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Subject: Lightline Teleconference - Adjuster Series-2009-08-27

Teachers: The Voice, Thought Adjuster

T/R's: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

[Mark] I am going to get things rolling tonight with a little bit of
guidance I received about what my role is supposed to be here and I am going
to try and follow that leading as we are wont to do in these times we come
together and pursue these leadings and follow where spirit may take us. I am
going to start tonight's session with a story which I believe will illicit a
good discussion from the Voice.

I have been a volunteer firefighter for a number of years and as you may
know, every year firefighters here have a fund drive where they put up some
cones and slow traffic down and stand out in the street with a fireman's
boot and attempt to collect money for "Jerry's Kids." I have never been
involved in this and have fully avoided being involved in it, I was "always
busy on that day" because I had a problem of asking or begging people for
money. It was extremely distasteful to me so I had avoided it.

Well, this year as fate would have it, I ended up going to the fireman's
chile cook-off where they were doing the "Jerry's Kids" solicitation in
front of the firehouse. I ended up at the station when this drive was going
on and I thought I would still get out of it, I would just lay low, I told
myself I don't have to participate if I don't want to. Eventually it was
obvious that it was my time to take a turn and I said sure, I would take a
turn. I felt the universe was "messing with me" and that I would not be able
to use avoidance as a tactic for addressing my apprehension over this fund
raising effort.

It really did dawn on me that I had to do this, I couldn't get out of this
and so I took the boot and went out and stood in the street. I laughed at
the heavens and said okay, here I am, I get it, so I forced myself and said
I have to get through this. Gradually people started driving up and
stopping and gladly with joy in their hearts started taking out their
ashtrays full of coins and rummaging around in their purse and putting coins
in the boot, ones and fives and thanking us for doing this for the kids.

I was overwhelmed that the experience had been exactly the opposite of what
I had expected. I had pictured myself out there begging for money from
people and their not wanting to look me in the eye when in fact the
experience was totally different. I had to just laugh out loud because I had
been trying to avoid what turned into a beautiful experience of people
giving and loving. I had tried to miss that whole thing and I am so glad I
wasn't allowed to. So that's the story of how sometimes you just get the

Prayer: Now I would like to offer my personal thanks to a universe that is
that friendly and that kind and that persistent in bringing us what we need
in this life. Truly it is not only a friendly universe, it is a loving
universe and I am forever grateful when I am shown little episodes like
this, the grace that is always being bestowed at every turn. Thank you
Divine Parents for this love and guidance.

The Voice: Greetings, I will honor your request to make an arrival "on the
scene" at this time. I am known by this one as his Inner Voice. When one
such as Myself arrives from the Father's grace we marvel at the gift that
the Father has provided our partners, this gift of personality, this gift of
uniqueness in all of time and space. Truly, that is a magnificent bestowal
of grace, that it is my pleasure as this Fragment of the Father to grow and
become in association with this unique circumstance of time and space, this
personality combination.

And so we both gain the contribution of the other in this process. When we
come together as one we are the best of both of us. This as well is one
gigantic gift of grace from on high. So it is so pleasing when recognition
is provided of this constant flow of grace. It is the natural result of this
being loved and cared for by such a loving universe. What is so significant
about this topic of discussion and reference today is that this is a
circuitry available to all individuals. This is not a special circuit that
one needs to develop; you each and every one have this available to you.

I invite you to more consciously welcome this circuit into you're being,
embrace it as part of your constitution, welcome it as part of your heritage
and as your destiny. Bring your consciousness more to the center to include
both aspects of your dual nature for you are well acquainted with your
material component and there is this desire to develop your spiritual
component and so as we develop this side of the equation there is more

Thank you all very much for this extension of your faith which has brought
you to this place. I invite you to give internal permission, even request to
your Inner Guide as a real aspect of you're being. Make it known, your
desires and intentions, there to make them known. I now will step aside to
allow this platform to be used by others. Thank you.

