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May 28, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

TEACHER: I am a fragment of God. I dwell in the mind of this T/R. It is a rare opportunity, indeed one I have not enjoyed before, certainly not in these circumstances, but it pleases me to have this occasion to speak on behalf of Truth, Beauty and Goodness from the perspective I hold as it is able to come through the mortal of my association, Gerdean. Technically, you see, I am Gerdean, and yet she strives to be me and so she carries my name.

Often there will be arrangements made between the adjuster and the mortal of his or her indwelling. Pacts, if you will, agreements made along the way that enable the working relationship to develop. It is a "magical mystery tour," if you will allow that phrase. There is no way you could understand how it takes place, nor is there any way I can convey it to you in fullness, but to the extent that we work compatibly, we are about the business of being perfect and proceeding into His will, however that may manifest for each of us and each of you.

The magical mystery tour is the sojourn we take together, beginning from the time you are a small child, through many years of experiential living. I know whereof I speak when I say it is a delight to have attained a point of actual working harmony with the mortal of my indwelling. So many of my peers are occupied otherwise as they wait for their mortal to awaken to their prompts. They are very creative, my fellow Adjusters, as I am very creative in working with and through you to promote the will of the Universal Father.

As you know, I am not overly concerned with anniversaries and rituals and so forth, although I fully appreciate that many of you are quite impressed and affected by such, and to the extent that you are affected, the act is yours, the consequences mine to deal with. And so many today are dealing with the fact of Pentecost being celebrated by millions, in particular of the Jewish persuasion, but those of you who are students of the Urantia revelation also know the date and time of the arrival of the Spirit of Truth and so I thought this evening, having this opportunity, I would pay some homage to this Spirit of Truth, which is an indispensable help to me and to you in our symbiotic relationship.

One of the great mysteries is this concept of destiny and predestination. There have been brilliant studies done about this concept, invigorating the minds of many, and bringing forward the superconsciousness of humanity by so doing. The Spirit of Truth is an intercessor and stimulator of destiny and it will function on behalf of divinity persistently and consistently, as do we Adjusters work persistently and consistently with you each. And we work with you as individuals.

When the Spirit of Truth says to you, "This is the way," it is the way for you. It matters not what way others go. They will be led as their destiny dictates. The Spirit of Truth is a divine operative. It allows the Most Highs to rule in the kingdoms of men. It creates balance and harmony as well as traction and appropriate friction, so that the necessary stimuli and incentive are able to continue unabated. When you flag in your path, when you grow weary, when you lose your way, and you pause to consult with the Spirit of Truth, you need to detach from your perception of what your path should be, how you feel it should go based on what others are doing, what is fashionable, or what your conscience dictates, for the Spirit of Truth has a perspective for your destiny that you cannot have with your limited mortal perspective. You must act in faith.

It does not always make sense what the Spirit of Truth would have you do. But it is not necessary for you to reason and comprehend everything that God sets out for you to do. In time, understanding will come and you will be enthralled at the magnificence of this, Our God, who sees the end from the beginning. Yes, I know, many of you are fearful of following through with these prompts from the Spirit of Truth that would urge you to go in a certain way. You balk. We are quite accustomed to that.

But we have help, we Adjusters. We have the assistance of many celestial helpers and we make full use of them. They are eager to serve. And when we find it desirous of celestial intervention, we will call upon the heavenly helpers, the ministering spirits, appropriate to the situation and invite them into our presence such that they may also work in your minds in order for your fears to abate and your faith to return to the task at hand. In time, you will have better understanding even of what I am saying to you now. For there is more. There is more that can be done in you and with you and for you, but only as you are ready, only as you are willing, only with your full cooperation.

And this is indeed an accomplishment: for us to have acquired your full cooperation. For then we can be about the Father's business. And in this, again, the Spirit of Truth provides immeasurable service. As we walk through life, then, as a team, we encounter situations: some of which we may pass by; some of which we may enjoy and take strength therefrom; and some in which we are called to serve. It is the Spirit of Truth that will let you know, that will rise up within you and open your font, allowing for me to speak and I will speak as you, as you will speak with me.

This symphony, this harmony, this orchestration need not be grand in the sense of public acclaim or spectacular presentation. It requires only the simple purity of Truth. And it requires that Truth for that moment, for that individual, for that circumstance. It may not be the same tomorrow. It may not be the same for another human being. Here is the advantage of being alert to the opportunity and of being in synch with your Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth as it assists to serve.

