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Subject: Lightline Teleconference Adjuster Series - 2009-07-30 - Live
Streaming Audio

Teachers: The Voice, Monjoronson, Light

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we seek this opportunity to approach you
in this fashion that we are creating with this breath in this moment. We
know that you are aware of our intentions and our petition to be close to
you. These words only serve to focus thought into word so that it may be
made manifest into deed. So we exercise this process with a certainty that
we will receive what we seek in this process. It is a joy to be with you
all in this time. Thank you.

Mark: This is Mark, I am stepping to the front. I have been in some
meditation today about what is to transpire tonight and I never really know
what is to transpire because it is an act of co-creation in the moment. But
from time to time I am provided glimpses of possible direction that things
could proceed in and this is one of those occasions. In consideration and
contemplation of this foresight of intention the picture I got included me
playing a larger role than is usually played in these sessions that we have
here but I am going to extend in faith that the direction I got was the
proper direction to go so I am going to veer a little bit from the standard
operating procedure here tonight. I am going to provide what I perceive to
be an exercise. This exercise is meant to kind of illuminate the distinction
that we are actually trying to make when we come together in these meetings
every other week in search of that inner component of self.

We always, in various techniques and ways, using various road signs and
symbols and expressions of all kinds, attempt to describe this kind of
distinction between who you think you are as your consciousness, your
awareness, and this other part of yourself which is also there in the mix of
what I refer to as my Inner Voice, known by many names as we all are aware.
So rather than a little more discussion about that, I was prompted to take a
different tack and I am prompted to begin tonight's session with a story, a
true story, it happened to me and I trust I am doing the right thing. I am
just going to go for it. I invite you at some point during my discussion, if
you can have a discussion with yourself in a room with a cell phone, to try
to discern at what point you feel an otherness co-mingle and mix with what
is me, what is personal. You are identifying me right now, this is my energy
signature, I am Mark and at some point you are going to sense that something
else is going to happen and it is going to have an added dimension and
component to it. I've been told that is the exercise tonight and I believe
it to be true. So here I go, here is the story. I know nobody can stop me
because you're all muted but it is a good story even if you've heard it so
here I go.

The Track Meet: A couple of years ago my son was a freshman in high school
and joined [the]track [team.] At one point during track season there became
a regional meet that happened at a beautiful park close to where we lived
and they needed parent volunteers to help with the whole thing. So I
volunteered to go in there and do what I could for the kids and I really had
great intention going in. I wanted to be there for the kids, I wanted to
spend the whole day just helping the kids you know, I really was looking
forward to it.

The day came, the park was beautiful, the weather was great. I went out to
Farragut [Park] and sure enough there were busses from everywhere, track
meet regional, everybody's running. I stumbled around and tried to ask
somebody what I should do to volunteer and I got grabbed by a group of gals
who were in charge of selling t-shirts. I thought it really doesn't answer
my prayer to help the kids selling t-shirts does it? I mean I didn't really
see this connected and was kind of disappointed but I thought that if this
is where I'm supposed to be, I'm supposed to be.

It didn't take long and one of the coaches walking by saw me standing behind
the tables of t-shirts and asked what I was doing there and I said selling
t-shirts. [He said] no, no, no, come with me. We're going to go down here,
we need you here at the finish line. You are going to catch. I said okay,
good, I'll go down if you need me down there I'm there you know. We walked
all the way down to the finish line and there was a big banner over a trail
and then it funneled down with caution tape to be like a gigantic funnel and
at the end was a walkway where the participants, [after] running the race
would cross the finish line at this big crossing point, come into this
funnel and have to maintain their position in the race while they went down
the trail, have their number taken and their stats done and what not.

I said what's catching, what do you need? He said okay, here's the deal. He
said you've never been to one of these before? I said no, you will have to
tell me what to do. He said okay, here's the deal. When these kids do these
races they push themselves so hard that when they come in here at the end,
if they make it over this line here, and they come in in big groups, a lot
of them are going to go down. They are going to be falling on the ground,
they are going to be cramping, they are going to be vomiting, there are
going to be water issues, that they are dehydrated, some of them start
crying and they just go down. So what I need you to do is to pick these kids
up and take them over next to the finish line to the med tent and you will
pass them off to people who will give them what they need. If they've been
injured they will tend to them and if they're sick they will help them.

Well, I gotta say this was a big shock to me. I had never been to one of
these things before and I didn't realize that the kids actually got sick and
really needed medical attention and mostly it was things brought about by
crossing that line and letting go, the kids throwing up and various things.
So, I was taken by this and said, oh my God, I know I asked to help the kids
but I don't know if I can do this! I don't know if I can see all these kids
in that kind of distress! That may really bother me but I prayed to be here
and was put at perhaps the most critical juncture of the entire event. I
realized it and said oh my God, I can't do this, I can't do this by myself.

