[tmtranscripts] FW: Lightline Teleconference..Adjuster Series...2009-10-08

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Subject: Lightline Teleconference.- Adjuster Series - 2009-10-08

Teachers: The Voice, Thought Adjuster

T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: I will proceed forward in faith because we're all gathered to do
this and because our Divine Parents would have it so. If we would just have
it so, we will receive to the best of our soul capacity that which can only
be interpreted by the soul, can only be enjoyed by the part of us that is
super, that is above mere listening and interpretation but can go beyond
those ranges of perception into the greater range that we strive for, soul
interpretation, deep and real and meaningful. Thank you Divine Parents for
granting us all of these senses. We become so familiar with the day to day
expression and the interpretation of the senses of the material flesh that
we tend to remain confined in that arena. Tonight we come to you asking for
your help as with purpose we desire to expand our capacities beyond those
mere material senses and experience what you would have us experience on a
deeper soul level. May it be so. Thank you.

The Voice: Greetings, I am here with you as well and as was just so
genuinely requested, I will attempt to utilize all the senses to bring
forward messages of peace and love through this instrument. It was I think
rather well stated and as was confessed, partly borrowed from earlier
encounters, this dynamic of being able to perceive by different means and
methods. You are truly a multi-faceted being graced with many different ways
to perceive your environment and the truth, beauty and goodness contained
within it.

You have many many tools at your disposal to use in this process that you
may feel free to access as you so desire. You have been referred many times
to the practice of routine stillness. This is perhaps your greatest gateway
to be chosen and adopted as you are so willing and able. This practice of
returning to this quiet sanctuary where you position yourselves to receive,
conditions your environment so that you are in alignment to receive and find
that which you seek through the act of the discipline of bringing yourself
to this place of seeking. It is not at all a complicated issue, rather it is
the simplest of all things. By attempting to simplify your posture you let
fall away all the many and varied structure that you have around yourselves
of preconception and predisposition to see life as you think you may know it
and as you have experienced it prior to this experience. Coming into a place
of simplicity and quiet enables you to let down all this structure around
you and be willing to encounter a new scaffolding of awareness and
understanding because if you are so surrounded by all that you think you
have assembled in this life that you call reality, then very little that is
new is able to make its way through into your sphere of awareness.

But if you come to a place of humility and a place where you are prepared to
drop your guard and your fences of boundaries or limitation then truly you
may be in a position to directly experience reality free from your current
preconception. This is how you are able to grow and change for you cannot
grow much if you think you know it all. If you simply want to rest on that
which you have accumulated so far to yourself, there is no room to add more.
If your cup is full, trying to add any more will simply go over the edge and
be lost for you have no room to accept it. The practice of stillness is the
practice of making room in your cup by expanding your capacity and growing
your vessel. By so doing you are able to fit more in and all that you are
able to fit in co-mingles with all that you have accumulated and acquired up
to this point and what is in the cup becomes changed, flavored and altered
by the new reality that has been added.

It was true what the Master said; "Those who would come into the kingdom
must come in with the faith of a child." A child knows and is fully aware
that they do not know and are not fully aware. They are willing to add to
their cup eagerly. They want to fill it up and gain more and more but as
adults there has been so much routine and pattern encountered in your lives
that you think this is simply reality as you know it, you have it figured
out, this is it, and you need not experiment with much more because you are
certain you've got it.

But the true masters know they do not have it, it is always coming and there
must be room made for more and thus this returning to the humility of
stillness enables you to gain the capacity to hold more. That is but one of
the tools that has been used, perhaps your most potent and powerful one but
only one nevertheless, there are many. We have talked of prayer and worship
as being significant in aligning your compass and pointing you in the right
direction. There are a number of other disciplines you may choose to adopt,
all of which are to be used as tools or stepping stones on your path. They
are not the destination. You are proceeding to the destination, they are
merely the bridge or the stepping stones which may aid you in your journey.

I will say just a few more words about this idea of being open to the
concept. Do you have room in your cup to accept that you can hear from
another part of yourself, with another part of yourself, through another
part of yourself? Can this be accommodated in your structure of
understanding and awareness? For it is most certainly true, it is merely
whether you can adopt it and embrace it as compatible with your
understanding. There is this part of you which does have access and is aware
of this connection and this circuit and perhaps in your stillness and in
your prayer, in your petitions to those whom you imagine are most
significant in your process, you might do well to seek directly for this
greater capacity knowing that it exists, seeking it, desiring it, asking for
help to explore it and expand it. In this way you are truly developing one
of your senses, one of your gifts of grace from your Divine Parents.

First one must know of a skill or ability and then one may choose to augment
or develop this skill or ability. You all are even now, in this moment
encountering that aspect of yourself which you may very well desire to
augment and enhance as you are in this process of seeking to develop this
alternate sense. I invite you to do this with purpose and awareness.
Petition for assistance and then assume that your putting into motion this
act of your choosing will find its lesson from all those who are in a
position to facilitate your purpose and then there is nothing that can
prevent it from happening. Let is be so in this hour, in this day, in this
week, in this month. Let it be so because it is your desire and because you
will put yourself in motion to make it so. Certainly the forces of the
universe may be directed to help you.