This being a new experience for me, I am not certain how questions and answers might benefit but I am willing to experiment if you are. If there are, therefore, any questions, I am willing to hear you.

Student: May I ask you a question?


Student: It's about the Day of Pentecost.


Student: I was wondering if the event of the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth on the Day of Pentecost was done intentionally to update the giving of the Torah.

TEACHER: I believe you have a writer who would say, "There are no coincidences." There is always purpose and design. The juxtaposition of those two events is not without purpose. They may not have anything to do with a holy writ, but they have to do with that which is sacred, humanly sacred. As I mentioned, mortals are impressionable. And the believers at that time had been forewarned that the Helper would come, and so it would not come as any surprise that when it did come, it came when every eye -- every spiritual eye -- was focused on something extraordinary.

The Master was a very gifted director of his own life. He picked and chose carefully his apostles, his parents, his dates and times of coming and going. He knew what to expect from his people. He knew what they were capable of and what they needed help with. He was no stranger to drama or politics and he used everything at his command, short of that which was superhuman, to do what he needed to do on his final bestowal incarnation. It would be in keeping with Christ Michael to have coordinated the arrival of the Spirit of Truth with Pentecost.

You may think of it in terms of the coincidence of the three wise men seeing the star, and the story coming down about it shining on the night that Jesus was born. It was not specific like that, but it captured the minds of the children of earth who love mystery and lyrical thought. This kind of "magic" appeals to humans, adds a sense of drama and profundity. Is that helpful?

Student: Yes, that makes me think of the other question I had, and that was about the event where the moneychangers were driven from the temple with the animals being freed and our situation today with the moneychangers and the exploitation of our world, and how Jesus cleansed the temple that way and hopefully our world will be also so cleansed. I wondered how Jesus felt that day when he was in the temple, and I know that he was not a person that just lost his temper. What he did, I'm sure he did it with great intention and the way he wanted to.

TEACHER: It is an interesting question you ask and I can tell you that the only way that I can respond to you is because Adjusters understand each other and can communicate. Every Adjuster within a radius of distances beyond your comprehension was focused on the scene in Jerusalem that week. And we followed closely, not only what happened to the mortal man Jesus, but what his Personalized Adjuster had to contribute.

There is a miscomprehension that exists to the effect that a godly man should not experience or reflect anger, that somehow anger is a lower, baser emotion and that a religionist or a god-knowing man or woman should be love-saturated and filled with goodness and light but I tell you goodness and light includes truth and justice, authority and sovereignty, and Jesus, who was soon to come into his own as the Sovereign Son of his own universe, was certainly prepared to manifest his sovereignty and authority over his environment -- that which belonged to the Father, his Father, and which indeed he was about to inherit.

God does not come down upon man with a fiery wrath, but Deity is certainly at liberty to point out that which is in opposition to the divine plan. It is difficult for mortals to see that and have that conviction without causing upheaval, as you see in your own government. When you have grown up as a nation, you will operate differently, and such abominations will not be played out as they were that day in the temple, but until that day comes, alas, there will be turmoil and much deciding and "gnashing of teeth." And this is a part of the unfolding of planetary destiny, a part of the attainment of maturity of the race.

When you are prompted to speak up and to speak out in righteous indignation against that which goes against your destiny, your Spirit of Truth will give you strength and your Adjuster will provide the words for you to rail against the injustice, just as Jesus railed against the injustice of turning the Father's temple into a marketplace. You will know into what to invest your ire. It is not something we arbitrarily encourage or cultivate. In the evolving worlds, however, there are many things that are and do come to pass in the lives of evolving men and women that are not seen necessarily as merciful or just or loving or beautiful or good.

That does not, however, detract from the farther view, and as you mature, as you begin to also see the end from the beginning, you see that some of these are not really travesties at all but mere turns in the highway of life, merely experiential journeys designed to educate you as to the peaks and valleys, the lefts and the rights, the ins and the outs of reality.

Anything else?

Student: Thank you very, very much. I do have another question but I'm waiting to see if other people have questions first.

Student: I just want to make a comment, if I could.

TEACHER: Of course.

Student: I just want to thank both Gerdeans here, for a lesson that went right to my soul tonight. I really needed it and so thank you both so much.

