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Southeast Idaho TeaM
October 25, 2009
Teachers: Daniel and Iruka
Comment: Group standing and holding hands. We have an energy flow
here. We are linked together. We have a desire. We have a will. Let's
exercise our will by looking inward, inward to the Father.

Prayer: Father, we know that as You look down at us, You see us
one and You see us as individuals. You see us as we are. And You see us as
one day we might be. You see us with our desires and our sadness and our
joys and our abilities. May we look to You always as a solution to the
world's pain, to individuals needs and to each of us trying to be what you
have intended for us. Pray that as we listen tonight, whatever happens,
that we might have things to think about, places to grow in our lives and
love to share with all of our brothers and sisters wherever they might be in
their own belief systems. In the name of Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and God
the Father, Amen.

DANIEL: We do, friends, enjoy your levity and we regret we do not
live in such a humorous environment but it is part of your societal level of
spiritual maturity - that humor makes some of the difficulties you face

Greetings friends, I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, friend and ardent
admirer. Yes! I admire you for your steadfast willingness to step out of
your comfort zone to gather together as members of a family for your
spiritual advancement.

I am not the main speaker tonight but we have, in hope, prepared a lesson
which we feel will find comfort in your minds and solace to your souls. I
now take my leave but am always available for questions later. In the
meantime I step aside.

Comment: Thank your Daniel.

DANIEL: Your are welcome ****.

IRUKA: Welcome, my friends, I am Iruka visiting you tonight with
great joy and delight as always. You are an inspiration. Is that
surprising to you that we your teachers find you an inspiration? With all
the distractions in your lives, in your cities, in your country and on your
planet, you have chosen to pursue the Father. You have chosen to search out
what it means to love a being that you cannot see, that you have no proof
of, that you only have what is inside of you to believe or not to believe.
With all the nations and the negative things that happen you insist that
there is a Creator Power and that He is good. We are astounded at times
that you have found this and that you live by it and that you stand by it.

We who are from planets who have seen spiritual beings, who have spoken with
them, who are part of our lives, wonder if we could have done that also. We
will never know but we are truly inspired by your persistence to seek, to
become, to never give up. We are of course, delighted that you even listen
to us, unseen, unproven, teachers. We thank you for your inspiration and we
learn from you what true devotion and persistence is in the face of your
experience and of your news reports. We see Father working inside of you
pointing the way. We see you listening and growing and becoming, and we are

Those are my words for this evening. My love to you all, shalom

Question: Daniel, are you still willing to answer a question?

DANIEL: Of course!

Question: Okay! I was reading an older transcript and I.. you have
talked about this many, many, times and I cannot get a grip on it. You talk
about three things, the old triangle thing. You talk about truth, and then
meanings and values. Okay, I get truth, I think, but I don't understand the
difference between meanings and value and how they all work together.

DANIEL: Yes, this is Daniel, thank you for the question. The
meaning of meanings and values overlaps. So, that is part of your
difficulty. Meanings, in essence, refers to what a dictionary might say is
the definition of a word and if it's a phrase that concept expanded.
Implicit in meanings, at least to some extent, are values. Words like
beauty are like that. There is a definition of beauty, which one can look
up in a dictionary, and there will be a value attached to that word based
upon an individuals experience and understanding.

The word values, again related to meanings, goes a step further in
identifying a moral or ethical or spiritual implication or definition, which
could be part of the definition of a word in the dictionary but has this
higher level value, hence the word values. Typically values have some level
of spiritual impact, which means they may or may not have.

Have I satisfied your question?

Response: Yes, it's much clearer. I'm going to give you a sample
and maybe you can help me sort this out. We have been talking about
families for quite awhile and so I want to step through this to make sure I
understand. So, a truth.. We start, I guess, at the bottom, okay, I love my
family. Okay, so because I love my family I want to be a part of their
lives and I want to help them. I want to live close to them. How do we get
the meanings and the values? Or am I on the wrong track here?

DANIEL: No, I don't think your approach is incorrect. The word
family also has a meaning, which involves values. The definition of a
family, one can find in a dictionary. There is however implicit in that
definition, values, which probably will vary some from individual to
individual. But, all will agree, I think, that there are values implicit in
the word family or in the concept of families.