Henry: Thank you Mark, it is always edifying and qualifying to hear the
sublime reality of the relationship we have with this Divine Element within
us. Greetings this evening, continuing in the same vein of presentation I
feel led to express a little bit about myself and my relationship with the
Thought Adjuster. I first, in the early 80's, became aware of the existence
of the Thought Adjusters through the Urantia Papers. This was a tremendously
fascinating concept for me, that an aspect of the Father actually indwells
me. All I could think of was that wow, I am a worthy person to have God live
within me.

It was such a tremendous awareness but the actuality of the Father living
within me goes back a lot further than that because throughout my life, up
until now I have always been aware of the nudges that Father gives me. At
first I wasn't aware that the nudges were from Father, I just thought they
were something internal, like something that was bigger than me that was
kind of participating in some kind of fashion and it didn't occur to me that
it was actually some aspect of the Father. What was so incredible about the
nudges was the timing. The timing that the nudges presented themselves were
so incredible that when I think back on my life which is one which has been
tremendously challenging, I probably have made nothing but mistakes in the
past 60 years. My life is a string of glorious mistakes, in fact my
upbringing insured that my life would be full of mistakes because I was
raised in such a dysfunctional way that I was taught most things incorrectly
so that it was insured that I would go throughout life learning how to
correct things one by one and this I have done and am still doing and will
probably continue because I am not done here yet.

I would like to speak about the timing of the nudges. Things like: Once, I
remember in my late 20's, I was stopped in my tracks one day. It felt like I
was tied to railroad tracks and it felt like this train was bearing down on
me and I was going to get rolled over. I was just standing there in awe of
what was happening and this little voice inside of me spoke and said "all
you have to do is call your mother once a month." It was really tremendous
because I didn't have a very secure relationship with my mother, she was
unfortunately, an extremely unstable person, sort of bipolar and it took
about 18 years of calling my mother every month. Some of those were
extremely difficult months, and in those 18 years I got to see my mother
through different aspects and perspectives and gradually spirit began to
show me ways in which to disarm the hatred, anger and resentment that I had.
We finally reached a neutral ground after 18 years and about 11/2 years
after that she passed away.

If I hadn't listened to that little voice and become conscious of obeying
its suggestion, I may not have reached a neutral ground with my mother
before she passed away. So some of the timings were of that nature. One of
the consistent things is that I gradually began to trust this nudging. At
first I had to test it, I mean, if it said turn left, I would turn right. It
showed me eventually that the nudge was always correct. I must have tried it
5 or 6 times before I recognized that I must pay attention to this nudge all
the time. This tremendous awareness which slowly grows between the Adjuster
and the individual is just tremendous. It is wonderful to live in this
universe and be a son of God and on this planet even though it is
tremendously challenging. We are definitely tested here. That is something
that very few spiritual beings have, the kind of testing that we receive
here on this planet. In that light I will invite my Thought Adjuster to
adjust us, to speak and probably address some of the things that I have

Prayer: Thank you Mother and Father for this connection of love, this
connection of consciousness, this connection with purpose and
responsibility. Father I invite you here this evening to share with us.

Thought Adjuster: Greetings this evening. I am here as always, within,
within your realm of consciousness, within reach. I am truly centered in an
attitude of love. I recall the person of whom I indwell, many times doubtful
and uncertain and not sure about Me. But his persistent faith and trust
augmented his ability to create within his life, a place where I Am honored,
a space within his soul where he has truly come and bared his heart to me;
his desires, his dreams. It is a tremendous day in the life of a Thought
Adjuster to be acknowledged by the person we indwell. I say we because all
of us are from the same material. We all have a slightly different program
in order to indwell you beings of time but in essence we are one.

We work in a concerted effort as we help build personal integrity within a
human being. We use the faith and trust of a human being to further temper
the personality and the experiences of a human. We work within this
framework of faith and trust so that the individual learns to find safe
harbor in its soul, in that aspect of himself which is open, honest, in the
moment, immensely creative. One of the qualifying aspects which was stated
by the person I indwell was a feeling of worthiness. This feeling of
worthiness eventually led to feelings of trust and faith, belief in ones
self, belief in ones ability to grow and be led into areas which left to a
humans own account would never quite happen; the ability to be able to
become transformed or blended into like an amalgam of gold and silver, of
human and divine, to be led into an area of human consciousness where growth
is the process of achievement.