TEACHER: You are welcome. It is, as I said, my pleasure, and I am sure that my mortal Gerdean associate is also pleased. It has taken a long time for me to get her to reach this point, and yet we are quite close, she and I. I need not worry about her ego running rampant with this experience. I have long since found her trustworthy.

Student: Well, I look forward to the day when my own Adjuster can speak so forthrightly. Thank you very much. It was just a demonstration of spirit.

TEACHER: Indeed, which was precisely why I wanted to express myself this evening -- as a demonstration of spirit. I know that many of you think of the Teachers as philosophers and you are hungry for spirit reality, not philosophy. And yet the only way that you can claim that is through your own acquirement, your own accessing that which is within you. It is that faith walk. You must grasp it through living faith, but, my friend, I have every confidence that you have within you the same qualities and caliber as this one here because of your integrity and your intimacy with the spirit realm. Your association with Michael and Nebadonia has been exemplary insofar as a teaching platform for many, showing our children how loving are these Parents, these Creators, yes.

Student: Thank you, dear Spirit. I know from time to time in my life something that has come in so clear and out of the blue in a sense, perfectly encapsulating me and the situation, but I never feared in one way not hearing it as a separate voice because it came to me one time that there is no separation here; my beloved adjuster has been here all along. So much of what I think of -- my thoughts, my experience, my whole life -- has had this other presence. That's how I explain it, this "other presence" to keep me company. So thank you, dear ones.

TEACHER: Thank you, and thank you as well, this Spirit of Truth, which harmonizes with so many on this point: friendship with God.

One more question?

Student: Would you be willing to speak of the event of choosing the mortal of your bestowal, just in terms of the knowledge of the destiny of that person. The reason I ask is twofold. Because I feel as though my whole life, from the earliest memories that I have, have all been directed in a way that I know brought me to where I am, and I have no doubt that I was led by my Adjuster along with the Spirit of Truth to get here in this spiritual being that I am. And the other aspect of it is the question of the world on which we grow up -- in which we're born and grow up. The destiny of that world is part and parcel of the destiny of our individual selves. And I'm just thinking of our Father's knowledge of the end from the beginning to the end and just the experience of choosing the mortal and the knowledge of the destiny and I was wondering if you would speak to that.

TEACHER: Yes. I don't know all the details but IO can tell you this and it refers to the matter of predestination and it refers also to the f act that I am pre-personal. You however are personal, and as a personal being you are born into the world at a certain time to function in certain ways that are evolutionary stature of that world. I have no say over what world or what mortal until such time as the circumstances are set into action. Once God decides your destiny path and sets you upon it as a babe, I am able then to see the circumstances of your life and study the prospects of your destiny and determine whether this is something I would like to contribute to or not.

It would seem that some lives are more fortunate than others, that some lives are blessed whereas some others are made exceedingly difficult by poverty or illness or primitive conditions. All of these are a part of our education, we Adjusters. And so if we have had some experience in one area, it is not necessary for us to have that experience again. We need to have other experience. And so our options are -- if not limited -- at least somewhat defined. And so yes you do have a plan for you well before your Adjuster arrives and so you would have a sense of self and, perhaps, of direction, particularly if you are fortunate enough to be aware of your own surroundings, if you are not in such fear of your survival that you are unaware of the possibilities of your life.

After you have committed yourself to the venture, then I can come and join you and help you in your task, your task being to attain the goals hoped for, from you, instilled by divinity. You must have the occasion to familiarize yourself with your own free will and make the determinations that set in motion my arrival. And then is a long period of time working -- in order to work together. Many people are practically destined to stay asleep and those are like "study hall" for us; we can almost take a nap. But then we have invigorating and interesting students like you that we are excited to volunteer for, providing we have not already had this experience, so similar as to make it repetitious.

Q: So the period of time from birth until the arrival of the Thought Adjuster is a time in which a child is ministered to by the adjutant spirits.

A: The adjutants as well as seraphim.

Q. So that is the ministry that brings a child to the awareness of their free will and their divine potential.

A: Yes.

Q: That's wonderful. Thanks very much.

A: Don't overlook the Holy Spirit.

Q: Isn't that the adjutants?

A: Not entirely. But that's another lesson for another day. I believe we have had a more than successful session. I want to thank you for your attention, for your thoughtful contemplation, and for your consecrated efforts to advance in consciousness, in honor of creation and the Creator. Let us be on our way. Farewell.

Student: Thank you.

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