superiors would have to say is commendable. As you understand in your arena, there are many who will not subject themselves to the authority of the Spirit but who choose to make their own way by their own will. And what we have as a result is what we have to deal with on a daily basis in this Correcting Time program of recovery for this section of the System. It is a large undertaking and we appreciate all of you who are willing to participate, even those of you who are willing to not reject us and argue the point out of sheer cantankerousness and a delight to be controversial. [There is a noise distracting. Thank you.]

Not long ago, I had spoken about spiritual assault. I would like to spend a moment this evening discussing that concept, expanding on that idea. It comes from your text in the section discussing "Why Do the Heathen Rage?" [Paper 155, Section 1, paragraph 3: "Jesus continued to teach the twenty-four, saying: "The heathen are not without excuse when they rage at us. Because their outlook is small and narrow, they are able to concentrate their energies enthusiastically. Their goal is near and more or less visible; wherefore do they strive with valiant and effective execution. You who have professed entrance into the kingdom of heaven are altogether too vacillating and indefinite in your teaching conduct. The heathen strike directly for their objectives; you are guilty of too much chronic yearning. If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not take it by spiritual assault even as the heathen take a city they lay siege to? You are hardly worthy of the kingdom when your service consists so largely in an attitude of regretting the past, whining over the present, and vainly hoping for the future. Why do the heathen rage? Because they know not the truth. Why do you languish in futile yearning? Because you obey not the truth. Cease your useless yearning and go forth bravely doing that which concerns the establishment of the kingdom."]

All around you heathen are raging. Your news is a bombardment of raging about this issue or that situation, this hoax, that fraud, this vote, that personality and it is all very hyper. They are concerned about getting their way. They are concerned about seeing to it that their perspective is made real and dominant. They are so urgent and earnest. The atmosphere is rife with passion. This passion takes on color, energy, aroma -- it literally lives. And yet it is hardly harmonic. It lives as sections and sectors, sects even. And I will not deny the value of this because it is how your choices are made, through the open milieu of human experience.

But there comes a point when you want to congeal some of these diverse energies into a whole so as to gain power, so as to become homogenous. This builds intergroup, interfaith, inter-connectedness that will contribute to the advancement of the philosophies that will get a foothold toward global government, global peace, global civilization. Make no mistake: you are all working for a universal goal. And the universal goal is spiritual in nature, even though the outworking of it will be material. This is appropriate. It is having the horse before the cart. What you see on the news is what happens when the cart is leading the horse. This is the difference between why do the heathen rage and how we will proceed.

We will proceed by taking the world by spiritual assault. What does that mean: spiritual assault? Is it just more of the same? Is it just more politics? Politics as usual? Is it more argumentative assault upon one another's philosophies and character, attacking each other's ideas, belittling each other's thinking, commanding and demanding superiority and dominance, culling the interests of others so as to overpower your opponent? This is hardly the pattern for progress.

To take the kingdom by spiritual assault is to take it to yourself as the primary power. It is not even initially social. It is very personal. To take the kingdom by spiritual assault is to take it to yourself, to grasp it, to clutch onto it with all of your being. Not onto those principles out there, not onto those political parties, not onto those many issues, but the kingdom itself. Grasp the kingdom itself, and in the grasp of the kingdom you will find the energy, the power, the clarity and the direction you need to pursue and stay the course of divine destiny.

There is a plan. It unfolds slowly and gradually as reality is brought into being, as potential is brought into being as reality. You all participate in this. The truth is, you all participate in the raging, as the heathen, and you also participate in taking the kingdom by spiritual assault when you assume stillness, when you remember to pray, when you stop to consider cause and effect, when you incorporate the spirit into your consciousness, even as you remember that you are part of the Fatherhood of God the brotherhood of man paradigm. This lends an energy that is a cut above.

You can do this all by yourself. You do not have to have a voting bloc. You don't have to have a political party; you don't have to have a movement; you don't have to have a competition between movements. You don't have to say this is my faction over there and this is your faction over here and these are our differences and these are our likenesses. It's not necessary. The heathen in you will do that. You are all still heathen. But there is also that aspect of you that is eternal, that is becoming eternal, that is becoming divine - that soul that is manufacturing itself as you make your decisions, as you go about your daily life. Take it by assault. Don't succumb to doubt. Take it by assault. Don't listen to the fears and the doubts and the naysayers. Take it by assault and believe in yourself, believe in your faith. Cling to the hem of his garment; don't allow yourself to be swayed by the short-sightedness that arouses the passions of the finite and the small. It is certainly understandable to a race of survivors that the techniques of survival would have become common practice, even fine art.

But you have the entire universe at your side to support you in the greater paradigm, the long range view, those long range goals that will lift you up, out of the muck and mire of the myopic view into the far-reaching view which allows for greater harmony, greater appreciation, greater cooperation, greater admiration, a greater respect, less disappointments, fewer secrets, a more wholesome paradigm based on the patterns of Paradise rather than the patterns you have inherited from a broken infrastructure.