And so, I fell to prayer immediately, knowing no where else to turn. I
thought I was outgunned and outnumbered, this was beyond me. I started
praying and breathing, breathing my intention into wanting to help the
children. That's what I came here to do and by God that is what I was going
to do. I started breathing my intention that I could be the conduit for our
Divine Parents love directly to the children in need because I was in place.
I was the one with hands and feet that could move and channel and direct
this intention if I only knew how, if I only could. But I would not stop
praying. I walked the entire perimeter of this cone shaped funnel they had
made where all the kids would have to go through. There was no where else
that they could go, they were all going to go right through here so I made
it my mission to install a circuit right there where I went from point to
point with intention and prayer and purpose and I installed our Divine
Parents and all those who I thought could be of service in this.

I prayed and walked around this until there was no place where those
children would come through that I hadn't conditioned with divine love. Then
I asked that I just be directed. I did not know what to do but there was one
within me who did. And so I asked for guidance and as the first group of
kids came across the finish line I found myself moving to them as quickly as
they hit the line and literally having my arm around each one that was in
distress and just by the touch, just by putting my arm around them and
helping them take a few more steps and telling them; I told every kid that I
could, it was not every one, but every single child that passed by I said
you're all right mate, you're all right. And to every single one of them it
made a difference, to every single one of them they responded.

I've never gone to another race to see how this happens anywhere else or
know anything other than the experience I've related to you right now but I
tell you it was true that on that day, because I believe I prayed for help
and I know I got it, that on that day not a single child went down
unassisted. I was there for every single one of them and only a handful of
them had to actually sit down and recover. All the rest of them, all they
needed was a touch, all they needed was a hand, all they needed was to be
told you're all right mate. Not a single child used the med-tent and none of
them hit the ground. I was there, I didn't allow it to happen, that was my
prayer, that was the answer to my prayer. It was an observable phenomenon to
all that were there that day.

So, I share that story because it is true, it is real, it happened to me. I
was in a desperate state about what to do and I turned to our Divine Parents
and they channeled through me all that was needed that day to completely
change the distress level of the children which is what I had intention of
doing in going there that day. True story, so I would like to once again
reflect in gratitude and in grace for something like that to happen. It is a
life altering experience when you extend that far in faith and can stand
where you didn't know there was a place to stand. So I am very grateful for
that opportunity and owe it all to our Divine Parents, they are so great.

The Voice: And now it is my turn, I Am here and I Am the Voice scheduled to
appear at this time but I really enjoy that story. It is of such great
relative value because it is such a human encounter with intention, with
prayer, with dedication and devotion and the results were so evident and
clear. Rarely do all these factors come together, rarely is such an
opportunity so filled with the obvious components. More often, way way more
often your individual interface with spirit is in fits and starts and in
fleeting moments. More often you come away uncertain that there was a
genuine encounter or that there were genuine and real results of this

Your mind may quickly offer up many obstacles to your immediate acceptance
and once this has occurred it may be very difficult to find your way back to
complete conviction which is truly only obtained with deep individual faith.
You may please yourself with a great many truths and facts and
understandings but even in these you are always aware that they are
tentative because there may be greater truths and deeper understandings and
larger awarenesses. But faith transcends this process of knowing and
believing, faith steps out in front to risk all and many times as a result
of previous encounters which bring you more conviction. It is oftentimes
difficult to step out in faith but it is always greatly rewarding.

Faith is what you have to give, faith is yours to offer and that is what
makes faith so sacred; no one gives it to you, no one offers it for you, no
one else truly knows of its magnitude. You are the one who can choose to act
in faith, to step out in faith and then you are the one who is rewarded for
having acted in faith. This process repeats itself and grows stronger and
brings greater conviction until at some point you do not hesitate but you
merely step out in faith knowing the universe is friendly, knowing you are
cared for, knowing even that you are a fragment of divinity destined for a
grand reunion.

When you know these things then your faith is great and there is no fear or
doubt that can assault such a faith. So it is your opportunity in this life
to build up this faith, to grow it so that it is strong, so that it does
bring with it great conviction. How is it that you grow such a valuable
component of yourself? It is in acting, it is in doing. It is not in merely
the consideration of acting or the contemplation of doing. It is taking your
cards and laying them down. It is being unafraid to make a move because you
have the faith and conviction that all will be well and all will be
especially well if you are moving through this process with that conviction
and that intention.