You all have families, spouses, children, relatives. And of course the
definition of family can be expanded as we have used it with your group, but
limit it to relatives for the moment. These are people you value. Hence
you want to do what you can do to assist them, to be part of their lives, to
develop that concept of family through love to its upper most levels. That
idea I can tell you, is fairly universal on all planets I am familiar with.
Humanoids need to be part of families. It is the basis of their strength
and support. And ultimately the reason they feel comfortable in reaching
out to higher, what we would call, spiritual ideals.

Have I helped you my dear with you question?

Response: Yes, you have. Thank you! I think there is a lot more to
learn on those levels. There always is isn't there?

DANIEL: Yes, and you are part of that as we have expanded your
definition of families to include this group, including those members who
are not present this evening. As you can probably guess this concept will
continue to be expanded over time as your mind can grasp higher values and
their implications. I thank you for that most appropriate question.

Response: Thank you Daniel.

DANIEL: Iruka and I remain available for questions. Are there any
others? **** have you thought of yours?

Question: You answered some of my thoughts that I had with your
response to the three values of truth, meanings and values. As we progress
in this mortal world and we fail to recognize some of the lessons presented
before us for spiritual growth, as presented by our Thought Adjuster and our
angels and the methods that they are giving here, I was wondering what are
the methods on the First Mansion World when we are given, let's say our
short-sightedness on our spiritual growth? We have to pick up those lessons
we missed here to continue. What are the methods that they teach (those
methods) versus the methods they do here? Does that make sense my friend?

DANIEL: Oh yes! (Excuse me. I didn't mean to interrupt you. if I
understand that procedure perhaps I can recognize it here and advance here
more so.)

DANIEL: Yes that may well be helpful. Once you arrive on the
Mansion Worlds you will be essentially alone - in that you will have family
still living on Urantia and you will have family preceding you on Mansonia
One. Those family members on Mansion World number one may or may not be
with you when you arrive. Hence, I say you will be essentially alone. But
you won't be there by yourself as your text relates, you'll have a large
entourage of beings there to assist you in welcoming you to your next life.
Helping you to learn what is available and is expected of you. The whole
business of living arrangements as well as dealing with any questions you
may have. So, while I say you will be alone, as being away from those you
have been closest to while living on Urantia, you will have a host of beings
that you will shortly call your friends and yes family once you arrive on
Mansonia One.

This concept rather, ****, can be likened to your situation on Urantia
wherein you will find individuals coming into and through your life who will
assist you in spiritual development. You have already met many of these
individuals. And there will most likely be others. And this concept is, or
can be rather, related to what you will find on Mansonia One. Have I
addressed your question my friend?

Response: You have given me a very good lesson. And as usual you
have put much nourishment upon my plate. I'm trying to catch it before it
slides off. Thank you Daniel.

DANIEL: And thank you ****. **** is thoroughly enjoying you. (And
I him.) And thank you for that question. I suspect it will be helpful to
others. Anyone else have a question? (Silence)... The chime has sounded
and it is time for us to conclude, if there are no further questions.

Hearing none will you stand and clasp hands. Is there anyone who wishes to
close our meeting this evening with prayer? (Silence)

Before we pray friends, this is Daniel, may I say again how delighted we are
at your getting together. We have greatly missed your meetings and we trust
we will have them more frequently in the future. That's just a suggestion.
(We agree. many jovial comments.) yes, we got that, Nov 15. Shall we bow
and pray to our Father.

Prayer: Father, Son, Spirit, Creators of all that is and was and
ever will be. We your children thank You for all You have done for us for
which we are humbled. Because we clearly do not deserve it, but we
understand and we trust and we believe that Your door is always open. And
someday we will all walk through it into Your presence with delight and
humility. Your universe is beyond our understanding but we trust and have
faith that the future for each of us will be beyond our boldest imagination.
And for that we thank You. Be with our students who struggle mightily in
the world of their existence up stream it appears and feels, yet they
persist in hope and in faith. We their teachers are delighted to be part of
their development. All of us present here tonight are in awe of the
glimpses of what the future holds for us. We pray we will be, all of us, up
to the tasks set before us and arrive smiling on there resolution. That is
the future that we see. That is the conclusion we hope for. That is the
essence of our faith and trust in You. In the name of Michael and
Nebadonia, our local universe teachers and guides, we send this prayer to
you. So be it. Amen

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