I would now step back from my customary position of a recessive aspect in
deference to allowing room in this platform to be used by others. I am
grateful for the opportunity you have provided this evening. Thank you very

Prayer: [Henry] Father, thank you so much. Mark, thank you so much also.
That was such a tremendously articulate introduction and I am prompted to
share a personal thing that unfolded right during this moment tonight that
I am still kind of in tears about and that I am prompted to share it because
it deals directly with what we are doing here this evening, getting in touch
with our soul.

This afternoon a friend of mine came over to help me do some work and his
son was to come over and pick him up when he was done and he was supposed to
come before 6 so I could get on this call. Apparently there was no way to
avoid this, me coming on to this call and Ted being here. I put my
headphones on and got the phone connected, sat down, got into my quiet
space. I have a piece of olivene, it's an andara crystal, pretty incredible
piece. I just hold it in my hand and in about 30 sec. it pulls me right into
this state and I am prepared here and am listening to the call and am on
mute, talking to my friend who is here and then Mark comes on and I actually
put the speaker phone on when Mark was beginning to talk and he said: Does
this have something to do with this book that you and Dennis read?" I said
yes it does.

I am just sitting here quietly and he is sitting here quietly and at the end
of Mark's speech his son comes and it still is on mute, he says my son is
here, I gotta go. I said I know. He got up to leave with a tear in his eye
and says " I caught all of that." That was such a really tremendous moment
for me having tried to work with this guy for four years, to make a dent in
his granite bound mind and here tonight he opened up his soul for the first
time and words cannot describe the depths and measure in which we qualify to
become aware of reality. Thank you Father for this reality. God is so real,
the soul is so real. We truly must posture in a position to give and receive
to truly understand that to receive this tremendous love we must be
constantly loving others. Anyway, I needed to share this this evening.

This week I had sat with my Thought Adjuster and was thinking about the
creative aspects of the mind in relationship to the soul and the Adjuster
and I think it is here that I will allow the Adjuster presence. Thank you.

Thought Adjuster: [Henry] Behold in your awareness a presence in reality
given thought, given motivation, energy attached to a thought, a prompt, an
intuitive moment. What was said about my realness can be said about the
ability of the human within the mind to conceive an idea, whatever the idea
may be and then willfully bring that idea into fruition. An artist sees a
shape within a shadow at a certain time of the day that he had always looked
at a place but that day the shadow was different and he was moved to create
a piece to recall the moment he was aware of that shadow. A musician playing
music, hearing words all of a sudden becomes aware of a song, a poetic
moment, seeing the rain blue and sky red and he writes a song and captures
that moment.

Other men see an idea for their life, see what they want to do and how they
want to do it and set about to do it. To create a life with a family, become
a part of something. Give me your concerted effort, your attention. Give me
the muscle in your body, the thoughts in your mind, the desires in your
heart, the dreams that you dream, the problems that you have. Give me
everything you don't want, empty your cup that within a moment I may come in
and fill, that I may in the moment with you create. The soul is the mind of
the poet for only through the soul can you see poetry in the prose of
everyday life. Get in touch with your soul, that clean, clear, crystal space
quiet. The mind must be quiet, must be spontaneous, the gesture of opening
yourself up to the possibility.

Friendship therefore becomes creative, the relationship between my presence
and the human mind, the human mind which is an animal mind grasping for its
identity, finding a little ledge of ego and freezing itself there rather
than grasping the larger part of the mind, the part of the mind that is
open, the part of the mind that stretches to infinity, the part of the mind
that encompasses everything imaginable, the part of the mind that holds my
presence, the part of the mind that has my Paradise signature. Yes, was it
not your poet that said: "You can see a universe in a grain of sand and you
can see and sense eternity within a human mind."

It is important as a human to have this sense of realness because realness
continues all the way to reality, Paradise, the eternal reality. The Father,
the original thought, the original pattern, the original abode, the original
Deity from which I am just a chunk yet the substance of God is real. It
expresses even in a mortal earthy life. Remember that I am always in the
spontaneity of the moment.

So this evening we are presenting you with an aspect of the soul, the
bound-ness of reality, a taste of eternity, presenting an avenue that is
available to you within. In the quiet times that you spend in this
stillness, there begins to develop a closer and more real awareness within
the human mind of the reality of the infinite mind, the eternal and infinite
mind. The presence of the Thought Adjuster is multi-dimensional. Yes, part
of my functioning is to get your attention to working with your mind and
adjusting your thoughts, creativity, the use of the mind circuits, the
circuitry of mind are the circuits of the universe mind, these adjutant
circuits, adjutant aspects of cosmic mind.

