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Subject: Michael's Birthday Party-2009-08-23-Second/Final Session

Teachers: Rantarason, Eve, Machiventa, Lester, Evanson, Light, Michael

T/R's: John, Jonathan, Peri, Mark, Ginny

Rantarason: [John] I am Rantarason. It is good to see my friends and family
gather together, to watch the different discussions about life, about
ascension, about energy, about the context of books. It is interesting to
see many try to put the infinite depths of God into a 2,000 page book, a 300
page book or any of the perspectives that were written throughout history.
As you come closer and raise your vibration to full consciousness you will
realize that the engagements or conversations that you've had with each
other have outdistanced a written word and you have matured enough to
realize that love connection between souls, within all that is is the most
important aspect of relationship.

This gathering is a gathering of new world love no matter what perspectives,
no matter what opinions, no matter what experiences each have gone through
in their universe career, it all boils down to all that is and to self
discovery. The greatest service at this point is to oneself, to be self
contained in your own divinity and to learn your own divine senses. To go
about that way you must have an intention when you get up on the morning.
You have different belief systems but are you intending to live those belief
systems in each moment of the day? You have been instructed to live in the
now. Is that "now" going to be surrender, of letting the higher self,
letting the guidance, the I Am Presence, the Thought Adjuster show you what
needs to be done today? Have you set your intention if it's going to be a
new world peace? Have you said I will live in peace today, I will live in
joy? How am I going to make the new world?

You listen to your t.v.'s, your movies, the conversations and your hear the
negativity, and the chaos and the dark energy run amuck throughout the
world. Dear ones, you are the lights within this world and how are you going
to show what a new world is like? Do you react and dance with the dark or do
you dance with the light? I have seen great transformation and it brings joy
to my heart. We are truly truly proud of all of you who have been brave
enough to share of yourself of your discoveries but ultimately remember, you
are instructed on self discovery while all being connected. It is your self
discovery, it is learning who you are and getting connection with that full
consciousness that is within you. The human is growing, the vibrations are
raising, the planet is ready, you see things falling apart in the old way.
Again what would you have in the new world? What would you intend in the
now, what would be different?

Dear ones I am always with you and I will step back from the podium. There
are others who would speak. It gladdens my heart to connect with all of you
and I give you my love, my admiration and my gratitude. Thanks.


The celestial choir sings
Joy dances all about
Peace intermingles among all souls
Light is scattered but one love grows strong between all
The more that's shared, the more it's realized
Presence, divine, omnipresent, a holy encounter, certainty, grounded-ness
The child in the arm of God, we are one.

Eve: [Peri] I speak to you today of the story of the journey that you carry
within you. I refer to your DNA. You know that Paradise at the center of
every ultimaton, the first of the material building substances of which you
and all things are made, therefore you are not limited in any way when
you...open to the primordial consciousness which you embody. Now this DNA is
an odd material in that it has what you are beginning to discover and you
call quantum capabilities. You are used to one thing, doing one job, enough
is enough but it is not enough,...but this stuff you call DNA is bridging
the miraculous, divine, immaterial, transcendent hyper reality and physical
reality as you perceive it.

In doing so it has the capacity to change as a [transient] according to what
is needed, according to a direction of growth. So look into yourself, see in
your creative imagination the stuff of which you are made. Encoded in this
DNA is all your history, from the beginning of the inception of life on your
world and even beyond through all the varied shapes and forms you have
embodied and grown in and suffered in and struggled in and loved in. Your
DNA has never died and it never will. There are so many different dimensions
of memory encodement not all of which are tangible. So you can realize, know
all of what you have been and you can know all of what you will be.

There are aspects of your DNA which [becomes] you, that become encoded as
part of your creating soul and move with you through your morontia
embodiments and on and on and on. And so the loop of infinity, the figure
eight completes itself. You begin in the Source, in the Father and you move
through all these manifestations and shapes and yet in all these
manifestations and shapes you are nothing but Source. So there is the
appearance of movement and change and time yet there is nothing but now. I
am grateful for your kind attention.

