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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2009-10-18

Teachers: Elyon, Machiventa, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Mary] Thank you Father for this circle of friends, comrades along
the path, so valuable. Please continue your ministry to each of us, helping
us expand the capacity of our cup that we may hold more and more of You,
your truth and your light. Thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings once again this morning my friends, I am Elyon here
to add to this expansion of awareness that you refer to with some more
discussion about this idea of relative truth. The very fact that I refer to
bringing more to discuss about this idea of truth infers that this whole
concept of truth is in fact expansive and does in fact grow and change with
your capacity to embrace it. Once again, I will refer to a common analogy of
familiarity to all because you all have had the experience of growing up
from an early stage where the basic truths which were appropriate to your
stage of development were in fact very basic and simple.

You needed to be taught only certain limited things to be able to
successfully navigate your level of awareness. When one is two years old
they need to know only certain very simple and basic principles. In order to
co-exist in their environment they simply must learn the most basic
mechanics in life in order to travel in time and space from where they are
to where the cookie is over on the table. It is not necessary for them to
know the laws of gravity and the use of energy in their different muscle
structures, they simply concentrate on what is required to trigger the right
muscles to get them to their desired location. Looking at their two year old
life experience, it is then a complete success and full of rewards for
having mastered the most simple and basic principles. They must learn how to
communicate in most basic and rudimentary form in order to acquire their
most basic and simple needs. At that stage, if they are able to communicate
through simple voice inflection or the change in expression from happy to
crying then they have succeeded in conveying their message and they then are
rewarded with having their needs met.

Now fast forward to the ten year old child, they have the same basic needs
and desires as the two year old but in order to navigate more efficiently
through their environment it is required that they adopt and use word
symbols to convey their needs, desires and intentions in this life for them
to be properly situated and respected as members of the family, it is
required of them that they fine tune their understanding of how to use their
bodies, how to use their mind to create communication and all these
increased capacities enable them to see life through a different lens of
awareness and realize the deeper meanings that were necessarily overlooked
when they were just two and it was not required of them to embrace any
higher awareness.

But at ten it still may not be necessary for them to understand the deepest
of principles, say the laws of gravity, because they are still developing
and while they have a rudimentary understanding that objects fall to the
earth it is still not required of them that they be able to fully understand
this principle and the mechanics of it. When you fast forward to the age of
twenty and they are now in the realms of higher education, they are exposed
to certain mathematical equations and ways of understanding this phenomenon
that they have experienced their whole lives, known as gravity, because they
are training to become a rocket scientist. At this point it is required of
them that they have more than the basic and simple awareness that things
tend to fall to the earth. They need to understand the laws of gravity so
that they might navigate successfully through them and around them and be
able to use them for their own benefit or overcome them in the case of the
desire to leave this planet.

Meanwhile, this basic law of gravitational pull has been in effect the
entire time. When they were two they had to overcome gravity to put one foot
in front of the other and maintain their balance. When they were ten they
could hit a baseball and watch it rise and sink back to the earth, simply
observing this principle in action. When they were twenty they could use
many methods at their disposal to describe quite accurately in scientific
terms, this same phenomenon and how to mechanically overcome it with enough
force to be able to be free from its effect having left the atmosphere of

The truth of gravity did not change. What changed was the capacity of the
observer to be able to interpret it and embrace the reality of it. Likewise,
spiritually you must grow in your capacity to embrace the truths before they
may become impressed upon you as to their significance or worthiness or
applicability to your own individual life experience because that is all
that matters when you are observing and interpreting life. Your own
individual view of it and your capacity to understand and interpret and
ultimately embrace the truths.

That is how all truth is relative to the one observing. No two are observing
from the same vantage point of capacity, no two have exactly identical life
experience which enables them to draw the same conclusion from similar
observations that may be obtained. So it is that there will always be this
distinction in time and space of different perspectives and differing life
observations bringing to the observers valid and real experience but these
experiences are individualized by the one doing the experiencing. While they
may be shared between individuals they are not necessarily directly
transferrable as they must be incorporated by each individual perceiver in
accordance with their abilities to grasp these truths.

This, as you have witnessed in your lives, makes for some very great
disparities between the many different observers and their many different
interpretations of what is being observed. As much as you might like to
believe or think that there is but one real truth to be seized upon and held
in high esteem as being the ultimate truth to be encountered, there is
nothing ultimate in this entire realm of relativity that you exist in. So
don't be hard on others or yourselves for arriving at different conclusions
based on your different perspectives for this is to be expected at this
stage in your evolution. You all are somewhere between two and ten in your
spiritual development and as such your individual understanding of truth is
completely valid and real to you from where you stand, others will have
truths that are valid and real to them from where they stand and there is no
conflict in this observation that this is so because there is such freedom
of perception and experience that all these observations of truth are within
the greater context of ultimate truth which exists in a time and place far
far away from this one.