Begin to become aware of within yourself the potential of creating with
spirit guidance, with spirit substance, with spirit's ability to uphold,
with spirit's ability to meet you exactly where you are. Become creative in
your relationship with your inner presence, not like a baby talks to a
parent but like a young adult talks to an older adult, purposeful and
meaningful. Be creative in your ability to understand and recognize. You
will discover that it is not as big and grand a thing, it is so subtle, it
is ever so slight that if you took your eye off of it for a second you would
miss it. This is the practice, to begin to create a space within yourself
that is quiet and still that echoes throughout your daily life that any
moment you can return to that feeling of that stillness because it has a
feeling like no other feeling, the feeling of being completely suspended,
the feeling of being completely upheld like a soap bubble in the air.

Thank you for allowing my presence and my voice this evening. We will return
the forum for yet another. Again, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] I greet you all as well, I am Monjoronson here to honor
the initial request to provide another way to look at this whole phenomenon
of perception and I would choose in searching through the data bank of my
liaison t/r associate to provide a brief analogy to be useful in this
attempt of description. Imagine with me if you will, what it is to look into
the microscope and observe what your scientists have found and declared to
be the individual cell involved in the makeup of all living things. In the
makeup of your living organism, you know in your mind that you are made up
of billions of these tiny little pieces of yourself referred to as cells and
each and every cell is separate and distinct having its own center and core,
its own nucleus and its own body and its own cell walls.

Relatively recently your scientists have embraced the awareness that within
the core, the very center of each one of these cells there is an
intelligence they have referred to as your dna molecule. As such they are
coded and they have a pattern within each which is aware of its purpose.
This is what makes certain cells become bone, other cells become tissue,
other cells become skin. So within each one of these tiny little pieces of
yourself there is a knowing, there is an awareness that is at the center and
core surrounded by its own body and encountering its environment by way of
its skin or cell wall.

Now imagine with me if you will, a few billion of these gathered together
functioning in unity and this conglomeration of cells form under some
magical quotient to distinguish themselves to become all the different
aspects of you. You may see yourself as one large cell, you have an inner
core which knows and has intelligence about its purpose and its being. It is
surrounded by a body, a bunch of parts that all seem to know what they are
doing. Some seem to have distinguished themselves as eyes, others as ears,
others as nose, mouth, fingers, nerves, feeling, and in this process you are
able to interpret your environment for everything that rubs up against you
touches one of these senses and then may be interpreted by you.

But in the core, in the middle, there is your soul. It is the all knowing
part of this gigantic organism very similar to the tiniest that it is
comprised of. It is the central intelligence around which all these other
little central intelligences are gathered and formed. In this way you can
see yourself as merely an intelligence surrounded by a body and that the
real enduring permanent part of yourself is merely utilizing this
differentiation of all the little cells to form its body and in this process
its interpretation of your environment.

But you are not it, your sensory perceptions are merely the part of your
body that helps you to define your environment while this central core is
housed in this organic form. Like the very little cell, there is an
intelligence in the core of your being which transcends the temporal state
of the material being. Your soul is only temporarily utilizing this
organism, this combined group of mini-intelligences and it will when the
time comes, vacate that temporary address and take up another and you won't
have the same experience of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and fingers to interpret
your environment. But the central intelligence, the core of your being, your
eternal soul will inhabit another vehicle with a different set of senses
with an enhanced mind to perceive all these senses and attempt to make sense
out of it.

But the central part is enduring and will transcend many incarnations of
different sensual capacities. This is the difference that you are trying to
distinguish between ways of knowing and perceiving because your central core
has this innate knowing and this eternal connection to a greater
intelligence whereas your senses and your ability to reconcile what your
senses tell you with your mind is only a temporal occurrence in time and
space, quite finite and incapable of providing you with a grand depth of
experience. It is strictly limited to experiencing and encountering what
bumps up against your vehicle in this life.

But your soul can experience far far more than that. It is not limited to
any of the senses that surround your vehicle. It has expanded capacity to be
able to reach well out beyond your mortal address and bring back to you vast
amounts of experience which may only be harvested by the use of this grand
sense that is yours as well.

I hope the use of this analogy proves a positive contribution. There are
many ways that one may use to attempt to describe this additional sense but
this one may be serviceable enough for this evenings encounter. Thank you
for the request for my presence here tonight and for your dutiful attention
to the many inspiring messages that have been part of this process this
evening. I am moved to offer an opportunity for anyone who would like to
enter the forum and address with a question or observation before drawing
this meeting to a close.

Henry: Since there are no questions Mark, I would like to say something. I
would to thank Monjoronson for that tremendous description of the living
energy cells within the body and consciousness within these cell, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] I join you in gratitude for the experience for I
perceive we that we all have come away with something for having arrived at
this banquet this evening. Therefore I would draw this meeting to a close in
gratitude shared I believe by all. Enjoy your processing of the many fruits
that have been brought to the table this evening. Thank you all and enjoy,

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