This is true of all of you. The ability within you to find that hidden
treasure buried in your back yard and to share this unfathomable treasure
with your brothers and sisters is truly an experience worthy of a son of
God. I thank you for this opportunity to share these thoughts and ideas.

Henry: Thank you Father and I will return this forum back to Mark and Mike
that we may enter into discussion and possibly answer questions. Thank you
very much.

Mark: Thank you Henry. I have got Monjoronson, so I think we'll go with

Monjoronson: Greetings, Monjoronson here to avail myself of this opportunity
that you provide. I will take up on the personal experience shared of trying
to avoid life's lessons and it is worthy to consider in your own lives as
issues come up, what your pre-disposition to embracing life's experiences
might be. When something arises before you, what emotional response is
elicited and how do you react as a result to this response? I think you will
begin to notice that your reactions are quite predictable and similar and
you may begin to start to see patterns emerging in things coming around to
you repeatedly for your consideration or re-consideration.

Oftentimes a first response can be one of doubt or uncertainty, even of fear
of the unknown or the process and so there is great resistance and
reluctance to simply allow life to bring you a given experience. As was
witnessed in this story, sometimes you are confronted with it to the point
of having to re-examine where you stand in relationship to the issue at
hand. This is a constant and ongoing process, this renegotiating where you
stand in relationship to all of life's issues because as your spiritual
center changes, grows, increases, your perspective will change, your values
will change and this is accomplished largely by your being a willing partner
in the process. That is; if you desire to resist what life is trying to
bring you, you are entitled to make that choice and to take that action and
to stave off what may be an inevitable encounter with some issue that is an
obstacle for you or unsettled in your life experience.

As was noted, it is a friendly universe and what you need is surely provided
to you. Sometimes the issue is; you will not accept it, you will not take it
as being offered in grace and in love because primarily your perspective is
too short. You see everything as a series of small events, unrelated, and
therefore don't allow yourself to gain proper wisdom as a result of the
process. You hear of many individual testimonies that individuals have
confronted their fears, their doubts, their unknowns, their traumas, their
events and have been able to unloosen the hold that these traumas have much
like putting down the load that you've been carrying that you've grown
unaware that you are carrying.

As you grow in spiritual perception begin to look at life as bringing you
what you need all the time, every time and look to ride the wave that life
brings for you know that it is of grace. So I invite you to observe as you
react to your environment and circumstances and relationships, individuals
around you, and see if your reaction is simply a re-reaction repeated so
many times it is a rote reaction. Is it truly the reaction that you desire
to give as a spiritual aware being? Pause to reconsider because you are
constantly shifting your seat of awareness and you will be constantly
reevaluating the appropriateness of your actions and beliefs.

Take this spiritual wave that is arriving on this world and be prepared to
ride it. Look for what life has for you in it, where it can take you, how it
can lift you up and go with it. Resist not what life is bringing you because
that is to resist the grace which is from on high.

Thank you for the opportunity to share those words with you today.

Mark: Would there be any interest to opening up this forum to
questioners?...long pause... Well, I'll take that as a negative. I want to
thank everybody for coming here today and lending of your intentions. This
whole thing we do, this whole gig here, it's not about us, it is not about
us getting together to feel good with each other. It's about you, it's about
everyone out there, it's about all of us lighting up with this connection.
It doesn't just happen here, it's not just as a result of this co-mingling
of time and space in this moment, no, it's ongoing everywhere, it's within
you always. It is just our desire to be here once in a while in promotion of
that reality and of that fact and in honor of it and in gratitude of it. I'm
sure you all join me in gratitude of such grace as that. I now draw this
meeting to a close. Thank you all for coming.

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