Machiventa: [Mark] Greetings on this fine day, I am Machiventa here enjoying
as you are, the co-mingling our energy signatures once again. Truly this is
a treat as much on our side of the veil, if you will, as for those on your
side. You come together and rub up against each others energy fields in a
most physical sense, even reaching out with gestures of kind embrace between
each other. Likewise we gather at the party of your creation, the gathering
of your intention, and we bring ours as well and we greatly enjoy this
opportunity you provide to come in such close association with you, to bump
up against you with our energy signatures and delight in the exchange
between us.

When you go about such a gathering with such intention you are indeed, as
you have come to know and embrace, creating the very reality that you would
envision around you. You bring it to you and you bring your intention to it
and together with the combined contribution of intentions, a reality is born
in the moment. And so it is with some authority that I may declare a group
such as this as being true forerunners in the intentional creation of an
advanced state of being. Much has been made of the words Light and Life and
what that might mean to you as described in your text or as interpreted in
your being.

As you know there are many stages even of this phenomenon that you are
attempting to describe and it is easy to observe that you all are so
willingly and joyfully creating, even spontaneously amongst yourselves, such
a state of advanced being. It may not be fully appropriate to refer to it as
Light and Life for you know full well that the bubble that you create here,
now, today, over this time period, does not necessarily extend out to all
the world. The environment you create with your intention here today is as
a result of your co-creative capacities, your prayers and petitions, your
desires and intentions brought to focus and as a result of all these factors
at play, this state of being is. Now, for you to actively engage in the
process of taking a piece of what has been created here that is as the yeast
to the loaf, if you will but take what you know of this state of being out
into your daily lives and with as much faith and conviction as you
demonstrate in this moment, certainly these pieces of this state may be
mixed into the common mix and provide a change in state wherever they may be
mixed in.

You all are familiar with the concept on this world of your sour-dough
bread. It begins with a starter, it has a beginning, a definite starting
point. Then it may be grown and multiplied, may be given away to others that
they may use what began with a first intention and action, may be multiplied
many many times, make very much bread from the single act of being that
starting point. That is each of you. You now are your individual
"sour-dough" starters if you will, and the beauty about sour-dough or
spiritual life is that you can grow this state to supply you with the
nourishment that you so desire. You may never have cause to be hungry again
because this that you take with you today is the start of your next source
of nourishment.

As you meet others out there they will ask where you have gotten your bread
for the day and with the faith and confidence that you demonstrate here, you
will share with them that you have a piece of an alternate state of being
and that this piece may grow, may be given away for the benefit of others
and it will continue to be with you because it is a living part of your
being. Much as the sour-dough must be tended and must have proper conditions
for it to do its natural thing of multiplying, so too must your spiritual
dimension be tended and be provided the proper conditions for it to flourish
in your lives and for the benefit of all those who may be in your individual

This is truly one of the greatest things that you do for yourselves and for
Michael in service and for the cause of spiritual growth to come together,
form this "starter" environment so that you are familiar with it and know
it, you can represent it, you can demonstrate it, you can be it and then as
you go out you literally take some of this with you, each one, every one and
that which you take may be used to recreate that which you have created once
here. I cannot fully describe in words adequate to my intention the value of
exactly what you are doing here. It is probably best that you don't fully
know or see the ramifications of what begins here and then goes and can
spread throughout the world.

Many times the laborers in the fields may labor many a season before a
certain crop will be visible. They must act in faith season after season
while they await the fruits of their labor. But they are content to do this
because they have a certainty, an absolute conviction in the reality of that
which they do regardless of the outward symbols and manifestations. So you
are the workers in the field, laboring steadily and devotedly towards the
cause that you cannot quite fully even see. You are told there will be fruit
and you must act in faith that you are indeed working for the Master, for a
great purpose and that there will be great fruit.

But this faith and trust is made easier when you gather such as you are here
now for you have had an opportunity, even in such a gathering such as this,
to see directly the mini-fruits of your labors in this hour, in this
process. Seeing such results brings a sense of certainty and conviction to
the process. So then you are able to push forward with the service that you
choose to render and its unknown ramifications. So be it my devoted laborers
in the field and comrades in service. We have shown ourselves dedicated to
the purpose, we have applied our efforts, we have had results from our
efforts and seen some fruits but we are aware there is a great harvest ahead
and we all share the desire to keep tending the garden in anticipation of
the arrival.