It is not too late for your world. It is not too late. But it is time. It is time to take the kingdom by spiritual assault. Make it yours. Make it your own and invite the heavens to come with you in your embrace of this greater reality. Have courage. This is what it is to be an agondonter. Regardless of what others are doing, follow your star. Thank you.

DANI: This is Dani back again. I don't know what to do now. He sometimes doesn't take questions and I'm certainly not in any position to speak for him, so let's just take it from here. What do you suggest? There are other teachers in the wings; there are always several in the vicinity observing. Anybody have any ideas or any questions, or any comments? This is your forum. Take your opportunity by spiritual assault. [Pause]

Maybe it's the word "assault" that's bothering everybody here. Your frame of reference for assault is violence. Verbal assaults are when you tell someone off, or when you holler at someone. Assault is a seizure. I am going to seize this and take this and do something with it. It was just sitting there; I seized it. I took it by assault. Nobody gave me permission. I didn't ask. I assaulted it. I made it my own. I took possession of it. That does not mean I had to harm anyone. It does not mean I need to be sued over it, or that I am being hostile. If there is no rule; if there is no law; if it is, in fact, my right, my obligation; if the only thing I have to overcome is my own fear then what I am really doing is I am assaulting my own timidity. I am assaulting my own weakness. I am assaulting my own cowardice and my own inability to represent the divine Fragment within me with the power and glory that it instills in me by its being with me.

I think it might go to the old-school understanding of "the fear of God." The fear of God is an old-fashioned term that has carried over into the new age. [Pause] I hear you already questioning the use of the term "new age." You are thinking like the heathen, then, for I am talking about a new age, a new dispensation, a new era. I am not putting it in a little box, in a little cultural cage, and feeding it numerology and astrology. I am speaking of the new age that Michael as Jesus talked about, that would come and that is coming, that is here if we take it by spiritual assault.

Grasping it by faith. Those of you who serve do this. You have stepped out and said, "This is something I can do. This is something I want to do." Those of you who record this Light Line broadcast, those of you who transmit or transcribe the proceedings, those of you who attend, those of you who put on website promotions, you have taken it by assault. You have taken it upon yourself to do this for the kingdom. You are led, we presume, by the Spirit.

This is some very dynamic leading. It will in fact frighten the timid. I know very much about the timid. I have been on this world for thousands of years. I know whereof I speak. I am heartened when I see those who take the kingdom by spiritual assault, and believe me, I can see it very clearly because it shows in the energy pattern that surrounds them; it is visible. It does not always have good clear direction, but it comes, that comes, through experience -- and especially when and as the participant continues to stay in touch with divine guidance. In this way we progress. In this way we develop leaders.

We develop an organism. Not an organization, which is what the heathen would like; they want an organization. What we want is an organism, something that is living and growing, dynamic, able to throw off what is no longer needed. Able to grasp, seize, take by assault that which is next in the line of need. Sometimes you don't even know the end game; you just act in faith. It makes it very thrilling, very exciting, very dynamic. It makes you dynamic people. The difference between the size of a heathen and a spiritual assailant is big, is tremendous. I'm not talking about ego. I'm not even particularly talking about personality. I'm talking about soul -- you and your spirit combined, working in synch. You are many times bigger than one loud-mouthed heathen, no matter how amusing, dynamic, powerful, wealthy, or intimidating such a man might be.

This is what made Jesus so great. He was able to be dynamic and at the same time so very gentle. He had some tremendous power but he used it against no one. He used it for something. He had the horse before the cart. He knew his priorities.

Interesting stuff. Interesting to conceptualize, even more interesting to actualize. [Pause] Does anyone have any questions? About anything? [Pause] I can feel your questions hanging in the air. I can feel your consciousness there. I can feel the weight of you. Not saying that you are heavy or morose, no, but I can feel the depth of your pondering. I know there are several people there; I can feel the energy.

George: Hello, Dani.

DANI: Hello.

George: I am here! This is George.

DANI: Hi George.

George: I just want to thank you midwayers for the wonderful help you have been doing in my life and the many people here on this planet.

DANI: I'm sure it's our pleasure. We've been waiting for a long time to have some live wires like you to notice.

George: And we're hearing the circuits are being opened and soon we will be able to communicate more efficiently or effectively with our celestial brothers and we are looking forward to that.

DANI: Yes, we are. We are working on that, working on that even now.

George: I also want to show my appreciation for the various time prompts that I have been receiving, both in the visual world and also in the mindal realm as well.

DANI: I am glad that you are responding. I am glad that you are picking up on the cues and keeping your mind alert to our participation in the universe and our connection, our relationship. It's good to know you are not alone. It's kind of like waving across the room to say, "Hi George, Keep up the good work. I saw what you did there. Isn't it time to do this or that?" It's just a reaching across the room to acknowledge your existence, perhaps to give you a reminder, to serve as a stimulus. This is one of the benefits of advancing technology - the digital clocks as well as the computers and the Internet. How tremendously it has affected our ability to work with you! We are all having much more fun now.