So, as this life brings you endless opportunities I invite you to be bold
and to act in faith and to avoid the temptation to talk yourself out of
acting because it may be strange, hard, difficult, awkward, or costly. There
are many reasons you could choose to step down and not stand in faith but
all of these are as poison to your spirit for they are the source of missed
opportunity. Those who are becoming born of the spirit as yourselves are
questing and searching for what to do to maximize your spiritual growth and
potential and I offer you today this avenue of exploration, to consider
opportunities where faith may be extended or required and choose those to
exercise your faith muscles. Every time you do you will grow stronger as a
result and there will be benefits obtained.

I hope this dialog has been inspirational to you to seize the moment, seize
the opportunity and act in faith wherever possible. Show the universe that
you are secure in your position, that you are aware of your purpose and that
you are in charge of your destiny by acting with conviction in faith. I
perceive the strain on the system that this places and would respectfully
withdraw to a more recessive place and allow this platform to be accessed by
others. Thank you.

Monjoronson: I will receive the opportunity provided here today. I am
Monjoronson and I am, I must admit, quite content with the manifestation of
todays lesson. More of a sharing and a coming together than a lesson and I
am, I must admit, I am quite pleased at the progress I see being made in the
establishment of greater and greater circuitry between the Thought Adjusters
and their mortal counterparts. This is, as I have mentioned before, perhaps
our greatest weapon to use as we charge ahead and banish spiritual
ignorance. This individual connection is so sure and certain that all others
pale in comparison, even these word symbols being transferred in this moment
are as a shadow to the real substance that can be obtained directly by this
internal connection to Divine Presence.

It pleases me a great deal to see the awakening take place as we predicted
and foresaw and as a result of the greater intention of the increased
spiritual pressure and circuitry of your Divine Parents. Truly this makes us
all equally grateful for the grace that we all enjoy in this process, the
coming together, the spiritual fruits, the growing awareness. All of these
are a result of the nurturing and development that has been ongoing to each
and every individual, and I declare we are seeing the fruits. The effect is
being felt, the response is being registered and the difference is being

I thank you all for being part of this gigantic experiment on this wonderful
decimal planet. We have such great latitude here to accomplish such great
things if we will but set our attention to it and do it. Thus the value of
the story we heard today; it is possible to see results even in one short
experience of setting your intentions, maintaining your purpose, directing
your focus and manifesting your desires. Think well on these principles as
you go through your day, of how you have so many thoughts that may cross
your mind and how some of those thoughts are so prevalent that they seek
expression into the real world and they become your words and those
intentions, those thoughts that needed expression and came out as the words
may then bring with them the inspiration to inspire not only you but others
to manifest the expression of what was a thought, and then a word and made
into a deed which was manifest all as a result of intention.

So let us be serious about our intentions, let us be focused in our purpose,
let us work together in this cause and let us make these changes. There is
no force that you are aware of that can prevent that which the Father wills
and that which the Son desires and the sons of the sons. There is no force
that can stop such from manifesting if it is a unified desire. Thank you all
very much for your devoted attention to these lessons of words. I pray that
they reach deep within you and resonate and provide you with the internal
stimulation to propel you even further in the direction of your spiritual
growth. I now take my leave. Thank you all very much for participating,

LIght: I greet you all as well, my name is Light. I have made my way up to
what I feel is an empty podium with the lights blaring and the crowds
watching and I must admit I am a little nervous but I proceed forward in
faith in no small part inspired by your faith in this process. You are
mortals of the flesh and yet even now I witness you venture into the
spiritual realms even in advance of your arrival in morontia form.

I would offer a closing image for you today and that is the image of one who
carries the light and brings it with them wherever they go so that wherever
they may find themselves they are illuminating the darkness around them and
to many they will see this light and be attracted to it and it will dispel
the doubts and fears the darkness brings. The one who carries the light
wishes to light the torches of all those around them so that they may hold
the light themselves and be the light themselves. It does not take much
light to dispel a great amount of darkness. It takes only a tiny little bit
of light to provide reference in total darkness and those who carry the
light with them are always reckoned as reference points, always seen as you
look up and see the stars in the nights sky; you register their presence and
they bring you security and comfort in just their very being.

So it is with all of you, you are beacons in your own universes and you
shine out brightly and many use you as a point of reference and many desire
to come near you to have their realities illuminated and you foster the
sharing of light and the growing of light, oftentimes lighting up those
around you with just your inspiration of being such a light. In this way,
eventually, there will be no more darkness for it is incompatible when there
is light. You are light in a world of darkness and you will help light many
others up and together it will be a grand lighting ceremony to behold.

I appreciate very much the opportunity to step forward in a forum like this.
I respect the honor that you provide to all of us and the literal creation
of this avenue of expression. I, like you, am grateful for its creation and
grateful to you who have acted to create it. I now withdraw and release you
from the classroom as it were, to go out and be about the observation of
your exercises in the real world and the implementation of your awarenesses
in time and space. I am yours in gratitude. Thank you. I am Light.

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