Likewise I am very grateful for this opportunity to share this time with
you. I now would withdraw as there is great interest on our side of the
curtain. Thank you.

Lester: [Ginny] Well we haven't stopped jumping and jiving over here because
of your taking a risk here today. All of you took a risk and I'm speaking
about sharing the gift that you have. I haven't talked to this subject for a
while so she's nervous. This is Lester and I come to congratulate you on the
joy that you have shared. Sharing songs, sharing any of your artistic
endeavors is a great joy to us. There is nothing like music and all the
other arts to express harmony, peace and joy. You were asked to put forth
something new this morning and you did. I encourage all of you to explore
your artistic abilities more, to explore your creative nature more, to turn
everything into a song or a game.

Believe me, you have a legion of angels around you. They love it when you
gather together for purposes of harmony and peace. So in the next couple of
weeks I'm asking you all to dig deep and find ways of expressing your
qualities of beauty and joy. Take a risk at being silly, maybe making a
mistake that you think is awful. I am still humming your tunes and we are
still dancing over here. Music does, painting, are all expressions of your
soul and they indeed bring joy to all. You know that I am present at these
times especially to encourage you to keep a light heart and make more joyful
noises and to find ways of creating more beauty, more harmony, more peace.

I thoroughly enjoyed your activities today and congratulate you again on
taking a risk, believe me it paid off. Thank you again for your contribution
to artistic beauty. It is one of the greatest ways to bring peace and joy.
Once again I encourage you to keep the creative process alive whether it be
something as simple as working, dusting, washing dishes. All of you have
talent and it is a good balance indeed for your activities of the mind to
include the activity of the spirit that are so much contained in the arts.
Thank you, it has been a pleasure to see you all again and to join you in
the joy.

Evanson: [Jonathan] This is Evanson. I encourage Jonathan to assist me in an
exercise which I want to call "going to God and bringing God forth." Lester
tells me I should call it spiritual waxing; wax off, wax on. You are aware
of who you are, your presence, your physical form. Let us go invisible. Feel
your toes disappear, your feet, your legs are transparent. Your torso,
hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, gone. There is mind, you are aware,
there is dialog. The signal stops, you hear shhhhhhhh, peace.

I Am oneness
In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God
I Am
I will
Let there be light
Heavens and earth
Consciousness functions
Branches of energy emerge from this consciousness
Your skeletal structure, musculature, neural network, the covering of skin
I Am God manifest

Light [Mark] Greetings to all, I heard let there be light and so I am moved
to come among you today with a question my dear ones. I am Light and in
order to ask this question it may be helpful to back up to a couple of
previous questions that were asked of you. My dear ones there was a time
when there was a question: Could you believe in an interface with unseen
celestial personalities? Could you reach that far with your faith that you
would in all genuine sincerity truly believe that you were communicating
with personalities which could not be seen in the room with you but which
could be felt?

To that question you answered yes, we will go there, you can do this. And
then there was this flood of contact and assurance and information and
patterns and experience that have all been yours as a result of your answer
to that question. There are many out there on your world who could not
answer that question with a yes and therefore all that you have gained in
your exposure to this phenomenon you refer to as the Teaching Mission; all
of that that you have gained as a result of your willingness to say yes.

There have been other such questions: Can you believe, having gone so far as
to believe in other personalities, even farther and believe in a personality
such as myself who comes before you in this hour with great honor. And you
were able, knowing what you know about having extended in faith to say yes
once again and because you have said yes to that question I am able to be
with you in this hour, in this moment and I extend my personal gratitude
that this has been made so by your choice.