George: Yes, and it's amazing and that is something we can go and boast about it because it's so subtle!

DANI: Yes, it is subtle but if it is something that is meaningful to you, you can use that as ammunition when you are taking the kingdom by spiritual assault. In your discussions with others, if it has been real for you, there is no reason for you to back down just because they don't believe it. If you believe it, take it by assault. Make it yours. They cannot take away from you what you believe in.

Ray: I Dani, this is ray.

DANI: Hi Ray.

Ray: I've been miserably sick for the past week and a half and I have not been going into my stillness for the reason that my body has not been cooperating.

DANI: I'm sorry you've not felt well.

Ray: When Andromadeus was speaking, I remember when I was in the throes of stillness, I said, "Father you said that if I got sick, you would heal me!" and I'm pretty much ashamed of myself because I was thinking about the story Rick was telling earlier, about the motorcycle accident, and that he had prayed for protection, and being told that at least he was kept in his own lane, and I was thinking that this could have been so much worse, and I am really grateful that it's only what it was and what it could have been. I don't know if it's appropriate to think that way but to be honest, I am only glad that it is what it is and not what it could have been.

DANI: You mustn't question your own mind that way. If you thought it, it is appropriate that you thought it. You cannot judge your mind such that it doesn't have an opportunity to think or perceive. Let go of that kind of control of your mind so that it can operate to be your friend, so that your mind can help you. It is not your enemy.

I want to mention that when you are "under the weather," as it were, when you are ill, almost all your energy - your physical energy - goes toward the illness itself. Fighting the sickness, your mental energy is depleted and the emotional energy is virtually sapped. The spiritual energy is there but it is there in the context of Footsteps. You are being carried when you are sick and you just have to have faith that you are going to either pull through physically or you are going to pull through on the other side, and in being sick, don't marry yourself to your thoughts because they are sick! Just allow yourself to be weak, and cry if you need to, pray if you need to, get angry if you want to, but take your medicine, get lots of rest, and you will get better.

Assuredly, your Adjuster is with you and going through this with you. But if all of your energy is by necessity focusing on fighting the disease, battling the germs, the blood cells, then let the process take its course. Give your mind a break and be easy on yourself. Be good to yourself. Try not to succumb to fear but if you do succumb to fear, feel free to rejoice on the other end that you came through -- without beating yourself up for having been weak.

I say that, never having been sick (laughter) but I have seen thousands of people be sick. I have seen thousands of people die in plagues and all manner of miserable circumstances. I have sat by their side in childbirth and mine cave-ins and all kinds of disasters and difficult situations, ministering and participating as I can serve. But I tell you, in the end, no matter how dire it looks during the transition, every single one has a happy ending. Father really does have it well in hand and I have to marvel, and have marveled, at how many times the spirit will break through, even in the toughest situations and bring light and clarity and peace and relief to the most abject of sufferers. I can only assure you from my perspective, and I am a believer.

Ray: Thank you. Your perspective is well received.

DANI: Take care of yourself. Take it easy so you don't have a relapse.

Ray: I shall.

Jerry: Hello, this is Jerry.

DANI: Yes, Jerry.

Jerry: I appreciated your take on that word assault because I was in the military one time and it reminded me of that order to seize, occupy and defend some little piece of territory and I enjoyed the way you keep bringing it back to the fact that the kingdom is within. And it is taking possession of our own spiritual kingdom, that is it is possible to take it as a treasure within and that's what we can use - and Michael's spirit of truth -- to sort through these dramatic presentations that you talked about, all this over-dramatizing, the exaggeration of facts and things surrounding us in the political and social realm, that with the calmness within, we can glean the true facts, so thank you for that perspective

DANI: When it comes right down to it, that's all we can really claim of ourselves. Everything else is outside ourselves. That citadel within is essentially our source and our destiny. If we don't claim it, no one will.

Jerry: I like Michael's assurance that there is that within us which is possible to be a perfect counter-poise to the universe without.

DANI: Indeed.

Jerry: So thank you again. And thank this dear sweet transmitter, Gerdean.

DANI: Ah, thank you. I'm sure she appreciates the acknowledgement. We all appreciate the services of all of you, not just the T/R's but all of you who seek to serve the emerging kingdom and all of its manifestations of light and energy and function. It is young, but it is without a doubt emerging and gaining strength. We are seizing the kingdom and it is coming through. His will will prevail. And you, individually, are helping to see to it that it does by pulling up your own cause and carrying through.

We are coming to the end of our session. I will pause for anyone who would like to add something before we close. [Pause] Then let's cut it off here and be about the business of setting forth the divine will into the finite realm, turning it to shine the light on Our Father and his beautiful creation. We'll see you next time. Farewell.

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