Thank you once again for allowing further discussion on this because as has
just been illustrated, your point of reference has changed since the last
time this idea of relative truth was discussed. Your capacities have
enlarged and therefore each time such a topic is brought up for further
illumination you can access more of what we are attempting to describe
through this imperfect process. I now express my gratitude for this
opportunity that you provide and would step aside to accommodate a space for
others. Thank you.

Machiventa: [Mark] Greetings once again, I am Machiventa Melchizedek here to
take advantage of this opportunity that you provide to once again bring a
reminder that you have access to such greater truths than you are able to
find out there in the "real world" as you would refer to it. All that you
may expose yourself to on this imperfect plane of Urantia is by its very
nature imperfect and incomplete. That is the paradigm that exists on a
time/space world such as this and if limited only to your exposure to all of
the various relative truths, then certainly one would have a difficult time
arriving at the best of this conglomeration of observation and to draw any
supreme conclusions from such limited perspectives as are provided by your

Last week I reminded you that you each have an internal means by which you
can reach beyond this limited realm of perception, this internal modem of
yours provides you with the ability to scan a different level of awareness
than you may be exposed to in your process of merely observing your
environment and those around you. It is quite true that many have assembled
significant pieces of this puzzle that they are willing to share and that
may be quite serviceable and useful as you are trying to assemble your
pieces to the puzzle but in many many cases the greatest that mankind has to
offer to each other has been the result of inspiration from outside the
realm of mankind.

Even now you are seeking for something to be added to what you perceive as
your current limitations of awareness and you do well to turn to your
spiritual dimension to facilitate this process because one can only expose
themselves on this material plane to what others have gleaned and assembled
in their life experience and it is only by turning to your spiritual side of
experience that you can bring in additional and previously unknown
contributions to be made to your existing pool of understanding.

The Father so loves you that He has provided for you these multi dimensions
for you to access and utilize as you experience your ascension career. He
has provided these classrooms of material experience on this sphere on which
you are thrown together with your peers and you must try to piece together
your understanding of all that is by observing all that you are exposed to
around you. But He has also provided you with another means of experiencing
even greater truths and broader universe principles so that you may
constantly be upgrading your level of understanding even beyond what is
apparent to you in this material time and space realm.

This is an incredibly valuable experience of growing to understand and
assemble all these relative truths around you into some form of awareness.
But oftentimes all of these observed truths must be brought together by a
flash of awareness from outside this material dimension that then makes
sense of all that you have accumulated in your observations. Facts are one
thing and may be readily observed but truths are the greater overall
understanding of many many observed facts and principles. The greatest
truths of all often are not the result of assembling great numbers of facts
but are the result of reaching beyond mere fact and the observation of
material principles and reaching into the dimension of values and
meanings.What all these facts and observations really mean tends to come to
you through the spiritual dimension.

Truly the Father loves you, for having given you these different means of
growth and understanding such that you are not limited to merely
observations of material truths but can be expanded into true awareness of
meanings and values while still in this material mode of observation. So
once again I arrive to remind you of this connection that you have to
upgrading your appreciation and understanding through this process of
downloading meaning and value to aid in your interpretation of fact and

I will never tire of reminding you of your inherent capacities and
abilities. I have accepted this assignment and I will be faithful to the
end. Thank you for hearing my words and for putting into action in your
lives what you think the meaning of these words may be to you. It will
change and it will grow and it will mean different things to you as you
evolve and increase your individual capacities. This is the beauty of the
plan, the grace that is the love of your Divine Parents for you in this
process. I stand in appreciation with you and in gratitude I take my leave.
Thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello, I would join this conversation and be honored to bring
this meeting to a close with one quick analogy, I am Light. You have an
expression on this world that one who is learned and has had opportunity to
amass great wisdom has in fact "seen the light". I would refer to Elyon's
description of truth. It is not as though the light has not been there. It
was referred to as one who has finally come to a point of seeing the light.
This is what it means to increase your awareness and position yourselves to
finally be able to see what exists around you already, to finally be able to
see the light. You all are realizing that there is this light in which you
trust, all around you and by pursuing your understanding you increase your
capacity to be able to take in this light and to be in this light and to
with greater awareness turn to the light and see this light.

This is one more way to look at this whole idea of the relative proximity to
truth, the relative proximity to light. It is ones ability to awaken to this
light that characterizes their relationship to it, not the fact that the
light was absent and then became present but merely their perception of the
light was absent and then became present. So it is with truth, so it is with
beauty, so it is with goodness. All are present and it is merely the ability
of the perceiver to recognize these qualities and to finally be the light.

Thank you for this opportunity to draw this meeting to a close. I cherish
the chance to come among you from time to time and now will bid you all a
fond farewell. Thank you.

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