Now I ask another question. Knowing that my purpose and those of you who
believe in me have cause to know, knowing my purpose is to act as a liaison
being in between your dimension and the spirit dimension, what would you do
if one such as myself was to desire a working connection with you? These are
experimental times, this has never before happened on this world. I
understand the hesitancy to be encountered by any mortal of the realm for
once again, this is a large question. I simply ask today that you take this
question into consideration for I do direct it at each and every one of you
individually and personally: Would you be willing to experiment with me?
Would you go even farther? Can you extend even farther knowing that your
previous extensions of faith have brought you this wealth of spiritual
growth, can you, will you take the next step and actively bring a spiritual
component into your material life with more intention and purpose?

This partnership that I refer to need not be limited to myself for you have
heard your Master and Father and Brother ask this same question of you. Will
you invite Him in, every day, every way, to your lives that He may have life
through you? Imagine a science fiction story where a plain average mortal of
the realm is contacted by a being from another dimension and asked if they
can become partners and work together in the material plane. You are those
individuals. This question is directed at you at this time and I simply ask
that you take it away with you today into your stillness and be with it.

Since the way is unknown and the path is unclear we must expect great
amounts of uncertainty as we move forward, but uncertainty is neutralized
with faith and is transformed with the conviction of certainty that you are
spiritually provided for and that you need not worry as to the details of
the how and the where and the under what circumstances but rather simply
your decision, simply your answer to such a question means we will find a
way. There may be millions of ways that may be found. They may be different
for each and every one and this is our gift of grace. If we will seek this
out we will most certainly find it.

Thank you for this opportunity to be here today that you provide. Thank you
for this opportunity to exist at all. That you provide to be heard, to be
made real in this dimension is a gift that you have given by saying yes.
Thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am Michael seizing this opportunity so
graciously provided to draw this meeting of such beautiful children to a
close. Do you see what you have done? I see what you have done. I know you
each and how far you have come and it brings such joy to my heart to witness
the flowering and the blooming of such incredible potentials. When you grow
and bloom and flower I can't help but take it a little bit personally for I
have tended these fields and I do so up until this hour but there must be an
inherent desire within the crops and the plants to grow of their own accord.
No amount of desire of the one who tends the garden is sufficient to do the
work that the garden must do to bloom and flower and fruit.

You are the vines, you have done the work, you are bearing the fruit and
while the garden may even be of my design I am dependent upon you each and
every one to flower and bloom and be magnificent because it is your desire
to do so. This, this is the gift you give to the gardeners and I accept your
gift, I acknowledge your contribution to the beauty that is the garden. I
accept this on behalf of the Father and I as well extend His gratitude and
mine for your involvement, your efforts, your contribution, your
willingness, your desire, your choosing to say yes to growth, yes to truth,
yes to beauty, yes to goodness.

These choices you offer freely and they are as sweet treats to those who
watch to see the progress and the growth and the choices. Know that I am
deeply touched by every act that you make whether you are considering it in
service to me, whether you are considering it in service to you or to
another. It matters not, these are all manifestations of the beautiful
flowering being that is you. And so I gaze upon you with such affection and
appreciation. You are my dear ones in whom I am so well pleased.

Thank you for gathering in my name once again and as was stated, it is my
desire to be close to you and it is my desire to be provided a living
circuit through you that may be used to touch all my other children who I
wish to bring into the garden as well. I have a feeling you will do this for
me and so it is only superficially that I ask will you let me follow you and
will you invite me in at the turns where we may contemplate and make
decisions together? I will always honor your choice because I love you that

Let us go now individually in our own directions as we take leave of this
magnificent demonstration of belief and faith that I witness. But we will
never be alone so far as we believe that. You may go to the farthest corners
of this land, you may go apart from each other as far as you wish but you
are never outside my awareness and I am never far from you, in fact I stand
next to you with my hand on your shoulder desiring nothing more than for you
to gaze my direction and be reminded of my presence that you may even remind
others. Let us make it so.

My peace I leave with you as I have repeated many times and my love goes
with you as this circuit may be broken in the physical sense, it need not be
broken in the spiritual sense. We may all revisit this circuit at will and
draw strength and draw peace and draw love because they are all here, we
have found them, we have created them, we have brought them to this place
and they are now part of our experience that we may take out and spread and
grow and give away. It is such a joy to make it so with you.

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